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成都市武侯区人民医院鼻炎怎么样九龙坡南岸区看声带小结哪家好1_09 I’m full. I’m full. 我吃饱了. I’m stuffed. 我吃得很饱. I can’t eat another bite. 我一口也吃不下了. I ate too much. 我吃太多了. I need a rest. 我需要休息一下. I need to take it easy. 我需要轻松一下. I’ll gain weight. 我会变胖. I’ll get fat. 我会变肥. I need to walk it off. 我需要散散步来消耗. /200705/13682四川大学华西医院鼻甲肥大怎么样 075 The countryside Words Rural field agriculture village farm crop farm animals hill mountain river stream lake pond tree grassland irrigation quiet calm relaxing migration Phrases Live a quiet life Breathe fresh air Away from the hustle and bustle Enjoy country walks Beginner A: I’d love to have my own farm. B: it would be very hard work. Are you sure? A: I wouldn’t mind getting up early morning and the physical work would make me fit and healthy. B: running a farm would be totally different to you current job. A: that’s one reason I’d like to try it. I’d really like to get away from working 9 to 5 in an office. B; you’d need a lot of training before becoming a farmer. It’s not something you can just walk into. A: my uncle owns a farm and I’ve spent some time working with him. I love being in the countryside with farm animals and green fields. B; well, I ‘d certainly come and visit you. It would be great to take a working holiday on a farm. I’d love to get away from hustle and bustle of the city for a while. Intermediate A: it’s so relaxing, taking a walk in the country. The air is so fresh and clean. B; would you like to live in the country? I’m not sure I’d like it. A: I can see a lot of advantage and disadvantage. The problem is that, for me, each advantage has its own disadvantage. B: what do you mean? A: well, I hate the noise in the city, but I love being around lost of people. The problem is that you can’t have lots of people and have peace and quiet. The tow just don’t go together. B: I see what you mean. I love being far away from a city, but I hate being so far away department stores and sports facilities. A: people can’t have it both ways. If you live in the country, it is often less convenient. If you live in a city, it is noisy, buy there’s more to do. B; I would love to be surrounded by hills and streams. They’re so much better to look at than concrete, rows of parked cars and tall buildings. A: I would love to hear the birds singing and feel the fresh breeze on my face. When the wind blows in the city, you get dust in your mouth and in your eyes. B; the view from the hill is so beautiful and relaxing. There’s so sign of pollution. The village looks so peaceful. A: just remember that in that village there’s nothing to do. There’s not even a pub or restaurant. There’s just one small shop with a poor selection of goods. B; you’re right. I would have to travel to the city at least once a week to go shopping and see friends. I would hate living in the country! /200705/13751We call this a co-viewing clique, a virtual living room if you will.我们称之为共视团体,你可以把它当成一个虚拟的客厅And there are fascinating dynamics at play. Its not one way.这里头上演着引人注目的戏剧。它不是单向的A piece of content, an event, causes someone to talk. They talk to other people.一个内容,一个事件促使某人发表了意见。他们和其他人对话That drives tune-in behavior back into mass media,就驱动了大众传媒的收视行为and you have these cycles that drive the overall behavior.于是出现了这样的循环,驱动了整体的收视行为Another example -- very different -- another actual person in our database --另一个例子--情况很不同--我们的资料库里有一位人士--and were finding at least hundreds, if not thousands, of these. Weve given this person a name.其实我们可以找到成千上百个例子。我们给这个人一个名字This is a pro-amateur, or pro-am media critic who has this high fan-out rate.这是一个专业的媒体员,有很多粉丝So a lot of people are following this person -- very influential --很多人都追随他--很有影响力--and they have a propensity to talk about whats on TV.他们很喜欢讨论电视上在播的东西So this person is a key link in connecting mass media and social media together.于是这个人就是一个关键的链接,将大众媒体和社交媒体联系在了一起One last example from this data: Sometimes its actually a piece of content that is special.这份资料的最后一个例子是:有时确实是一件特别的内容So if we go and look at this piece of content,如果我们回顾这个内容President Obamas State of the Union address from just a few weeks ago,几个星期前的奥巴马总统国情咨文演讲and look at what we find in this same data set,再来看看我们在这组资料中发现些什么at the same scale, the engagement properties of this piece of content are truly remarkable.用同样的尺度来衡量,这个内容的可参与属性真的是很神奇的A nation exploding in conversation in real time in response to whats on the broadcast.整个国家顿时同步爆发了谈话,针对广播的东西And of course, through all of these lines are flowing unstructured language.当然,通过这些线路,涌现出了结构的语言We can X-ray and get a real-time pulse of a nation,我们可以在社交点上感受一下这个国家即时的动脉real-time sense of the social reactions in the different circuits in the social graph being activated by content.即时的感受,不同的社会圈的社会反应被内容所激活,都展示在社会图表上。201705/509265秀山土家族苗族自治县治疗中耳炎多少钱

绵阳市妇幼保健院耳聋看怎么样好不好Ironically, it turns out, that its our differences, and our negotiation of difference,that unite us.讽刺的是,事实明,正是我们的不同和我们协商彼此的不同将我们连结起来。I decided to have children while I was working on this project.当我做这个项目的时候我决定要孩子。And many people were astonished and said,很多人对此感到惊奇,But how can you decide to have children in the midst of studying everything that can go wrong?你怎么能做出要孩子的决定,当你的研究是关于不如意的,且只进行到一半?And I said, Im not studying everything that can go wrong.我说,我研究的不是那些不如意。What Im studying is how much love there can be,even when everything appears to be going wrong.我研究的是,有多少爱可以给予,甚至当一切似乎都是个错误的情况下。I thought a lot about the mother of one disabled child I had seen,我想起我见过的一个残疾孩子的母亲,a severely disabled child who died through caregiver neglect.这个有严重残疾的孩子,因为照料不周而去世。And when his ashes were interred, his mother said,当他的骨灰被安葬的时候,他的母亲说,I pray here for forgiveness for having been twice robbed,我在这里祈祷宽恕,我失去了两个,once of the child I wanted and once of the son I loved.一个是我想要的孩子,一个是我所爱着的儿子。And I figured it was possible then for anyone to love any child if they had the effective will to do so.我以为任何一个人都可以去爱任何孩子,如果他们有能力就会这样做。So my husband is the biological father of two children with some lesbian friends in Minneapolis.我的丈夫是两个孩子的亲生父亲,这两个孩子的母亲是,他在明尼阿波利斯市的女同性恋朋友。I had a close friend from college whod gone through a divorce and wanted to have children.我大学时期有一个亲密的朋友,她离了婚却也想要孩子。And so she and I have a daughter,所以我和她生了一个女儿,and mother and daughter live in Texas.母亲和女儿居住在德克萨斯州。And my husband and I have a son who lives with us all the time of whom I am the biological father,我丈夫和我有个儿子和我们一起生活,我是他的生父,and our surrogate for the pregnancy was Laura,为我们的女士是劳拉,the lesbian mother of Oliver and Lucy in Minneapolis.她是明尼阿波利斯市奥利弗和露西的女同性恋母亲。201604/436348渠县人民医院扁桃体炎看怎么样好不好 重庆西南医院耳鼻喉专家医生

崇州市妇幼保健院耳鼻喉好吗Restaurants, Supermarkets and Schools 餐厅、超市和学校[这是一些特定的地点,餐厅是我们每个人都熟悉的地方,点菜买单的程序我们都经历过;学校教育更不必说,老师们说的话我们仍犹如在耳。下面的五段对话是本书最后的一节,让大家听听特定环境下所发生的对话以及人物的表达,为大家演习日后生活中也许将会出现的一幕。]NO.1Scent of a Woman《女人香》 上尉带着查理来到一家豪华餐厅。昂贵的价钱让查理心惊胆战,满不在乎的上尉对餐厅的务却颇有微词。这些食物菜式的的名称对中国学生来说是陌生的,也不易记住,因为太抽象,脑子里没有一点概念。如果哪天去了国外,也许会派得上用场。单词通缉令1. Jack Daniels 一种酒的名称2. on the rocks 加冰块的3. The Oakroom 电影中餐厅的名字4. bill of fare 价目表5. fries 炸薯条6. booze n.烈性酒7. mud n.泥浆8. miser n.吝啬鬼9. crisp a.脆的,易碎的10. special n.特色菜点11. charred a.碳烧的12. vension n.鹿肉13. buckwheat n.荞麦14. spaetzle n.意大利面条15. peppercorn n.干胡椒16. grilled a.烤过的17. eggplant n.茄子18. crepe soufflé 蛋白牛奶酥(法语)19. Shirley Temple 一种酒名20. chappy n.家伙(不客气的称呼)21. regular n.常客22. Schlitz n.一种啤酒的名字23. Blatz n.一种啤酒的名字24. improvise v.临时准备Slade: Bring us a and double 1)Jack Daniels 2)on the rocks, Charlie’s here.Waiter: Ah, perhaps you’ll feel more comfortable in this, sir.Slade: You look great. Here we are, Charlie, 3)the Oakroom. Now me the 4)bill of fare.Charlie Simms: Let’s see, we got the Oakroom burger and 5)fries 24 dollars.Slade: Where’s the 6)booze, flowing like 7)mud around here.Charlie: A 24-dollar hamburger? What’s the story?Slade: What story?Charlie: Are you like a rich 8)miser or something?Slade: No, I’m just your average blind man. Charlie: Your average blind man. How do you plan on paying for all this stuff?Slade: 9)Crisp clean dollars, American.Waiter: May I tell you our 10)specials?Slade: You may, sir. Waiter: Tonight we have 11)charred 12)venison with 13)buckwheat 14)spaetzle and green 15)peppercorn. 16)Grilled villpaird, tomato tapenade and roasted 17)eggplants. Slade: Get me a napkin, my mouth’s watering. Waiter: And if you would like our 18)crepe soufflé for desert, it will be a good idea to order now.Slade: Yes, on the soufflé. Give us a half a minute on the rest.Waiter: Very good, sir.Slade: Double Jack Daniels on the rocks, and bring my young friend here a 19)Shirley Temple.Charlie: Ah, hold on. Do you have beer?Waiter: Certainly. May I see some ID?Slade: Are you interested in walking the rest of your life 20)chappy?Waiter: I’m sorry, sir, but…Slade: I’m a 21)regular here. My boy’s going on 23. Why don’t you call up front the office? Mr. Gilbert he’s a friend of mine.Waiter: Any particular beer?Slade: 22)Schlitz. No Schlitz? 23)Blatz. No Blatz? 24)Improvise.Waiter: I’ll do my best, sir.Slade: Thank you, sir.斯莱德:给我们菜单,一杯双份的加冰杰克丹尼尔酒,查理,在这里。侍者:呃,也许这样你会更舒些,先生。斯莱德:你看起来气色不错。查理,就这里了,奥克鲁餐厅。把价目表读给我听听。查理#8226;莱姆斯:看看,我们要了奥克鲁汉堡包,加油炸薯条,要二十四美元。斯莱德:酒在那里?这里的务慢得象泥浆流动。查理:二十四美元一个汉堡包?这是怎么回事?斯莱德:怎么回事?查理:你像个富有的吝啬鬼,还是别的什么?斯莱德:不,我只是个普通的盲人。查理:你是个普通的盲人。那么打算怎么买单?斯莱德:用脆蹦蹦的干净美元,美国钞票。侍者:可以向您介绍我们的特色菜吗?斯莱德:可以,先生。侍者:今晚我们有荞麦面底绿胡椒碳烧鹿肉、烧烤肉、番茄饼和干烤茄子。斯莱德:给我餐巾,我都流口水了。侍者:如果你喜欢我们的蛋白牛奶酥做甜点,最好现在就下单。斯莱德:好的,要蛋白牛奶酥。其余的给我们一点时间考虑一下。侍者:好的,先生。斯莱德:一杯双份的杰克丹尼尔酒,给我年轻的朋友来一份雪利坛珀。查理:噢,等等。你们有啤酒吗?侍者:当然。我可以看看你的身份吗?斯莱德:伙计,你还有没有兴趣这辈子用腿走路?侍者:很抱歉,先生,可是……斯莱德:我是这里的常客,我的孩子马上就要23岁了。你为什么不打个电话到前面的办公室去?吉尔伯特先生是我的朋友。侍者:要些特别的啤酒吗?斯莱德:西利兹。没有西利兹?布拉兹。没有布拉兹?那就马上调。侍者:先生,我尽力而为。斯莱德:谢谢,先生。句子模仿秀这句话形象生动的反应了一种务状态,很慢,似泥浆的流动。只能是很有创意的思维才能创作出这种句子。学习指导背诵跟读,最佳背诵时间为4秒钟。 /200603/5401 Theres a great e by Muhammad Ali in the museum - ;I shook up the world,; he said.在物馆里,写着穆罕默德.阿里一句伟大的话-他说,;我震撼了这个世界;。And that is what he did.这就是他做过的事情。So did leaders like Sojourner Truth, Frederick Douglass, Booker T. Washington, Martin Luther King, and so many others.像索杰纳.特鲁思,弗雷德里克.道格拉斯,布克.T.华盛顿,马丁.路德.金以及众多其他领袖做得那样。They shook up the world for the better because they inspired our Nation to march toward justice and freedom for all.他们震撼了更好的世界,因为他们激励了我们的国家向所有人公平和自由的方向前行。Today, and every day, I pledge to continue that march so that every American今天,以及每一天,我发誓继续这样的行程,因此每一个美国人no matter his background, no matter her background - has the chance to climb that great ladder of success.不管他或她是什么背景,都有机会攀登上成功的伟大阶梯。It was very special to accompany Dr. Ben Carson and his family for the first time seeing the Carson exhibit.很特别能够陪伴本.卡森士和他的家人第一次来看卡森展览。I am proud that soon he will serve in my cabinet as the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.我很自豪,他很快将在我的内阁中担任住宅与城市发展部长。HUD has a very, very powerful meaning far beyond housing.住房与城市发展部,比住房有着更加更加重要的意义。It is about transforming our communities.About bringing back hope.And Ben will do a fantastic job.这涉及到改变我们的社会。关系到带来希望。本将做了不起的工作。Thats what I am committed to doing also.这也是我承诺要完成的。I want every African-American child, family, and worker to have access to great schools, safe communities, and good-paying jobs.我要每一个非裔美国的儿童,家庭和员工,都有机会进入到伟大的学校,安全的社区,获得高工资的好工作。201703/498745高新区妇幼保健院扁桃体炎看怎么样好不好内江市第二人民医院美尼尔怎么样



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