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Luxury goods were the currency of Chinese corruption for decades, until Beijing stepped in two years ago to block the flow of fine baubles into the hands of government officials – and stem the flood of profits into the coffers of luxury goods companies.奢侈品数十年来一直在中国充当行贿者输送利益的工具,直到两年前中国政府出手切断了源源流向政府官员手中的精美礼品流——也堵住了滚滚流向奢侈品企业的财源。Hermès, the luxury dynasty best known for its sought-after Birkin and Kelly handbags, is one of the few luxury brands that has prospered despite Beijing’s abstemiousness campaign.在中国政府倡导节俭运动之际,爱马仕(Hermès)是为数不多的继续在中国市场保持繁荣的奢侈品牌之一,它最著名的是备受追捧的铂金包(Birkin)和凯莉包(Kelly)。“So far we haven’t seen any impact on our figures,” says Axel Dumas, chief executive of Hermès and scion of the founding family.爱马仕首席执行官、家族企业继承人埃克塞尔#8226;杜迈(Axel Dumas)说:“迄今为止,没有迹象显示我们的业绩受到了任何影响。”The French company does not break out mainland sales, but sales in Asia (excluding Japan) rose 17 per cent in the first half of 2014, while first-half sales for its rival LVMH in Asia (excluding Japan) were up only 3 per cent.这家法国公司没有披露它在中国内地的销售数据,但该公司2014年上半年在亚洲的销售额(不算日本)增长了17%,其竞争对手路威酩轩集团(LVMH)同期同地区销售额仅增长3%。And despite the generally gloomy atmosphere around luxury in China these days, in September Hermès opened its first mainland maison , in Shanghai, to complement those in Paris, New York, Tokyo and Seoul.此外,尽管眼下中国奢侈品市场整体不景气,但爱马仕在中国内地的首家“爱马仕之家”9月在上海揭幕,这是全球继巴黎、纽约、东京和首尔之后的第5家。It might seem like the worst time to do such a thing, but Mr Dumas is not in the least bit worried. That could just be the self-confidence that comes with representing the sixth generation of the company’s founding family. But it is more likely that his optimism reflects a more important underlying fact about why the French luxury group continues to do well in the middle kingdom, despite the most challenging luxury market conditions in a decade.这个时机看上去或许糟糕透了,但杜迈丝毫也不担心,也许这不过是作为家族企业第六代传人的自信在起作用。不过他的乐观更有可能反映了一个更为重要的基本事实,这个事实揭示出,面对10年来最严峻的奢侈品市场环境,这家法国奢侈品集团为何能继续在“中央王国”创出良好业绩。Hermès represents what China aspires to be: not just another nouveau riche nation with more money than taste, but a country of sophisticated affluence and understated extravagance.爱马仕代表着中国希望拥有的风格:不只是成为一个有钱没品位的新富国家,更要成为一个富裕得有内涵、奢华得低调的国家。Mr Dumas thinks time is on the company’s side, as Chinese consumers outgrow their tendency to show off with luxury brands and develop an appetite for savouring them.杜迈认为,形势对爱马仕将越来越有利,因为中国消费者超越了用奢侈品牌来炫耀的阶段,开始喜欢品味奢侈品牌的内涵。Most retail analysts agree: Chinese consumers are growing keener on niche top-level brands such as Hermès and less fond of logo-laden, mass luxury rivals such as LVMH and Gucci.大多数零售业分析师认同上述看法:中国消费者越来越青睐小众顶级品牌,比如爱马仕,对印有醒目logo的大众奢侈品牌热度下降,比如爱马仕的竞争对手路威酩轩集团和古驰(Gucci)。Torsten Stocker, retail partner at consultancy AT Kearney in Hong Kong, says: “Hermès’ more classic style fits well with the high-end Chinese consumer’s shift to less ostentatious items.” Cao Weiming, Hermès head in China, agrees: “Two to three years ago, we started to see some changes, even before the anti-corruption campaign began, as the market moved naturally toward greater sophistication, where consumers are more brand-knowledgeable than show-off.”咨询公司科尔尼(AT Kearney)驻香港的零售部合伙人唐仕德(Torsten Stocker)表示:“中国高端消费者的喜好在发生变化,他们开始青睐不那么招摇的东西,爱马仕经典的风格恰好迎合了这种趋势。”爱马仕中国区总裁曹伟明也表示:“两三年前,我们就注意到了一些变化,那时反腐运动还未开始,市场开始自然地转向青睐更雅致的风格,消费者更懂得品牌的内涵,而不是为了炫耀而消费。”That transformation will take time; but that is one thing the French house prides itself on having.完成这种转变需要花些时间;不过爱马仕引以为豪的就是,它有的是时间。It takes many years to train its craftsmen. It takes forever to get through the waiting list to buy a Birkin bag. It even took seven years to build the Shanghai maison.它花许多年时间来训练自己的工匠。购买铂金包的轮候时间简直就是遥遥无期。它甚至花了7年时间来建上海的爱马仕之家。Mr Dumas points out that his family’s connection with China stretches a long way back: his grandmother, who was born in the early 20th century, when many French writers and artists indulged a passion for the “far east”, was a fan of mah-jong.杜迈指出,他的家族与中国的渊源能追溯到很久以前:20世纪初,许多法国作家和艺术家对“远东”怀有向往,他奶奶就出生在那个年代,生前喜欢打麻将。Gestures toward that Chinese heritage pepper the Beijing store, including horse-themed dinnerware for the current lunar year of the horse.在北京的专卖店里,中国传统元素随处可见,包括马年主题餐具。Indeed, Hermès is so keen on winning over this market that four years ago it launched its own Chinese luxury brand, Shang Xia – one of the few mainland brands that celebrates its Chineseness, rather than apologising for it.事实上,爱马仕如此渴望赢得这个市场,以至于它在4年前推出了自己的中国奢侈品牌——“上下”。这个品牌非但不为自己的中国风感到遗憾,反而极力突显这一点,这在内地品牌中是少有的。Everything in the Shang Xia collection of clothing, jewellery, furniture and objets d’art has a story: a cashmere felt coat is inspired by the wool felt saddle blankets used by Mongolian horsemen; a jade “ladder to heaven” necklace echoes the bamboo undergarments worn in imperial China to keep heavy ceremonial fabrics away from sweaty skin.“上下”设计的每一件衣、珠宝、家具和工艺品,都有一个故事:羊绒毡,灵感来自蒙古游牧民族使用羊毛制作的毡子;“天梯”项链,由和田玉等4种材质制成,灵感来自古时中国人夏天贴身穿着的吸汗竹衣。It is the first Chinese lifestyle brand built from the ground by a leading European luxury house. Making it a success will take time, even decades.它是第一个由欧洲领先奢侈品集团从零开始打造的中国时尚品牌。将它打造为一个成功品牌需要花些时间,甚至数十年。 /201411/344931。

If you have ever shopped for a new home,you know that it can sometimes seem like a wild roller-coaster ride. Well, theDutch real estate company Huizen Promoter took thatconcept quite literally by installing an actual roller coaster throughout theinside and outside of a home on the market.如果你去买房过,你知道有时候那感觉就像是在坐疯狂的过山车。哦,荷兰有家叫做赫伊曾推销的房地产公司就按其字面意思在待售的房子内外安置了真实的过山车。Potential buyers get in the coaster car andtake off for a ride throughout the home and then around the outside. They whizby the kitchen, through the living room, and up the stairs, all from thecomfort of a roller-coaster seat. If you want to see just how Huizenpulled off the stunt, the company uploaded amaking-of to itsYouTube page. Homeowner Marjan Kraaij says the company approached herdaughter with the idea and they could not turn it down, adding, “After all, Idid want to sell the house.” The team that helped build the contraption saidthat they researched home coasters online.潜在买家坐着山车先游览室内,之后再绕行室外。他们可以舒地坐在过山车的座位里快速经过厨房、起居室,并登上楼梯。如果你想知道赫伊曾是如何完成这个绝技的话,该公司将制作过程的视频上传到了该公司的视频网站页面。房主Marjan Kraaij说这家公司跟她女儿说了他们的想法,他们觉得这是个不应拒绝的主意,她还说,“毕竟,我想要卖掉房子”。协助建造这个装置的团队说,他们在网上调研过家用过山车装置。Huizen Promoter#39;s slogan is, appropriately,;Get more attention for your house.; And while the roller-coaster idea might beits craziest one yet, during the month of December, the company is offeringunique options to boost exposure of homes for sale, such as bus-stop posters,mega highway billboards, and airplane banners. No word yet if the home has beensold; however, if I were the buyer, I would demand that the coaster stay put!赫伊曾推销公司有个相称的口号,“让你的房子获得更多关注”。不过过山车的主意可能是该公司想过的最疯狂的点子了,12月份,这家公司为推动售房提出了几个独特方法,例如在公交车站贴海报、利用高速公路的大型广告牌,还有派用飞机拉横幅。目前并没有房子已经被售出的消息,但如果我是购房者的话,我会要求留着过山车 /201412/347665。

A gorgeous woman with long wavy brown hair graces the cover of the forthcoming July issue of glossy magazine Vanity Fair. Meet Caitlyn Jenner, 65, a US Olympic athlete and TV personality formerly known as Bruce Jenner. Jenner, US reality television star Kim Kardashian’s stepmother and former stepfather, is one of the stars in reality TV show Keeping Up With the Kardashians. But this was the first time she has been photographed as a woman since she came out as transgender in April.她一头棕色长卷发,性感动人,令(美国)时尚杂志《名利场》7月的封面变得熠熠夺目;她就是今年65岁的凯特琳#8226;詹纳,原名布鲁斯#8226;詹纳,美国前奥运冠军、电视名人;他还是美国真人秀(《与卡戴珊同行》)明星金#8226;卡戴珊的继父,不过现在应该称为“继母”。 自今年4月完成变性手术后,这是她首次以女性的身份参与拍摄工作。Jenner’s coming-out is a big moment in US pop culture history. As Western countries like the US have become more socially liberal, transgender people have become less marginalized. So how can you talk about transgender people and related issues without being offensive? GLAAD, a US organization aiming to improve representation of those who identify as LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender) in the media, offers guidelines.詹纳的出现是美国流行文化史上的一个重要时刻。随着美国等西方国家社会自由度的不断提高,跨性别者(变性人)越来越少受到排斥。当谈论到跨性别者或与其相关的话题时,如何表达才能不冒犯到他人?美国一家致力于为LGBT(同性恋、双性恋与跨性别者)人群发声的组织GLAAD给出了如下建议:Basic concepts基本概念Gender Identity性别认同One’s deeply held sense of one’s gender. For transgender people, their own gender identity does not match their sex. Most people have a gender identity of male or female. For some people, gender identity does not fit neatly into these two choices.性别认同指每个人对自己性别根深蒂固的认识。跨性别者即自我性别认同与生理性别不匹配。大部分人的性别认同不是男性就是女性,但也有一些人对自己的性别认同超出了男女的范围。Gender Expression性别表达External manifestations of gender expressed through one’s name, pronouns, clothing, haircut, behavior, voice, or body characteristics. Society identifies these cues as masculine and feminine. Typically, transgender people seek to make their gender expression align with their gender identity, rather than the sex they were born as.外在的性别表达包括:姓名、称呼、穿着、发型、行为举止、声音以及身体特征。而社会(性别)身份则分为男性化或女性化。而跨性别者则力图让性别表达与性别认同,而非生理性别相一致。Sexual Orientation性取向Describes a person’s enduring physical and romantic attraction to another person. Gender identity and sexual orientation are not the same. Transgender people may be straight, lesbian, gay, or bisexual. For example, a person who transits from male to female and is attracted solely to men would identify as a straight woman.性取向指一个人在情感与生理上对他人的持久的吸引。性取向与性别认同并不完全相同。跨性别者可能是异性恋、同性恋或双性恋。比如,一个人从男性变为女性,但依旧对男性情有独钟,那么她就是女性异性恋者。Transgender跨性别者An umbrella term for people whose gender identity and/or gender expression differs from what is typically associated with the sex they were born as. Some undergo medical procedures or surgery to change their bodies. But not all transgender people can or will take those steps, and a transgender identity is not dependent upon medical procedures.跨性别者是对性别认同与性别表达中至少有一项与天生生理性别不一致人群的统称。有些人通过药物或手术治疗改变生理性别,但并非所有的跨性别者都能够或愿意接受这一改变。同时,跨性别认同并不取决于是否接受变性治疗。Transgender man变性人(女变男)People who are born female but identify and live as a man may use this term to describe themselves. They may shorten it to “trans man”. Some may also use FTM, an abbreviation for female-to-male. Some may prefer to simply be called men, without any modifier. It is best to ask which term an individual prefers. The term’s exact opposite is “transgender woman” or “trans woman”. But take note that transgender women are not cross-dressers or drag queens. Drag queens are men, typically gay men, who dress like women for the purpose of entertainment. Do not use the word “transvestite” at all, unless someone specifically self-identifies that way.变性人(女变男)指生为女性,但性别认同为男性,并以男性身份生活的人们,英文也可缩写为“trans man”,或FTM(女变男)。有些人更希望人们直接称呼他们“男人”,不加任何修饰语。当然,称呼前最好询问一下他们的个人偏好。与这个词相对的则是“(男变女)变性人”,英文简称“trans woman”。不过,一定要注意将他们和“异装者”或“变装皇后”区别开。后者指为了效果,扮女装的男性(尤其是男同性恋者)。同时,也要避免使用“异装癖”这个词,除非被称呼者本人也如此认为。 /201506/380860。

AmorePacific, South Korea’s biggest cosmetics company by sales, is riding high on booming Chinese demand amid the huge popularity of Korean pop culture in the region.在韩国流行文化在中国大受欢迎之际,中国对韩国产品的需求相当旺盛,韩国销售额最高的化妆品公司爱茉莉太平洋(AmorePacific)正借助这一有利趋势继续壮大。The cosmetics maker has become investors’ favourite company, thanks to its rapid earnings growth and bright outlook, with its share price surging nearly 160 per cent to about Won2.3m over the past year.该公司已成为投资者青睐的企业,这源于其快速的盈利增长以及光明前景。过去一年,该公司股价飙升近160%,至230万韩元左右。The company’s overseas sales surged 38 per cent to Won382.7bn (9m) in the first half of this year as it generates one-fifth of its revenue outside South Korea. Its full-year overseas sales are expected to reach Won700bn as growing interest in South Korean drama and music helps boost sales of its skin care products in China and other parts of Asia.今年上半年,爱茉莉太平洋海外销售额飙升38%,至3827亿韩元(合3.49亿美元),该公司五分之一的收入来自韩国以外。预计全年海外销售额将达到7000亿韩元,此际人们对韩国电视剧和音乐的兴趣日益增强,这帮助提升了该公司护肤品在中国以及亚洲其他地区的销售额。Young Asian women, especially Chinese tourists, are flocking to Seoul to buy moisturising creams and foundations, with the help of ads featuring South Korean stars from the films, soap operas and music that have taken Asia by storm over the past decade.年轻的亚洲女性(特别是中国游客)正涌入首尔,购买保湿护肤霜和保湿粉底,韩国的电影、电视和音乐明星们拍摄的广告对此推波助澜,过去10年,韩国的这些产业犹如风暴一般席卷亚洲。“The Korea Wave has certainly been helpful in raising our brand awareness in the region,” says Sean Kim, the company’s vice-president in charge of business strategy. “We aim to become the Asian beauty creator by answering Asian women’s strong needs for clean and bright skin.”“‘韩流’肯定有助于提升我们在亚洲地区的品牌认知度,”爱茉莉太平洋负责商业战略的副总裁Sean Kim表示,“我们的目标是成为亚洲的美丽缔造者,满足亚洲女性对于干净明亮肌肤的强烈渴求。”China lies at the heart of the company’s plans to increase international sales to half of its target sales of Won12tn by 2020. Its total revenues amounted to Won3.1tn last year. Despite its fast growth, AmorePacific is still finding its feet in China with just a 1.2 per cent share of the country’s beauty and personal care market, compared with Procter amp; Gamble’s 13.5 per cent and L’Oréal’s 9.1 per cent, according to market researcher Euromonitor International.该公司计划到2020年,将海外销售额增至其12万亿韩元目标总销售额的一半。中国居于这一计划的中心。去年,该公司总收入达到3.1万亿韩元。根据市场研究机构欧睿国际(Euromonitor)的数据,尽管增长迅速,但爱茉莉太平洋仅占据中国美容和个人护理市场1.2%的份额,而宝洁(Procter amp; Gamble)高达13.5%,欧莱雅(L’Oréal)占9.1%。“China is the biggest and most important market for us,” says Mr Kim, forecasting Chinese sales will jump more than 40 per cent a year to top Won3tn by 2020 from Won338.7bn last year.Sean Kim表示:“对我们而言,中国是最大也是最重要的市场。”他预测,到2020年,该公司在华销售额将每年增长40%以上,从去年的3387亿韩元增至逾3万亿韩元。The company is pinning high hopes on a new cosmetics factory and research centre in Shanghai, which will boost its annual production capacity by 10 times to 100m units, as it tries to wrest share from bigger western rivals such as Pamp;G and L’Oréal.该公司正对在上海新建的化妆品工厂以及研究中心寄予厚望,该中心将令每年的生产能力扩大10倍,至1亿件。爱茉莉太平洋正试图从宝洁和欧莱雅等规模较大的西方竞争对手手中抢夺市场份额。While AmorePacific uses famous South Korean actors and actresses to promote its products, Mr Kim stresses that high quality is essential to ensure that Chinese consumers keep buying its products. The company, which has about 3,500 shops in China, is expanding its product line-up tailored toward Chinese customers such as ultra-hydrating creams, cleansing creams and collagen drinks to address their concern about pollution and dry weather.尽管爱茉莉太平洋利用韩国著名演员来推销其产品,但Sean Kim强调,高质量对于确保中国消费者继续购买其产品至关重要。该公司在中国大约有3500家门店,正扩大针对中国消费者的产品系列,例如超级补水霜、洗面奶和胶原蛋白口液,以解她们对于污染和干燥天气的担忧。Chinese sales are driven by mid-priced lotions and face creams under brand names such as Laneige and Innisfree, which highlight natural ingredients such as green tea from the scenic Jeju island. Yet its luxury cosmetics range, Sulwhasoo, based on traditional herbal medicines such as ginseng, is also gaining increasing popularity.爱茉莉太平洋在华销售额受到兰芝(Laneige)和悦诗风吟(Innisfree)等品牌的中档价位化妆水和面霜的推动,这些产品强调天然成分,例如来自景色美丽的济州岛的绿茶。而该公司基于人参等传统中草药的高端化妆品系列雪花秀(Sulwhasoo),也正受到越来越多消费者的欢迎。“While emotional communication is effective for Korean consumers, Chinese women often ask for more scientific functions such as whitening and anti-ageing,” says Mr Kim.Sean Kim表示:“尽管情感沟通对韩国消费者有效,但中国女性经常会要求更多科技功效,例如美白和抗衰老。”About half of the company’s overseas sales come from China but the company products such as whitening creams and “air cushion” foundations soaked in a sponge are also popular in southeast Asia. Mr Kim says however that the company must expand further into western markets to achieve its long-term vision of joining the top five global brands by 2020 as well as becoming the number one cosmetics company in Asia.该公司海外销售额的一半左右来自中国,但美白霜和浸入海绵之中的“气垫”粉底在东南亚也很受欢迎。然而Sean Kim表示,该公司必须进一步向西方市场扩张,以实现到2020年跻身全球5大品牌的长期目标,同时成为亚洲头号化妆品公司。Its Lolita Lempicka perfume was once one of France’s top five-selling fragrances although sales in the French market have stagnated in recent years. The company is now trying to revive momentum in France after acquiring premium perfume brand Annick Goutal in 2011. In the US, the company is also trying to position itself as a high-end niche player, focusing on premium brands such as Sulwhasoo.该公司的洛俪塔(Lolita Lempicka)香水曾经是法国最热销的5款香水之一,但最近几年,这款产品在法国市场的销售额陷于停滞。在2011年收购高端香水品牌Annick Goutal之后,该公司正努力在法国恢复往日神采。在美国,该公司也正努力将自己定位为高端利基品牌,专注雪花秀等高端品牌。“Asia is still our main market but we will have to go beyond the region eventually to become a truly global company,” says Mr Kim. “It will probably be an uphill battle, given our low brand recognition in western markets. However, we see an optimistic sign in westerners’ growing interest in Asian beauty.”“亚洲仍是我们的主要市场,但我们必须将目光放远,最终成为一家真正的国际性企业,”Sean Kim表示,“鉴于我们在西方的品牌认知度较低,这可能会是一场硬仗。但西方人对亚洲美的兴趣正日益增强,我们从中看到了乐观迹象。” /201412/346577。

Making decisions when shopping is often a tough call. Even if you’re satisfied with the first dress you try on, would you go on looking for alternatives, comparing styles and prices, until you literally dropped dead?在购物时做决定往往十分困难。就算对自己试穿的第一件衣很满意,你会不会继续尝试其他选择,在各种风格与价格之间比来比去,直到“倒地而亡”?According to a recent Wall Street Journal column, psychology researchers have studied how people make decisions and concluded there are two basic styles. “Maximizers” like to take their time and weigh a wide range of options — sometimes every possible one — before choosing. “Satisficers” (combination of the word “satisfice” and “satisfy”) would rather be fast than thorough.据《华尔街日报》日前一专栏报道:心理研究人员对人们作出决定的过程进行了研究,并将其总结成两种基本风格:一是愿意花时间对各种选择进行考虑的“最大化者”,二是不求全面只求速度的 “满足者”。英文中,Satisficers (满足者)一词由satisfice(为取得某一目标不惜最低要求)与satisfy(满足)组合而成。“Maximizers are people who want the best. Satisficers are people who want good enough,” Barry Schwartz, a professor of psychology at Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania and the author of The Paradox of Choice told The Wall Street Journal.《选择的悖论》一书的作者、宾夕法尼亚斯州沃斯莫尔学院的心理学教授巴里#8226;施瓦茨在接受《华尔街日报》的采访时说:“‘最大化者’想要最好的,而‘满足者’只要足够好就可以了。”In a study published in 2006 in the journal Psychological Science, Schwartz and his colleagues followed 548 job-seeking college seniors at 11 schools from October through their graduation in June. They found that the maximizers landed better jobs. Their starting salaries were, on average, 20 percent higher than those of the satisficers, but they felt worse about their jobs.在2006年发表于《心理科学》杂志的一项研究中,施瓦茨和他的同事们调查了来自11所大学的548名大四学生从当年十月至来年六月间找工作的情况。他们发现“最大化者”能找到更好的工作,起薪普遍比“满足者”高20%,但是他们对工作的满意度却不及“满足者”。No right choice没有正确的选择“The maximizer is kicking himself because he can’t examine every option and at some point had to just pick something,” Schwartz says. “Maximizers make good decisions and end up feeling bad about them. Satisficers make good decisions and end up feeling good.”施瓦茨说:“‘最大化者’不可能仔细研究所有选项,但却不得不在某个时刻做出决定,因此他们总是后悔自己做出的选择。。因此,他们虽然做出了好的决策,却总是以糟糕的情绪收场。‘满足者’同样也做出了不错的决定,并且感觉不错。”Satisficers also have high standards, but they are happier than maximizers, he says. Maximizers tend to be more depressed and to report a lower satisfaction with life, his research found.他还说,“满足者”对事物的标准并不低,而且他们比“最大化者”更开心。他的调查显示,“最大化者”更容易沮丧,对生活的满意度也更低。Faced with so many choices in our lives, we need to learn how not to waste time and energy on our decision-making, says Jane C. Hu in Slate online magazine.Jane C. Hu在网络杂志Slate上说,在生活中,面对如此多的选择,我们需要学会如何在做决定上不浪费时间和精力。First of all, Hu suggests, decrease your range of options. For instance, if you’re picking a restaurant for a lunch meeting, first deciding on a certain part of town or type of cuisine can narrow your options.Hu提出的建议是,首先,缩小选择范围。比如,为午餐会选择饭店,你可以先确定选择饭店所在的地区或者菜式,以此来缩小选择的范围。Once you’ve arrived at a decision, stick with it. Just accept that no decision is ever completely perfect, and remind yourself that it is the best you can do at the moment. To limit the number of options you can consider, you can set a self-imposed time limit for decision-making, Hu advises. Say you are buying a new bag, you could spend an amount of time studying features and optimizing price and value — “but if you give yourself only five minutes to make a decision, there are only these bags you can consider. You’ll save time, you’ll be happier with your decision, too”.一旦做了决定,就坚持下去。没有一个决定是尽善尽美的,提醒自己这是你此时能做的最好选择。Hu还建议到,你也可以对自己做选择的时间做出限定,以减少自己需要考虑的选项。比如说你要买一个新的包包,你可以花相当多的时间来研究包包的特点,寻找最物美价廉的存在, “但是如果你只给自己五分钟的时间做决定,你就能考虑为数不多的几个包包。这样既节省了时间,也让你在做选择时心情更好。” /201412/346771。