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Many children who have milk and egg allergies对牛奶和蛋类过敏的儿童are potential candidates for developing allergies可能在儿童时期更容易出现to other highly sensitizing food such as peanuts对易引发过敏反应的食品的过敏现象during childhood.比如花生However people who have a peanut allergy但是,对花生过敏的人do not usually react to other legumes such as反而可以接受一些其他的豆类食品green beans, lima beans or navy beans and比如绿豆,青豆或者海军豆are also likely to tolerate soy.也可能可以接受大豆This shows that some individuals are这表明一些人genetically more susceptible to从基因上就更容易出现develop food allergies.食物过敏的现象Now let#39;s examine some treatment options现在我们来讨论一下for food allergy.食物过敏的治疗方法There is currently no cure for food allergy目前对于食物过敏and the American Academy of Pediatrics并没有治愈的方法and the Food and Drug Administration advise美国儿科学会和食物和药品those with the condition to completely avoid建议食物过敏的人远离the susceptible foods.可能引发过敏的食品However there are several promising treatments但是确实有一些很有发展前景的in the process of development or are in testing.治疗方法正在研究实验过程中Next we will look at a few of these options.下面我们就来看看这些方法中的几种The first is sublingual immunotherapy第一种是舌下免疫疗法and oral immunotherapy are based on the concept和口腔免疫疗法,它们基于这样一种概念that the contact of the antigen with the oral mucosa通过口腔黏膜and gut associated lymphoid system leads to tolerance.和内脏淋巴系统接触抗原可以导致耐受性With these treatments patients are given用这种治疗方法的病人通过口腔minute amounts of the allergen orally and over time接触了很小剂量的过敏原,随着时间推移the quantity is increased.他们可以接受得过敏原的剂量增加了Only a few uncontrolled trials have been reported.已报告的失败的案例只有几例And although OIT and SLIT for egg, milk虽然对蛋类,牛奶和榛子的过敏and hazelnut appear to provide desensitization用这两种治疗方法在治疗期间during therapy long term tolerance可以达到脱敏的效用has yet to be validated.但是这是否长期有效尚未得到验The second treatment option we will examine is第二种治疗方法是the anti-IgE therapy.抗IgE疗法In one research study on peanut allergy在对花生过敏的一项实验研究中treatment TNX-901,给接受实验者使用一种抗IgE的名为an anti-IgE antibody was administered to individualsTNX-901的抗体,剂量从150毫克in varying doses from 150 to 450 milligrams到450毫克不等each week for 4 weeks.时间长度为4周Results showed that the 450 milligram dose实验结果表明 450毫克剂量的人significantly increased the threshold response from可以接受的花生数量从平均半个about one half of a peanut to 9 peanuts on average.上升到了9个The increased threshold would be enough to protect上升的数量足以使against accidental ingestion of peanuts and对花生过敏的人,在意外吃到花生后potentially protect the patient from a life不受影响,也可以使他们threatening reaction.免于遭受生命威胁However the results were inconsistent但是实验结果也有不一致的地方and the therapy would require bimonthly且这种疗法需要两月一次or monthly injections for life.或者一月一次接受注射Still it may be useful for those可能它对那些对花生who have severe reactions to peanuts.严重过敏的人较为有效The third treatment option we will examine is第三种疗法也是again for peanut allergy and is针对花生过敏the engineered recombinant protein.是工程重组蛋白The three major proteins that elicit可以引发过敏反应的三种an allergenic response have been isolated主要的蛋白质已经被分离出来to identify the allergenic components of peanuts.从而查明花生中可以导致过敏的部分The proteins have been modified to这些蛋白被进行了重组,降低它们reduce their ability to bind with the IgE antibodies在人体内与IgE抗体的联系能力within the human body therefore从而减少reducing the allergenic response.过敏反应The recombinant proteins have been shown to be重组蛋白在抑制过敏症状发生significantly more effective at blocking symptoms.方面作用显著This treatment is undergoing further testing before这种疗法目前正在being submitted for an application试验阶段,今后会向for approval by the Food and Drug Administration.食物和药品申请批准Another treatment option that is being researched另外一种疗法是is the food allergy herbal formula.采用植物配方This herb blend contains 9 Chinese herbs这种植物配方中包括9种中草药and has been shown to block anaphylactic symptoms在对老鼠进行的临床试验中and provide protection against symptoms of在抑制花生过敏的过敏性反应peanut allergy in a clinical study performed on mice.方面效果显著The FDA has recently approved the application食物和药品最近批准了这项申请and a Phase I clinical trial will soon be underway.一期临床试验即将开始In summary, food allergies are an autoimmune response总结下来,食物过敏是一种自身免疫反应that is often mistaken for food intolerance.经常被误认为是食物不耐症Research and reporting has found that peanut allergy研究及报告显示尤其是in particular appears to be increasing and theories花生过敏的数量一直在增加as to why this is happening are still being examined.而这其中的原因还未找到Genetic, environmental and immunological influences人们进行了基因,环境和are being examined to explain免疫系统方面的研究来解释食物过敏是how food allergies develop and many research studies如何产生发展的,目前仍然有很多实验研究are underway to find this answer.正在进行中来寻找Improved diagnosis, allergy management and成功诊断,过敏管理和患者教育patient education have improved in recent years近年来都得到了发展,对食物过敏的人and foods that elicit allergenic responses应该远离should be avoided.可能引发过敏反应的食物While a cure is not available numerous虽然目前没有可行的治愈方法treatment options are being examined.但是有很多疗法正处于研究试验阶段Reading food ingredient lists and asking questions目前对食物过敏的人来说about the foods you plan to consume are最好的方式是阅读食物成分表currently the best defense for those以及询问你要吃的食物的with food allergies.成分包括什么 Article/201506/380621

  栏目简介:《英语学习入门视频》是英语视频听力下面的子栏目,栏目内容适合刚刚接触英语学习不久的童鞋学习。视频内容比较简单易懂,是入门英语知识的基础,有助于帮助英语学习爱好者逐步掌握基本的英语知识。 Article/201511/408305

  Parasites have a nasty reputation.But is it really fair to fear these little guys?Well,yes.And if you don#39;t think so,here#39;s why these terrifying creatures are worth ofavoiding at all costs.As if you need another reason to hate mosquitoes,When they bite humans,they can leave the larvae of the parasitic filarial worm.寄生虫大多臭名昭著。不过 我们真应该惧怕它们吗?是的。如果你不觉得 下面就来说说为什么应该不遗余力地,躲开他们。就当你还需要一个恨蚊子的理由吧。当它们叮咬人类时 会留下寄生丝虫的幼虫。These worms live and grow in our bodies,sometimes taking years to mature into full adults,leaving only inconspicuous rashes and sores.Years later,they work together to block the vessels of your lymphatic system,creating a build-up fluid,leaving to diseases like elephantasis,This is one of the leading causes of disability in the world.这些虫子会在你体内生长,有时,需要好几年才能进化成虫,给你带来不起眼的皮疹和溃疡。数年后,它们会一起堵住你淋巴系统的血管,造成体液积聚 并导致象皮肿等疾病,这是世界上致残首要因素之一。Another worm worth hating is the pinworm.Pinworm eggs are often eaten because of contaminated or dirty hands.The eggs hatch and mature in your gut,at which point the adult female exits the anus to lay a new batch of eggs on the surrounding skin,Your butt hole become a nest.This causes intense itching,often leading to recontaminated hands,or finger nails,which can end up in your mouth again,restarting the cycle.Feel like scratching your bum?还有一个令人厌恶的虫子,蛲虫,蛲虫卵通过被污染的手被人们吃下去。卵在你肠子里生长发育 此后雌性成虫,从跑出来 在周围皮肤下产下一批卵。你的菊花就成了虫洞。这会造成强烈的瘙痒 常会导致手和指甲重新,被污染,最终 虫卵再次进入你口中 开始新的循环,想要挠挠小虫洞?Do yourself a favor and wash those hands and fingernails,On the other side of the body live the lovly public lice.Sometimes called crabs.Though it is not uncommon to find these buggers in your eyebrows,beard or even eye lashes,the itching is from an allergic reaction to their saliva.And it would take treatment with medication or shaving it all of to get rid of them,Of course,abstinence and no sex works well as a preventive measure.along with not sharing your undies with other people.赶紧去洗洗手,清理指甲吧。在身体另一侧住着一群可爱的阴虱。有时也叫毛虱。尽管在眉毛,胡子和睫毛里面找到它们,也不足以为奇。瘙痒感来自于人对其唾液的过敏反应。想要摆脱它们 药不能停 要么就把毛全部挂掉。当然 禁欲禁性也是一种极佳的预防措施,还有别跟别人共用内裤。Some parasites are meant for marine animals,but end up in humans at the goodness of our...guts?The anisakis nematode infects humans after eating raw or undercooked fish like sushi,which contains the larvae.The worms penetrate our gut wall and causes abdominal pain,nausea and even vomiting.But nobody really wins this one.As the nematode can#39;t mature in the human gut and eventually dies,The tongue biter is another marine parasite.一些寄生虫是海洋生物特有的,但为何最终出现在了人们的肠子里,当人类进食包含虫卵的未煮熟的鱼肉 如寿司时,异尖线虫会进入人类身体。这种虫子会咬穿肠壁,造成腹泻,恶心甚至呕吐。但是 这回没人是赢家。异线尖虫在人类肠子中无法生存 它们终会死去。附舌水虱又是一种海洋寄生虫。This tongue-eating louse finds its suitable fish and chews off its tongue,only to cling to the stub in its place.Here they stay feeding on the fish#39;s blood,all the while maiding and dispersing their progeny into the ocean.这种附舌水虱会找到合适的宿主 咬掉它的舌头,之后紧贴在舌根,它们在此以鱼的血液为生,同时侍着鱼,并向海中四散自己的后代。And finally,the wonderful cortdyceps,which are fungi known for creating zombie ants.The fungi takes over the ant#39;s body and mind making it leave the colony and begin,climbing upwards to more ideal temperature and humidity.The ant then bites onto stem or leave and get locked into position until it dies.最后 来说说神奇的冬虫夏草 僵尸蚂蚁的缔造者。这种真菌会占据蚂蚁的躯体与思想,使其离开家园 开始向上爬到一个温湿度较为理想的地方。之后,蚂蚁会死死咬住茎或叶子,固定在原地直至死亡。At which point,the fungus burst through the ants head and sps outward.Could such a parasite ever affect on humans?For everyone#39;s sake,we hope not.此时,真菌从蚂蚁的脑内长出了,向外生长。这种寄生菌会影响到人类吗?看在所有人的份上,最好不能。 Article/201501/353310。

  Well, it#39;s sad to me but it is really no surprise这令我感到难过但却未出乎意料that the privacy issue has unfolded the way it has.隐私问题就那样展现在人们面前I spelled it out in the early publications in the #39;80s.我在八十年代发表的文章中阐述了这个问题Chaum#39;s papers explained that in a future world乔姆的文章解释了在未来where we would increasingly use computers,随着我们更频繁地使用电脑it would be easy to conduct mass surveillance.大规模监控会变得很简单Chaum wanted to find a way to stop it.乔姆想阻止这一趋势I always had a deep feeling that我一直深信privacy is intimately tied to human potential隐私与人类潜能紧密相连and that it#39;s an extraordinarily important aspect of democracy.并且也是民主极其重要的表现Chaum focused on the new technology of e-mails.乔姆将精力放在了电子邮件的新技术上Anyone watching the network任何监控网络的人through which these messages travelled都能通过查看某人的往来信息could find out enormous amounts about that person.找到关于这个人的很多信息He wanted to make this more difficult.他想让这一过程变得更困难重点解释:1.spell out 详加说明例句:He spelled out the government#39;s plans in his speech.他在演说中把政府的计划详加说明。 focused on 集中于例句:Testing should be focused on high risk areas.测试应当集中在高风险的区域。3.find out 发现例句:Jill will find out your secret she never misses a trick!吉尔会发现你的秘密的--她很警觉! Article/201701/488490

  Chairs. Chairs are made to the people can sit down and take a break.椅子。椅子是让人坐下来休息用的。Anyone can sit on a chair所有人都能坐在椅子上and if the chairs large enough they can sit down together如果椅子够大,还能很多人一起坐,and tell jokes, or make up stories or just listen.说笑话,编故事,或是聆听。Chairs are for people and that is why chairs are like Facebook椅子是为人设计的,所以椅子就像脸书Doorbells, airplanes, bridges, these are things people use to get together门铃、飞机、桥梁,人类会靠这些东西集结so they can open up and connect about ideas and musics, and other things people share,彼此敞开心胸,建立连接,谈谈点子,音乐,和其他人彼此分享的东西Dance floors, basketball, a great nation.舞池,篮球,一个伟大的国家。A great nation is something people build so they can have a place where they belong.伟大的国家是人建成的,是为了要有自己所属的地方。The universe, it is fast and dark, and makes us wonder if we are alone宇宙又快又黑,所以我们会很好奇,自己是不是孤独的。So maybe the reason we make all of these things is to remind ourselves that we are not.或许我们做出这些东西,是为了要提醒我们自己,我们不是孤独的。 Article/201701/490062Finding that fish fossil proved easy. By the turn of the 19th century寻找那条鱼的化石好像并不难。到了19世纪末all eyes were on a Devonian group called the lobe-finned.所有目光都聚集在泥盆纪的一类鱼身上,它们叫做肉鳍鱼Lobe-finned uniquely have a bone structure in their fins that seems to be a precursor to our legs and arms肉鳍鱼的鳍内有独特的骨结构,看起来像是腿或胳膊的前身and one particular lobe-finned, the long extinct eusthenopteron had all the leg bones except the feet and toes.尤其是一类肉鳍鱼--早已灭绝的真掌鳍鱼,几乎拥有所有腿骨,只是少了足和趾Here in these fossils the limb was just laid out simply beautifully这些化石中伸展出来的肢非常完整,and it was so easy to turn it in your mind into a tetrapod when these bones,不难想象它将进化成四足动物,这些骨头,the 1 and the 2 bones, they were, they were laid out and there were these这一根和这两根骨头都已伸长bits in the, the, the ankle and the, the wrist and so on.另外还有踝部和腕部的骨块,等等Absolutely fantastic, beautiful material, clinched it really.真是太神奇了,非常好的资料,把它都串起来了What they thought they#39;d clinched was the fish from which we all came, the ancestor without legs,他们所说的串起来的就是我们起源的那种鱼,一个没有腿的祖先and early last century scholars developed a theory to explain why it might have evolved legs and started walking.上世纪初,有学者提出了一种理论,用来解释它为何进化出腿并开始行走That brutal Devonian sun must have been the cause of droughts.泥盆纪毒辣的阳光一定是引起干旱的原因Fish would have been trapped in drying pools and faced death.鱼可能困在日渐干涸的水塘中,面临着死亡的威胁To survive a few eusthenopterons must have dragged themselves on their fins,为了活下去,一小部分真掌鳍鱼不得不用它们的鳍撑着身体as mudskippers do today, out of the puddles in search of deeper water.像今天的弹涂鱼那样,从水坑爬到深水里去。 Article/201701/489450栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。 Article/201510/398746

  Deals signed to buy 300 Boeing planes访美首单 中国购300架波音飞机A group of Chinese companies have just signed a deal with Boeing to order 300 airplanes.中国政府有关部门和企业分别与美国波音公司签署了购买300架波音飞机等系列合作文件。China Aviation Supplies Holding Company, IC Financial Leasing, and China Development Bank Leasing are the firms involved in the deal.签署协议的公司包括中国航空器材控股公司,工商金融租赁及中国国家开发租赁公司。At the same time Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China also signed a cooperative document with Boeing to build a 737 aircraft completion center in China.同时中国商用飞机有限责任公司也同波音公司还签署了一项在中国构建一份737型飞机完工中心的合作文件。The National Development and Reform Commission of China, the country#39;s economic planner, inked a Memorandum of Understanding with the US plane maker.国家经济计划制定者的中国国家发展和改革委员会与美国飞机制造商签署了一份谅解备忘录。 译文属 Article/201509/400681栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201508/396371

  栏目简介:A friendly soccer match between former players of AC Milan and Shanghai teams was played last night at the city#39;s Hongkou Stadium. The Milan squad beat the Shanghai Legend Team 2 to 1. Former Ukranian striker Andriy Shevchenko was the biggest highlight of the match. Cui Hui#39;ao tells us more. Article/201702/490216

  栏目简介:American sprinter Justin Gatlin is back in Shanghai these days to attend the Shanghai Diamond League. The 34-year-old veteran first won the 100 meters gold at the 2004 Games in Athens, and last week timed 10.02 seconds in Kawa-saki, Japan. As he is preparing for this week#39;s race, my collegue He Jian talked to him about his goal to defeat Jamaica#39;s Usain Bolt. Article/201703/496719。

  栏目简介:《英语视频之Top10》是英语视频听力下的子栏目,栏目包含中英字幕,而且能够了解世界上10大新奇或者有意思的事物,比如奇葩犯罪记录、科学骗局、邪恶老师等,通过简单有趣的讲述,能够提高学习英语的兴趣,积累一些英语知识,是比较生动的英语学习材料。 Article/201510/402191

  凯文·布里格斯警官从事多年的工作黑暗、不寻常,而且有时会有奇怪的收获:他巡逻的地段是旧金山金门大桥的南端,金门大桥是个热门的自杀地点。在他令人沉思又直指人心的演讲中,布里格斯讲述了站在人生悬崖边的自杀者的故事,他与之有过交谈并且倾听过他们的故事。对于有所爱之人可能在考虑自杀的人们,他给出了一条有力的建议。 Article/201411/341603

  TED演讲者们对这个世界各抒己见。 Article/201506/382102

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