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我的老板让我到镇外出差一个星期,这是老板们想要摆脱某人一个星期的惯用方法。About 6 percent of luxury hotels in three major Chinese cities have stopped serving shark fin, a survey has found.一项调查显示,在中国的三大城市中有近6%的高档酒店对鱼翅说“不”。Although the controversial delicacy remains on the at most hotels, Green Beagle Environment Institute, a Beijing-based non-government organization that was the main sponsor of the survey, said the results are encouraging and reflect increased awareness.尽管这道备受争议的美味仍出现大多数酒店的菜单上,本次调查的主办单位、来自北京的非政府组织达尔问自然求知社则表示,此次调查结果令人鼓舞、体现出人们环保意识的提高。The survey was carried out in Beijing, Shenzhen in Guangdong province and Fuzhou in Fujian province, which were selected as representative cities to collect basic data on shark fin consumption nationwide.这些调查分别在北京、深圳、福州三地展开,这三座城市被选为收集全国鱼翅消费基本数据的代表城市。In Beijing, 132 hotels completed the phone questionnaire between Nov 20 and Dec 12.11月20日到12月12日之间,共有132家北京酒店完成了电话问卷调查。Only 12 hotels, 9 percent, said they do not serve shark fin.只有12家酒店(占9%)表示拒绝鱼翅。A similar survey of 131 Beijing hotels conducted a year ago found only one hotel that did not serve shark fin, Wang Xue, chief coordinator of the survey, said on Saturday.该调查的主要协调人王雪(音译)上周六表示,一年前的一项类似调查显示,在北京受访的131家酒店中,只有一家酒店对鱼翅说“不”。In Shenzhen, four out of the 85 four and five star hotels surveyed had stopped serving shark fin, accounting for about 5 percent. In Fuzhou, only one of the 40 hotels surveyed did not serve shark fin.在深圳,共有85家四五星级酒店参与此次调查,其中有四家酒店拒绝鱼翅,约占5%。在福州,参与调查的40家酒店中,只有一家表示拒绝鱼翅。On average, about 6.61 percent of the hotels in the three cities did not serve the food.平均来说,三地约有6.61%的酒店对鱼翅说“不”。;The survey reminded us there is still a long way to go to remove shark fins from Chinese hotels and restaurants, but the improved situation in Beijing is encouraging,; said Wang. ;We found more hotels and restaurants were willing to take action over the past year.;王雪表示:“该调查提醒我们要想中国餐营业全面拒绝鱼翅,还有很长一段路要走,但是北京状况的改善十分令人鼓舞。过去一年中我们发现越来越多的餐厅和酒店自愿加入拒绝鱼翅的行列。”International hotels are more active in the ;shark-fin-free; project, she noted. Shangri-la, Peninsula, JW Marriot, Accor and Starwood are among the hotels that have declared they will not serve shark fin.她指出,许多国际酒店在“拒绝鱼翅”项目中表现得更积极。香格里拉、半岛、J.W.万豪、雅高以及喜达屋等酒店品牌纷纷表示不再提供鱼翅。China is the world`s biggest importer and consumer of shark fin, which has been used in luxurious Chinese dishes for 500 years. Dishes made from shark fin are still regarded as a symbol of honor and respect, especially at business dinners, according to Wang.王雪介绍说,中国是全球最大的鱼翅进口国兼消费国,鱼翅作为中国顶级食材已有500年的历史了。鱼翅菜肴仍然被视作尊贵的象征,尤其是在商务宴会上。;Our awareness-raising mainly targets the luxury hotels, restaurants and businessmen associations,; she said.她表示:“我们旨在提升这些高档酒店、餐厅以及商会的相关意识。”Her organization has held talks with China Hotel Association and discussed the association adding ;shark fin free; into its scoring system for hotels hoping to gain the Green Hotel or Green Restaurant label, said Wang.王雪称自己所在的组织已同中国饭店协会展开会谈,并就将“零鱼翅”加入绿色酒店、餐厅的评分机制这一问题进行讨论。Displays of dried shark fin in hotels and restaurants are expected to soon be banned by the hotel association.中国饭店协会有望在短时间内对各大酒店、餐厅下达“鱼翅禁售令”。;We hope hotels and restaurants remove shark fin products from their s,; Wang said.王雪表示:“我们希望所有酒店及餐厅都可以将鱼翅产品从菜单上去除。”The Chinese government pledged to ban shark fin products from government banquets in late June, but the regulation is expected to take three years to release officially.今年六月末,国家政府承诺官宴禁止鱼翅产品,而该禁令将在三年内正式发布。The NGOs that oppose shark fin consumption aim to protect the decreasing number of sharks in the ocean and stop shark-finning, a practice that condemns the finless sharks to a slow death.那些反对鱼翅消费的非政府组织致力于保护海洋中鲨鱼数量的减少,制止“削鳍”行为的发生——这种行为致使那些失去鳍的鲨鱼慢慢消亡。Research has also found that shark fin contains poisonous elements, including lead and mercury, but the nutritious value is less than that of chicken or pork.同时也有研究发现鲨鱼翅含有铅汞等有毒元素,而营养价值却不及鸡肉和猪肉。Some fishing associations in China say shark fin products should not be banned and deny shark-finning occurs. They claim a ban on the fins will lead to waste when sharks are captured with other fish.国内几家水产协会表示鱼翅产品不应被禁,声称割鳍弃肉的行为根本就不存在了。他们表示,当鲨鱼同其他鱼类被一同捕捞上来时,鱼翅禁令将会导致资源浪费的现象。 /201212/215203When you#39;re trying to diet in secret in a busy office, says Dave Briscoe, a researcher from Surrey, the trick is to accept each treat that is offered – but only one chocolate, and the smallest piece of cake. Accept less, and you#39;ll be suspect. Accept more, and your plan is scuppered. ;That was the rule I kept to,; he says, ;to avoid people asking awkward questions.;当你想在繁忙的办公室秘密节食,戴夫#8231;布里斯科说,一位来自萨里郡的研究者,技巧在于接受他人提供的每一次招待——但只吃一块巧克力,以及最小的那块蛋糕。少拿了,你会被怀疑。多拿了,你的计划就泡汤了。“这是我一直保持的规则,”他说,“为了避免人们询问一些尴尬的问题。”Briscoe (not his real name) isn#39;t the only man who has dieted in secret. A survey of more than 600 men, conducted for the home delivery brand Diet Chef, found 90% wanted to lose weight, but almost one in three wouldn#39;t tell anyone about their diet plans – even friends and family. It seems that a surfeit of shame still exists around weight and a good proportion of people at any one time are likely to be dieting secretly. But this issue seems to affect men and women in different ways.Briscoe (化名)并不是唯一在秘密节食的人。一个由送货上门品牌Diet Chef进行的对超过600人的调查发现90%的人想减肥,但几乎三分之一的人不会告诉任何人关于他们的饮食计划——即便是朋友和家人。看来,饮食过度的耻辱仍然对体重存在影响,大多数人任何时候都可能在秘密节食。但是这个问题似乎以不同的方式影响着男人和女人。 Phil Mundy, a food and diet writer, says many men are unwilling to say they are on a diet because it involves admitting they have a problem in the first place. This isn#39;t helped by the fact that ;the term diet, for decades, has been associated with women;, and for men of a certain age it#39;s therefore considered emasculating. He thinks there might be more willingness among younger men to discuss weight in public – but the problem is, if they do, says Briscoe, it#39;s still considered acceptable ;to take the piss out of them, in a way you never would with women. It#39;s seen as just a part of office banter, but for men it#39;s equally upsetting. Why wouldn#39;t it be?;菲尔#8226;曼迪,餐饮作家,说很多男人都不愿意说他们正在节食,因为这涉及承认首先他们存在问题。这并不是得益于这样一个事实,即“术语节食几十年来都一直和女人有关”,对于一定年龄的男人来说这有可能会被认为是自虐。他认为年轻男性可能更愿意在公共场合讨论体重,但问题是,如果他们这样做,Briscoe说,它仍被认为可以接受“他们被嘲笑,以一种你从未那样对待女性的方式。这仅被视为办公室幽默的一部分,但对男人也同样困扰。为什么不是呢?”Bob Baker (again, not his real name), from Brighton, says the moment it becomes possible to discuss weight is often when a secret dieter has shifted a good few stone, and feels proud of their achievement. At that stage, Briscoe agrees, men will often start talking about it, ;but in my experience they#39;ll make it sound simpler, more sensible and easier than it probably was. They just cut out a certain food, or stopped eating after a certain time. They won#39;t be telling the whole truth; just a version. They won#39;t be saying: #39;Actually, this has been quite a big part of my everyday thoughts.#39; They want to portray it like a DIY problem. #39;There was a problem, and I fixed it.#39;;鲍勃#8226;贝克(再一次,不是他的真名),来自布赖顿,说有可能谈论体重的那一刻通常是当一个秘密的节食者已经瘦下来很多同时他们为自己的成就而感到自豪的时候。在那个阶段,Briscoe同意男人通常会开始谈论它,“但根据我的经验,他们将会让它比原来听起来更简单、更明智、更容易。他们只是杜绝一种特定的食物,或一定时段之后停止进食。他们不会告诉你全部的真相,只是一个版本。他们不会说:’实际上,这是我每天所想的大问题。’ 他们想将其描绘成像一个像DIY那样的问题。’有问题,同时我解决了。’”There are mixed outlooks on whether it is healthier to be open; support from family and friends can, of course, be helpful, but divulging your diet to anyone who might respond with fat jibes could prompt a sorry descent into comfort eating, says Mundy. When it comes to this subject, we probably all just need to grow up, so it can be discussed honestly and clearly. It#39;s not an uncommon problem – and it shouldn#39;t be an unspeakable one.关于是否更健康的公开前景模糊;来自家人和朋友的持当然是有帮助的,但向嘲笑脂肪的人泄露你的饮食可能导致功亏一篑从而陷入安慰性饮食,曼迪说。当谈到这个问题时,我们可能都只需要长大起来,所以它才可以被诚实而清晰地讨论。这不是不寻常的问题——它不应该成为不能言说的秘密。 /201211/210497

Class, Lass and Ass班级、情人和蠢驴Professor Tom was going to meet his students on the next day,so he wrote some words on the blackboard which as follows: Professor Tom will meet the class tomorrow.汤姆教授打算第二天与他的学生见面,因此他在黑板上写道:“汤姆教授明天将和大家见面”。A student, seeing his chance to display his sense of humor after ing the notice, walked up and erased the c in the word class. The Professor noticing the laughter, wheeled around, walked back, looked at the student, then at the notice with the c erased--calmly walked up and erased the l in lass, looked at the flabbergasted student and proceeded on his way.一位学生看到这条通知后,觉得展示自己幽默感的机会来了,就走上前,将“class”中的“c”擦掉,将意思变为“汤姆教授明天将和情妇见面”。教授听到笑声,转过身走回来,看了看那位学生,又看看被改动过的通知,不动声色地走上前,把“lass”中的“l”擦掉,将意思改为“汤姆教授明天将和蠢驴见面”。看了看那位目瞪口呆的学生,教授扬长而去。内容来自: /201206/185840

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