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四川省妇幼保健院耳鸣要多少钱甘孜藏族自治州妇幼保健院耳鼻喉电话咨询ns if they do business with North Korea.这一新动作出现在朝鲜一系列导弹发射试验和核试验之后,它或许意味着任何与美国金融体系有联系的,如果与朝鲜有业务往来就可能面临制裁。Coming days ahead of a US-China summit in Beijing which will be attended by Jack Lew, US Treasury secretary, the announcement could put additional pressure on Chinese banks to cut ties with North Korea.这一声明发布几天之后,美国财政部长杰#8226;Jack Lew)将参加在北京召开的美中峰会。该声明的发布,可能会为中国各施加额外压力,切断与朝鲜的联系。In a statement, the Treasury department said that North Korea used state-owned banks to conduct international transactions that financed its nuclear and missile programmes.美国财政部在一份声明中表示,朝鲜用国有在国际上开展交易,为其核武器和导弹计划提供资金。“Today’s action is a further step toward severing banking relationships with North Korea,said Adam Szubin, acting undersecretary for terrorism and financial intelligence. “It is essential that we all take action to prevent the regime from abusing financial institutions around the world through their own accounts or other means.”负责反恐和金融情报的代理副部长亚当#8226;舒宾(Adam Szubin)表示:“今日的做法是切断业与朝鲜联系的进一步举措。我们很有必要一同采取措施,阻止朝鲜当局通过自身户头或其他手段,不当使用全球的金融机构。”US banks are aly banned from doing business with North Korea. Under the new provision, banks in third countries that have a link to the US financial system would be prevented from processing transactions for North Korea. In practice, US officials and analysts say, this largely means financial institutions in China.美国各已经被禁止与朝鲜开展业务。根据新的规定,与美国金融体系有联系的第三国或被阻止与朝鲜开展交易。美国官方及分析人士表示,实际上,这在很大程度上是指中国的金融机构。“This action is the equivalent of the ‘nuclear optionin the world of financial sanctions,said Victor Cha, a former White House official and Korea expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. He said that if international banks did not want to be barred from the US financial system, they would have to “cut off their transactions not only with North Korean financial institutions but with any other financial institutions, such as those in China, that are suspected of transacting with North Korea曾任白宫官员的美国战略与国际研究中心(CSIS)韩国问题专家车维Victor Cha)表示:“此举相当于金融交易领域的‘核武器选项’。”他说,如果国际不想被封锁在美国金融体系之外,就必须“切断相关交易,这些交易的对象不仅包括朝鲜金融机构,还包括任何其他涉嫌与朝鲜开展交易的金融机构——比如中国的金融机构。”The announcement comes a day after North Korea attempted to launch an intermediate-range ballistic missile a test that South Korea said had been a failure.就在该声明公布一天前,朝鲜曾试图发射一枚中程弹道导弹——韩国方面表示这一实验没有成功。The meeting between senior US and Chinese officials is for the annual strategic and economic dialogue session. Danny Russel, US assistant secretary of state, said that North Korea would be one of the top items on the agenda and that China had said it would fully implement international sanctions on Pyongyang.美中高官之间的会晤,是为了开展一年一度的战略与经济对话。美国助理国务卿丹尼#8226;罗素(Danny Russel)表示,朝鲜问题或将是会议议程中的首要论题之一。他还表示,中国方面曾表示会全面实施对朝鲜政府的国际制裁。“One of the things that we will and do talk about is the practical question of how to ensure that the pressure that is built on an international basis on North Korea culminates in the outcomes that we want, which is not to bring North Korea to its knees, but to its senses,he said.他说:“我们将会、而且肯定会谈到的事情之一,是一个实际操作上的问题:如何确保在国际范围对朝鲜施加的压力,最终会得到我们想要的结果,这一结果并不是要让朝鲜下跪屈,而是让朝鲜回归理性。”来 /201606/447743南充市妇幼保健院突发性耳鸣要多少钱 BENGALURU: IAF’s first women pilots are all set to begin their simulation training on the Hawk Advanced Jet Trainer at the Bidar air force station (AFS) in Karnataka.卡纳塔克邦的比达尔空军基地,印度空军首批女飞行员开始在鹰式高级教练机上进行模式飞行训练。Flying officers Bhawana Kanth, Avani Chaturvedi and Mohana Singh completed their first leg of training on Kiran and Pilatus aircraft at the Dundugal air force academy two months ago.2个月前,巴娃娜、阿瓦尼和莫哈娜,在Dundugal空军学院完成了第一阶段的训练。Sources told TOI the trio will initially train on Hawk simulators before flying supersonic aircrafts. After their training in basic formations for combat flying here, the women will proceed to the AFS in Midnapore, West Bengal, for advanced training. 消息人士对印度时报说,三人最初会在鹰式教练机模拟器上训练,然后再开超音速飞机。接受基本的战斗编队飞行训练后,这些女飞行员将会进一步接受高级训练。“They will continue to fly Hawks there as well. But, the level of training will differ,the source added.“她们仍然会继续开鹰式教练机,就是训练水平会有所不同。”With their induction into the IAF, the women had put to an end the prolonged debate over women involvement in combat roles. 随着这些女飞行员加入印度空军,有关女性是否能承担战斗角色的旷日持久的争论随之戛然而止。Although the move by IAF is experimental, lasting only three years, experts believe it will have a significant impact in the future.虽然印度空军这次是试验性的,历年,不过专家相信对未来会具有重大影响的。来 /201608/463499宜宾市妇幼保健院鼻甲肥大怎么样

重庆治疗耳膜穿孔大概多少钱费用Whoever said the personal is political did not have Donald Trump in mind. In the last week alone, the US president berated a chain store for dropping his daughter’s branded product line; the White House counsellor, Kellyanne Conway, then urged television viewers to go out and buy Ivanka Trump’s products. Meanwhile the first lady, Melania Trump, is suing a newspaper on the grounds its defamation ruined a “once in lifetimechance for her to make money. No US president in history has triggered anything close to this many conflicts of interest and this is just his family. Trump Inc is turning into America’s newest fourth estate.那些说出“个人的即政治的”的人,头脑里一定没有想到唐纳德?特朗Donald Trump)。仅在过去一周里,这位美国总统就曾因为一家连锁店将其女儿品牌的产品线下架而对其大加鞭笞。接着,白宫顾问凯莉安康韦(Kellyanne Conway)敦促电视观众上街去买伊万特朗Ivanka Trump)的产品。与此同时,第一夫人梅拉尼娅?特朗Melania Trump)正在起诉一家报纸,理由是该报的诽谤毁了她“一生只有一次”的赚钱机会。引发这么多利益冲突,历史上任何一位美国总统都望尘莫及——这还只是他家人的情况。目前,“特朗普公司Trump Inc)正在变成美国最新的“第四阶级the fourth estate)。Mr Trump’s ability to benefit personally from office is immense. Every time he tweets against a company, its stock briefly nosedives. A minute’s notice would enable a savvy operator to monetise the damage by shorting the stock. Federal enforcement of insider trading laws is handled by the Securities and Exchange Commission, whose head Mr Trump hopes will be Wall Street lawyer Jay Clayton. On a strict ing, Mr Trump is aly in breach of the US constitution’s emoluments clause, which bans officer-holders from accepting gifts from foreign governments. Every time an embassy rents the Trump International Hotel’s ballroom the money will end up in the president’s pocket. Conflicts are assessed by the General Services Administration whose head Mr Trump will appoint.特朗普从其职务中获取个人好处的能力十分巨大。每次他在Twitter网站上发消息批评一家公司,该公司的股票都会短暂暴跌。假如能提前一分钟得到消息,聪明的操盘手就能通过做空该股票从下跌中获利。内幕交易法律的联邦执法由美国券交易委员会(SEC)负责,而特朗普希望由华尔街律师杰伊?克莱Jay Clayton)执掌该委员会。严格说来,特朗普已经违反了美国宪法的“报酬条款Emoluments Clause),该条款禁止在政府任职的人士接受外国政府的馈赠。每次有大使馆租用特朗普国际酒店(Trump International Hotel)的宴会厅,租金最终都会流进这位总统的腰包。这些利益冲突由美国总务(General Services Administration)评估,该机构的负责人将由特朗普任呀?Yet the US courts are unlikely to go near anti-Trump lawsuits. A plaintiff must show they have suffered damage. It is hard to see how anyone could prove they were personally harmed by the Trump Hotel’s high occupancy rates, or his booming golf courses. Many of Mr Trump’s potential conflicts are hidden as he has refused to release his tax returns, which means he could pocket any such benefits with impunity. Short of Mr Trump taking a direct foreign bribe, do not expect the judiciary to act as a check on him. Expect even less of Congress. Mr Trump’s Republican colleagues would be the last people to embark on fishing expeditions into his business interests, still less to impeach him. The field is wide open. Those hoping he will be brought down by the system are guilty of wishful thinking.然而,美国法院不太可能去碰反特朗普的案子。原告必须明他们蒙受了损失。很难想象有人能明,特朗普酒店的高入住率、或者他火爆的高尔夫球场损害了他们个人。特朗普许多潜在的利益冲突都是隐性的,原因是他拒绝公开报税单——意味着他可以将所有此类好处不受惩罚地纳入囊中。由于特朗普没有直接收受外国贿赂,不要指望司法机构会调查他。至于国会就更不要指望了。特朗普的共和党同僚,是最不愿意着手调查其商业利益的人群,更不要说弹劾他了。所有的障碍都扫清了。那些希望特朗普被体制拉下马的人们纯属痴心妄想。But the damage to American democracy and its global standing is incalculable. Those wanting to influence America’s 45th president know that the best route is via his family particularly Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner. China has aly invested diplomatic capital wooing the first daughter and her husband, who is seen as the president’s most trusted adviser. Ivanka’s attendance at the Chinese embassy’s Chinese new year celebrations may have played a role in Mr Trump’s endorsement of Beijing’s “One Chinapolicy a few days later.然而,美国民主(及其全球地位)受到的伤害却是无法计算的。想要影响这位美国第45任总统的人们知道,最好的途径是通过他的家人——尤其是伊万特朗普和贾里库什Jared Kushner)。中国已经通过讨好第一女儿和她的丈夫(他被视为这位总统最信任的顾问),投下了外交资本。伊万卡出席中国大使馆的春节庆祝活动,也许对几天后特朗普持北京方面“一个中国One China)政策发挥了作用。The fact that she sat in on her father’s first meeting with Shinzo Abe, Japan’s prime minister, also spoke volumes. Ms Trump’s company is planning to launch a Japanese accessory line in a joint venture with a Japanese state-owned bank. Though Ms Trump has given up control of her company, she has not divested her stake. She is only following her father’s example. The president has retained ownership of the Trump Organization but handed over its running to his two sons, Eric and Donald junior. It is the opposite of a blind trust.伊万卡列席了她父亲与日本首相安倍晋Shinzo Abe)的首次会谈,这一点也意味深长。伊万卡的公司计划与一家日本国有联手开办合资公司,推出一个日本饰品系列。尽管伊万卡放弃了她公司的控制权,但她没有撤股。她只是在效仿她父亲的做法。特朗普保留了特朗普集团(Trump Organization)的所有权,但将其运营交给了他的两个儿子埃里克(Eric)和小唐纳德。这是“保密信托blind trust)的反面。Plenty of US presidents entertain foreign leaders at their retreats George Bush senior hosted at Kennebunkport in Maine and Bush junior at his Texan ranch in Crawford. But these were private homes. This weekend, Mr Trump hosted Mr Abe at his Mar-A-Lago club on Palm Beach. Mr Trump’s club doubled the 0,000 nomination fee for what is known as the “winter White Houseshortly after he was inaugurated. Likewise, Washington’s increasingly pricey Trump International Hotel is turning into the White House’s informal guest house. Everyone knows Mr Trump rewards people who treat him well. Shortly after Mr Trump was elected, Trump Hotels announced plans to quintuple its outlets in America.很多美国总统在他们的度假别墅款待外国领导人,老布什在缅因州的肯尼邦克港,小布什在他位于德克萨斯州的克劳福德农场。但这些是私产。上周末,特朗普是在他位于棕榈滩的马阿拉Mar-a-Lago)俱乐部招待安倍晋三的。特朗普的俱乐部被称为“冬季白宫”,在他就任后不久,这所俱乐部的会费0万美元翻了一番。同样的,华盛顿价格日益高昂的特朗普国际酒店将变成白宫的非正式客房。所有人都知道,特朗普会奖励那些对他好的人。就在特朗普当选后不久,特朗普国际酒店宣布,计划将其在美国的酒店数量增倍。But what price will America pay? Even without overt lawbreaking, the reputational damage is bad enough. Mr Trump’s insistence that conflict of interest laws do not apply to him robs America of standing to accuse other countries of bending the rule of law. Even where Mr Trump has the highest motives, he will fail the Caesar’s wife test. Critics of Mr Trump’s “Muslim banpoint out that it omits countries such as Saudi Arabia, in which Trump Inc. has business interests. How much will Trump Inc. benefit from the White House’s big infrastructure plan? What boost will Manhattan property magnates receive from Mr Trump’s tax cuts? How many product lines will Ivanka Trump’s business roll out in China? It will be impossible to quell suspicions of self-dealing.但美国将付出何种代价?即便没有公开的违法行为,特朗普给美国造成的声誉损害已经非常严重了。特朗普坚称,利益冲突法不适用于他,这剥夺了美国指责其他国家违反法治的权利。即便在特朗普最积极的领域,他也通过不了伟大人物应洁身自好的测试。批评特朗普的“穆斯林禁令”的人指出,它漏掉了沙特阿拉伯等国,而特朗普的公司与沙特阿拉伯有商业往来。特朗普的公司将在多大程度上受益于白宫的大规模基础设施计划?曼哈顿的房地产巨头将从特朗普的减税政策中获得多大好处?伊万特朗普的公司将在中国推出多少产品系列?要消除假公济私的猜测将是不可能的。The corrosion of faith in US institutions was aly deep. Last month, the Economist Intelligence downgraded American democracy to “flawedfrom “full putting it in the same category as Italy and India. Its chief reason was falling public trust in government. Its decision was based on what happened before Mr Trump was elected. The problem is now many times greater. Mr Trump’s terms of contract are entirely one-sided. The Trumps can only gain. America will pick up the tab.对美国制度的信任已严重削弱。上月,经济学人智库(Economist Intelligence )将美国民主指数从“完全民主”下调至“部分民主”,与意大利和印度同级。主要原因是公众对政府的信任日益滑坡。该智库的决定基于特朗普当选前的情况。如今,问题变得严重多了。特朗普的合约条款完全是倾向于一边的。特朗普方只能获利。买单的是美囀?来 /201702/492005四川省看鼻中隔偏曲哪家好 Billy Bush, a host on the “Todayshow who has received stinging criticism for his role in a with Donald J. Trump, has been suspended by N.因在涉及唐纳#8226;J#8226;特朗Donald J. Trump)的一段视频中所扮演的角色而受到严厉指责的《今日秀Today)主持人比#8226;布什(Billy Bush)被N停职。The N executive in charge of “Today,Noah Oppenheim, wrote in a memo to his staff members on Sunday that “we’ve all been deeply troubled by the revelations of the past 48 hours.”周日当天,N负责《今日秀》的高管诺亚#8226;奥本海姆(Noah Oppenheim)在给员工的一份备忘录中写道,“我们所有人都对过去48小时里曝出的事情深感苦恼。”“Let me be clear there is simply no excuse for Billy’s language and behavior on that tape,he said. “N has decided to suspend Billy, pending further review of this matter.”“我要明确指出,对于比利在那盘录像带中的言行,没有任何借口,”他说。“N决定对比利做出停职处理,等候对此事的进一步调查。”It is unclear how long the suspension will last.尚不清楚停职期会持续多长时间。Mr. Bush was at the center of an explosive 2005 that was released on Friday, in which he is heard laughing and goading Mr. Trump as they engaged in a vulgar and misogynistic conversation about women.布什是周五公布的一段爆炸性视频的中心人物。在录制005年的该视频中,他和特朗普以粗俗和充满歧视的语言谈论着女性,期间他发出笑声,并怂恿特朗普。The news of the suspension is a reversal for N News, whose executives maintained throughout the weekend that it had no plans to discipline Mr. Bush and that he was expected to address the controversy on Monday’s program.停职的消息表明N新闻(N News)的态度发生了转变。整个周末,其高管一直坚持说公司不打算惩罚布什,并表示他预计会在周一的节目中就这起争议事件表态。But in the two days since the ’s release, there has been a strong social media backlash, including hundreds of angry comments on his Facebook page, many of them from women.但在视频被公之于众后的两天里,社交媒体上出现了对布什的强烈反对,包括其Facebook页面上成百上千条愤怒的,其中很多来自女性。Mr. Bush released a statement on Friday saying that he was “embarrassed and ashamedof his role in the recording. But he added, “This happened 11 years ago I was younger, less mature and acted foolishly in playing along.”布什周五发表声明,称对自己在视频中所扮演的角色感到“难为情和羞愧”。但他接着表示,“这件事发生1年前,那时我还年轻,没现在成熟,在和人交往时行为愚蠢。”“Todayis gripped in a ratings battle with A’s “Good Morning America,and both shows rely on women as a significant part of their viewership.《今日秀》正在与A的《早安美囀?Good Morning America)大打收视战。两档节目的观众中,女性都是重要的组成部分。At the time the was shot, Mr. Bush was a host of N’s “Access Hollywoodand talking with Mr. Trump, then the star of “The Apprentice,as he was about to leave a bus to visit a soap opera set.拍摄视频时,布什是N《走进好莱坞Access Hollywood)的主持人。即将乘车前往一个肥皂剧片场的他和当时还是《学徒The Apprentice)节目中的明星的特朗普进行了交谈。In the , Mr. Bush laughs at Mr. Trump’s most outrageous comments, and the two vividly discuss the physique of a “Days of Our Livesactress, Arianne Zucker, who arrived to accompany Mr. Trump on set (“Oh, that’s good legs,Mr. Bush said at one point).在视频中,布什在听到特朗普极其可耻的言论后笑了起来,两人还绘声绘色地讨论了和特朗普一同前往片场的女演员、曾出演《我们的日子Days of Our Lives)的阿里安#8226;扎克(Arianne Zucker)的身材。(布什一度说,“哎呦,腿真美。”)In a statement on Sunday, Ms. Zucker said: “How we treat one another, whether behind closed doors, locker rooms or face to face, should be done with kindness, dignity and respect. Unfortunately, there are too many people in power who abuse their position and disregard these simple principles and are rewarded for it.”在周日的一份声明中,扎克表示:“无论是在关着门的房间里、更衣室里还是面对面,我们都应怀着善意彼此相待,给对方以尊严和尊重。遗憾的是,太多当权者滥用自己的职权,无视这些简单的原则,但却因此获得回报。”来 /201610/470230四川大学华西第二医院声带息肉怎么样

重庆看耳聋哪家医院最好 Austrias anti-immigration far-rightFreedom Party won the first round of the presidential election, gathering morethan 35 percent of the vote and leaving five rivals far behind, including nomineesof the ruling governing coalition.反移民的奥地利极右翼自由党候选人在首轮总统选举中胜出,获得超过35%的选票,远远超个竞争对手,包括执政联盟的候选人。Norbert Hofer, who ran on an anti-immigrantand anti-Europe platform, won 36.4 percent of the vote and will face offagainst an independent, former member of the Green Party Alexander van derBellen, in next months run-off election.霍费尔把反移民和反欧洲做为竞选纲领,赢得6.4%的选票,将与独立候选人,前绿党成员范德贝伦参加下个月的决选。It was the best result the Freedom Partyhas seen in a national election, its campaign focused primarily on the impactof the migrant crisis and the 100,000 asylum seekers that have arrived inAustria since last summer.这是奥地利自由党迄今在全国选举中的最佳表现。该党的竞选重点是移民危机以及去年夏天以来抵达奥地利的10万寻求避难者所带来的影响。Both candidates from the ruling coalition,center-left Social Democrat Rudolph Hundstorfer and centrist Peoples Partynominee Andreas Khol, each received about 11 percent of the vote.执政联盟的两名候选人,中间偏左的社会民主党候选人洪茨托弗和中间派人民党候选人科尔,分别获得约11%的选票。来 /201604/438925泸州医学院附属内江医院鼻中隔偏曲要多少钱四川成都416医院成人鼾症好吗




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