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安庆龟头炎怎么办安庆市中医医院治疗前列腺疾病多少钱阿里影业召开战略发布会 --18 :55:6 来源: 阿里影业的前身是文化中国公司,于年为阿里巴巴集团所收购在成立不到两年的时间里,阿里影业依托母公司阿里巴巴在互联网的影响力,推出了大量影视剧项目在最近召开的战略发布会上,阿里影业更是一下发布了部影片和两部电视剧的制作计划 Alibaba Pictures has unveiled the development and production pipeline it hopes will establish it as a major player in the Chinese film biz and beyond. Announced at the Born to be Different strategic conference in Shanghai, Alibaba Pictures’ production slate includes features. Among the titles planned are Storming 30 Years, Zhengtu, No Other Love, and two TV programs, Ge Jin Tao Hua and The legend of Zu . Other projects include Sword of Legends , Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossom, Asura, as well as Qi Huan Zhi Lv and Qing He Male College.阿里影业建立起一条影视创新生产产业链,寄望以此奠定自身在行业内龙头老大的地位在上海举行的"生来不同"战略发布会上,阿里影业公布了部影片和两部电视剧的拍摄计划,《激荡三十年、《征途和《没有别的爱、《古剑奇谭、《三生三世十里桃花、《阿修罗《奇幻之旅和《青禾男高位列其中,两部电视剧分别为《歌尽桃花和《蜀山战纪.These announcements come a day after Alibaba Pictures confirmed Renny Harlin would be directing Legend of the Ancient Sword the company.一天前阿里影业刚刚宣布兰尼·哈林成为《古剑奇谭电影版的导演Alibaba Pictures also announced a raft of new partnerships as it intends to turn its online dominance into a creative ecosystem its collaborations to thrive. Alibaba Pictures aly has ample capital, in addition to a wealth of user and consumption data. It has developed its own Internet-based promotion and distribution system, as well as its investment and financing system. These all serve to spur Alibaba Picture’s content development and production.阿里影业同时宣布同多家公司达成伙伴关系阿里影业寄望将线上优势转化为促成上述商务合作成功的创意平台目前的阿里影业不仅具备充足资金,同时还有海量的用户数据和消费数据,以及互联网宣发体系和投资融资体系,这些都有助于阿里影业的内容研发与制作提速The partners announced by Alibaba Pictures range from well-established movie production houses, up-and-coming companies with strong capabilities, to stars of tomorrow who possess tremendous potential. The list includes HS Gala Pictures, Ruyi Films, Ningxia Film Group, Zhenjian Pictures, Filmko Pictures, Hehe Pictures, Cheng Xiang Films, Black Ant Flim, Straw Bear Film Production, Phoenix Legend Films and Sun Entertainment Culture, as well as GiantInteractive Group and Blue Lion from the Internet and cultural sectors.阿里影业的合作公司既有根基稳固的老牌劲旅,也有声名鹊起的实力派公司,更有潜力无穷的明日之星,包括华视盛典、儒意影业、宁夏电影集团、真鉴影业、星皓影业、和和影业、呈祥影视、黑蚂蚁影业、稻草熊影业、凤凰传奇影业、太阳,以及从互联网和文化领域跨界而来的巨人网络、蓝狮子文化Alibaba Pictures was borne out of the acquisition of a majority 60% stake by online retail giant Jack Ma’s Alibaba Group in March 0 million as the e-commerce entrepreneur sought to add as much value to his group as possible ahead of the ultimately blockbusting IPO last September. The newly monikered company has gradually been working towards expanding its operations since its launch. In January last year, it announced it had brought on-board celebrated Hong Kong filmmaker Wong Kar Wai (In The Mood Love) to produce its first film Bai Du Ren, written and directed by Zhang Jiajia and starring Wong Kar Wai regular Tony Leung (6).电商巨擘阿里巴巴集团于年9月正式上市上市前,阿里巴巴于年3月收购了文化中国60%的股份,将其更名为阿里影业,增加了自身资产规模更名后的阿里影业自成立之初便一直寻求扩大经营规模去年1月,阿里影业宣布了电影《摆渡人的拍摄计划,曾执导电影《花样年华的知名导演王家卫担任制片人,原著作者张嘉佳任编剧和导演,梁朝伟主演In March last year, Ma announced Alibaba had also acquired an 8.8% stake in Enlight, one of China’s leading film and TV production companies, valued at 380 million dollars. Shares in Alibaba Pictures soared after its parent company — at one point valued at more than Walmart — announced it was considering an asset injection in the film and that it was planning to fold its online movie-ticketing business as well as its movie production crowdfunding business into Alibaba Pictures.去年3月,马云宣布阿里巴巴以3.8亿美元收购了光线传媒8.8%的股份当时阿里巴巴集团的估值一度超越沃尔玛,自其宣布向阿里影业注资,并将在线订票业务和电影制作众筹业务移交给阿里影业后,后者的股价飙升Alibaba Pictures has also been ramping up its investments in Hollywood content. Its first English language investment was Paramount’s Tom Cruise secret agent pic Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation. Alibaba Pictures is reteaming with Paramount via investments in two of the studio’s summer tentpole films — Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows and Star Trek Beyond. The production arm of Jack Ma’s e-commerce giant has also announced plans a partnership on an unspecified film from Italian director Giuseppe Tornatore (Cinema Paradiso).阿里影业增加了对好莱坞电影市场的投资,投资的第一部英文电影是派拉蒙出品的《碟中谍5,此外二者还合作了《忍者神龟:破影和《星际迷航:超越星辰两部暑期档大片阿里影业还宣布将和意大利导演吉赛贝·托纳多雷合作拍摄一部电影,电影名称尚未对外公布Those deals came shortly after Alibaba Pictures said it would team with Skydance (which also had a hand in M:I5 and is in Star Trek Beyond) on The Flying Tigers, a film about the volunteer group of U.S. Army Air Corps, Navy and Marines that defended China against Japanese ces bee America entered World War II. Further setting its sights beyond China, Alibaba also previously set a deal Korean action title, Real.公布上述计划前,阿里影业对外宣传将携手Skydance(同样是《碟中谍5和《星际迷航:超越星辰的制作方之一)拍摄电影《飞虎队,该片讲述了来自美国海陆空三军的志愿军在美国参加第二次世界大战前是如何携手中国军民抗击日本侵略的阿里影业甚至参与了韩国动作片《Real的制作“The spirit of the Internet encompasses openness, freedom, collaboration and sharing,” said Alibaba Pictures CEO Zhang Qiang. “As a company committed to creating an integrated platm the entertainment industry value chain, Alibaba Pictures hopes to become the platm which links up various resources and runs on the basis of Internet techniques and models, to increase efficiency and reduce risks in the research and production of movies. At the same time, the Company aims to better serve both up- and down-stream partners in the movie and television entertainment industry, so as to create a healthy ecosystem the sector, attracting more corporates and talent to participate.”“开放、自由、合作和分享正是互联网精神,”阿里影业CEO张强表示“阿里影业致力于整合产业价值链,将其打造成以互联网技术模型为依托的海量资源平台,提高资源配置效率,降低运营风险同时,阿里影业决心为影视业上下游合作商提供更好的务,建立起一个运营状况良好的生态系统,吸引更多的企业和人才加入我们”怀宁县妇幼保健人民中心医院男科电话 为什么我是单身? -- ::50 来源:chinadaily Are you single? Are you confused as to how this state of affairs has come about? Our experts may be able to explain. 你是单身?你对为什么自己单身感到困惑吗?我们的专家也许能为你解答Your social media你的社交媒体The Inner Circle founder, David Vermeulen, says your social media channels may be the reason you are single.Inner Circle创始人大卫?韦尔默朗说,你的社交媒体可能是你单身的原因'Try to refrain from posting your political stance on controversial topics such as Brexit and immigration online.“试着不要发帖表明你对英国脱欧和移民问题等争议性话题的政治立场”'Broadcasting your political views on your social media channels can successfully eliminate any potential suitors with opposing views from making an approach bee you have even met, meaning that you may never meet the manwoman of your dreams, all due to one off the cuff remark,' he suggests.他建议说:“在社交媒体上传播你的政治观点很可能会赶走潜在的追求者,因为还没见面你就发表了与他们相反的意见这意味着你可能永远不会见到你的梦中情人,全都因一个即兴的”He also warns against posting cryptic statuses, such as: 'my life is like a black hole, everything good gets swallowed up'.他还警告说不要发一些隐晦的状态,比如:“我的人生就像一个黑洞,一切美好的东西都会被吞噬”He explains: 'Of course, as empathetic human beings, we care if something bad is happening to you. But, a cryptic status like this serves us in no way whatsoever. All the er gets out of this self-indulgent status is a sense that you would be a nightmare to be in a relationship with.'他解释说:“当然,作为感同身受的人类,如果在你身上发生了坏事我们会很关心但这种隐晦的状态让我们无从关心所有读者从这样一个任性的状态得到的感觉是:与你交往会是一个噩梦”David also says posting too many selfies can put off potential suitors, explaining that they may think that you are self-absorbed or very narcissistic and refrain from approaching you. 'Would you want to be in a relationship with someone who cares more about the selfie lighting situation on a date, than the date itself, I doubt it?', he asks.戴维还说,发太多的自拍可能让潜在的追求者反感,他解释说他们可能会认为你很自私或很自恋,不想接近你他问道:“你想跟那些更在乎约会时的自拍光线情况而非约会本身的人交往么?我对此持怀疑态度”Your attitude你的态度Jack Knowles, founder of dating app Temptr, says that many single people that he encounters seem to carry a typical ‘woe is me attitude’ when it comes to explaining to friends and family members the reason behind why they haven’t yet found ‘the one’ to settle down with, especially once they have reached a certain age.杰克?诺尔斯是约会应用Temptr的创始人,他说自己遇到的很多单身人士,他们在向朋友和家人解释为什么还没找到一个人“安定”下来的背后原因时,似乎持一种典型的“我好命苦啊”的态度当他们已经到了一定年龄时尤其如此'Sadly, this method of feeling sorry oneself can very much exacerbate a situation and gives potential suitors a reason to stay away,' he said. 'Basically, it’s hard to find a partner when you reek of desperation.'他说:“可悲的是,这种垂头丧气的方法非常可能使情况恶化,并让潜在的追求者远离你如果你散发着绝望的气息,基本上很难找到伴侣”You're too picky你太挑剔了Lucy Jones, relationship expert at ToyboyWarehouse.com, says the internet is to blame us being too picky.露西?琼斯是toyboywarehouse.com网站的恋情专家,她说我们太挑剔都怪互联网She said: 'Bee the explosion of internet dating and social media, you had just a handful of potential partners. You either ended up dating a friend of a friend, a coworker, or someone you bumped into at the coffee shop. How many potential partners do we have now? Hundreds of thousands!她说:“在网上约会和社交媒体激增之前,你只有几个的潜在伴侣你要么与朋友的朋友、同事约会,要么跟你在咖啡店偶遇的某个人约会我们现在有多少潜在的伴侣?成千上万!”'You get chatting to a guy online, you’re thinking of taking things to the next level and meeting up. He seems great and all, but with so many other profiles out there how can you commit? There are scores of other guys just a few taps away, maths tell us one of them is almost certainly a better fit you.“你和一个人网上聊天,你想让关系更进一步,见个面他似乎很棒,但还有这么多其他人,你怎么能做出承诺?只需聊几次就能认识几十个其他男士,数学告诉我们,其中一个几乎肯定更适合你'How do you get over this? By being less picky? Well sort of. You might have access to tens of thousands of single potential partners, but it’s going to take an entire lifetime to judge them all.'“你怎么克这个问题?变得不那么挑剔?这是不错的方法你可能有机会与成千上万单身的潜在伴侣聊天,但要对所有人进行判断得花一辈子”She recommends changing your mindset and stopping concentrating on future lost chances, instead focusing on what will make you content today.她建议改变心态,别再关注未来失去的机会,而是关注今天让你满意的人'I have a type'“我有喜欢的类型”Lucy Jones says that dating is a buffet - the best way to build your preferences is to sample everything on offer.露西?琼斯说,约会是一种自助餐——建立喜好的最好方法是尝试一切提供给你的类型She explains: 'The issue is when we judge someone on whether they are our type or not, we do so on surface level appearances and personality traits. But when we date someone, it’s the characteristics under the surface level which dictate whether or not they’re a fit us.'她解释说:“问题是当我们判断一个人是否是我们喜欢的类型时,我们只评价了外貌和个性特征但是当我们与某人约会时,更深层次的品质决定了他们是否适合我们”So, she recommends branching out and dating guys who you usually wouldn’t date. 'Get to know a personality you’ve never experienced bee. Maybe you won’t find your dream guy, maybe you will. What you’re bound to gain, however, is a better understanding of what you want in a partner.'所以,她建议扩大范围,与你通常不会约会的男士约会“去了解一种你从未经历过的个性也许你不会找到梦想中的人,也许你会但你肯定能对你想要什么样的伴侣有更好的理解”You haven't let go of an ex你还没对前任放手Your future relationships are affected by a wide range of things, your connection to your ex is one of the most impactful, says Lucy.露西说,你未来的恋情关系受到多种因素的影响,你与前任的联系是最有影响力的事情之一'You might notice the conscious changes your ex has caused (e.g. staying away from guys that remind you of your ex, not going to locations that hold some kind of significance), but there are so many unconscious changes that you’re probably unaware of.“你可能会注意到你因为前任而引起的明显变化(例如,远离那些让你想起前任的人,不去那些有某种特殊意义的地方),但你可能不知道还有这么多无意识的改变”'Don’t worry, we are a product of our experiences so this is perfectly normal. However, where it becomes dangerous is when these unconscious changes stop us from starting new relationships and ming new connections. “别担心,我们是自身经验的产物,所以这是完全正常的然而,当这些无意识的改变阻碍我们开始新的恋情、建立新的联系时,它就变得危险了”'If you think you’re a victim of this, it’s important to concentrate on breaking off your feelings your past relationships bee ever starting a new one. certain occasions a new love will make the break-up easier, but it’s rare and it’s hardly fair on your new partner. Break-ups are between two people, don’t endanger something special by starting a relationship bee you’re totally unconnected.'“如果你认为自己是这一问题的受害者,在开始一段新的恋情之前,集中精力打破你对过去感情的感觉很重要某些情况下,一份新的爱情会使分手变得没那么难过,但这很少见,而且对你的新伴侣不公平分手是两人之间的事情,在与前任完全结束之前,不要建立新的关系,以免伤害对你来说很特殊的人”So how can you find the one? As Lucy explains, when Prince Charming was trying to find Cinderella he visited every house in the kingdom, trying that glass slipper on every foot he could; he didn’t just keep his fingers crossed hoping she’d show up.那么你怎么能找到那个命中注定的人呢?正如露西解释的,当白马王子试图找到灰姑娘时,他访问了王国的每一个家庭,尽量让每个人试穿那双水晶鞋;他没有只是手指交叉祈祷她出现'I’m not saying you need to travel the country knocking on every man’s door,' she said. 'Just try being open to new experiences and meeting new people. Expand your experiences and escape your comt zone. By saying yes to the world you’re improving your chances of bumping into Prince Charming. Untunately he’s not going to turn up at your door while you’re watching Netflix in bed.她说:“我并不是说你需要在这个国家旅行,每个男人的门都敲试着接纳新的体验,结交新的朋友扩充你的经历,逃离你的舒适区通过对这个世界说Yes,你会提高遇见白马王子的机会不幸的是,你在床上看片儿的时候,他不会出现在你的门口”'Learn to enjoy rolling the dice more often, eventually you’ll hit the jackpot.'“学会享受掷更多次骰子,最终你会中头”Vocabularyoff the cuff:即兴地bump into:无意中遇到,偶然碰到英文来源:每日邮报翻译:实习生朱善美编审:yaning迪士尼动画片和真人版,你更爱谁? -- 18::57 来源:sohu 泰山和她的女朋友,珍妮,基本上是跟动画里的一模一样! Tarzan and his boo, Jane, are basically identical to the Disney animated, Tarzan! 到底是迪士尼原装动画片人物形象好看,还是改编而成的真人版电影人物比较好看? 这一直是喜欢迪斯尼动画片的影迷热衷讨论的问题 The oldest debate in the civilized world is whether the cartoon or the live-action Disney movies are better. 「美女和野兽」里的贝儿公主将会由艾玛;沃特森出演,只是看预告片就已经可以发现他们的相似之处! Beauty And The Beast will star Emma Watson, but you can aly see similarities from the trailer! 「爱丽丝梦游仙境」电影版简直是在视觉上向原著和动画版致敬看一下爱丽丝和疯帽子就知道呢! Alice in Wonderland was a visual homage to not only the books but the original animated version too! I mean look at Alice and The Mad Hatter! 玛琳菲森的演绎方式虽跟1959年的原著不一样, 但依然能告诉大家爱洛公主长眠的故事安吉丽娜-朱莉点把这个大反派演得淋漓尽致 Maleficent wasn't a direct live-action interpretation of Disney's Sleeping Beauty from 1959 but it told the same story of Princess Aurora's long nap. Angelina Jolie had the whole villain angle ON POINT. 年的「奇幻森林」电影版比动画版更紧张激烈 The Jungle Book that kids saw in was so much more intense than the animated version.潜山县红十字会医院治疗阳痿早泄

安庆市远大医院包皮手术的步骤史上最具种族歧视的广告?中国洗衣粉广告引发众怒 --9 ::8 来源: 一名黑人在洗衣机里被“清洗”后,变成了亚洲人,这是中国一种名为“俏比”的洗衣溶珠品牌广告的情节不过,这则广告这两天被多家外媒指责有种族歧视之嫌 (CNN)A black man and a young Chinese woman are flirting, as he leans in a kiss she thrusts a detergent capsule in his mouth and bundles him into a laundry machine.(CNN)一名黑人和一个年轻的中国姑娘正在调情,该黑人男子走向姑娘,看样子准备要接吻,却被中国女子喂食洗衣溶珠,然后塞进洗衣机She sits atop the machine as the man spins and screams inside until, to her apparent delight, out pops a handsome Chinese man dressed in a clean, white t-shirt.然后姑娘整个坐在洗衣机上,只听见洗衣机里黑人青年的阵阵惨叫声过了一会儿,从洗衣机里出来一个帅气的穿着干净白T恤的中国男子,这个姑娘笑得非常开心This staggeringly offensive advert is attracting outrage on both the Chinese and wider web, with users blasting it being racist.这则令人吃惊的攻击性广告,被认为带为严重的种族歧视,引起了国内外各大媒体的愤怒"My god," wrote one user on Weibo, China’s version of Twitter. "Don’t Chinese marketing people get any education about race?"一个网友在微(中国版的推特)上说,“我的天哪,中国的广告人员难道就没有受过一点种族教育吗?”"If you don’t understand why it’s racist, congratulations, you’re a racist," wrote another, after some commenters tried to defend the ad.在有一些持这则广告后,另一名网友说,“如果你不能理解它为何具种族歧视性,恭喜你,你就是一个种族主义者”The ad isn’t even original. It seemingly rips off a similar, and also offensive, Italian advert, in which an slim Italian man is washed with "color" detergent and emerges a muscular black man with the slogan "Color is better."该广告并非原创,它其实模仿了意大利的一个类似广告,里面一个瘦瘦的意大利男人被有色清洗剂清洗后,变黑且有了健壮的肌肉,它的口号是“有色更有型”The company behind the Chinese ad, Qiaobi, did not respond to requests comment from CNN, and has not addressed the growing outrage on the Chinese web.这家叫做“俏比”的中国洗衣溶珠品牌并未对CNN的给出回复,对于中国媒体不断上升的公愤,其也未给出任何回应This wouldn’t be the first time ads in China have been accused of racial insensitivity, there was considerable criticism online after the Chinese posters "Star Wars: The ce Awakens" seemed to downplay black actor -- and co-lead -- John Boyega.中国广告里出现种族歧视,这已经不是第一次了在中国宣传“星战原力觉醒”的电影海报上,黑人演员、联合主演约翰.波耶加的版面就被刻意缩小了While a large number of Africans live in China, particularly in southern Guangdong province, many have complained of facing discrimination and prejudice from locals due in part to a widesp stigma against dark skin.现在,有很多非洲人生活在中国,尤其是在广东省有很多人抱怨他们遭受本地人的歧视与偏见,部分原因就是中国广泛存在的对深色皮肤的歧视That stigma also exists in other Asian countries, a Thai beauty company was ced to withdraw an ad and issue an apology after it released a commercial saying "just by being white, you will win."这种肤色歧视在亚洲其它国家也同样存在泰国的一美容公司在发布了一则美白广告“只有美白,你才能赢”后,被迫撤回并发布道歉信潜山县治疗阳痿早泄 习大大访美:奥巴马欢迎致辞笑翻全场 --30 :: 来源: 演讲自带幽默感的美国总统奥巴马曾被中国网友冠以“段子手”的称号这次习大大对美国的国事访问,他依然不忘在讲话中戳笑点  当地时间9月5日,美国总统奥巴马在白宫南草坪举行隆重的欢迎仪式,欢迎习大大到访致辞中,他不仅用中文“你好”开场致意,还开玩笑说自己和习大大都没两位第一夫人人气高~  在致辞中,奥巴马表示,“这(习主席访美)也让米歇尔和我有机会回报(reciprocate)我们访问中国期间所受到的款待米歇尔和我们的两个女儿以及我的岳母,去年在中国进行参观访问的时候,受到了热情的欢迎我在北京进行国事访问(state visit)的时候,也受到了热情的欢迎我听说,关于米歇尔中国之行的新闻在网上的点击超过了十亿次习主席,我相信,我们两个人都已经习惯于(accustomed to)比不过我们各自充满活力的夫人”  "This is also an opporty Michelle and me to reciprocate the hospitality shown to us duringour visits to China. Michelle, our daughters and my mother-in-law were warmly welcomed last yearas they traveled across the country, as was I when I made a state visit to Beijing. And I’m told thatnews about Michelle’s trip got some one billion views online. President Xi, I believe that we areboth accustomed to being outshone by our dynamic spouses. "  【Key Points】  英文中,除了用dynamic表示“充满活力的”,类似词汇还包括vibrant和proactive等  例:There they can enjoy plenty of job opporties and a vibrant lifestyle.  在那里,他们可以享受到充裕的工作机会,以及充满活力的生活方式安庆延长射精的最好办法

安庆哪里有检查办公室“蛋糕文化”正在损害你的健康 -- :: 来源: 一个资深牙医劝告说:在办公室用蛋糕来庆祝对健康可不利 Having cake at work to celebrate colleagues’ birthdays, engagements or just surviving the week is a danger to health, a senior dentist argues.一个资深牙医劝告说:在办公室用蛋糕来庆祝同事的生日、订婚或只是庆祝大家又熬过了这一周,对健康可不利Prof Nigel Hunt, from the Faculty of Dental Surgery, at the Royal College of Surgeons, says "cake culture" is fuelling obesity and dental problems.爱尔兰皇家外科学院口腔外科学系的的Nigel Hunt教授说“蛋糕文化”正在助长肥胖和牙齿问题At the organisation’s annual dinner dentists, he will say workplace temptation stops people losing weight.在该机构的牙医年会上,他要说工作场所中的诱惑打断了人们的减肥计划And staff should be rewarded with fruit, nuts or cheese instead.应该用水果,坚果以及奶酪奖励员工Sugar rush糖份冲击In the speech, he will say: "Managers want to reward staff their efts, colleagues want to celebrate special occasions, and workers want to bring back a gift from their holidays.在演讲中,他要说:“管理者想奖励员工的努力,同事们想庆祝特别的场合,员工们想假期带点礼物回来”"But many people the workplace is now the primary site of their sugar intake and is contributing to the current obesity epidemic and poor oral health."“但对于很多人,工作场所已成为摄入糖的主要地点,这助长肥胖流行,影响口腔健康”He will say nearly 65,000 adults every year need hospital treatment tooth decay.他说每年将近有6.5万个成年人需要到医院治疗蛀牙Prof Hunt will say: "Cake culture also poses difficulties those who are trying their hardest to lose weight or become healthier - how many of us have begun such diets only to cave in to the temptation of the doughnuts, cookies or the triple chocolate biscuits?"Hunt教授要说:“蛋糕文化为正竭尽全力减肥或努力变得健康的人制造了困难——我们中有多少人在开始控制饮食后最终屈于甜甜圈,饼干或巧克力饼干的?”Fruit platter水果拼盘While he does not believe office cake should be banned, he will say it should be purchased in smaller quantities and consumed only with lunch.同时他也不认为办公室蛋糕就应该被禁止,他要说的是应该少买一点,并只在午餐时食用Dentists recommend cutting down on sugary or starchy foods between meals as they give bacteria fuel to produce acids that decay teeth.牙医们建议两餐之间少吃含糖或淀粉的食物,因为这相当于给细菌提供燃料,让它们产生蛀坏牙齿的酸At the dinner, which is being rounded off with mint panna cotta, British strawberries and chocolate soil, Prof Hunt will say: "Ideally office workers should consider other alternatives altogether like fruit platters, nuts, or cheese.Hunt教授将要在这个被薄荷奶油布丁、英国草莓和巧克力环绕的晚宴上说:“理论上,员工们应该考虑其他选择,例如水果拼盘,坚果或者奶酪”"Responsible employers should take a lead and avoid such snacks in meetings."“负责的老板应该带头,在开会时避免这些零食” 两万封邮件揭秘希拉里竞选黑幕 美国上演现实版《纸牌屋 --9 :59:0 来源:chinadaily 本周一至周四,美国民主党在费城召开全国党代表大会,希拉里将在会上正式获得总统提名希拉里民调原本一直领先于共和党候选人特朗普,然而一起“邮件门”令大选形势突然改变维基解密日公开了民主党国家委员会(Democratic National Committee,简称DNC)内部绝密的195封邮件和80个附件,揭露了希拉里黑对手、勾结高层内定候选人、涉嫌洗钱和操控媒体等多项丑闻最新民调显示,特朗普已经以8%的持率甩下希拉里3个百分点,此前的民调希拉里一直领先于特朗普被指“偏向希拉里”的民主党全国委员会主席黛比·沃瑟曼·舒尔茨(Debbie Wasserman Schultz)宣布辞职希拉里民主党竞争对手桑德斯的持者称希拉里“偷走了选举(stole the election)”,纷纷游行抗议,警方已拘捕数十人目前,FBI已着手调查此事The FBI is investigating whether Russia was behind a cyber attack on the Democratic Party on the eve of its convention amid suggestions the Kremlin was trying to meddle in the US presidential election. 美国联邦调查局(FBI)正在调查俄罗斯是否与这次针对民主党的网络攻击有关此次网络泄密事件发生在民主党全国代表大会前夜有人认为俄罗斯政府试图干涉美国总统大选Cybersecurity experts said there was evidence the Russian government was linked to the breach which led to ,000 internal emails being published by WikiLeaks. 网络安全专家说有据表明俄罗斯政府与此次维基解密曝光两万份内部电子邮件事件有关The emails showed party officials had plotted behind the scenes to stop socialist candidate Bernie Sanders becoming their nominee, a revelation which threw the convention into turmoil. 邮件内容显示民主党官员幕后操作,试图阻碍伯尼?桑德斯成为党内候选人此次解密使得民主党全国代表大会一片混乱Senior Democrats alleged Russia was trying to destabilise Mrs Clinton to ease Donald Trump's route to the White House because the Kremlin viewed him more favourably. 一些资深民主党员坚称俄罗斯更看好特朗普,所以他们试图动摇希拉里?克林顿的地位,为唐纳德?特朗普竞选之路减少一些阻碍Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon said: "There is a consensus among experts that it is indeed Russia that is behind this hack." 克林顿竞选发言人布莱恩?法伦说:“专家们一致认为这次黑客入侵事件是俄罗斯在背后控制”Mr Trump responded: "The new joke in town is that Russia leaked the disastrous Democrat e-mails because Putin likes me." 特朗普回应:“最新的笑话就是因为普京喜欢我,俄罗斯就泄露了这些对民主党来说灾难性的邮件内容”Experts said it appeared to be part of a larger wave of Russian cyber attacks that included ones on the White House and US Department of Justice last year. 专家们表示,这次邮件事件只是俄罗斯更大规模的网络攻击中的一部分,此外还包括去年对白宫和美国司法部的网络攻击Hours bee WikiLeaks published members of the National Security Council and FBI were aly meeting at the White House amid suggestions the Democrats had been hacked. 在维基解密发布邮件内容的前几个小时,在一片“黑客攻击了民主党”的声音中,国家安全委员会和FBI已经在白宫会面It emerged that the hackers had been in the party's system over a year, breaching the s of seven Democrat leaders, and further damaging leaks are expected during the course of the election. 事实明黑客已经在民主党系统中隐藏超过一年,攻破了七个民主党领导的账户在接下来的竞选过程中,将有更多将造成负面影响的信息被披露Donna Brazile, the party's interim chairwoman, said: "I don't know the substance, but I do know there is lots of stuff that we might have to apologise ." 民主党全国委员会临时主席唐娜?布拉齐尔说:“我不知道具体内容,但是里面有很多可能需要我们道歉的内容”An FBI spokesman said: "The FBI is investigating a cyber intrusion involving the Democratic National Committee and are working to determine the nature and scope of the matter.FBI发言人称:“FBI正在调查有关民主党全国委员会的网络入侵事件,并试图对这件事情定性、确定影响范围”Mrs Clinton's campaign chairman John Podesta said there was "a kind of bromance going on" between Mr Trump and Russian president Vladimir Putin. 希拉里的竞选主席约翰?波德斯塔说在特朗普和俄罗斯总统普京之间有一种“兄弟情”下面我们就来看看这场比《纸牌屋还精的政治斗争都有哪些黑幕一 黑共和党对手川普希拉里团队试图营造“川普当总统是危险的”这一印象? 吐槽川普在国家安全方面的愚蠢宣言:Donald Trump has no eign policy experience and rather than seeking the advice of well-respected experts, Trump relies on his own misinmed ideas and in his own words, on his "good brain." 川普一点从政经验也没有好吗,而且他宁可相信他自己那套错误的方式,也不去咨询专业人士,真是有智商?吐槽川普对女性的蔑视:Trump once said you had to treat women "like s**t" and has spent decades doing so himself by calling women names - "fat pig," "slob," or "bimbo" - and saying a man needs a woman to support him at home rather than always be "griping and bitching." 川普曾经说要把女人当垃圾一样对待,而且几十年一直用粗俗的语言骂女性,还说女人就应该在家好好当丈夫的贤内助(我就不信他对媳妇儿也这样,求梅拉尼娅的心理阴影面积....)? 吐槽川普的各种暴力分裂政策:Trump spouts hateful and dangerous lies about Muslims and called to surveil mosques, to ban Muslims from entering the country. 川普毫不掩饰他对穆斯林的厌恶,而且要对所有的清真寺进行监视,并且禁止穆斯林进入美国Trump called Mexican immigrants "rapists" and criminals and said they brought disease into the country, said you needed to check if Native Americans were "real Indians." 川普管墨西哥移民叫强奸犯和罪犯,说他们会把疾病带到美国他还说,美国原住民是不是印第安人还说不好呢(讲真,他能安全地活到今天真的是不容易)? 吐槽川普在经济方面的不靠谱:Despite his tough talk on trade deals and the loss of American jobs, Donald Trump manufactured his clothing line in countries he rails against, like China and Mexico. 尽管他自己义正言辞地说要控制国际贸易以便解决国内的失业问题, 他自己公司的流水线还不是建在了中国和墨西哥(打脸不,啪啪的!)Dangerous Donald's businesses have repeatedly gone bankrupt, leaving investors, contractors and small businesses holding the bag his disastrous business decisions. 由于他愚蠢的商业决定,他的产业濒临破产,投资方和承包商们也都撤资了,现在就靠一些小事业撑着Economists have actually predicted Trump's policies could start an international trade war and even destabilize the global economy. 经济学家预测川普的一系列政策可能会导致国际贸易战争甚至影响全球经济秩序他们还计划在Craiglist上冒充特朗普发布招聘广告(虽然最后没有实现),要求包括要不许长胖,能忍受性骚扰等等Job requirements: 工作要求:* No gaining weight on the job (we’ll take some “bee” pictures when you start to use later as evidence) 工作期间不许长胖(开始工作前会拍照为)* Must be open to public humiliation and open-press workouts if you do gain weight on the job 如果长胖,必须能接受公开羞辱和高压锻炼* A willingness to evaluate other women’s hotness the boss’ satisfaction is a plus 加分项:愿意评估其他女性对老板而言的性感程度* Should be proficient in lying about age if the boss thinks you’re too old 如果老板觉得你太老,你能不露痕迹地谎报年龄二 黑民主党对手桑德斯民主党内部也是各种算计、陷害邮件还显示民主党内部暗中倒向希拉里一边,而对伯尼·桑德斯(Bernie Sanders)十分不公? 揪桑德斯的宗教信仰问题在一封主题是“no shit”(废话少说)的邮件中,民主党高层“指示”说应该就宗教信仰问题攻击一下桑德斯信里说: ... KY and WVA can we get someone to ask his belief. 咱能不能在肯塔基州和西弗吉尼亚州安排托逼着桑德斯说出他的宗教信仰?He had skated on saying he has a Jewish heritage. I think I he is an atheist. 他之前说自己是犹太人后裔,但是据我所知他是无神论者My Southern Baptist peeps would draw a big difference between a Jew and an atheist.” 我在南方浸信会的人可以在犹太人和无神论者这个点上搞出大差别?塑造桑德斯负面形象这封邮件中,DNC成员问他们的公关主任Luis Miranda是否有关于桑德斯的负面描述可以用来做新闻黑他可怜的桑德斯为了民主党大局,表示仍然持希拉里他在费城的集会上表示: Immediately right now, we have got to defeat Donald Trump. And we have got to elect Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine. 就是现在,我们必须要击败特朗普我们必须要让希拉里和蒂姆·卡因当选这句话招来持者的嘘声,人们高呼“我们想要的是伯尼”这么深沉的爱不知让伯尼作何感想……伯尼不得不停下来,数次举手示意“brothers and sisters”安静,才能继续说道:This is the real world we live in. Trump is a bully and a demagogue. 这就是我们所生活真实世界而特朗普是欺凌弱小者,是煽动家三 勾结媒体控制舆论邮件显示,DNC和华盛顿邮报、华尔街日报、CNN、MSN、Politico等媒体暗中勾结,制造挺希拉里、黑桑德斯(to boost Hillary Clinton and sandbag Bernie Sanders)的舆论气氛在一封邮件中,Politico的记者Ken Vogel,甚至将一篇关于希拉里的稿件发给DNC宣传秘书审核,邮件主题是:“Per agreement . . . any thoughts appreciated.” 照协定……欢迎指正后者将邮件转发给上司,公关主任Luis Miranda,说:Vogel gave me his story ahead of timebee it goes to his editors as long as I didn’t share it. Let me know if you see anything that's missing and I'll push back. Vogel提前把报道给我了,他的主编也还没看到,只要我不传播出去如果有什么地方漏掉了,告诉我,我转告他在另一封邮件中,民主党公关主任(Luis Miranda)将来自桑德斯竞选团队的一封信件泄露给了华盛顿邮报的记者邮件说: Off the record, you didn’t get this from me. 不许说是从我这里得到的信息民主党内部邮件还曾直接表示要“控制媒体的叙述”I think the best reporter to give the news to ahead of time is Greg Sargent at the Washington Post. But, the specific reporter is not as important as getting it to an outlet bee the news breaks so we can help control the narrative on the front end. 最好是把新闻给《华盛顿邮报的Greg Sargent,不过,更重要的是在消息传开以前就想办法找到一个说法,从前端控制住媒体的叙述四 涉嫌洗钱有多封泄露的邮件指出希拉里勾结民主党委员会进行洗钱活动为了规避筹款上限,希拉里搞了个联合筹款团队胜利基金(Hillary Victory Fund,简称HVF)这个联合筹款基金的意思是,通过这个基金筹的款是民主党竞选人共有的,但事实并非如此希拉里团队曾宣称HVF筹集到数千万美元,这其中只有1%留在了民主党内均分,剩下的绝大多数都流向了希拉里的竞选团队还有邮件显示,希拉里团队准备以政府职位回报捐赠者,如果被实,这将是非常严重的来源:中国日报网双语新闻微信、每日电讯报翻译:王慧雯(中国日报网爱新闻iNews译者)编审:yaning安庆男性那里湿尤比较好安庆阴茎上长白色颗粒



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