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成都治疗小儿中耳炎多少钱内江市妇幼保健院鼻中隔偏曲要多少钱TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201611/474908重庆第二医院鼻中隔偏曲要多少钱 For soldiers and spies,gaining access to buildings is a vital strategic and survival skill.对于士兵和间谍 进入建筑是重要的战略和生存技能This thing#39;s set to blow.Soak this bandage in the diesel.炸弹安装完毕 用柴油浸泡绷带But it should never be attempted without the proper training.没接受过正确培训千万不要尝试As soon as this lights, you move back.Do exactly as I say, okay?一旦点着 向后退 照我说的做 好吗Okay.Fingers in ears.The charge is detonated with a loud explosion and a serious fireball.好了 手指堵住耳朵 随着一声巨响和一团巨大的火球 炸弹爆炸了We#39;re in, we#39;re in.The wood around the entrance is alight,and I want to wait for the flame to die down.我们进去 进去 入口处的木头还在燃烧 我想等火势小了The door#39;s been successfully blown,but I got to get through the flames to get in.门被成功的炸飞了 但我必须穿过火舌才能进入Check out the scale of this place.看看这地方规模多大You know, it#39;s not just the wild that can feel vast and intimidating.It#39;s just huge.不只是荒野才会有 广袤和恐怖之感 太大了It#39;s a massive abandoned workshop the size of four football fields and the height of a cathedral.这是个已废弃的巨大厂房 有四个足球场那么大以及大教堂那么高All the workers have long gone,but other creatures have started to settle in.工人们是早就离去了 但是其他生物开始入住此地Look, there#39;s feathers everywhere here.It#39;s more likely gonna be pigeon.看见没 到处都是羽毛 很可能是鸽子的羽毛It#39;s just the sort of place they#39;re gonna like big, old, abandoned building, loads of place to shelter from the weather.这就是它们喜欢的地方 巨大的废弃老建筑 可以为它们遮风挡雨You know, but where there#39;s pigeons, there#39;s also gonna be eggs.一般来说 哪里有鸽子哪里就有鸽子蛋What I do know about pigeons is they like to nest high.就我所了解 鸽子喜欢在高地筑巢Getting up high in this building means a climb up through a serious forest of metal.攀爬这样一座建筑 就相当于攀爬慎人的钢筋丛林一般 Article/201610/470240成都市成华区妇幼保健院中耳炎要多少钱

重庆妇幼保健院咽炎要多少钱17 At the Bank在Consumer asking顾客询问Could I change these pounds for dollars,please?我能把这些英镑换成美元吗?Would you tell me my balance?请问我的账户余额是多少?How do we open a checking or saving account?怎样开个经常账户或储蓄账户?Do you handle letters of credit?你们办理信用吗?What#39;s the exchange rate today?今天的兑换率是多少?Requiring service要求务I#39;d like to have some money transferred from my account in France to China.我想从我在法国的账户上转一些钱到中国。I#39;m sorry,I#39;ve lost my bankbook.对不起,我把存折弄丢了。I#39;d like to withdraw(deposit)two hundred dollarsform(into)my saving account,please.劳驾,我想从现金户头里取出(存入)200美元。I#39;ve come to close my account.我来取消我的账户。Please give me sixty dollars in tens and twenty dollars in fives.请给我60美元10元票面的,20美元5元票面的。Please cash this money order for me.请帮我把这笔汇款换成现金。I#39;d like to buy a bank draft.我想买一张汇票。Bank teller asking职员询问Do you have an account with us?您在我们有账户吗?How much money do you wish to withdraw from your account?您想从您的账户中取多少钱?Answering consumers回答顾客Please sign your name on this form.请在这份表格上签名。Please endorse the checks.请在这些票上签名。You can have a checking account if you prefer to pay things by check.如果您喜欢用票买东西,您可以开个票户头。You can have a fixed deposit account.It earns you more interest.您可以开个定期储蓄账户,那您就可以得到更多利息。Please sign your name at the place marked with an X.请在注有“X”的地方签名。Your balance at the bank is two hundred and fifty-eight dollars.您在的结余余额为258美元。Miscellaneous综合项I#39;d like to change some German marks into small money.我想把一些德国马克换成零钱。I#39;d like to change 100 US dollars to R.M.B.我想把100美元兑换为人民币。Conversations会话 /200706/14695重庆妇幼保健院鼻中隔偏曲要多少钱 21 activists were arrested on Saturday for blocking freight trains in Washington that transport oil and coal in the Northwest. 周六,华盛顿的21名活动分子因阻碍货运火车在西北地区运输石油和煤炭而被捕。The Fossil Fuel Resistance Network blocked the tracks for about three hours before police arrested 21 people who refused to leave. 化石燃料阻碍网络封锁轨道约3个小时,直至警方逮捕21名拒绝离开者。This was the group#39;s first protest. 这是该组织的第一次抗议。About 100 demonstrators participated in the event altogether, some holding signs that said, ;I stand against oil trains.; 大约100名示威者参加了这一事件,一些人拿着标语说:“我抵抗石油列车。”Five freight trains were delayed due to the protest, but they were able to move eventually.由于抗议,五列货运火车晚点了,但最终恢复了运行。译文属。 /201606/450163自贡市妇幼保健院过敏性鼻炎治疗的价格

四川省中医药研究院中医医院耳朵疾病看怎么样好不好零起点英语口语 第15讲 相关专题推荐:从零开始学口语英语口语999句疯狂英语现场教学新英语900句视频色拉英语乐园视频 /200810/53571 We managed to release ourselves and pull ourselves off into the dust.我们设法减缓趋势 踩着泥土停下来So I got off lightly,but purely down to luck.But these boulders were whizzing,whizzing past our heads.Not nice. Not nice.所以我下去的时候很小心 纯粹靠了一把好运气 那些石砾继续越过我们头顶 不停滚动 飕飕作响 情况非常危险For the crew,following me at ground level is tough enough,but the really testing times are when we#39;re climbing.对摄制组而言 在平地上跟踪拍摄已经十分困难 但更为考验我们的 是在爬山时进行的拍摄Bear takes all the risks when he climbs,because it#39;s kind of new ground, generally.贝尔在攀爬时冒了很大的风险 因为那里完全是一片新的地域He#39;s been usually in really challenging environments.So, yeah, definitely, risks are taken.而他时刻身处充满挑战的新环境 所以冒风险是难免的In Montana, I climbed a bridge to get to a railway line,and Simon, the cameraman,followed me up.在蒙大纳州 为了爬上铁路轨道 我曾攀援过一座桥 摄影师西蒙 紧随其后Just tilting down,just gives you a huge sense of reality about actually how high you#39;ve come.稍一倾斜往下看去 你就会真真切切地 感受到你爬得有多高You#39;re just not human, if you don#39;t feel a flutter.只要是个正常人 你都会忍不住心里直打颤Bear gets to the top of this,and he#39;s got a chain with him,and he has to then basically maneuver himself on a sort of an overhang,onto the top of this bridge.贝尔爬到了最上面 拉着一条铁链 在大桥的最高点 基本上以悬空的姿势 谨慎地移动自己的身体And it#39;s probably about 350 feet high,maybe 400 feet high. It#39;s a high bridge.当时的高度约有350英尺 甚至是400英尺高 太高了There he was, hanging on with one hand.就这样 用一只手紧紧抓住铁链And he climbs himself up, and it was that was a long way up.然后慢慢地爬上去 这真的是一个漫长的过程 Article/201610/473838璧山潼南区看鼻子疾病大概多少钱费用重庆妇幼保健医院耳鼻喉专家医生



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