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Cell phones have become ubiquitous even in the world’s poorest places. Now, researchers are using data collected by the devices to address third-world problems, according to a report provided exclusively to Fortune.甚至在世界上最贫穷的地方,手机也已经变得无处不在。《财富》杂志(Fortune)独家获得的一份报告披露,研究人员正在利用这些设备收集的数据来解决第三世界的问题。The report, produced by the Bill amp; Melinda Gates Foundation in conjunction with strategy consulting firm Cartesian, argues that analyzing mobile data has the potential to improve the lives of the poor in many ways—from expanding access to banking services to tracking the sp of infectious diseases.这份由比尔和梅琳达o盖茨基金会(Bill amp; Melinda Gates Foundation)与战略咨询机构笛卡儿公司(Cartesian)合作推出的报告称,从扩大务的覆盖面到跟踪传染病的传播,分析移动数据有望从多个层面改善穷困人口的生活。Nirant Gupta, an author of the report, says research from Harvard and other large universities prompted the Gates Foundation to further analyze cell phone data in developing countries so that the findings could move from research to implementation.报告执笔人尼朗特o古普塔表示,哈佛大学(Harvard University)和其他大学的研究促使盖茨基金会进一步分析了发展中国家的手机数据,以便相关发现能够从研究转入实施阶段。“As we talked to researchers, we thought they were doing really interesting and exciting things,” he says.他说:“我们跟研究人员进行了深入交谈,我们认为他们正在从事的研究非常有趣,令人兴奋。”Studying 10 developing countries across sub-Saharan African and Asia, the researchers found that many residents view cellular phones as a necessity, even cutting back on food purchases to pay their phone bills. Although more than 60% of people in the countries studied live on less than per day, the majority of people there own cell phones. In Nigeria and Kenya, for example, 67% of adults own cell phones, while at least 58% do in India, Indonesia and Botswana. Even among people earning a day or less, more than half own mobile phones in Botswana, Kenya and Nigeria.研究人员研究了撒哈拉以南非洲和亚洲的10个发展中国家,发现许多居民都把手机看成是生活必需品,为了付电话费,宁愿节衣缩食。这些国家有超过60%的人口每天的生活费用不足2美元,但大多数人都拥有一部手机。例如,在尼日利亚和肯尼亚,67%的成年人拥有手机。在印度、印度尼西亚和茨瓦纳,至少58%的成年人拥有手机。茨瓦纳、肯尼亚和尼日利亚的许多人每天只能挣1美元,甚至更少,但其中超过一半人拥有一部手机。With the influx of new data, the report suggests new applications for it, such as creating better disaster relief programs. After the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, for example, several universities looked at data from cell phone towers and SIM cards to see where residents went after the quake hit. Instead of going to the closest “safe” zone, many survivors chose to go to locations where they had traveled to before.随着新数据的不断涌入,这份报告建议为这些数据开拓新用途,比如打造更好的灾难救济方案。例如,2010年海地大地震爆发后,几所大学通过观察手机基站和SIM卡的数据,来搜寻居民在地震发生后的踪迹。许多幸存者并没有去最近的“安全”地带,而是奔赴他们以前去过的地点。Jake Kendall, another author of the report, said the data could also be used in tracking diseases, for instance. By watching the mobility patterns of cell phone users, researchers can better understand how diseases like malaria sp and aim relief efforts at specific areas.报告的另一位作者杰克o肯德尔表示,这些数据也可以用来追踪疾病。通过观测手机用户的移动模式,研究人员可以更好地理解疟疾等疾病的蔓延方式,从而有针对性地在特定区域展开救援工作。Of course, mobile data collection raises issues of privacy. The report’s authors suggest that phone companies can scrub data of any personally identifiable information before releasing it to researchers.采集移动数据当然会引发隐私问题。这份报告的作者建议手机运营商删除所有可识别具体个人的信息,然后再把数据传送给研究人员。The data has endless potential to improve conditions in the developing world, far beyond the ways outlined in the report, the authors say. “The real opportunity is to take these tools and apply them more broadly. That would be where you’d make a larger impact,” says Ed Naef, vice president of strategy consulting for Cartesian, and one of the report’s lead authors.作者表示,手机数据具有改善发展中国家生存条件的无穷潜力,用途远远超出这份报告所列举的方式。笛卡尔公司战略咨询事务副总裁、这份报告的主要作者之一埃德o纳伊夫说:“真正的机会在于利用这些工具,更广泛地加以应用,这样就会带来更大的影响。”While the Gates Foundation has not yet announced projects that will implement the findings of the study, Gupta says that projects are in the works, including potential partnerships with the ed Nations Global Pulse, a U.N. initiative to use Big Data for humanitarian purposes.虽然盖茨基金会还没有宣布什么项目来利用这项研究得出的发现,但古普塔表示,相关项目正处于计划阶段,而联合国全球脉动(ed Nations Global Pulse)是潜在合作伙伴之一。后者是联合国发起的一个项目,旨在应用大数据来解决人道主义问题。 /201407/310996Olympic diver Tom Daley was involved in a dramatic mid-air emergency yesterday after his plane was forced to land in Siberia with a #39;technical fault#39;.奥运会跳水名将汤姆·戴利昨日搭乘的飞机在空中发生紧急情况,因“技术问题”在西伯利亚迫降。He and his partner Dustin Lance Black were among 301 people aboard a Virgin Atlantic Airbus A340 which had to put down in the Russian city of Irkutsk, on a flight from Shanghai to London.该机为维珍航空公司的空客A340,机上包括戴利与他的男友达斯汀·兰斯·布雷克在内共有301名乘客,从上海飞往伦敦的途中在俄罗斯伊尔库茨克机场迫降。Daley, who was returning after competing in the world diving championships in Shanghai, wrote on Instagram: #39;Just had to make an emergency landing in Irkutsk, Russia on the way back from Shanghai. Here’s the pic of the fuel dump before landing.#39;戴利在上海参加完世界跳水锦标赛后搭该航班回国,他在Instagram上说道,“从上海回来的路上,不得不在俄罗斯伊尔库茨机场迫降。这幅是在迫降前飞机排放燃油的照片。”A Virgin spokeswoman said: #39;Virgin Atlantic can confirm that the VS251 travelling from Shanghai to London Heathrow has diverted to Irkutsk Airport, Russia, as a precautionary measure due to a technical issue. Safety and security is always our top priority.维珍航空发言人表示,“维珍航空可以确认从上海飞往伦敦西斯罗机场的VS251航班由于出现技术问题,已转飞俄罗斯伊尔库茨克机场迫降作为安全措施。安全保障一直是我们优先考虑的问题。”#39;The aircraft is currently on the ground and our customers are being looked after by our cabin crew. Our priority now is to ensure our customers resume their journey as soon as possible.“飞机目前已落地,我们的空人员正在悉心照料机上乘客。现在我们的当务之急是尽快让乘客继续他们的旅程。”#39;The airline would like to thank passengers for their patience and apologise for any inconvenience caused.#39;“我们很感谢乘客的耐心等待,也对给乘客带来的任何不便深表歉意。”There were 286 passengers aboard, including three infants, as well as three flight deck crew and 12 cabin crew.机上包括3名婴儿在内共有286名乘客,另外还有3名飞行组人员和12名乘务组人员。 /201407/314186The Chinese Embassy in Madagascar expressed shock Sunday at a deadly riot involving local workers at a Chinese-run sugar plant and criticized the island nation#39;s government for failing to protect Chinese interests.中国驻马达加斯加使馆周日发表声明,就当地一家中国制糖厂发生的致死骚乱,批评马国政府保护中方利益不力。The statement came three days after local workers clashed with Madagascar security forces, leaving two people dead, before they looted the sugar plant in Morondava.该声明发表的三天前,当地的工人和军警发生了冲突,至少两人死亡,工人们之后洗劫了穆龙达瓦的一家制糖厂。The embassy said the Chinese staff evacuated the factory because of fears for their safety.使馆在声明中说,中方雇员出于自身安全的担忧已经从工厂撤出。;We hope the Madagascar government will take necessary measures to properly handle the attack at the Morondava sugar plant and to erase the ill impact this incident has brought to the country#39;s international image and its ability to attract foreign investments so as to create a good environment for Madagascar to cooperate with China and other countries,; the statement said.“我们希望马国政府采取必要措施,妥善处理穆伦达瓦糖厂遭袭事件,消除事件对马国际形象和吸引外资造成的恶劣影响,为马达加斯加与中国和世界各国的合作创造良好环境,”声明说道。Madagascar Prime Minister Roger Kolo and the country#39;s industry minister, Jules Etienne Rolland, have pledged to try to resolve the situation.马达加斯加总理罗杰·库卢(Roger Kolo)和工业部长朱尔斯·艾蒂安·罗兰德(Jules Etienne Rolland)已经表示要妥善处置骚乱。The labor protest started when the plant#39;s seasonal workers demanded contracts that offer better pay and better conditions, according to reports.据报道,当地工人抗议活动爆发起因在于一些季节性短工要求中方提供更好的合同,以得到更好的收入及其他条件的改善。The Chinese Embassy said the requests were unreasonable, and that the workers began in early November to block the factory, cutting off utilities, harassing employees and sabotaging equipment.中国使馆称这些要求是无理的,工人们从11月初开始就封堵厂区道路,切断工厂水电,驱逐上班员工,破坏工厂设备。Confrontation escalated after Madagascar security forces arrested two strike leaders.在马达加斯加军警逮捕两名罢工领袖后,冲突扩大。On Wednesday, about 500 workers rushed to a base of the security forces to demand the release of their colleagues, and police fired tear gas and live ammunition, the Madagascar Tribune reported. Two people died. Police said they were acting in self-defense because some workers had guns and machetes.据《马达加斯加先驱报》报道,周三,约500名工人冲到当地安全部队的一处基地,要求释放他们的同事,警察发射了催泪瓦斯和实弹。两人在冲突中死亡。警方称自己的行动是出于自卫,因为一些工人持有和砍刀。The official China News Service said the workers were armed with axes, slingshots and rocks.官方媒体中国新闻社称,工人们持有斧子、弹弓和石块。Rioters then converged on the factory, looted its sugar supply and set fire to a building. Some looters carried bags of sugar on their backs or in carts and wheelbarrows, and some of it was quickly sold on the illegal market, according to reports.据报道,骚乱者们之后聚集到了工厂,洗劫了糖品供给并放火烧了大楼。一些掠夺者或用背扛、或用小推车运着成包的白糖,其中很多很快就被卖到了黑市上。China is Africa#39;s largest trading partner, but closer ties have resulted in sometimes violent labor disputes.中国目前是非洲最大的贸易伙伴,但这种亲密关系有时也导致了劳工纠纷。 /201412/348807

China#39;s consumer price inflation stayed benign last month, continuing to provide relief for consumers who are struggling with effects of the nation#39;s economic growth slowdown.上个月中国消费者价格指数(CPI)保持温和增长,对于正在艰难应对中国经济增长放缓效应的消费者来说,这一消息再次令他们松了一口气。CPI was 1.8 per cent in April, year on year. Within that, food prices rose 2.3 per cent, compared to a 4.1 per cent increase in March.4月份CPI同比增长1.8%。其中,食品价格指数同比上涨2.3%,与此相比3月份食品价格指数上涨4.1%。Food is the biggest short term factor driving China#39;s inflation.食品是驱动中国通胀的最大短期因素。Meanwhile producer prices, which have been in deflationary territory since March 2012, declined by another 2 per cent, year on year.与此同时,自2012年3月份以来一直处于通缩状态的生产者价格指数(PPI)再一次同比下降2%。The falling factory gate prices reflect the excess capacity in China#39;s industrial sector, as successive rounds of economic stimulus have prompted businesses in industries such as steel making and ship building to expand beyond levels of actual customer demand.不断下跌的出厂价格反映了中国工业部门的产能过剩状况,这是因为连续几轮经济刺激促使炼钢和造船等工业的业务扩张超出了客户实际需求。Meanwhile, Chinese manufacturing growth is slowing down, according to HS#39;s latest purchasing managers#39; index.与此同时,汇丰(HS)最新公布的采购经理人指数(PMI)表明,中国制造业增速正在放缓。The bank reported that goods producers in China cut their staffing levels for the sixth month running in April.根据汇丰的报告,4月份中国制造商连续第6个月缩减人员编制。In a separate survey, HS said China#39;s non manufacturing companies were not increasing staffing numbers and that service sector employment was at its lowest in seven months.在另一份调查中,汇丰表示中国非制造业企业并未扩大人员编制,并表示务业就业率处于7个月的最低点。 /201405/296902

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