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Having trouble remembering where you put your keys? If so, gobbling up some scrumptious treats may help.You Will NeedVegetables Phytochemicals Folic acid Fish Carbohydrates Fish oil supplements (optional) Step 1: Eat vegetables(多吃蔬菜)Eat your vegetables – studies show that vegetables can help keep you sharp. Some of the best include spinach, kale, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, eggplant, rhubarb, leeks, and broccoli.Step 2: Ingest phytochemicals(多吃富含花青素和栎精的食物)Get a healthy dose of the phytochemicals anthocyanin and quercetin. Foods with anthocyanin include berries, grapes, and cabbage. Foods with quercetin include apples, onions, kale, tomatoes, broccoli, and apricots.To avoid pesticide residue or harmful bacteria, make sure to thoroughly wash your fruits and veggies.Step 3: Eat foods with folic acid(多吃含叶酸的食物)Get a healthy dose of folic acid. Foods rich with folic acid are whole-grain cereals, lentils, artichokes, oranges, spinach, and broccoli.Step 4: Try fish(多吃鱼)Nibble on some fish. Studies have shown that eating fish once a week produces a 10 percent slower decline in memory.Try fish oil supplements. Fatty fish acids have been shown to improve memory tests and decrease the chances of Alzheimer’s.Step 5: Eat carbohydrates(多吃淀粉类食物)Eat carbohydrates. Our bodies break down carbohydrates into glucose, which fuels our brains and can help with memory improvement.201003/99577

How To Journal For Therapy on HowcastJournal therapy is a powerful technique for healing your inner landscape, as well as a free, private, and extremely accessible method for improving physical and mental well-being.You Will Need20 minutes of time, 4 days/week Quiet space Pen or pencil Blank notebook or computer Step 1: Select tools and space(选择好自己喜欢的笔和本子)Select writing tools you’re comfortable using, whether it’s a pen and notebook or a computer, and find a quiet space to write.Step 2: Commit to journaling(每周,写4次日记,每次约20分钟)Commit to journaling for 20 minutes at least four days each week to honestly lay out your thoughts and feelings without regard for formal grammar or punctuation.Writing engages both the right and left brain, enhancing your problem-solving capabilities.Step 3: Define your approach(确定一个主题或者是根据自己的心情而定)Define your approach, deciding whether you will focus on a single topic, such as a troubled relationship, or address issues and feelings as they arise in your life.Step 4: Face the page(没写的时候,不要给自己压力,慢慢写)Face the blank page courageously and get started writing without censoring your thoughts and feelings, letting emotions flow freely.Step 5: Review your journal(一段时间之后,看自己之前的日记,找到自己的成长轨迹)Review your journal after a reasonable amount of time to discover the patterns, trends, or growth your writing reveals and make note of these insights.Step 6: Reflect on insights(进行反思)Reflect on the insights your journal provides to better understand yourself, your world, and the people in your life, celebrating your ability to dig deep for the rewards of personal growth.Research shows journaling reduces physical symptoms of disease and anxiety, enhances self-esteem, and increases self-awareness for people of all ages and backgrounds.201006/105358

There are times when laughter is not called for. Because your charm may not be enough to save you, try some other ways to stop the laughter.有些时候我们会抑制不住地发笑。由于你的魅力不足够挽救自己,所以,尝试一下其他方法来克制。You Will Need你需要Common sense常识Sad thoughts悲哀的想法Physical pain身体上的疼痛An apology道歉Acting skills (optional)表演技能(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Know what is inappropriate1.知道哪些是不恰当的Know when it is inappropriate to laugh. If you are unsure, ask your mother, or someone you can trust.知道何时发笑是不合适的。如果不确定的话,问一下你的母亲或其他你信任的人。Step 2 Check others2.观察其他人Check out others in the room to see if they share your impulse. If they dont, divert your attention quickly by starting another conversation.观察一下房间内的其他人是否和你有同样的感受。如果没有的话,立即开始新的对话,转移注意力。Step 3 Think of sad things3.想一些悲伤的事情Think negative or sad thoughts to dampen your mood.想一些悲观的或伤心的事情,抑制自己的情绪。Its usually tension that precedes outbreaks of inappropriate laughter.不恰当的发笑之前的气氛通常是比较紧张的。Step 4 Pinch yourself4.掐自己Pinch yourself or bite the inside of your mouth or your lip to contain yourself. Physical pain can quell laughter.掐一下自己,或者咬一下嘴唇来克制自己。身体上的疼痛可以平息大笑的冲动。Step 5 Disguise your reaction5.伪装Disguise your reaction by faking a coughing fit, using your hand to cover your grin. This allows you to leave the room and compose yourself.假装咳嗽来掩饰自己的行为,用手捂住正在发笑的嘴巴。这样可以让你离开房间,尽情释放自己。Step 6 Let out air6.呼气Clamp a hand over your mouth and exhale quickly to rob the laugh of fuel. If caught, apologize without trying to explain, which may add insult to injury.用手捂住嘴巴,迅速呼气,抑制大笑的冲动。如果被别人看到了,立即道歉,不要试图解释。否则,对方不仅受伤,甚至还有受辱的感觉。Step 7 Grit to avoid7.咬紧牙关Grit your teeth while pushing your tongue against your pallet. If you have to release it, do it without a smile so people arent sure what youre responding to.咬紧牙关,舌头顶住上颚。如果不得不释放一下,不要微笑,这样人们就不知道你是在对什么做出的反应。Did you know? Pathologic laughing or crying can result from severe brain injury.你知道吗?病理性的大笑或大哭可能是由于严重的脑损伤造成的。视频听力栏目译文属。201305/239815



  How do I know if I have the skills to be an entrepreneur?我怎样才能知道自己是否具有成为企业家的潜质呢?Well, first thing, there are somethings you just consider yourself. Are you a self-starter? I mean if you know that ;Gee, I have a terrible time getting up in the morning; and ;I just cant make myself do some of these things; then maybe this is not for you. You can be very successful in your way and make a lot of contributions to society, which I think is very important without becoming an entrepreneur. However, becoming an entrepreneur, youve got to be a self-starter. You have to be the kind of person that keeps at it, because youre going to take a lot of things that go wrong, and youve got to be able to keep doing these things. So, one thing is, if nothing else: think through this and say, ;Well am I like that? Am I that kind of a person? Can I deal with risk and uncertainty? Can I deal with stress?; (Theres definitely going to be a lot of stress involved.) ;Can I deal with all those things?; There are a number of tests out, in fact, theres one in my book called ;The Right Stuff Test;, and you take it yourself. If you cant get my book or cant even find it in the library, then in that case you can go to the internet and search for ;ofnor test;. I did this just to find out how many there actually were, and I came up with 1.8 million different hits, I think. Now, not all these will be the real thing, but a lot of these are tests and a lot them dont cost anything to take. So, take a little test and see how you sound on these things. I would do that first to see whether this is really for you.首先,你需要考虑自己的几个方面。你有积极主动的精神吗?我的意思是,如果你有这种想法:“早上起床对我来说非常困难”,或者“这些事情我做不到”,或许企业家并不适合你。你可以以自己的方式获得成功,为社会做出许多贡献,不需要成为企业家,你也可以做到这些,我认为这非常重要。然而,要成为企业家,你必须非常积极主动。你必须不断努力,因为你必须处理许多错误的事情,必须有能力坚持做许多事情。首先要考虑一下,“我是这样的吗?我是这样的人吗?我能够勇于承担风险和不确定性吗?我能够应对压力吗?”(成为企业家肯定要面临许多压力。)“我能够处理所有事情吗?”关于是否能够成为企业家有许多相关测试,实际上,我的一本书“性格测试”中就有。如果你没有买我的书,图书馆中也没有,你可以上网搜索。我这样做只是为了发现有多少人具备企业家的潜质,我参考了180万份不同的。可能并不一定完全准确,但是其中许多都是测试,而且是免费的。所以,进行一下简单的测试,了解一下自己是否适合。Thanks for watching How To Know If You Have The Skills To Be An Entrepreneur.感谢收看“怎样知道自己是否具备企业家潜质”视频节目。201211/209025

  Don’t let the day-to-day pressures and hassles of life get to you. Unwind celebrity style.You Will NeedAn outdoor retreat A spa Exercise Meditation techniques Comfort food A bubble bath Your family Step 1: Get outdoors(去户外走动)Escape to the great outdoors. Whenever she feels stressed, Sandra Bullock heads to her ranch in Texas and enjoys the sights and sounds of nature.Step 2: Hit the spa(去美容沙龙)Spend the day at a spa, a tried-and-true relaxation technique for stars from Martha Stewart to George Clooney.Step 3: Exercise(锻炼)Exercise. Jessica Biel’s works out her stress and builds self-confidence by exercising regularly. Go for walks or hit the gym.Step 4: Meditate and practice yoga(练瑜伽)Meditate and practice yoga, like Madonna and Sting.Try a simple meditation technique where you focus on your breathing. Sit in a comfortable position with your back straight, and close your eyes.Step 5: Cook and eat comfort food(营养均衡)Try cooking, like Ghost Whisperer’s Jennifer Love Hewitt does. Or eating comfort foods – hers are cupcakes.Step 6: Soak in the tub(泡泡浴)Take a long hot bath – with lots of bubbles – or soak in a hot tub. That’s what Kristin Chenoweth does to recharge.Step 7: Enjoy family time(多和家人聚聚)Spend time with your family, a favorite for Glenn Close, Kyra Sedgwick, and Angie Harmon.201003/98684In the absence of modern kitchens, some Native American tribes made use of heated stones to boil water. The procedure is both simple and effective.没有现代化的厨房设施,一些美国土著部落使用加热的石头来煮沸水。整个过程非常简单,非常有效。Step 1 Collect stones1.收集石头Collect stones, taking care to remove debris. The stones should be about the size of a tennis ball.收集石头,小心地拣掉碎片。收集的石头大约像网球那么大。Avoid stones that are porous and likely to fracture or crack when heated.避免多孔,遇热容易碎裂的石头。Step 2 Build a fire2.烧火Build a fire and wait for the coals to get white-hot.烧火,等待煤块灼热。Step 3 Place the stones in the fire3.将石头放入火中Place the stones on the hot coals.将石头放在烧热的煤块上。Step 4 Place some of the heated stones in the water4.将一些加热的石头放入水中Remove some stones from the fire using tongs and place them in the container of water.用钳子从火堆上取出一些加热的石头,放置在装水的容器中。Tap the stones several times against each other to remove ashes before placing them in the water.将石块放入水中之前,石块之间互相敲击几次,除掉灰烬。Step 5 Replace the stones as they cool5.替换石块Replace the cooled stones in the water with fresh hot stones from the fire. Continue doing this until the water comes to a boil.用从火中取出的热石块替换水中冷却了的石块,一直到水开始沸腾。Some Native American tribes used heated stones to boil water in special water-tight baskets coated with glue.一些土著美国部落使用加热的石头加入用胶水密封的不透水的篮子来煮沸水。201212/217350

  How To Find the Best Jeans For Your Butt on HowcastPut your best rear view forward by picking denim that gives your booty a boost.You Will NeedMirrors Patience Step 1: Fill out a flat fanny(选择背后带口袋的牛仔裤,充实臀部曲线)Fill out a flat fanny with jeans that have back pockets featuring colored stitching or flaps.Step 2: Downplay a bubble butt(选择高腰的深色系修饰腰身)Downplay a queen-sized keister with high-waisted jeans made of 2 percent spandex in a dark, solid wash.Step 3: Give it a lift(选择背后带口袋的铅笔裤显腿型)Get an instant butt lift with skinny jeans with back pockets — they make legs look longer, which in turn makes your bum seem higher.Squat when trying on jeans to make sure they’re comfortable when you’re sitting.Step 4: Tame a triangle bottom(选择斜纹的带高裤兜的裤子来修饰臀部曲线)Tame a triangle rump — one where your booty is widest at the bottom — with heavyweight denim that features high pockets to draw eyes upward.Step 5: Minimize a double-wide(臀部肥大的女性,可以选择背后裤兜距离较近的牛仔裤来扬长避短)Minimize a wide posterior with straight-leg or boot-cut jeans; wide-leg ones will just make your bum look broader. Choose ones with closely set pockets; they focus attention toward the center of your butt and away from the sides.In 2005, an anonymous bidder on eBay paid ,000 for a pair of Levis 501 jeans from the 1850s.201006/105348


  The zany world of Japanese anime invaded California as hundreds of fans in colorful wigs, elaborate make up and intricate costumes gathered at the Los Angeles Convention Center for Anime Expo 2012. Its North Americas largest gathering for devotees of manga, anime and all forms of J-pop culture.Fans queued around the block, all eager to be among the first to enter the largest Japanese comics and animation convention in the US. While the convention offers enthusiasts the opportunity to speak with their idols and learn more about the anime world, its also a great chance to network with other fans.While they waited, fans passed the time by taking photos together and role playing their favorite characters.Daniel Joseph, cosplayer, said, ;Its kind of unique and its also a great way to meet new people who have the same interest as you. And, you know what, out there today, it seems like not many people are really doing that.;Tina Chang, cosplayer, said, ;I think a lot of these people, theyre people that are hiding away in little tiny holes and they just need something to just bring them out. This brings them out and allows them to actually socialize and actually feel like theyre not alone in this anime world because, this anime world, although it seems big its still pretty small.;The four day event was organized by the Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation and is a real annual Mecca for thousands of anime fans and industry professionals.2012美国动漫览会在加利福尼亚举行,成百上千的动漫爱好者戴着五颜六色的假发,画着精致的妆容,穿着各种角色装涌进洛杉矶大会堂参加这场盛会。这是北美最大的一场动漫和流行文化爱好者的盛大集会。动漫迷们排队等在中心周围,都渴望第一个进入会堂。盛会将提供机会给动漫迷们与他们的偶像进行交谈并从中学习更多有关动漫世界的知识,这场盛会也是一个与其他动漫迷交流的大好机会。动漫迷们一边在外面等待,一边一起拍照留影并扮演他们最爱的角色以打发时间。动漫参赛选手Daniel Joseph说:“这是唯一可以认识志同道合朋友的最佳途径。而且,你们知道,今天离开这儿以后,似乎就没有太多人喜欢动漫了。”动漫参赛选手Tina Chang说:“我想很多的动漫爱好者他们都是将自己隐藏在小洞中的,他们只是希望能有某种东西可以将他们带离那里。这场盛会就将他们带离那里并使他们能否够真实地地进行交际,同时也让他们感觉到他们在动漫世界中并不孤单,因为这个动漫世界虽然看起来很大但其实仍然很小。这场为期四天由日本动漫促进协会主办的盛会是千万动漫爱好者和专业人士每年都渴望去的地方。201207/190677。

  Everywhere you look there are clues to your personal style. You just need to do a little style-sleuthing.你的一言一行都可以反映你的个人风格。你只需要进行少许风格侦查就可以了。You Will Need你需要Art evaluation艺术评估Repeating themes重复主题List of favorite shops最喜欢的商店列表Favorite hotel最喜欢的酒店Favorite room最喜欢的房间1 odd piece奇异之处Steps步骤Step 1 Look at art1.查看艺术品Look at the art on your walls; this is probably the best representation of your style. Abstract prints? You like modern design. A flea market painting? Your styles eclectic.看一下墙壁上的艺术品;这可能最能够代表你的风格。抽象画派?说明你喜欢现代的设计风格。跳蚤市场的油画?你的风格是折衷的。Step 2 Look for repeats2.查看重复之处Look for repeating colors, textures, shapes, and styles around your house and in your wardrobe that can tell you a lot about the things you frequently purchase, and therefore, your style favorites.查看房间和衣柜里重复的颜色,质地,形状和风格,这样你就可以发现自己经常购买什么样的物品,由此了解自己的风格。Step 3 List favorite shops3.列举最喜欢的商店List the shops you go to most often -- even if you just go to browse. Whether its a flea market, a hip downtown boutique, or your parents basement, where you shop represents your style.列举最经常光顾的商店——即使仅仅去闲逛。无论是跳蚤市场,市区时装商店还是父母的地下室,你的购物地点可以反映你的风格。Step 4 Use your favorite hotel4.最喜欢的酒店Use your favorite hotel to tell you about your style. Whether you prefer a rustic bed and breakfast or a sleek, downtown high-rise, that hotels clear design style is a tipoff to your own.你最喜欢的酒店可以说明你的风格。你喜欢淳朴的床铺和早餐还是时髦的市区高楼大厦,酒店的设计风格也可以反映你自己的风格。Step 5 Look at favorite room5.最喜欢的房间Look at the design of your favorite room in the house. Chances are, its your style, so feel free to repeat it in the rest of the house.看一下家中你最喜欢的房间的设计。通常情况下,这可以代表你的风格,所以,其他房间也可以照这个风格来布置。Step 6 Dont ignore the odd6.不要忽略奇异之处Dont ignore that one odd piece that is different from anything else in the room. It may just hold the key to your true style.不要忽略与其他地方格格不入的物品。这可能才代表了你真正的风格。视频听力栏目译文属。201305/238188



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