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Zika infections have been confirmed in nine pregnant women in the ed States, including one who gave birth to a baby with a rare birth defect.美国已经确诊了九名妇感染寨卡病毒,其中一名生下的孩子患有罕见的出生缺陷。The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said its investigating 10 more reports of pregnant travelers with Zika who All got the virus while visiting or living in places with Zika outbreaks.美国疾病控制和预防中心表示,其调查的10多例妇感染寨卡病毒,都是在访问或居住病毒爆发地时感染的。Also on Friday, the CDC issued a caution to people planning to attend the Olympics this summer in Rio de Janeiro.同样在周五,美国疾病预防控制中心对计划参加今年里约热内卢奥运会的人发出警告。Women who are trying to become pregnant should talk to their doctors before making the trip.计划怀的妇女在旅行前应和她们的医生谈谈。译文属。201602/428338

Melanie, Chia Pets are found grow at home.梅拉妮 植物娃娃可以养在家里What type of animal was the first Chia Pet?第一只植物娃娃是以哪种动物为原型的Wow, thats tough one.The first Chia Pet.The first Chia Pet? Um.这道题有点难了 第一只植物娃娃 第一只植物娃娃Like living? Like.... Chia Pets are plants.They...None of them are living. They are.是活的动物吗 植物娃娃是植物 它们 它们都不是活的动物 它们是Theyre all things that are... kind of like the clay thing它们是用...黏土之类的做的and you put the seeds in, it grows.Correct. Correct.把种子放进去 它就会生长 对 没错Yes, so none of them are alive.是的 所以它们都不是活的What... what kind of plant was the first Chia Pet?第一个植物娃娃是哪一种植物做的What kind of animal was the first Chia Pet?第一个植物娃娃造型是哪一种动物Okay, right, right, right! A jerboa?好吧 是跳鼠吗What? I win No, but youre staying up there. Okay.怎么 我答对了吗 不是的 你还得呆在那儿Its a ram or a sheep that was the first one.是公羊或绵羊I dont know they ever, even made a jerboa.我不知道他们有没有做过跳鼠Alrigt, Heather. What word is the past tense of grow,好吧 希瑟 哪个单词是grow这个词的过去式and the super villains name in Despicable Me?同时又是电影;卑鄙的我;中超级恶棍的名字Er... The past tense of grow is Grew.Thats right. Alrigt. Oh! Oh! Despicable Me!grow的过去式是grew 没错 哦 ;卑鄙的我;Despicable Me! Er... No. No! Thats.Thats...Thats just right.Is it? Is it ;Grew; ?You did it. Yes.卑鄙的我 不不 那 你已经答对了 是吗 是格鲁吗 你答对了 是的 /201601/420867

  All right yesterday was superbowl Sunday that means today is classical joke Monday那么昨天是超级碗星期天 这就意味着今天是经典笑话星期一Oh,its popular.Its catching on哦 好流行啊 好赶时髦啊So todays joke is sport theme,are you y everybody?所以今天的笑话是运动主题 大家准备好了吗Why cant you play sports in the jungle,why为什么你不能在丛林做运动 为什么Because some of the animals are cheaters,you are welcome因为有一些动物是骗子 不用谢了哈Dont ow me you when you know you gonna be told later别吆喝我 当你知道我会马上揭晓 So valentines day is next week and I know what you thinking那么下个周就是情人节了 我知道你们想什么呢What can I get love one to show how much I care给我爱的人买点什么能明我的爱and there is only one answer,something from the Ellen shop那么只有一个 就是Ellen商店的东西So we selling some Valentines day theme items我们卖一些情人节主题的东西This is a shirt that we selling,that I really like a whole lot这有个我们卖的上衣 我真的很爱Its a love T-shirt which is just dress and cool looking这是一个;爱;的T恤 穿上看起来很酷and we also have red and black Ellen underwear that were selling我们还有红黑的Ellen内裤 正在热卖We have little underwear like that,and little boy short like that我们有像这样的小女生内裤 还有这样的小男孩内裤and everytime we design something new,we keep adding the new theme to the Ellen shop.每一次我们设计新款时 我们总会在Ellen商店里增加新款式There always few that they dont quite work out,this year we have some things that I though但总有一些没效果的 我觉得今年我们有一些东西Would spice up you know I just thought,Ellen addable underwear is popular会像我想的那样使你们更有情趣 Ellen可增加花样的内裤很流行So why not Ellen addable underwear,we got the addable part right所以为什么不用这种内裤呢 我们有可增加花样是对的But well we just made mistake I think,we use pretzels and I feel like但是我觉得我们犯了个错误 我们用了椒盐脆饼干 我觉得I dont know,well we found out during the focus group we found out我不知道呀 我们通过售点小组发现there is two things people dont want on the underwear,cream and salt人们不喜欢两种东西在他们内裤上 奶油和盐 /201607/453019



  So anyway, we finally went to bed,and thats when Portia said the three words反正最后 我们准备睡了 这时候 波西娅说了三个字that nobody wants hear when they are about to go to sleep.谁在睡觉前 都不想听到的三个字Whats that sound?It was a beep.And it wasnt the smoke detector.啥声音 是哔哔声 不是烟雾报警器的声音It was a mysterious beep, and I have heard a lot of beeps.是很神秘的哔哔声 我也算听过很多种哔哔声了I... I have never heard this one.I didnt have beeping clue of what it was.但这种还真没听过 我不知道这是什么东西发出来的And here is what I learn.Its impossible to find whats beeping,because everything beeps nowadays. Everything!然后我的结论是 根本不可能找到哔哔声的来源 因为现在几乎所有的东西都会哔哔响A few years ago, the only thing beeps in my house is smoke detector,几年之前 我家里唯一哔哔响的 就是烟雾报警器or when moms jazzy was backing up.She has a big flag on it, so you can see.再就是我妈在放爵士乐 她还有一大面旗子 所以你懂的Now you have to rule everything out,and every appliances in my house has a beep.现在得排除一切选项 我家的任何设备都会哔哔响So, so many different beeps, dings, chirps in my house.各种各样的哔哔声 叮叮声 啾啾声True story, last week, a sparrow flew into our living room,and tried to make love to our firmer steps.讲个真事 上个星期一只麻雀飞到了我们家客厅 想和我们家楼梯做爱Back to the mystery, so I looked every room,the great room, the good room,the roller rink, Portias roller rink.回到神秘的哔哔声 我把所有房间转了个遍 大厅到;好厅; 旱冰场 波西娅的旱冰场I couldnt find the beep,so I went to the kitchen and get a glass of water.我还是找不到声音来源 就去厨房拿了杯水And thats why I noticed the refrigerator door was opened,我这才发现冰箱门没关好just a jar, as they would say.Just a tiny bit, and I went to close it.被一个罐子卡住了 开了一条小缝 我就去把门关了Mystery solved, and my refrigerator door was beeping.谜团解开了 原来是冰箱门在响Apparently, my refrigerator comes with a ;smart door technology; that beeps if you leave it up很显然 我的冰箱有个智能的门 你不关门 它就哔哔响well I say it was really smart will it closed itself.能自己关门才是真正的智能You know.Smart.So,thats how I solve the mystery of my beeping fridge.对吧 智能 所以 我就是这么解开的秘密 哔哔响的是冰箱Two and next time, when I try to figure out whats ting for blocking my freezer.我不止一次想要去搞清楚 到底是冰箱哪部分在响I dont know.Right now, lets all dance, okay?我还是不知道 现在我们跳舞吧 /201602/428360

  Official statistics官方统计Con census反对人口普查Britains decennial population count has been saved. Now make it work better英国十年一度的人口普查被保留,如今需改良运作状态WHEN the first results of the 2011 census were published, almost two years ago, the most striking discovery was straightforward. Britains population, it turned out, was around 500,000 bigger than statisticians had thought. For all that Britons are relentlessly surveyed, only a full count could reveal the size of the country, yet alone that of individual cities, towns and neighbourhoods.约两年前,当2011年人口普查的数据发布时,最令人吃惊的发现是十分显而易见的。结果显示英国人口比统计学家预计的竟多了约500,000人。鉴于所有的英国人都被调查过了,除了个别一些城市、城镇和居民区,只有一次完整的计数能揭示这个国家真正的规模。Given that finding, the proposal made in 2010 by an austerity-minded coalition government to scrap Britains decennial census seemed odd. It now looks as though the census will survive after all. On March 27th the Office for National Statistics (ONS) concluded that a full population count is still necessary, though many people will in future be asked to fill in the census online. In all likelihood, the government will follow its recommendations. Academics, market researchers and social historians breathed a sigh of relief.鉴于此发现,这一联合政府于2010年提出的要取消英国十年一度人口普查的提议看起来有些古怪。如今看来人口普查是要被保留下来了。3月27日,国家统计局(ONS)得出的结论是尽管未来很多人将被要求在线填写人口普查调查表,进行一次完整的人口调查仍是必要的。不出意外的话,政府将会遵循它的提议。学者、市场调研员和社会历史学家终于松了口气。Scrapping the census in favour of rolling surveys of a portion of the population was always a silly idea. A full count can provide information at the level of a single street, which even very large surveys could never do. The census also supplies detailed data about poorly understood groups of people, such as some ethnic minorities. Each year billions of pounds of government spending are allocated according to estimates derived from the census. Its data determine where new schools and hospitals are built, where planning permission for housing is granted and where money is spent on transport.取消人口普查,转而赞成对部分人口进行滚动调查的想法是愚蠢的。一次完整的计数可以提供小至一条街的信息,这是连许多大规模调查都无法媲美的。人口普查也可为我们提供那些外界知之甚少的群体的详细数据,如一些少数族群。政府依据人口普查得出的估算来决策每年数十亿英镑的出应拨向何处。这一数据决定何处应建立新学校和医院,何处应许可进行住房规划,以及何处应加强交通建设。The census is hardly perfect. It is expensive—the 2011 edition cost around 480m (800m). Its findings go out of date quickly. And it is increasingly difficult to conduct, as a rising proportion of people do not fill in their forms. In many European countries, including Germany and the Netherlands, the authorities use administrative data collected by public bodies in place of a traditional census.人口普查并不十全十美。它花费高昂——2011年版成本约为4亿8千万英镑(8亿美元)。调查的结果也很快就成为了明日黄花。由于不填写表格的人越来越多,它的可操作性也越来越难了。在很多欧洲国家,包括德国和荷兰,行政当局选择采用公共机构提供的管理数据以代替传统的人口调查。In Britain that would be tricky. The nation lacks a central population register or an identity-card system that would allow administrative data to be linked up. By northern European standards, Britain also has lots of irregular migrants who have little interaction with the state. That makes a full count unavoidable. Yet the authorities should still be investing in working out how to use administrative data better, argues Chris Skinner, a statistician at the London School of Economics. That would help to provide a check on the accuracy of census and survey data, as well as providing timelier and more precise estimates in between census years.在英国这将比较棘手。该国缺乏一个中央人口统计处或一个身份认系统来将管理数据统一起来。按照北欧的标准,英国也有很多几乎不与政府来往的非正规移民。这使得完整的人口普查不可避免。然而伦敦统计学院的统计学家克里斯·斯金纳表示,当局应继续研究该如何更好地利用管理数据。这将为人口普查和数据调查的准确性把关,同时也可为两次人口普查间的年份提供及时并更精确的估计。The ONS agrees—and it is researching the possibility of using government data better. The trouble is that doing so will mean spending money, which is precisely what ministers wanted to stop doing when they pushed the ONS into thinking about cancelling the census. Data users will be hoping that they have a change of heart. If not, Britain might be stuck with inadequate numbers for decades to come.国家统计局对此表示同意——它正在研究更好地利用政府数据的可能性。问题是这么做意味着要花钱,这正违背了部长们要求国家统计局取消人口普查的初衷。数据使用者们希望他们能换位思考一下。否则英国将在未来几十年无法摆脱人口总数不准确的困境。译者:王颖 校对:周晓青 译文属译生译世 /201509/400964A woman in Texas shot her two teenage daughters,killing both of them,before a responding police officer shot and killed the mother, authorities said. 当局称,德克萨斯一名妇女杀了两个十几岁的女儿,随后被警方击毙。The woman shot her 19 and 17 year old daughters late Friday afternoon in the Westheimer Lakes-North neighborhood near the Houston suburbs of Fulshear and Katy, the Fort Bend County Sheriffs Office said. 本德堡县警长办公室称,周五下午晚些时候在休斯顿富尔希尔和凯蒂郊区附近的韦斯特海默湖区,这名妇女开射杀19岁和17岁的女儿。They also said after someone called 911, a Fulshear police officer shot the mother when she refused to put down her weapon. 他们还说,随后有人拨打911,当这位母亲拒绝放下武器,富尔希尔警察开将其射杀。The daughters were found on the street with gunshot wounds. 两个女儿受伤倒在街上。The 19 year old died at the scene; the 17 year old died at a hospital, the sheriffs office said.警长办公室称,19岁的女儿当场死亡,17岁的女儿在医院去世。译文属。201606/451066

  Its well known that if youre going to eat chocolate, dark chocolate is the way to go.众所周知,如果要吃巧克力,黑巧克力是上佳之选。Theres lots of evidence that dark chocolate is good for you, but until pretty recently, scientists didnt know exactly why.许多据表明黑巧克力对健康有益,但直到最近科学家们才揭开此中玄机。Now there may be an answer.现在我们也许找到了。According to researchers at the Louisiana State College ofAgriculture, dark chocolate is healthful because it feeds specific bacteria in the gut that turn it into anti inflammatory compounds, which help keep the heart healthy.根据路易斯安那州立大学农学院研究人员的研究,黑巧克力之所以有益健康是因为它为肠道提供一种特别的细菌,使得黑巧克力转变成有助于心脏健康的消炎化合物。The scientists used a simulated digestive tract to test three cocoa powders.科学家使用模拟消化道来检验三种可可粉。Cocoa powder is an ingredient in chocolate, and contains antioxidant compounds and some fiber that are hard todigest in the stomach.可可粉是巧克力的配料之一,含有抗氧化剂化合物和纤维,很难在胃里消化。But when they reach the colon, the bacteria feast and turn them intoanti inflammatory substances.但是当它们到达结肠,细菌将其分解转变成消炎物质。More research is needed to confirm the findings, but the scientists think that eating darkchocolate, especially in combination with prebiotic carbohydrates found in foods such as raw garlic and cooked whole wheat, can drastically improve human health.该发现还需更多的研究来持,但是科学家们认为,食用黑巧克力,特别是同生蒜和熟全麦中的益生元碳水化合物结合起来,可以大大改善人体健康。And combining dark chocolate with pomegranates,berries, and other foods high in antioxidants could prove even more healthful.同时,有据表明如果能将黑巧克力和富含抗氧化剂的石榴,浆果等食物结合起来,效果更佳。Dark chocolate still has plenty of fat, sugar and calories, so its healthful properties do not mean you should over indulge.黑巧克力中含有大量脂肪,糖分和能量,因此它虽有益健康却不宜食用过量。But if you love chocolate and also love being healthy, dark chocolate is the way to go. And now scientists know why.但是如果你既爱巧克力又注意保持健康,那么黑巧克力是不二之选。而且现在又得到了科学家的明。 201411/344755




  I got my co-host Jennifer Aniston and the lovely and talented Portia de Rossi.这是我的共同主持Jennifer Aniston 和可爱 有天赋的Portia de RossiAnd the two of you are the same age. Is that correct?You both turn...right?你们两个差不多大 是吗? 你们都...是吗?pretty much. A couple of years.Im a couple years older.oh,ok,so but I love being forty.差不多 差几年 我比她大几岁 哦 好吧 但我喜欢到四十岁I am more excited than turning thirty honestly.I mean just be fine so far.老实说 我比迈入三十几岁时还激动 到目前为止还不错you are ok?yeah, Im totally fine.you are doing great. nothings changed你还好吗?好 我完全没事 你做得很好 什么都没变no, nothings changed, and we are gorgeous.I’m fifty-five.什么都没变 我们都很棒 我已经55岁了I dont, I really dont ever think about it.I think its like, you know, I dont ever talk about it.我不去想这件事情 就像是 你懂的 我从不谈论这件事情I dont either.Thats why I dont understand why every time when someone is mentioned on a magazine.they put a number of age next to it.我也不去想 这就是我为什么不能理解 为什么每次杂志上提到某人 都要在旁边写上年龄And I go what is the importance of the information when this story is being told.我想 说这件事和年龄这个信息有关系吗?right.I know. thats I see that;Ellen, fifty-five, sells another house. ;我懂的 我看到“Ellen 55岁 又卖了一套房子”Like why do I have to be.what is that to do with that house?what do that have to do with selling the house?为什么我必须是 这和房子有什么关系? 那个和我卖房子有什么关系?Portia, forty, forced to move again.all right, lets talk about. We are running out of time.Portia, 40岁 又被迫搬家 好的 时间差不多了and I wanna talk about ;arrested Development;which is everybody is so exctied about.我想说一说 发展受阻 大家都很期待this is... so exciting, so exciting.Yeah, seven years.So excited.太让人激动了 是 七年了 太激动了I know. I just think that must have been like a dream come true to have one of the most beloved show be taken away way我知道 那感觉一定像是梦想成真 有一个这么受喜爱的节目很可惜那么早就被砍掉后before its time and then have it come back.And and, you know, have, have everybody be there.又重新复活了 而且全部演员都回归了and its, doesnt seem. it seems to seamless,and your fans must be so excited.感觉不像是... 感觉就像没有中断过一样 还有你的粉丝一定很兴奋 /201604/438504

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