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Buttered Tea酥油茶 Buttered tea is the most welcomed drink Tibetan people serve their guests, which is usually served with Zanba (a staple of Tibetan people, a mixture of fried barely and bean powder). Containing tannin acid, brick tea stimulates the secretion of gastric acid which fastens the process of digestion. It has to go with ghee or milk to allay hunger. Its high calorie can provide enough power man needs as the most favorable drink in Shangri-La.酥油茶是藏家待客所必备的饮料,多作为主食与糌粑一起食用。砖茶含鞣酸多,刺激肠胃蠕动加快消化,单喝极易饥饿,必须加酥油或牛奶,酥油茶因具有极高的热量,能消除寒气补充人体所需的热量,是香格里拉地区最好的饮料。It is said that there were two hostile tribes by the name of Xia and Nu in the Tibetan-inhabited area in Shangri-La district. Nevertheless, Memeso, daughter of the chief of Xia and Wenpadan, son of the leader of Nu, fell in love, which is a taboo to both tribes, so the chief of Xia had Wenpadan murdered.During his cremation Memeso jumped into the burning fire and died with his lover. After the young couple died, Memeso became the leaves of the local tea plants and Wenpadan turned into the salt in Qiangtang Salt Lake. Since then buttered tea symbolizes the reunion of the tea and the salt.传说,香格里拉藏区曾有辖和怒两个部落,两部落彼此势同水火,但辖部落土司的女儿美梅却与怒部落土司的儿子文顿巴相爱了,但由于两个部落结下的仇怨,辖部落的土司派人杀害了文顿巴,当为文顿巴举行火葬仪式时,美梅措跳进火海殉情。双方死后,美梅措到变成内地茶树上的茶叶,文顿巴变成羌塘盐湖里的盐,每当藏族人打酥油茶时,茶和盐就会再次相遇。 /201504/371245。

The plunge in Chinese stock markets has created widesp uncertainty and losses for millions of investors who only recently had enjoyed remarkable gains. The drop-offs have been so steep that many shares stopped trading after their declines hit the maximum 10 percent daily limit.中国股市的暴跌带来了广泛不确定性,致使数百万最近才收益颇丰的投资者遭受损失。由于股市大幅下跌,很多股票在跌幅达到了每日10%的跌停限度后停止交易。But one market has boomed amid the gloom: gallows humor. On social media the market routs and fumbling government efforts to stop them have triggered an explosion of jokes, as Chinese investors try to find ways to ease the pain.但有一个市场在黑暗中蓬勃发展: 残酷幽默。股市大跌和政府笨拙的救市举措在社交媒体上引发了戏谑浪潮,中国投资者试图寻找缓解痛苦的方法。“Actual record of the Chinese government’s market rescue,” s one Twitter post that accompanies a clip of a tow truck righting a flipped car, only for the car to roll off the road.一条推文称这是“中国政府救市实录”,文字下方配的动图显示一辆拖车扶正倾覆的汽车,结果汽车却冲出马路。One joke, posted by Song Ma, looks at what sort of securities could soldier on in such a negative market:“11:10 a.m. on July 7, 2015 was a dark moment that will inevitably be written into the history of the A shares market, not because the Growth Enterprise Index was down 5.71 percent, but because 51 out of 100 stocks on the index halted trading, and 48 were stopped because they dropped the maximum allowed. Only Lepu Medical, which was down 8.97 percent, hasn’t stopped trading. Only a company that treats mental illness hasn’t stopped trading….”Several jokes on Sina Weibo tried to explain the sudden turnaround from boom to bust.Song Ma转的一个笑话指出了哪种券能在这么消极的市场中坚持下去:“2015年7月7日上午11:10,必将写入A股历史的一个黑暗时刻,不是因为创业板指数下跌5.71%,而是因为该指数的100只成份股中有51只停牌、48只跌停,只有乐普医疗跌8.97%,成为唯一没有跌停的股票。就剩一个治疗神经病的没跌停了……”“Last month, when the market was rising, the dog ate the same as what I ate,” went one. “Last week, when the market fell, I ate the same as the dog ate. This week I might eat the dog.”新浪微上的几则笑话则试图说明这种从涨到跌的突然转变。Another joke chronicled the violent ride through the progression of an investor’s ing list:“Securities Investment Studies,” “Trusts and Leases,” “Study of Financial Markets,” “Logic of Securities Analysis” ….“上个月股票涨的时候我吃什么吃什么,”一条帖子写道。“上个星期股票跌的时候吃什么我吃什么…………………这个星期可能要吃了!”“How the Steel Was Tempered,” “Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind,” “Buddhist Sutras,” “Lao-tze” ….另一则笑话通过投资者的书单记录了这种突变: 《券投资学》 《信托与租赁》 《金融市场学》 《券分析逻辑》 《钢铁是怎样炼成的》 《演员的自我修养》《禅的初心》《佛经》 《老子》 《颈椎康复指南》 《腰椎间盘突出日常护理》 《脂肪肝预防与自疗》 《高血压降压宝典》 《精神病症状学》 《活着》……“Guide to Treating Neck Conditions,” “Daily Therapy for Slipped Disks,” “Guide to Lowering High-Blood Pressure” ….银冠资产管理(Silvercrest Asset Management)常务董事程志宇(Patrick Chovanec)在Twitter上传的图片显示了整个转变过程,从周一上午政府宣布计划称券商将购买主要公司的股票后,那段美好的、有些虚幻的短暂飙升,到周三当局似乎已经无力维持稳定。“To Live” …. Images tweeted by Patrick Chovanec, the managing director at Silvercrest Asset Management, show the turnabout from the halcyon, somewhat hallucinatory feel of Monday morning, when markets shot up briefly following the announcement of a government plan for brokerages to buy shares of key companies, to Wednesday, when the authorities seemed to lose any ability to foster stability.事情什么时候会出现转机?一张安妮·海瑟薇(Anne Hathaway)和马修·麦康纳(Matthew McConaughey)在科幻电影《星际穿越》(Interstellar)里的图片给出了猜测:When will things turn around? An image of Anne Hathaway and Matthew McConaughey from the science fiction movie “Interstellar” takes a guess: “Gravity is so great here that one hour is like seven years on Earth,” she says.“这里的地心引力太大了,一个小时相当于地球上的七年,”她说。“Great,” he replies. “Let’s just wait here for the next bull market.”“棒极了,”他回答称。“就在这儿等待下一个牛市吧。” /201507/385243。

Also known as Jiang Taigong or Jiang Shang, a Chinese semi-mythological figure, resided next to the Weishui River about 3,000 years ago.姜子牙,又名姜太公或姜尚,是中国一个神话式的人物。大约3000年前,姜子牙居住在渭水河畔。The region was the feudal estate of King Wen of Zhou.这个地区是周文王的领地。Jiang Ziya knew King Wen was very ambitious, so he hoped to get his attention.姜子牙知道周文王是个很有抱负的国君,所以希望能得到周文王的注意。He often went angling at the Weishui River, but he would fish in a bizarre way.姜子牙常去渭水钓鱼,但是钓鱼的方法异于常人。He hung a straight hook, with on bait, three feet above the water.姜子牙的钓钩是直的,而且没有鱼饵,并且置于水面上三尺处。He over and over said to himself, ;Fish, if you are desperate to live, come and gulp down the hook by yourself.;姜子牙不停地自言自语道:“不想活的鱼呀,你们愿意的话,就自己上钩吧!”In a little while his outlandish way of fishing was reported to King Wen, who sent a soldier to bring him back.不久,姜子牙怪异的钓鱼方式就传到了文王耳中。文王派士兵前去将其带回。Jiang noticed the soldier coming, but did not care about him. Jiang just continued with his fishing, and was soliloquising, ; Fishing, fishing. No fish has been hooked-but shrimp is up to tomfoolery.;姜子牙注意到士兵来了,但是并不理他,继续钓鱼。姜子牙自言自语地说:“钓啊,钓啊,鱼儿不上钩,虾儿来胡闹!”The soldier reported this back to King Wen, who became more interested in Jiang.士兵将情况报告给文王,文王对姜子牙的兴趣更大了。King Wen sent a bureaucrat to invite Jiang this time. But Jiang again paid no attention to the invitation. He simply carried on fishing, saying, ;Fishing, fishing. The big fish has not been hooked-but a small one is up to myself.;这次文王派了一名官员前来邀请姜子牙,但是姜子牙仍然不理,只是继续钓鱼,并且仍自言自语道:“钓啊,钓啊,大鱼不上钩,小鱼别胡闹!”Then King Wen realized Jiang might be a great genius, so he went to invite Jiang personally, and brought many magnificent gifts with him.这次文王意识到姜子牙应该是位奇人,于是亲自带了重礼前去相邀。Jiang saw the king#39;s earnest desire, so Jiang decided to work for him.姜子牙看到了文王的真诚,于是决定辅佐文王。Jiang helped King Wen and his son turn over the Shang Dynasty and establish the Zhou Dynasty.姜子牙协助文王及其子推翻商朝,建立周朝。Jiang was given the title of Taigong so people called him Jiang Taigong.姜子牙号太公,所以人称姜太公。His treatise on military strategy, Six Secret Teachings, is considered one of the Seven Military Classics of Ancient China.姜子牙有关军事战略的论文《六韬》被尊为《武经七书》(中国古代七大军事著作的汇编)之一。Jiang Ziya is a prominent character in the popular Chinese classical novel Creation of the Gods.姜子牙是中国古典通俗文学作品《封神演义》里的一个重要人物。 /201507/386100。

General Description概述Among the Han people,which constitute a vast majority of China#39;s total population,the passage into adulthood is no longer celebrated,except in those very, very traditional families. In ancient times,this ceremony marked a person#39;s transition to adulthood and was generally referred to as the capping or hair-pinning ceremony.汉族占中国人口的绝大多数。在汉族人中,除了那些非常传统的家庭,成人礼已不再举行。在古代,这一仪式标志着一个人进入了成年阶段,通常被称为“冠礼”或“异礼”。This ceremony started from the dan society of the long past and continued to be held until the Qing Dynasty(1644一1911).The Manchu rulers then felt that this ceremony of the Han people had become“hypocritical; and meaningless and thus mandated that this ceremony,which had lasted for thousands of years,should be abolished. From then on the Han people have to enter the stage of adulthood without knowing it. Nowadays,it is mainly in those minor ethnic groups fihat this life passage is still celebrated. In some parts of China,this ceremony is experiencing a revival.这一礼仪始于远古的氏族社会,一直延续到清朝(1644一1911)。清朝的满族统治者感到汉族的这一礼仪已经变成了一种虚文假醋,无足轻重,于是一纸令下,终结了汉族绵延几千年的成人礼。从此后,汉族人只能在“不知不觉”中进人成年。现在,中国的成人仪式主要集中在一些少数民族。有些地方,汉族的成人礼也在渐渐复兴。Capping and Hair-Pinning冠礼和异礼The capping and hair-pinning ceremony of the ancient times was originally intended to prevent non-adults from getting married and later evolved into a moral test on adults#39; marriage qualifications.古代的成年礼本意是为了禁止与未成年的异性通婚。冠礼是成年礼的一种高级的代表形式,也可以说是对成年人婚姻资格的一种道德审查。When a young man reached 18 or 20 years old,the capping ceremony would be held. It consisted of several procedures. The hair of the young man should be done up and pinned. Then three caps of different materials which carried different meanings should be placed the youth#39;s head. This was called ;Three Caps Cer emony;.After this,the father or other seniors would appoint an alias to the new adult apart from his name. Only those men who had been through the“Three Caps Ceremony; and had an alias could get married in the past.一个年轻的男人十八岁或二十岁时,要举行冠礼。冠礼的程序可以分为三部分。首先要把参加冠礼的年轻人的头发盘起替上。然后给他戴上三顶不同材质不同含义的帽子,这一礼仪叫“三加”。“三加”之后,由父亲或其他长辈在其本名之外另起一个“字”,只有“冠而字”的男子,才具备日后择偶成婚的资格。The hair-pinning ceremony would be held when a girl was 15 years old. At the ceremony the mother or another senior did up and pinned the girl#39;s hair. This change of hairstyle meant that the girl had reached maturity and can be wedded.与男子的冠礼相对,女子的成年礼叫异礼,也叫加笋,在巧岁时举行,就是由女孩的母亲或长辈替她把头发盘结起来,加上一根簪子;改变发式表示从此结束少女时代,可以嫁人了。Teeth-Painting and Tattooing漆齿和纹身People from the Dai and Bulang nationalities celebrate the passage into adulthood through teeth-painting and tattooing. Those without painted teeth cannot engage themselves in socialising. Before his/her teeth are painted,the child usually smears them with some acid juice. And then some pine wood is lit to smoke the teeth. This may continue for several days until the teeth are all black.漆齿和纹身是傣族、布朗族等成人礼的组成部分。没有漆齿者不能公开参加社交活动。染齿前,需先用酸汁涂抹一遍牙齿,再点一束松明,以黑烟熏齿,连染数日,直至将雪白的牙齿染成墨黑色。Tattooing is only for men. There is folk saying among the Dai and Bulang people,“Frogs have patterns on their legs;how can men have no tattoos on their legs; Men are proud of their tattoos;those without tattoos will be looked down upon and regarded as cowards by girls. The tattooing ceremony is usually held when the bov is fourteen or fifteen.只有男人才会纹身。民间有谚语说:“蛙腿尚有花纹,男人之腿怎可没有花纹。”男性以纹身为荣,身上不刺纹者,会被姑娘们视为懦夫。纹身一般在十四五岁时进行。Changing into Trousers or Skirts换裙和换裤The Mosuo,Naxi,Pumi and Yi nationalities celebrate their passage of life into adulthood by changing into trousers or skirts.梭族、纳西族、普米族、彝族等都通过更换饰象征成年,女的换裙,男的换裤。When a Mosuo child reaches 13,the rite of passage into adulthood will be held. This ceremony usually takes place on the first day of the lunar new year. The boy stands beside the“male column; on the left of the main hall and the girl beside the ;female column; on the right, with one foot on pork and the other on a bag of grains,which means that they will be prosperous all along their life. Then the mother dresses her girl in a skirt and the uncle dresses the boy in adult men#39;s clothes. The rites of passage into adulthood held by the Naxi and Pumi people are similar to this.梭族孩子长到13岁,便要举行成年礼。成年礼仪式一律在农历大年初一凌晨举行。行礼时,男孩站在正房左边“男柱”下,女孩站在右边“女柱”下,一只脚踩着猪膘肉,一只脚踩着粮袋,象征终生吃用不尽。女孩由阿妈为其穿上裙子。男孩由舅舅为其穿戴簇新男装。纳西族、普米族的成人礼与此相似。Other Customs其他风俗There are other interesting customs concerning celebration of the passage into adulthood. For example the rite of passage into adulthood of the Jinuo people involves cattle slaying and saga-chanting. Boys of the Yao nationality have to pass about ten dangerous tests and take oaths not to conduct bad deeds. There are 56 ethnic groups in China and customs vary,it is simply impossible to discuss all of them.关于成人礼,还有其他一些有意思的风俗。比如基诺族举行成人礼时要杀牛唱诗;瑶族的男孩要通过近十项危险的考验,而且要发誓不干坏事。中国有五十六个少数民族,要讨论所有的风俗习惯是不可能的。 /201505/377070。