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新乡市第二人民医院做祛疤手术多少钱新郑市褐青色痣多少钱VICTORIA JUSTICEAnother way to look festive without donning a dress? Go for sparkly pants. Bonus points if you team them with an equally spirited red peacoat like Victoria does.维多利亚#8226;嘉丝蒂有不穿裙子也看起来有节日气氛的另一种方式吗?选一条亮眼的裤子。如果你像维多利亚那样再搭配一件同样喜庆的大红呢子大衣还会加分。REESE WITHERSPOONA LBD like Reese#39;s Miu Miu version is always a safe choice, but it can feel a bit tired without some fun accessories. To remix this closet staple, get inspired by these brilliant styling ideas.瑞茜#8226;威瑟斯彭一件像瑞茜的Miu Miu牌的精神小黑裙永远是一个安全的选择,但它可能会感觉有点视觉疲劳如果没有一些有趣的配件。搭配这件壁橱主件,通过这些聪明的样式想法来受点启发吧。TAYLOR SWIFTThis is the kind of dress that makes you pray you get an invitation calling for black tie. We#39;d accessorize the gold tulle embroidered Oscar de la Renta number just as Taylor does泰勒#8226;斯威夫特这是那种让你祈祷你会得到一个隆重邀请电话的裙子。我们像泰勒那样用奥斯卡#8226;德拉伦塔的金色薄纱绣花裙来装扮CARRIE UNDERWOODNot quite y to take on Diane#39;s retro-inspired jumpsuit? Then start with something a bit easier to pull off like Carrie#39;s simple and chic Katharine Kidd design.凯莉#8226;安德伍德还没准备好穿上黛安娜般复古感的连身衣?那就从容易点的开始穿上像凯莉那样的简单别致的凯瑟琳#8226;基德的设计。CAMERON DIAZWhen in doubt (as in, you#39;re going to your new boyfriend#39;s parents#39; holiday get-together), go for something black-and-white. Cameron#39;s knee-length Stella McCartney dress is classic and elegant, but feels interesting despite the lack of color.卡梅隆#8226;迪亚兹当有疑问时(如,你将去你新男朋友父母家的假日聚会),选一些黑白装。卡梅伦及膝的斯特拉#8226;麦卡特尼裙经典而优雅,尽管缺乏色但仍觉有趣。EMMA STONEIf you#39;re going to a bad holiday sweater party, mixing green and red is fine. If you#39;re going to a slightly more chic event, we recommend mixing green and navy as Emma does in Louis Vuitton. Bonus points for adding glittery fabric and a peplum.艾玛#8226;斯通如果你要去一个糟糕的节日毛衫聚会,红绿混搭就行。如果你要去一个稍微别致点的活动,我们建议像艾玛在路易威登时那样混合绿色和海军色。加点闪光的织物和裙子会加分不少。EMMA ROBERTSIf the invitation doesn#39;t call for cocktail attire, just dress up what you aly have in your closet by styling it with festive accessories. Emma takes her boho maxi and basic black top from day to night thanks to a gold Ben-Amun necklace and clutch.艾玛#8226;罗伯茨如果邀请并不要求鸡尾酒装束,只要穿你衣柜里已经有的样式并与节日饰品相搭配。艾玛穿着她boho风的长裙和简单的黑色上衣从白天到黑夜,多亏了本#8226;阿蒙的金项链和手抓包。 /201212/214692新乡市去除鱼尾纹多少钱 South Korea’s growing obsession with plastic surgery became apparent when pictures of a group of aspiring beauty queens posted online prompted claims that cosmetic procedures have left all the contestants looking the same.一组韩国候选人的照片发布到网上后引起了热议,当你看到这组照片时,请不要太惊讶于她们惊人相似的容貌,因为整容手术已经风靡全韩。Pictures of the 20 Miss Korea 2013 finalists were posted on Reddit fuelling speculation that many of them had undergone surgery and prompting users to criticize the Asian nation’s growing trend to go under the knife. And their apparent similarity prompted Reddit user ShenTheWise to post their pictures online, suggesting that many of those vying for the Miss Korea title this year have had similar surgery二十位2013韩国的照片最近被传到了红迪网上,网络流传着大部分韩国都接受过整容手术的推测,网友还批评了这个亚洲国家人民爱“动刀子”的整容风潮。由于她们惊人相似的容貌,红迪网的用户ShenTheWise上传了她们的照片并表示她们中的大多数人一定是做了类似的手术。The popularity of surgery, particularly among the young, has been blamed by some on a desire to look more ‘western’ fuelled by an obsession with celebrity culture.年轻人都想要通过手术使自己看起来更加“西化” ,再加上对明星文化的痴迷,所以整容手术尤其是在年轻人中极为流行,这种风潮也被不少人谴责。“This is called the Korean plastic face look. In certain areas of Seoul, you would think all the women are sisters because they look so similar due to same surgeries.”“这被称作韩国的‘整容脸’。在首尔的某些地方,你会错把很多女人当成,因为她们经过手术后看起来太像了。”The pageant sparked controversy last year when pictures emerged of winner Kim Yu-Mi before she had undergone plastic surgery, with many claiming that cosmetic procedures give contestants an unfair advantage.去年,2012年韩国冠军金有美整容前照片的曝光引起了很大争议,很多人说整容手术对于这类选美比赛并不公平。While the popularity of cosmetic surgery in South Korea may come as a surprise to many, the industry there is in fact booming. Last year, 20 per cent of women aged 19 to 49 in the capital city of Seoul admitted to going under the knife.虽然韩国整容手术的流行度也许会使很多人震惊,但其实整容业在那里已经发展得十分成熟了。去年,首都首尔20%的19至49岁女性都承认自己曾“动过刀”。 /201305/241563郑州/哪个医院光子嫩肤效果好

郑州上街区玻尿酸隆鼻多少钱Rheumatoid arthritis, a disabling disease that can inflame and deform multiple joints, may originate in the lungs, according to research published in Arthritis amp; Rheumatism. Elevated levels of rheumatoid-arthritis antibodies have been found in patients before the appearance of joint symptoms, suggesting RA has an early preclinical phase, researchers said. Lung disease is also associated with early RA. 呼吸道和关节炎:根据《关节炎与风湿病》(Arthritis amp; Rheumatism)期刊发表的一项研究,会引起多个关节发炎和变形的致残疾病风湿性关节炎可能源自肺部。研究人员说,在关节出现炎症前就已经发现病人体内风湿性关节炎抗体水平的提高,这表明风湿性关节炎存在较早的临床前阶段。肺部疾病也与初期风湿性关节炎存在关联。 The study examined airway abnormalities in 69 patients from Denver and Los Angeles, 42 with RA antibodies and no joint symptoms, 15 with no RA antibodies or joint symptoms, and 12 with early RA. All the participants underwent lung-function testing and CT lung imaging. Pain, stiffness or swelling were reported in at least one joint by 50% of antibody-positive and 53% of antibody-negative subjects at the time of imaging. Of the 12 with RA, three had been previously diagnosed with asthma and three with emphysema. 这项研究对来自丹佛和洛杉矶的69名呼吸道异常的患者进行了检查,42人有风湿性关节炎抗体但无关节炎症状,15人无风湿性关节炎抗体也无关节炎症状,12人患有初期风湿性关节炎。所有患者都进行了肺功能检查和肺部CT显像。在肺显像时,50%抗体呈阳性者和53%抗体呈阴性者表示至少有一处关节有疼痛、僵硬和肿胀。在有风湿性关节炎的12人中,三人以往曾被诊断有气喘,三人被诊断有肺气肿。 Airway abnormalities were found in three quarters of the antibody-positive subjects, one third of the antibody-negative subjects, and nearly all the early RA subjects. Adjusting for smoking, joint tenderness, or previous lung disease didn#39;t alter the findings. Of antibody-positive subjects, two developed RA within 13 months. Airway abnormalities seen in the study were due to inflammatory changes, researchers said. 抗体呈阳性者中有四分之三发现有呼吸道异常,抗体呈阴性者中是三分之一,几乎所有初期风湿性关节炎患者都有呼吸道异常。综合考虑抽烟、关节柔软或肺病史因素后,结果也未受影响。在抗体呈阳性的人群中,有两人在13个月内患上风湿性关节炎。研究人员说,这项研究中所见的呼吸道异常是由于炎症变化引起的。 Caveat: Researchers didn#39;t analyze lung tissue from subjects. The concept that RA is generated outside the joints is speculative, they said. The study was small. 注意:研究人员并未分析研究对象的肺组织。他们说,风湿性关节炎源自关节以外这一观点目前还只是一个推测。这项研究规模较小。 /201208/195850郑州中牟县隆胸多少钱 济源市做韩式开眼角哪家好

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