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Germany's victorious Greens A greener future?明天会更绿?Two state elections have upturned German politics两个州的选举反转德国政局THE Greens are the “against party”. They are against a flashy rail project in Stuttgart, against nuclear power and, say their critics, against progress and growth. Yet on March 27th the party’s defiance paid off in stunning fashion. German angst over the nuclear disaster in Japan crested just as two south-western states held elections. In Rhineland-Palatinate the Green vote tripled, vaulting the party into government as junior partner of the Social Democratic Party (SPD), which had previously ruled alone. In Baden-Württemberg 58 years of government by the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) came to an end. The Greens will now take control of a state government for the first time.德国的绿党是个“反对党”。他们反对斯图加特花哨的铁路工程,反对核能,而且据他们批评者称,他们反对发展进步。然而,就在3月27号这一天,他们的反抗获得了惊人的回报。西南部两个州举行选举之时,正值德国民众因日本核危机而担忧,在莱茵兰—普法尔茨州,绿党的得票数增至原来的三倍,使其成为该州原本唯一的执政党——社会民主党新的联合执政党。在巴登—符腾堡州,执政长达58年的基民盟(CDU)面临下台。绿党将首次成为该州的执政党。This almost-unthinkable result is a big blow to Angela Merkel, the chancellor and CDU leader, who has lost the party’s crown jewel. Her pre-election decision to shut down seven nuclear-power plants looked panicky rather than principled, and may have made matters worse for the CDU. The elections were an even bigger setback for her coalition partner, the Free Democrats (FDP).But the SPD also has little to cheer about: its share of the vote was the lowest in half a century in Rhineland-Palatinate and the lowest ever in Baden-Württemberg, where it will become the junior coalition partner. Only the Greens have reason to celebrate.这个意想不到的结果对安吉拉默克尔是一个巨大的打击。作为德国总理和基民盟领袖,她失去了基民盟执政的一个传统重镇。她在选举前决定关闭七座核电站。这个决定更像是仓促之举而不是坚持原则,并使得基民盟的情势更糟。选举结果对她的执政伙伴自民党是个更大的挫折。然而社民党也没有什么值得庆贺的:他们在莱茵兰—普法尔茨州的得票率降至半个世纪以来的最低点;在巴符州的得票率则是有史以来的最低点。这使得社民党成为巴符州绿党的联合执政党。只有绿党有欢庆的理由。The party’s offices in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg’s capital, look ier for protests and demonstrations than for the assumption of government responsibility. Yellow drums done up to look like nuclear-waste containers are stacked by the door. Bamboo poles for hoisting banners rest against them. Yet the y-to-rally impression is somewhat misleading. Baden-Württemberg’s Greens are on the party’s “extreme realist” wing, says Dieter Fuchs of the University of Stuttgart.The incoming premier, Winfried Kretschmann, belongs to the Central Committee of German Catholics and to a traditional shooting club. His down-to-earth Swabian manner matches the state’s spirit better than did the conservative pugnacity of Stefan Mappus, the premier he defeated. The export-oriented Mittelstand has nothing to fear, he suggests. “You can be in the black with green ideas,” he said in an interview shortly before the election.位于巴符州省会斯图加特市的绿党办公部门,看起来更像是在为抗议和示威作准备,而不是承担政府责任。做成核废料集装箱样子的黄色大鼓堆放在门口,对面放着举旗的竹竿。这种即将举行集会的印象多少会让人产生误解。斯图加特大学的迪特尔福克斯说,巴符州的绿党属于该党中的“极端现实主义”派系。即将上台的总理温弗里德科瑞奇曼是德国天主教徒中央委员会成员,并加入了一个传统射击俱乐部。他的斯瓦比亚现实主义做派,与败北的前总理史蒂芬马普斯的保守好战相比,更契合该州的精神。他暗示出口导向型的中小企业无需恐慌。“你可以做一个持绿色观点的黑党。”他在选举即将开始前的采访中说道。201104/133452Food scandals in Taiwan台湾爆发食品丑闻Plastic unfantastic塑化剂事件Tainted products also poison the president’s chances of re-election 食品受到污染给总统争取连任的前景蒙上阴影Jun 16th 2011 | TAIPEI | from the print edition TAIWAN’S biggest-ever food scare began when government inspectors testing sports drinks and soft drinks last month detected dangerous levels of industrial plasticisers. These are normally used to make everything from shoes to hosepipes more flexible. Since then, the plasticisers have been found in a range of foods and drinks. The crisis has also gone firmly international as China, Hong Kong, South Korea and the Philippines have withdrawn Taiwanese products from supermarket shelves. Taiwanese commentators are wondering how the government can live the scandal down.上个月,台湾政府负责食品检验的工作人员在一些运动饮料及软饮料中检测出了含量足以对人体产生危害的工业塑化剂成分,由此引发了台湾最大的一次食品恐慌。通常情况下,塑化剂被广泛应用于鞋类、塑料软管等产品中,可起到增加柔韧度的作用。事件发生后,又相继在一系列食品和饮料中发现了塑化剂的身影。随着中国,香港,韩国和菲律宾纷纷将台湾产品从自己的超市中下架,这次危机毫无疑问已经造成了国际性的影响。台湾的家们都在琢磨政府将如何从这桩丑闻中脱身。Some 900 products have been pulled from nearly 40,000 Taiwanese shops. Hospitals have been flooded with worried parents seeking check-ups for their children. Diets have swiftly changed. Out have gone processed drinks and even ice cream.约有900中商品已在台湾近40000家店铺中撤柜,医院里也挤满了忧心忡忡的来给孩子做检查的父母。人们的饮食习惯顷刻间发生了改变,含添加剂的饮料,甚至是冰激凌都已在市面上消失。The problems have been traced to two upstream suppliers of food additives, Yu Shen Chemical and Pin Han Perfumery. Among other things, plasticisers were substituted for palm oil as clouding agents in drinks. One plasticiser, known as DEHP, is a possible carcinogen, and thought capable of wreaking havoc with children’s reproductive organs. The inspectors discovered levels far in excess of the daily allowed intake. Insiders have told investigators that products may have been doctored for decades.引发这次塑化剂风波的源头被锁定在两家食品添加剂上游供货商身上:昱申化工和品汉香料。塑化剂用在饮料中可替代棕榈油起到混浊剂的作用。一种可能致癌的叫做DEHP的塑化剂,被认为会对儿童的生殖器官产生严重损害。食品安全检验人员在被检查的食品中发现了含量远超过每日允许摄入量的该种塑化剂。有内幕人士告诉调查人员,或许早在几十年前就存在向食品中掺入有害添加剂的行为。201106/141576You probably missed The New York Times photograph that showed a revealing picture of New Yorkers’ rides into work on commuter trains. The photographer stood behind a long series of rows, three seats to a row. In the photo, every window and aisle seat - and not ONE middle seat - is occupied. The train is otherwise crowded; the aisles are jammed with standees - all of them ignoring the available middle seat. Some people are even sitting on the floor.不久前,纽约时报刊登的一张照片,上面展示的是纽约人乘坐通勤火车的图景。摄影师站在一长溜三人座的座位后拍得这张照片。在照片上,每个窗户和靠走道的座位都有人坐,但没有一个人坐中间那个座位!车厢里真的很挤,就连过道上也站满了人,有些人甚至坐在地板上,可人们好像根本没看见三排座中间的那个座位。The accompanying story explores why Americans despise center seats, though not mentioning the unavoidable fact that many of us are, shall we say, rather husky. 和照片配图的文章探究了为什么美国人不喜欢坐中间座位。不过文章没有提到一个无可回避的事实,那就是,我们很多人,嗯,块头儿相当大。It seems that women, in particular, feel uneasy sitting elbow-to-elbow with strangers. And while being jammed into a window seat even farther from the middle aisle can also seem claustrophobic, at least there’s a view. 看来,很多人,特别是女性,对于和陌生人肩并肩坐在一起觉得很不舒。坐在最里面,虽然有点被囚禁的感觉,但至少还能看看窗外的景色。For the poor sap in the middle, there’s a real possibility of being squished between the extremely obese, insufferably chatty, overly perfumed or repulsively unbathed. So, before or after a tiring day, a lot of people would rather stand.而坐在中间,如果被夹在又肥又壮、喋喋不休、香水喷得太多或者不喜欢洗澡的人当中,那就惨了。因此,不管是要开始新的一天,或者在结束了一天的辛劳工作后,很多人情愿站着。201105/134423

Tiger Woods, wife officially divorcedTiger Woods and his Swedish-born wife officially divorced Monday, nine months after his middle-of-the night car crash outside their home set off shocking revelations that the world's most famous athlete had been cheating on her through multiple affairs."We are sad that our marriage is over and we wish each other the very best for the future," Woods and Elin Nordegren said in a joint statement released by their lawyers.The divorce was granted in Bay County Circuit Court in Panama City, Fla., about 375 miles away from their Isleworth home outside Orlando. The couple had married in October 2004 in Barbados and have a 3-year-old daughter, Sam, and a 19-month-old son, Charlie.The marriage was described in court documents as "irretrievably broken" with no point in trying to reconcile. Terms of the divorce were not disclosed, except that they will "share parenting" of their two children."We love Elin, and we are so proud of the grace and strength she has shown during this difficult time," said Nordegren's father, Thomas Nordegren, a talk show host at national broadcaster Swedish Radio. "We know that she will come out of this even stronger and has a bright future in front of her."The divorce was finalized by Bay County Circuit Judge Judy Pittman Biebel during a brief hearing in a conference room in her chambers, according to Biebel's judicial assistant Kim Gibson.The couple signed a marital settlement agreement on July 3 and July 4, the weekend of the ATamp;T National outside Philadelphia, where Woods failed to break par in a PGA Tour event for the first time in 11 years.The sordid sex scandal cost Woods three major corporate sponsors — Accenture, ATamp;T and Gatorade — worth millions of dollars, and he lost his image as the gold standard in sports endorsements. A month after the scandal became public, Woods spent two months in therapy at a Mississippi clinic with hopes of saving his marriage.Vocabulary:irretrievably: not retrievable; irrecoverable; irreparable(不能挽回地,不能补救地)marital settlement agreement: 离婚协议break par: 打破标准杆,par就是指高尔夫比赛中的“标准杆”,也就是球员根据设计应当完成的杆数。背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/112117

Annual compensation figures were disclosed this week from IBM, Ford, and Goldman Sachs top executivesHave you ever wondered how much the CEOs of some of the biggest companies in America are taking home? Let's take a look and break down to numbers that just came in about CEOs over at IBM, FORD, and investment bank Goldman Sachs. Let's start off with IBM. The chief executive over there Samuel Palmisano, recording uh, get this number .9 million in terms of compensation just last year of course. IBM saw a nice uptick in profit last year as well, so that's to be expected. Let's take a look at how the numbers break down here. Palmisano who is 56 years old, he was paid 1.8million dollars in salary, 5.8million dollars under a long term incentive plan, he also got options in stock valued at about .3millon along with add on top of that company perks travel expenses covered all of that. But keep in mind back in 2007 IBM posted a 10% gain in net profit for the year, ah to .4 billion, and its stock price rose 11% last year. So he saw some nice gains out of that success at his company. Ford, though, an auto maker, under pressure, especially over the last, the last end of last year. The CEO over there, Alan Mulally, here is what a Ford representative confirmed for us, he got a restricted stock unit valued at more than millon last year, a tag on top of that. .56million in stock options and the Ford representative confirming to CNN that Mulally and several other top executives over at Ford got a total of 2million stock unit valued at nearly million, it's not a bad there. Finally, wanna take a look at the Goldman Sachs .The stock is up nicely right now, Goldman Sachs is considered by many one of the few Wall Street firms that really skirted the whole subprime meltdown. And its employees are being compensated very kindly for that. The two co-presidents over at Goldman Sachs Gary Cohn and Jon Winker, Winkelried rather, both got .5 million last year in compensation for 2007. Keep in mind that is just under what Goldman's chief executive Lloyd Blankfein got. He got .5 million. So millions and millions in compensation for the CEOs of International Business Machines, IBM, Ford and Goldman Sachs.Notes:Uptick: An increase, especially a small or incremental one.200812/60055

国际货币基金组织(IMF)发表的最新一期《世界经济展望》报告预测,世界经济今年将收缩1.3%,为第二次世界大战以来最严重的经济衰退。明年世界经济将逐步复苏,但仅有望增长1.9%。此外,在中国和印度经济的带动下,亚洲发展中经济体仍将保持经济增长,今明两年的增长速度将分别达4.8%和6.1%。《世界经济展望》报告中说,中国经济今、明两年的增长速度会有所减缓,但在恶劣的国际金融和经济环境下,中国经济的表现依然是“强劲的”。中国经济的前进动力源于两个因素:一是政府积极行动,采取了大规模的财政刺激措施并放松了货币政策,从而扩大了消费和基础设施建设投资;二是出口部门在经济中所占比例较小,特别是把高进口额计算在内之后。 报告认为,一些亚洲经济体仍有加大货币政策力度的空间,包括中国在内的经济体更多地放松货币政策似乎是适当的。同时,中国可采取进一步的财政措施刺激国内消费,这既可在短期内持经济增长,也有助于中期内重新平衡经济。The GDP numbers aren't great, say economists, but they are in line with expectations. During the first quarter this year, China's economic growth slowed to a 6. 1% compared to the same quarter last year, the slowest rate of growth since 1992 when quarterly records began. "The real economy has taken a hit far more serious than expected. Developing countries are experiencing deepening recession. And the growth rate of developing countries is slowing down. It was therefore not an easy achievement. " There is now optimism that China's economy has hit a low point and has stabilized. With the government's 600 billion US dollar stimulus package having an impact, consumer spending is up, auto sales have hit a record high, there's been a surge in bank lending, and the stock market is up for the year. There is now a building expectation of stronger growth later in the year, but analysts warn any recovery remains fragile. "The Chinese problem now is really a sort of international problem, right? So, the dropping GDP is primarily driven by the dropping export. " Exports are down almost 20% compared to the same time last year. And most experts agree, unless there's a substantial improvement in the global economy in coming months, government spending alone in China will not be enough to sustain any potential rebound into next year. 1.expectation n. 期待,期望v. 期待,前程例句与用法:She ate a light lunch in expectation of a good dinner. 她午饭吃得很少,期待晚饭时饱餐一顿。He has great expectations from his uncle. 他渴望从叔叔那继承大笔遗产。2.recession n. 后退,凹入的地方,不景气例句与用法:There is no sign that the recession has bottomed out yet. 没有迹象表明萧条已经到了极点.Share prices were buoyed up by hopes of an end to the recession. 因经济衰退状况终止有望,股票价格得以保持高位。3.surge n. 巨涌,汹涌,澎湃v. 汹涌,澎湃例句与用法:A surge of innovation in techniques is on the horizon. 技术改进的浪潮即将出现。The crowd surged past him. 人们从他身边涌过。4.fragile adj. 易碎的,脆的例句与用法:Fragile handle with care. 易碎品--小心轻放.Glasses are fragile and must be handled with great care. 玻璃制品易碎, 必须小心轻放。5.rebound v. 弹回vi.amp;n. 弹回,跳回例句与用法:The ball rebounded from/off the wall into the pond. 球从墙上弹回来掉进池里.The scheme rebounded on her in a way she had not expected. 她未曾想到这计谋反倒使她自食其果.She quarrelled with Paul and then married Peter on the rebound. 她和保罗争吵後愤而嫁给了彼得.05/68788

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