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Bush in Italy for Berlusconi Talks, Meeting with Pope布什访意伊朗核问题仍为主要议题  U.S. President George Bush is in Italy for talks with Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi Thursday and a meeting with Pope Benedict Friday. 美国总统布什星期四在罗马和意大利总理贝卢斯科尼会谈,星期五将会见教皇本笃十六世。Once again, Iran is likely to play a prominent role in the president's discussions on what has been called his farewell tour of Western Europe. 布什总统这次被称之为告别访问的西欧之行很可能仍然要以伊朗问题为主要议题。Italy has been pushing to become part of a group of negotiators with Iran that includes the five permanent U.N. Security Council members plus Germany. 意大利一直在努力加入联合国安理会五个常任理事国和德国组成的对伊朗谈判的团体中来。White House officials say they will listen to what Italy's leaders have to say, but say the German government insists the current format should stay. They also note that Italy has a trading relationship with Iran, and will be a key player if and when the time comes to increase sanctions on Tehran. 白宫官员说, 他们要听取意大利领导人的观点,但是又说,德国政府坚持要保持目前的谈判结构。白宫官员还指出,意大利和伊朗有贸易关系,如果对德黑兰加大制裁的时机来临,意大利将扮演关键角色。On Wednesday, Mr. Bush discussed different aspects of the Iran crisis with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. 星期三布什总统和德国总理默克尔从不同角度讨论了伊朗危机。 Speaking to reporters after their talks at a castle just outside Berlin, the president stressed he wants to see a peaceful resolution of the dispute over Iran's nuclear intentions. But he made clear the use of military force remains a last resort. 在柏林郊外的一座城堡结束会谈以后,布什总统在记者会上强调说,他希望看到围绕伊朗核意图的争论得到和平解决 。不过布什明确表示,仍然会把军事力量作为最后万不得已的手段。"I told the chancellor my first choice, of course, is to solve this diplomatically," said President Bush. "All options are on the table. But the first choice is to solve this problem by working closely together, by sending a dual message, which has been the consistent policy of this administration, that if you verifiably suspend your enrichment programs you'll end your isolation, and there's a way forward for you." 布什说:“我告诉默克尔总理我的第一个选择,当然是以外交手段解决。所有的选择都在谈判桌上。但是第一个选择是通过密切接触和努力来解决问题,通过释放双重信息,这也是本届政府一贯坚持的政策,也就是说,如果伊朗能明停止你的浓缩项目,就会结束孤立状态,前方就有了出路。”At the session with reporters, the president was also asked if he regrets his decision to invade Iraq. He said no, but repeated the comments ed in a British newspaper - that he wishes he had chosen his words more carefully when making the case for war. 在记者会上,布什总统被问到是否对攻打伊拉克的决定感到后悔,布什说他不后悔,但是他重复了英国报纸引用他的话以后表示,对伊拉克战争打响之前,他讲话本应更谨慎。"I don't regret it at all. said President Bush. "Removing Saddam Hussein made the world a safer place. And yes, I told the guy -- the guy said, now what could you do over? First of all, you don't get to do things over in my line of work. But I could have used better rhetoric." 他说:“我一点都不后悔,除掉萨达姆.侯塞因使得世界更加安全了。那个记者问我,如果能重作一次,你会怎样作?首先,作为总统,我不能把事情重作一遍。不过我或许应该选择更好的措辞。”The Iraq war has been very unpopular here in Italy, and there have been demonstrations against President Bush every time he has visited Rome since the conflict began. Anti-war protesters have announced plans to take to the streets during his current stay, and 10,000 extra police are on duty throughout the Italian capital. 伊拉克战争在意大利非常不得人心,战争开始以来,布什总统每次访问罗马都会引发反对他的示威游行。反战人士已经宣布在这次布什访问期间走上街头,意大利首都各处的街道增加了一万名警察执勤。200806/41941

Obama Visits Iraq to Discuss Challenges, Successes奥巴马访问伊拉克会晤伊领导人  Presumptive U.S. Democratic Party presidential nominee Barack Obama is in Baghdad, his first visit to Iraq since 2006. The visit is considered part of Senator Obama's attempts to boost his foreign policy credentials before the presidential election in November. 预计会得到美国民主党总统候选人提名的奥巴马目前正在巴格达,这是他从2006年以来第一次访问伊拉克。人们认为这次访问是奥巴马为了在11月大选前提高自己外交政策方面的资历而作出的努力。Senator Barack Obama's visit to Iraq gives the Illinois senator a chance to see first-hand the security conditions in the country. It also gives him an opportunity to assess possibilities for the U.S. role in Iraq beyond 2008 - a central campaign issue in the U.S. presidential election.  奥巴马参议员对伊拉克的访问给予这位伊利诺伊州参议员亲眼目睹伊拉克安全状况的机会。这次访问也让他有机会评估美国在2008年之后可能在伊拉克发挥的作用,这是2008年总统竞选运动的中心议题。Obama held separate meetings with Iraq's President Jalal Talabani and Prime Minister Nouri al-Malaki.  奥巴马与伊拉克总统塔拉巴尼及伊拉克总理马利基分别举行会晤。None of the men made public comments after the talks. Iraqi media reports say the discussions focused on security and economic developments, including challenges and successes.  在这些会谈后,他们都没有发表公开。伊拉克的新闻报导说,有关讨论的焦点是安全和经济发展,包括存在的困难及取得的成功。Earlier in the day, Obama visited the southern city of Basra where he met with troops and military officials. 星期一早些时候,奥巴马访问了伊拉克南部城市巴士拉,他在当地会见了军队官兵。Speaking in Washington, U.S. Department of Defense spokesman Bryan Whitman said he believed officials would give Obama what they have given other official visitors: a first-hand view of developments in the country. 美国国防部发言人怀特曼在华盛顿说,他相信当地官员会向奥巴马介绍伊拉克形势发展的第一手信息,正如他们对其他来访官员所作的介绍一样。"What I would expect that he would hear would be the same things that others have heard, " Whitman said, "and that is a perspective from the commanders on the ground with respect to what they are seeing, the challenges that they are facing, the successes that they are having and the areas that still need more work." 怀特曼说:“我预计他会听到其他人已听到的同样信息,这是在实地的指挥官根据自己亲眼目睹的情况而作出的展望,即根据面临的问题、取得的成果和尚需进一步工作的地区,来展望前景。”Obama opposes the war in Iraq. He has repeatedly vowed to end the war if he is elected president.  奥巴马反对伊拉克战争。他再三誓言一旦当选总统就要结束这场战争。Earlier this month, Obama said if he is elected, he would like to withdraw U.S. troops at a pace of one-to-two brigades per month, meaning combat troops would be out in 16 months. 本月初,奥巴马说,他想要以每月撤回一到两个旅的进度来撤回驻伊美军,那意味美军战斗部队会在16个月内完全撤离伊拉克。The German weekly Der Speigel reported Iraq's prime minister endorsed that plan, but after those comments ignited a firestorm of controversy Iraqi spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said the prime minister's comments were mistranslated and misconstrued. But after Mr. Maliki and Obama met, Dabbagh said he hopes U.S. combat forces could be out of Iraq by 2010.  德国明镜周刊报导,伊拉克总理赞同这一计划,但是在这些话引起激烈争议和批评后,伊拉克发言人达巴格说,人们误传及误解了伊拉克总理的。然而在奥巴马与马利基会面后,达巴格又说,他希望美国的战斗部队能在2010年撤离伊拉克。Republican presidential candidate John McCain says troop draw-downs must be determined by the military and political situation. McCain says U.S. troops could be in Iraq in some capacity for many years to come. 共和党总统候选人麦凯恩说,要减少驻伊美军人数必须根据军事和政治形势来决定。麦凯恩说,美军可能还得在伊拉克承担多年的责任。 Obama is traveling with two other U.S. senators. They spent the first two days of this overseas tour in Afghanistan, followed by a stop in Kuwait. Obama is also expected to visit Israel, Jordan and Europe this week.200807/44567

Somali PM Appeals to Insurgents to Join Peace Efforts索总理呼吁反叛份子加入和平努力  Somalia's Prime Minister Nur Hassan Hussein is appealing to insurgent Islamists to join the peace deal signed by the transitional government and some moderate opposition groups last month in Djibouti. Mr. Hussein condemned Somalia's uncontrolled violence, which since the accord was signed has claimed the lives of aid workers, a journalist, and a senior U.N. official. 索马里临时政府总理努尔.哈桑.侯赛因呼吁穆斯林反叛分子加入上个月由临时政府和一些温和的反对派组织在吉布提签订的和平协议。他还对索马里不受控制的暴力袭击表示谴责。自从吉布提和平协议签署以来,暴力袭击已经导致一些救援人员、一名记者和一名联合国高级官员死亡。Amid anarchy in large parts of Mogadishu, and a joint Somali-Ethiopian military force waging a counter-insurgency offensive, Somalia's interim prime minister is urging hardline Islamists to end their campaign of violence.  就在索马里首都加迪沙的大部分地区陷入无政府状态,以及索马里和埃塞俄比亚联军对暴力分子发动攻势的时候,索马里临时政府总理敦促强硬派穆斯林结束他们的暴力活动。Speaking to reporters at the end of a three-day visit to the Ethiopian capital, Nur Hassan Hussein called on the militant Al-Shabab group to seize the opportunity created by last month's U.N.-brokered peace agreement. 侯赛因总理在结束对埃塞俄比亚首都亚的斯亚贝巴为期三天的访问后对记者们发表讲话,他呼吁激进组织“青年会”抓住上个月由联合国斡旋达成和平协议所创造的机会。"The agreement signed in Djibouti is the key and opens the door to peace so anyone can join, any organization opposing the government of today, there is a window of opportunity to join," Hussein said. 他说:“在吉布提签署的协议是一把钥匙,它打开了通向和平的大门,让所有人都能参加,让反对现政府的任何组织都能加入进来,这是一个加入的机会窗口。”Many Somalis and political analysts say the Djibouti accord has been discredited by violence from groups like al-Shabab, which is committed to overthrowing the Ethiopian-backed transitional government and establishing Islamic rule. But Prime Minister Hussein argued that the agreement has provided a flicker of hope by bolstering the more moderate Alliance for the Re-Liberation of Somalia, which signed the June 9 accord. 许多索马里人和政治分析人士说,“青年会”等组织发动的暴力袭击破坏了吉布提协议的声誉。“青年会”谋求推翻埃塞俄比亚持的索马里临时政府,并建立穆斯林统治。但是,侯赛因总理说,这份和平协议增强了比较温和的“索马里再次解放联盟”的声望,给索马里带来一线希望。“索马里再次解放联盟”6月9号签署了这项协议。"I think today the Alliance for the Re-liberation of Somalia are also trying their best to enlarge their constituency, so together the parties signing this agreement have a good opportunity to attract others," he said. "But if, like Al Shabab, they are rejecting the peace, the people, hoping the situation of 18 years ending and a new page being started, that will help the parties signing the agreement." 他说:“我认为,目前索马里再次解放联盟也在尽力扩充持他们的民众数量。因此现在是签署和平协议的各方吸引其它组织加入的良机。不过,如果跟青年会一样,他们拒绝接受和平,那么,希望结束18年状况并开启新桥梁的民众团体和普通百姓就将帮助签署和平协议的各方。”Mr. Hussein condemned the killing, kidnapping and harassment of humanitarian aid workers, in particular the shooting death of the head of the ed Nations Development Program office. UNDP chief Osman Ali Ahmed was gunned down at close range Sunday evening as he returned home from evening prayers at a mosque in Mogadishu.  侯赛因总理谴责那些谋杀、绑架和骚扰人道救援人员的行为,尤其是杀联合国发展计划署索马里办公室负责人奥斯曼.阿里.艾哈迈德。艾哈迈德星期天晚上从加迪沙一座清真寺做完礼拜回家途中,被人近距离杀。The ed Nations has described Somalia as the world's worst humanitarian crisis. 联合国说,索马里的人道主义危机是全世界最严重的。 One million Somalis, or more than 10 percent of the population, are living as internal refugees, and the group Doctors Without Borders says malnutrition in the horn of Africa country has exceeded emergency rates for a year.Ethiopian troops entered Somalia 20 months ago to help the interim government fight an Islamist movement that was threatening to take over the country. The Mogadishu-based Elman Peace and Human Rights Organization estimates more than 2,100 Somali civilians have been killed this year, bringing the civilian death toll to 8,600 since early last year.200807/43629

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