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Removing makeup needs to be done with care and gentleness in order not to suffer from any bad effects. Learn the correct ways and techniques for doing it properly through this .如果不想造成任何坏的结果,卸妆需要小心谨慎。根据这段视频学习恰当卸妆的正确方法和技巧。Now, I am going to show you how to remove makeup including eye makeup and at the moment, I am using Bioderma, this is brought from France, you can also get it from Groomlake Emporium in London. It is a very gentle cleanser and it also removes eye makeup as well. First, I am going to soak the cleanser in the eyes first for just a few seconds and then, I am going to scoop it out.现在,我来向大家介绍一下怎样卸妆,包括眼妆。现在,我使用的是从法国购买的贝德玛卸妆水,你也可以自己到化妆品店购买。这是一款非常温和的卸妆水,也可以用于眼部卸妆。首先,我将卸妆水涂抹在眼部,浸泡几秒种,然后吸干。And now, I am going to cleanse the rest of the face. If you prefer to use a cleanser that washes off with water rather one that wipes off like mine, you can massage all over the face with the cleanser first, leave it for a few seconds and then wash off with water and you may have to repeat twice or three times. If you find that after cleansing the first time, there is still colour on your cotton pad, that means you will have to cleanse it again until it has no more colour visible.现在,我要清洁面部其他部位。如果你偏好用水清洗的卸妆水,而不是我这样用来擦拭的,可以首先用卸妆水整个面部,停留几秒种,然后用水清洗,需要重复两三次。如果你发现首次清洁后棉垫上仍然有颜色,这意味着你需要再次清洁,直到棉垫上没有任何颜色。Because you are cleansing your face more than once, it is important to use a very gentle cleanser. And that is how to remove makeup. .因为清洁次数超过一次,所以必须要使用非常温和的卸妆水。以上就是正确的卸妆方法。Thanks for watching How To Remove Makeup.感谢收看“怎样卸妆”视频节目。视频听力由。 Article/201401/271153

But the kid has found safety但小羊已经找到只有野山羊on a face so steep that only an ibex could stand there.能站稳的安全陡峭岩面The lessons learnt on this morning#39;s descent have saved its life.今天早上下山学会的技巧 救了小羊一命Finally, the fox gives it up as a bad job...狐狸终于决定放弃 不再白费力气..perhaps suddenly aware it#39;s standing on a precipice.或许是突然发现 自己站在危险悬崖上Despite its tender age,这只野山羊虽然年幼 仍以智慧战胜the ibex has outwitted one of the canniest of predators.最精明的掠食动物The fox#39;s failure epitomises a predator#39;s plight.这只狐狸的失败 象征掠食动物面临的困境Most hunts fail,多数的猎食行动都难有成果so hunters are continually devising new tactics.所以掠食动物要不断发明新策略The rainforests of Belize in Central America.在中美贝里斯的雨林And as evening falls and the shower comes to an end,到了大雨停歇的傍晚a predator begins to hunt.有一只掠食动物展开猎食 Article/201309/257295

We both attended the University of Washington.We would get together on campus and attend our classes, occasionally,when we weren#39;t doing Kung Fu or something else.一起进入华盛顿大学后,在不练习功夫的闲暇之余我们就开始在校园里一起漫步,偶尔一起上课。And then when we were both done with our classes,we would rush back to his studio,which was just right there in the university district,and we#39;d turn on the TV and watch General Hospital every day.And it was like,;We have to get there. It#39;s almost three o#39;clock!;我们上完课以后总会快步回到他位于大学区内的国术馆,然后打开电视收看每天的《综合医院》。当时经常这么说,;快三点了 赶紧过去;In the 60s, marriages were happening in California.In the rest of the country there were no interracial marriages.I mean, it was very difficult.在60年代的加州出现了异族通婚,但其他地区却不允许异族婚姻,这非常棘手。My mother was not thrilled when we decided to get married,and didn#39;t want her daughter to have to suffer any negativity from others.我母亲听说我们要结婚的消息后并不惊喜,相反她不希望我受到任何负面舆论压力的影响The ban on interracial marriage was lifted in 1968.That didn#39;t mean the ban lifted in people#39;s hearts.政府于1968年解除了异族婚姻的禁令,但人们心中仍然存在偏见。Bruce was very strong in saying,;I want to marry Linda. I know that we are a good match.;And so we did get married. It was really hard on my mother.But it wasn#39;t long before she came to love Bruce very much.布鲁斯的态度则十分强硬,;我一定会娶琳达。我们是天作之合;,最终我们结婚了,刚开始我妈妈并不高兴,不过不久她也逐渐接受了布鲁斯。It#39;s so important to know that it was his wife Linda that grounded him.She was his rock.As a couple,we really did not suffer any prejudice from outsiders,and I think this had a great deal to do with Bruce#39;s overwhelming personality.很重要的一点是妻子琳达是他成功的基础,她是他坚强的后盾。作为夫妻,我们并没有受到什么舆论的影响,这都归功于布鲁斯坚韧不拔的性格 Article/201311/264158

在1970年代和1980年代,互联网充满了慷慨的精神,那时互联网用户数量少,而且相距遥远。但如今,网络无处不在,它将数以十亿的用户、机器和重要的基础设施紧紧的联结在一起。让让我们非常容易受到网络攻击或崩溃。互联网先锋丹尼 希利斯认为互联网不是为这样的规模设计的,为我们吹响了设计B计划的号角:一个在互联网失效或者崩溃时可以运作的并行系统。 Article/201401/271168

If you single-handedly are keeping the belated birthday card industry alive, you need a system.如果你想独力保持生日贺卡行业蒸蒸日上,你需要做好规划。You Will Need你需要A large calendar一份大的日历Brightly-colored markers颜色鲜明的记号笔A birthday or accordion file生日或折叠文件夹Steps步骤Step 1 Put it in your face1.放在面前Hang a calendar in a place you see every day, like on the fridge—and write down birthdays in bright, unusual ink, so they stand out.在你每天都可以看到的地方悬挂一份日历,比如冰箱上——用颜色鲜明的墨水写下熟人的生日,这样比较醒目。Step 2 Use a birthday file2.使用生日文件夹Buy a birthday file, available at card shops, or a plain accordion file. Then purchase a bunch of birthday cards for everyone you know, address them, and file them according to the appropriate month. Keep your file where you pay your bills.购买一个生日文件夹或普通的折叠文件夹,许多卡片商店有售。然后为你认识的每一个人购买一些生日卡片,写上他们的地址,然后根据相应的月份分类存放。把文件夹放在付账单的地方。Use a virtual calendar to track birthdays on your computer or phone. Set it up once, and it will send you birthday reminders year after year.也可以在电脑或电话上使用虚拟日历来记录生日。设置一次,就会年复一年地提醒你。Step 3 Set up alerts3.设置提醒Sign up for one of the many websites that offer birthday alerts, like hallmark.com or birthdayalarm.com, which will send you an email or text reminder when birthdays come up.有许多网站提供生日提醒务,注册其中的一个,例如hallmark.com或birthdayalarm.com,当朋友的生日即将来临时,这个网站会发送电子邮件或短信提醒你。Step 4 Send automatic greetings4.发送自动问候Sign up for a service that automatically sends out birthday cards for you, like cardsremembered.com.注册一项可以自动为你发送生日卡片的务,例如cardsremembered.com。For those really special people in your life—you know, the ones who will kill you if you forget their birthday—consider signing up for a service that sends flowers automatically.对于你生命中非常特别的一些人——你知道,如果你忘记他们的生日他们可能会把你杀了——考虑注册自动送花务。Step 5 Make them remind you5.让他们提醒你Ask friends and family members to put their birthday on your MySpace or Facebook page. Why should you do all the work?要求家人和朋友在你的MySpace或Facebook page网页上说明他们的生日即将来临。为何不尝试所有可能有效的方法呢?The most common birthday in the U.S. is October 5th—which means January 5th is the most popular day to get busy!美国最常见的生日是10月5日,也就是说,1月5日是人们最繁忙的时候。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201305/239348

He didn#39;t compromise.People really felt that presence about him and felt that influence from him and they just wanna somehow connect with him.他不会向别人妥协,人们可以感受到他强烈的存在感和深刻的影响力,他们就想去接近他。When people try to relate to him, they do say,;That#39;s my Bruce Lee. That#39;s what I connect with.;当他们和他接触的时候,他们会说,这就是李小龙,正如我想的。When I watch Bruce Lee. I am Bruce Lee.- Dragon whips his tail. - Dragon whips his tail.I watch Bruce Lee,you watch Bruce Lee and we#39;re both being Bruce Lee.当我看着李小龙,我感觉到和他心连心。-神龙摆尾 -神龙摆尾。当我们一起看着李小龙的时候,你我都和他融为了一体。Bruce would want us to recognise that he honestly expressed himself,that he did not bow down to any sacred cows.To express oneself honestly,not lying to oneself,and to express myself honestly that, my friend, is very hard to do.布鲁斯想让我们意识到他在很真实得表达自己,他不会向任何规矩低头。真实得展示自己,而不是欺骗自己,要真实得展现自己的确不容易。He would urge others to examine your life, you know,see how things fit you personally,find your strength, take a stab at life,don#39;t just sit back and take it easy, you know?他鼓励别人检视自己的人生,从中找到适合你个人的东西,发现自己的优势,多些尝试,别只是干坐着,不把这当一回事。That#39;s not what life is about.It#39;s even more fun to see him now when I look back, you know.我们的生活不应该是这样,现在想想他还真是有意思。Oh! What an amazing young man he was.Do you think of yourself as Chinese or North American?这个年轻小伙子真是太让人惊讶了,你认为自己属于中国还是北美。You know what I want to think of myself.As a human being.Because I mean I don#39;t wanna sound like;As Confuciussay;你知道我是怎么想的吗?我把自己当做一个普通人。因为我不想被人供成神一样but under the sky, under the heaven,man, there is but one family.It just so happened, man, that people are different.在同一片天空下我们都是一家人,但每个人之间又是不同的。 Article/201312/270990

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