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We#39;re all about having a healthy work-life balance, but it#39;s inevitable to have ups and downs. If you#39;re struggling to cope with workplace stress, you might be cheered by this Harvard Business Review article, which says you can make your stress work to your advantage。人人都希望能保持工作与生活的平衡,但是事情往往起伏不定。如果你一直都在为职场压力而苦苦挣扎,那么《哈佛商业》里刊登的这篇文章可能能让你振奋一下,因为这篇报道指出人们可以利用工作压力,化压力为动力。Shawn Achor, HBR writer, says: ;Stress can cause the human brain to use more of its capabilities, improve memory and intelligence, increase productivity, and even speed recovery from things like knee surgery. Research indicates that stress, even at high levels, creates greater mental toughness, deeper relationships, heightened awareness, new perspectives, a sense of mastery, a greater appreciation for life, a heightened sense of meaning, and strengthened priorities.;作者肖恩表示,压力可以激发人大脑的潜力,增强和智力,提高生产力,甚至可以加速身体的复原能力,比如从膝盖手术中康复。研究指出,即使是高强度的压力也有利于增强意志力、加深各方联系、提高关注力、激发新想法、加强控制力、提升对生活的领悟力和理解力,更能分清事情的轻重缓急。We hear all about the negatives of stress but rarely hear about some of the better effects. Not to mention, it#39;s easy to tap into the benefits of stress — you just need to view it as enhancing rather than debilitating。我们常常听到的都是关于压力的负面效应,很少能听到这样的关于压力的好处。转化压力其实不难,只要把压力想成是提高能力的方法而不是面对的困境就可以了。The results of this research don#39;t mean that we should all strive for more stress at work. Instead, we should try to channel that energy into something that will have a more productive outcome. For example, if work issues are weighing you down, clean your house as a way of harnessing the energy of your frustrations and putting it to good use. Other great outlets include exercising and organizing your clutter。这个研究结果并不是要鼓励我们多给自己压力,而是要转化压力,去做更有效率的事情。比如说,当你工作得喘不过气来的时候,你可以去打扫屋子,把你的怒气怨气都转换成能量去做些有益的事。你也可以去做运动或者做做整理工作来转化压力。 /201204/178318

A friend of mine was giving an English lesson to a class of adult who had recently come to live in the ed States. After placing quite a number of everyday objects on a table, he asked various members of the class to give him the ruler, the book, the pen and so on. The class went very smoothly and the students seemed interested and serious about the work that they were engaged in until when my friend turned to an Italian student and said, ;Give me the kays.; The man looked surprised and somewhat at a loss. Seeing this, my friend thought that the student hadn#39;t heard him clearly, so he repeated. ;Give me the kays.; The Italian shrugged his shoulders. Then, he threw his arms around the teacher#39;s neck and kissed him on both cheeks.我的一位朋友在给一个成人学生班级上英语课。他们都是新近来美国生活的。在一张桌子上摆了许多日常用品之后,他请全班同学给他挑出尺子,书本,钢笔等。课进行得井然有序,学生们对自己所做的似乎很感兴趣,也很认真。后来轮到一名来自意大利的学生,我的朋友说:;给我钥匙。;那人看起来非常吃惊,也有点手足无措。看到这种情况,我的朋友想是他没有听清楚,于是又重复了一遍:;给我钥匙。;那位意大利学生耸了耸肩。接着,他伸出胳膊搂住老师的脖子在双颊上亲了两下。 /201111/161096

You#39;ll meet many guys on your path to finding the one who#39;s right for you, but you should avoid a few types at all cost. They might start out as perfectly decent men while they#39;re trying to get your attention, but once they show their true colors, you may want to head for the hills. Here are a few of the worst offenders.在邂逅白马王子之前,你必定会遇到其他男人;而有些男人,你无论如何都得躲开。这些男人起初为了吸引你可能会风度翩翩,然而日久现原形后,你会恨不能逃之夭夭。以下就是最糟糕的极品男。1.The mooch1.死乞白赖男This is the guy who never seems to go anywhere with his wallet after he takes you out once or twice. Whether you#39;re taking in a movie, going out for dinner or just grabbing a slice of pizza, he will always plead poor and ask you to pay.这种男人跟你约会一两次后就再也不会自带钱包。你们一起看电影也好、吃饭也罢,甚或只是叫块披萨,他都会跟你哭穷让你掏腰包。Paying for some things is OK, but if you#39;re with a guy who never has any money (or just has an aversion to spending his own), get out while you can - or at least before you go broke.掏一两次腰包还说得过去,但要是那家伙一穷二白(或只是一毛不拔),还是尽量抽身而出吧——至少别等到自个儿破产。2.The lazy slob2.懒散邋遢男This guy may charm you at first with his ambitions and list of projects that he plans, but that will get old fast once you notice that all he ever seems to do is play games and order takeout. If he never has anything new to report in terms of job hunting or physical activity of any kind, and he always has stains on his clothing, move on or risk becoming his mother.一开始你可能会被这种男人的雄心壮志和伟大计划所倾倒,但很快你会发现这些只是他的老生常谈,他平日里不是打游戏就是叫外卖。如果一个男人在求职或健身方面没有任何进展,且衣上又总是污迹斑斑的话,你要么甘心做他老妈,要么还是一刀两断吧。The lazy slob has no motivation or intention of ever getting a real job.懒散邋遢男是从不会真心想要找到一份工作。3.Guys to avoid The overachiever3.工作狂男The complete opposite to the lazy slob is the type A overachiever. While this guy looks great on paper (good job, six-figure income, sweet condo), he will never be around to hang out with you. When he is around, he will talk only about work. He#39;ll sweep you off your feet with expensive dinners and lavish gifts, but as soon as things get serious, he#39;ll go back to focusing solely on his career.跟懒散男完全相反的是工作狂男。工作狂男条件顶呱呱(有好工作、六位数收入、好房子),但却抽不出时间陪你。即便他来陪你,嘴上说的也净是工作。他可能会用豪华美餐和奢侈礼物讨你欢心,但倘若认真谈感情问题,他只愿缩到工作中去。Do you really want a guy who pays more attention to his stocks than to you? We didn#39;t think so.你真希望将来另一半关注工作胜过关心你么?不见得吧。4.The big kid4.长不大男Some guys never seem to grow up. As charming as they seem at first, dating someone who is immature can be frustrating. All he wants to do is have fun, which is great (he#39;s adventurous and has great date ideas), but when you settle down and move in together, he#39;ll never want to talk about ;boring; things like finances, rent and chores.有些人好像永远都长不大。他们第一眼看上去或许还不错,但跟不成熟的男人约会真的很伤神。这种男人只想寻开心,喜欢新鲜事物,约会时花样百出;但如果你俩住到一起打算认真发展的话,他从不愿意跟你谈开销、房租、家务这种“无聊”的事情。If you#39;re looking for long-term love, the big kid is not your go-to guy.如果你想寻觅一段长久稳固的爱情,这种“大男孩”绝对不是。 /201207/188905

You may be one yourself, or you may live or work with one... the grumps who cannot bear to talk to anyone first thing in the morning.你可能就是个有起床气的人,又或许正跟一个这样臭脾气的人生活或共事:他们是一大早对谁都不爱搭理的坏脾气家伙们。Now a survey of 2,000 Britons has found that after waking up at an average time of 6.49 am, it’s another hour and 15 minutes before the grumps feel up to having a conversation. So, it’s not until around 8am that anyone should dare say a word to them.一份2000名英国人参加的调查发现,若按照早上的平均起床时间6点49分来计算,有起床气的人要在醒来后过75分钟才愿意开口讲话。所以在早上8点之前,没人敢跟有起床气的家伙讲话。More than half of the adults in the survey said they are grumpy in the morning, with 43 per cent of people saying they even avoid talking to their partner until they feel up to it.超过半数参加调查的人员表示自己早上会有起床气;而43%的人表示,在伴侣气消之前,自己会尽可能避免跟他们讲话。Almost a third dodge conversation with their colleagues first thing, while 21 per cent even ignore their children.将近三分之一的人会避免早上与同事谈话,而21%的人甚至直接不去理睬自己的小孩。Fourteen per cent have even broken up with someone, or had someone break up with them, because of their zombie-like state in the morning.早上这种呆头闷脑的状态也成了分手诱因:14%的人因此跟人分手或被人给甩了。And around 70 per cent of those who commute on public transport say they d strangers talking to them because they can’t bear to face anyone that early in the day, according to the survey commissioned by the makers of a new game app, Zombie Underground.据新款苹果游戏“地下僵尸” 开发人调查显示,约有70%乘坐公共交通上班的人表示很讨厌陌生人上来攀谈,因为自己无法忍受一大早上有人在眼前晃荡。Instead, 37 per cent bury themselves in a book to avoid making eye-contact with anyone, while another 34 per cent listen to music. And 16 per cent admitted to pretending to talk on their phone to dodge any unwanted chat.因此37%的人选择看书以免跟人眼神接触,而34%的人则选择听音乐。16%的人承认在遇到讨厌的攀谈时,自己会假装打电话借以躲避。Researchers found a bad night’s sleep is most likely to put Brits in a bad mood in the mornings, followed by the dark winter mornings.研究人员发现,睡眠不佳最可能导致英国人大早上有起床气,另一个原因就是阴沉沉的冬天清晨。More than a third say they just simply take a little while to get going in the mornings while one in five get a grey cloud over their head when they look out their window at wind and rain. Another 19 per cent get down in the dumps worrying about their day ahead at work.三分之一的人表示自己早上总要磨蹭一会儿才起得来;五分之一的人则表示,每次看到窗外风雨交加就会觉得心情超级郁闷。 另有19%的人上班前纠结郁闷,闹得一肚子怨气。Jon Lucas, spokesman for Zombie Underground, which commissioned the study to mark the launch of a new app, said: “Mornings are a struggle for most people, especially in the winter.琼-卢卡斯是这款苹果新游戏“地下僵尸”的发言人,他为这款新游戏应用的发布而组织了此次的调查。他说:“对很多人来说,早上起床都挺痛苦的,冬天的早上尤其如此。”‘Waking up after a bad night’s sleep, or knowing you have a long and stressful day ahead of you can put you in a bad mood before you have even stepped out of bed. Coupled with the dark mornings, bad weather and the thought of the commute to work, it’s no wonder that many people want to crawl back under the covers instead.“如果睡得不好,醒来后发现还要面对漫长的、压力重重的一天,你可能还没起床就满腹牢骚了。再加上阴沉沉的早晨、糟糕的天气,想到还得挤车去上班,难怪很多人宁愿缩回被窝里。”For 54 per cent of grumpy Brits, a simple cup of tea or coffee is all it takes to brighten their mood and help them to wake up.对于54%有起床气的英国人来说,一杯热茶或咖啡就足以点亮心情,让他们赶快清醒过来。Thirty-six per cent feel more with it after eating breakfast while 22 per cent resort to splashing cold water in their face. Listening to loud music or having a cold shower were named as other popular ways to get going after getting out of bed.36%的人吃完早餐后心情会好得多,而22%的人选择往脸上拍点冷水来清醒清醒。放大音乐或冲凉也是受欢迎的消除起床气的方法。 /201212/211677

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