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三水周边哪个急性痛风医院好三水哪有原发性痛风的医院日常聊天口语对话篇:(7)正宗影迷Movie Buffs-- :7:1 Steve:: What's your favorite movie of all time?Michelle: That's a good question? I don't know. Maybe "rrest Gump"(《阿甘正传).Steve: Why "rest Gump"?Michelle: Because I love Tom Hanks, and I thought it had a lot of clever tie-ins(联系,关联); it was like a photo album of the country during the last 30 years.. Steve: That was a good show. Okay. Here's a little bit of movie trivia(小问题) you: What movie is the top-grossing (票房收入最高的;毛利最高的)film of all time?Michelle: Oh, that's easy. "Jurassic Park(〈侏罗纪公园〉)". It's the only film that has grossed over a billion dollars in history.Steve: That's true. but when a film's gross is adjusted inflation, the highest-grossing film is "Gone With the Wind". Okay, what director has 7 of the top 0 highest-grossing films of all time?Michelle: A piece of cake. Steven Spielberg. Give me something that's challenging.Steve: Okay. Who said "Go ahead, make my day!"? Michelle: Clint Eastwood. Steve: All right. What was Dustin Hoffman's debut movie(第一部电影)?Michelle: "The Graduate".Steve: What year did it come out?Michelle: I don't know. 1970?Steve: Wrong. 1968. Michelle: Okay. Give me another question.Steve: Okay. What actress has the most nominations an Academy Award?Michelle: I have no idea.Steve: Katharine Hepburn. She was nominated times and won 3 times.Michelle: Okay, My turn. First of all. What's your favorite scary (恐怖的)movie? Steve: It's gotta be "Psycho"(《精神变态者). I love that shower scene.Michelle: I hate the choppy (不连贯的)music that they play during that scene.Steve: That's what makes it so memorable.Michelle: Okay. Who directed "Tootsie"(《宝贝儿?Steve: Easy. Sidney Pollack. Incidentally, he also acted in it as well.Michelle: all right. What was the most popular Robert Redd and Paul Newman film? Steve: "The Sting"〈刺〉.Michelle: You're pretty good. Try this one. What's the top-grossing animated cartoon of all time?Steve: I know it's a Disney. Is it "Bambi"〈小鹿班比〉?Michelle: Not quite. It was "Snow and the Seven Dwarfs". Here's your last question; What year was the first in-flight movie (空中电影;在飞机上放映的电影〉?Steve: 1955? Michelle: Wrong. 196. The movie "The Lost World" was shown on Imperial Airways from London to Paris on April , 196.Steve: The first in-flight movie was 70 years ago? That blows me away.(这真使我感到惊讶万分) I guess I'm not such a great movie buff after all.Michelle: That's okay. I still love you.佛山禅城中心医院痛风属于几级 Computers 计算机 -- :3:3 来源: Computers 计算机  The computer is a very useful machine. It is the most important invention in many years. People use it widely today in many ways.  Most computers have memories. People can store inmation in them and take it out at any time. Computers are getting smaller and smaller, and working faster and faster.  Computer can do many kinds of work. Now in many large factories there are very few people. Computers do most of the work. They really help a lot.  计算机是一种很有用的机器,它是多年来最重要的发明今天,人们广泛地使用计算机  多数计算机都有存储器人们把信息存储在里面,并能随时取出计算机正变得越来越小,而工作速度却越来越快  计算机能做许多钟工作现在许多大工厂里人很少,计算机做大部分工作它们帮了大忙北京人遗址英文介绍 --1 :: 来源: 北京人遗址英文介绍北京市房山区周口店镇龙骨山发现的北京人于1987年被列为世界文化遗产二十世纪二十年代,考古学家发现了一具完整的600,000年前的猿人头骨化石,这具头骨后来被命名为北京人Peking Man was discovered in Zhoukoudian village, on the Longgu Mountain, Fangshan district, Beijing, which was listed as a world cultural heritage site in 1987. In the 19s archaeologists discovered a complete skull of an ape-man dating back 600,000 years which was later named as Peking Man. Stone tools and evidence of Peking Man’s use of fire were later found on the mountain. Studies have shown that Peking Man walked on his feet and lived 690,000 years ago. His society lived in groups in caves and survived by hunting. The group could make use of rough stone tools and knew how to use fire heating and cooking.   The discovery included six complete skulls of Peking Man, skull fragments, mandibles(1), 7 teeth and some sections of broken femur(), shinbone(3), and upper arm bones belonging to more than 0 individuals of different ages and sexes. In addition 0,000 fragments of stone tools were found together with sites used fire and burnt bones and stones.  Peking Man created a unique Old Stone Culture which had much influence to the Old Stone Culture of north China. Stone tools are the principal relics of this remote culture. Also discovered in Zhoukoudian are stone points, a new production tool then, and bone s made and used by Peking Man. Found in the caves were such tools as the larger end of an antler that had been used as a hammer and the sharp end of an antler used as a digging tool.   The use of fire was a milestone of the development of civilization and the discovery of Peking Man has pushed back the time that man first used it by tens of thousands of years. The largest ash pile discovered in the caves is six meters thick. Fire allowed people to eat cooked food instead of raw food and promoted the development of the brain and improved health. With his rough tools and simple living conditions Peking man created a unique and very ancient culture.   Included in the UNESCO() world heritage list in 1987. 北京人遗址英文介绍禅城治痛风结石较佳

禅城医院治继发性痛风价位初中英语短剧:考试 -- ::5 来源: A Difficult Questionfour girls went to school every day by taxi .one day one of the girls said,"there's a test this morning . let's get to school late then we won't have to take the test .""what can we tell the teacher?" one of the girls said.he'll be angry . we'll need a good excuse moments ."the girls though several moments ,than one of them said ,"let's tell him that our taxi had a flat fire .""that's a good idea ,"the other girls said."we'll tell him that." they arrived at school an hour late . the test was finished ."why are you late?"the teacher asked ."you missed the test.""our taxi had a flat fire,"one of the girls said .the teacher thought a moment ,then he said ,"sit down ,one of you in each corner of the room ."the four girls did this than the teacher said ,"write on a piece of paper the answer to this question :which tire was flat?" 初中英语 短剧 :佛山人民医院原发性痛风网上预约 父母与爱情的两难选择-- :7:31 Carl:Hey, baby, you looks in a sad mood . What's the matter?嘿,宝贝,你看起来有些沮丧,发生什么事了? Kiki:Carl , it's you. I'm just facing a choice, a tough one, between my parents and my boyfriend. I have no idea on it.卡尔,是你呀我正面临一个艰难的选择,在我父母和男朋友之间我感到束手无策 Carl:Absolutely you're in a emotion trouble . But just take it easy ,there will be a way to deal with it .的的确确你陷入情感麻烦中了 但是不要着急,会有解决问题的方法的 Kiki:How can I get relaxed ? , I need both my parents and my boyfriend seriously, I won't separate with each one .Losing anyone will make me heartbroken.我怎么能够不着急呢?一方是我的父母,一方是我的男友,我急切地需要他们,不愿意与任何一方分离失去任何一方,我都会痛心的 Carl:I quite understand you . I think it will be a good way to get a happy endding. That is , your boyfriend tries his best to show your parents his capacity and charm, making your parents believe he can give you a bright life ,then he will be accepted by your parents. Usually parents won't refuse a eminent son-in law .我非常理解你我想这将是皆大欢喜的好办法你的男友尽最大努力向你的父母展示他的能力和魅力,让你父母相信他会带给你幸福,然后他会被你父母接纳一般来说,做父母的不会拒绝一个优秀的女婿的 Kiki:It sounds great . Althrough it is taugh , we will fight together our future.听起来不错虽然很艰难,为了我们的将来,我们会并肩作战,一起奋斗 Carl:Wish lovers get married .愿有情人终成眷属佛山中医院高尿酸血症网上预约

顺德那间痛风性关节炎医院好我的老师(My Teacher) --1 :7: 来源: 我的老师(My Teacher)  my favourite teacher is my english teacher ms wu .her english name is lannie .she is a beautiful lady. she is very humorous. but sometimes she is very strict with us.   but all classmates love and respect her very much. after class she often helps us learn patiently. i like my english teacher , because i think she is the best teacher in the world. 周末宅在家,不如租个农场过把农夫瘾 -- ::5 来源: Getting bored with the virtual online Farmville and the busy city life?How about going to the real great outdoors ,exchanging keyboards hoes at weekends?厌倦了网上虚拟的开心农场游戏和繁忙的城市生活吗?不妨去真正的户外走走,把键盘换成锄头!The farm on the outskirts of Beijing is large, sp over more than 9,000 square meters and divided into 1,360 allotments. All the plots have been rented out to weekend farmers, and there are still 0 more applicants on the waiting list.Yifendi Farm, a cooperative run by Nanyuan Village in Beijing's Fengtai district, is one of the largest allotment farms in the Chinese capital, and it claims to be the first.The farm provides not just seeds, organic fertilizers and gardening tools, but also technical support from technicians. 周末 在家 不如佛山治尿酸高去什么医院好三水治疗痛风老牌的医院



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