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长春流产多少钱长春医大二院打胎妇科整形宫颈糜烂I will return.我会回来的I will come back to the USA.我会返回美国的Im not looking forward to getting shot or killed.我不会让自己被子弹或敌人夺去性命Im looking forward to going home.我期待着回家的那一天More than 70,000 American troops are about to invade German-held France.超过七万名美国士兵将参与进攻德国占领下的法国Over 1,000 will die on the first day:第一天有超过1000人死亡June 6, 1944. D-Day.1944年6月6日 诺曼底登陆日Over 5,000 ships and 10,000 aircraft are involved in the first wave alone.逾五千艘舰艇和一万架飞机在第一波攻击中投入使用Five beaches will be stormed.有五处海滩被列为攻占目标The most infamous is code-named ;Omaha Beach;,最让人难以释怀的是代号为奥马哈的海滩Think about Omaha Beach from the standpoint of the young men.想象一下士兵们面临的奥马哈海滩The ramp is about to drop and the sights and the sounds all around登陆艇舱门即将打开,周围都是惨烈的景象和声音provide the context of hell.犹如地狱一般The first troops on Omaha Beach meet ferocious German resistance.首奥马哈登陆部队遇到了德军猛烈抵抗Rocket launchers, mortars and 85 machine-gun nests tear into the Americans.火箭炮、迫击炮以及85个机点朝美军密集开火There are meant to be 32 tanks with them, but 27 sink.计划登陆的32辆坦克中 27辆已经沉没The men are left with virtually no cover on the beach.抢滩战士们几乎没有任何掩护Go!冲啊William Dabney is totally exposed.威廉·达布尼已经完全暴露Tethered to his barrage balloon, hes defenseless.被防空气球缠住的他无法施展有效防卫When its shot down, he has his chance.气球被击落了 他生还的机会大了起来Like every other soldier on Omaha Beach,同奥马哈海滩上肤色各异的其他战友一样black or white, Dabneys mission now is to survive.达布尼现在唯一的任务是设法求生There wasnt any segregation there.种族之间的对立此时不复存在Harold Baumgarten is thrown straight into the carnage.哈罗德·鲍姆加滕一登陆就置身于这场大杀戮中 /201303/227889吉林省长春第三医院官方网 Proper storage and care for your purse will keep it looking new.恰当的储存和护理可以让你的包包持久保持最佳状态。You Will Need你需要Vacuum attachment or lint roller小吸尘器或清洁滚轴Makeup bag化妆包Protective ;feet;皮包保护“脚”Alcohol-free baby wipes不含酒精婴儿湿巾Leather conditioner皮革护养素Acid-free tissue paper无酸薄棉纸Cotton bag or pillowcase棉袋或枕套Step 1 Clean interior1.清洁内部Clean the interior of a purse by gently shaking out debris. Clean the liner with a vacuum cleaner attachment or a lint roller.轻轻抖一下包包,将里面的碎屑抖出来。用小吸尘器或清洁滚筒清洁包包内部。Step 2 Keep makeup2.收好化妆品Keep the lining clean by putting makeup in a separate bag and keeping the caps on your pens.用单独的袋子收好化妆品,保笔帽要盖好。Step 3 Take to professional3.专业保养Have a professional repair person put protective ;feet; on the bottom of the purse to protect it from dirt and scratches.让专业的维修人员给你的包包安上“脚”,以防弄脏或刮花。Tip: Take your purse to a professional for large stains and scuffs. Do not try to clean it yourself.小贴士:把包包拿到专业清洗店去清洁大的污迹或擦痕。不要试图自己清洁。Step 4 Clean exterior4.清理外部Clean the exterior of a leather purse with alcohol-free baby wipes. Apply leather conditioner once a year.用不含酒精婴儿湿巾清理皮包外部。一年用一次皮革护养素。Step 5 Fill5.填充Fill the purse with acid-free tissue paper to maintain the purses shape when youre not using it.不用包包的时候,用无酸薄棉纸填充,保持包包的形状。Step 6 Use6.装好Use a cotton bag or pillowcase to store your purse. Keep your bag away from heat.用棉袋或枕套装好包包。让包包远离热源。Fact: The Smithsonian National Museum uses acid-free paper, tissue, folders, labels, and boxes to prevent artifacts from decomposing and discoloring.事实:美国史密森国家物馆使用无酸薄棉纸,薄纱,文件夹,标签,盒子来保存史前古器物,防止它们分解和褪色。视频听力栏目译文属。201303/230964长春市人流手术好的医院

长春外阴白斑治疗的医院Making the decision to lose weight is a big one, but with your goals in place and a sense of purpose, you can achieve the results you want.决定减肥确实很不容易,但是一旦制定了目标,再加上完成目标的决心,你一定能获得预期的目标。You Will Need你需要Goals目标Schedule安排Steps步骤Step 1 Set realistic goals1.设定切实可行的目标Set realistic goals. This is the first step in achieving weight loss. Set goals that allow you time to lose the weight. Also set goals that you can track -- both long-term and short-term -- in terms of eating right and exercising.设定切实可行的目标。这是成功减肥的第一步。确定目标,让你能够抽出时间来减肥。还要在饮食和锻炼方面设定可以追踪的目标——无论是短期的还是长期的。Step 2 Write your goals down2.写下目标Write down your goals and your processes for achieving your goals. Note when you will exercise, what you will eat, and what foods and equipment you will need to achieve the goals.写下目标和为了达到目标而采取的步骤。注明何时锻炼,吃什么,要达成目标需要什么食物和设备。Set up a weekly exercise schedule and a weekly meal plan that includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and proteins. This way, both your calendar and your food plan will be set.制定一周锻炼和饮食计划,包括水果,蔬菜,全谷,蛋白质。这样的话,你就确定了自己的日程和饮食计划。Step 3 Pick a date3.选择日期Pick a date to begin your new lifestyle. Be sure to avoid overly stressful times. Once youve picked a date, stick with it.选择一个日期来开始新的生活方式。确保避免压力太大的时间。一旦选择了特定的时间,一定要坚持。Step 4 Evaluate4.评估Evaluate your progress and your goals. Reevaluate your initial goals if necessary. Maybe things are too easy -- you can bump up your exercise routine. Or maybe you need a few more calories in your daily diet than you originally estimated. Whatever it is, be flexible with yourself.对自己的进步和目标进行评估。如果必要的话,对最初的目标进行重新评估。或许事情非常简单——你能够坚持自己的锻炼习惯。或者也许你的日常饮食比最初估计需要更多热量。无论如何,自己保持灵活性。Dont beat yourself up if you have a setback. Setbacks are part of changing your lifestyle. Just get back on your plan.如果遇到挫折千万不要气馁。挫折是改变生活方式的一部分。重新回到自己的计划。Step 5 Focus on health5.集中在健康方面Focus on improving your health. Losing weight is great, but being healthy is fantastic. Look at your new lifestyle as a healthy lifestyle that you will live longer to enjoy.集中在改善健康方面。减肥是很好的想法,但是保持健康更加重要。把新的生活方式视为能够让你更加长寿的健康的生活方式。Exercise has been proven to help reduce stress and anxiety due to the bodys release of endorphins, which create positive feelings.经实,锻炼可以让身体释放出内啡肽,刺激积极的感受,从而缓解压力和焦虑情绪。视频听力栏目译文属。 /201305/237607长春五马路妇产医院能做无痛人流吗 中国5个非政府组织指责这家美国科技公司使用有公开环境违规记录的供应商,并且利用发展中国家在环境管理制度上的漏洞。 Five Chinese environmental NGOs have issued a report blasting Apple and its suppliers for profiting at the cost of the local environment. The report which records every detail of the seven-month investigation has unveiled another side of the Apple company. Apple products are popular for their supreme functionality and creative design. But while fans snap up these i-products, people in China are paying for the production procedure with their health. The report says toxic discharges from suspected Apple suppliers have been encroaching on local communities. It alleges that 27 Apple suppliers have severe pollution problems, from toxic gases to heavy metal sludge. The report claims a village nearby a supplier's factory experienced a phenomenal rise in cases of cancer. It also blames Apple for taking advantage of loopholes in developing countries' environmental management systems to grab super profits. It criticized the company for refusing to make the identities of its suppliers public and fulfilling its responsibility to disclose information about the environmental effects of its suppliers' actions. Facing the charges, the technology giant proposed on Wednesday to hold a conference call with the NGOs to discuss their recent findings about its suppliers. They also said the company is committed to "maintaining the highest standards for social responsibility throughout its supply chain". But the report found a different story. And lawyers in China say even if the affected residents successfully sue Apple, the company does not necessarily have to pay compensation for any misdeeds committed by its suppliers. That's why the NGOs suggest buyers of the devices make "green" choices that help Apple establish a supply chain that does not harm the environment.词汇学习:1. NGO :non-government organization的缩写,是指在特定法律系统下,不被视为政府部门的协会、社团、基金会、慈善信托、非营利公司或其他法人,不以营利为目的的非政府组织。2. at the cost of:以……为代价3. snap up:抢购或迅速抓取某物例句:The cheapest articles at the sale were quickly snapped up. 大减价货物中最便宜的物品很快抢购一空。4. take advantage of:利用5. loophole n. 漏洞,空子例句:A good lawyer can always find a loophole. 精明的律师专会找到漏洞。201109/152253长春铁西区药流价格

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