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  • Sony Pictures Entertainment has warned media outlets they could face legal action if they report the contents of stolen documents that were leaked online following a cyber attack last month.索尼电影公司(Sony Pictures Entertainment)警告媒体机构称,如果报道被盗取文件的内容,它们将面临诉讼,在上月一次网络攻击后,这些文件被泄露至网上In a blunt letter written by a top US lawyer, Sony’s film asked media organisations including The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg News and The Hollywood Reporter to destroy “stolen inmation”, which includes documents, personal data and emails.在美国一高级律师撰写的一封措辞直率的信件中,索尼电影公司要求媒体机构(包括《纽约时报(The New York Times)、《华尔街日报(Wall Street Journal)、彭新闻通讯社(Bloomberg News)以及好莱坞报道(Hollywood Reporter))销毁“被盗取文件”,其中包括文件、个人信息和电邮“If you do not comply with this request and the Stolen Inmation is used or disseminated by you in any manner, SPE will have no choice but to hold you responsible any damage or loss arising from such use or dissemination by you,” the letter warned, according to a copy posted online by The Hollywood Reporter.据好莱坞报道在网上贴出的复印件,信中警告称:“如果媒体不遵照这一要求,窃取信息被以任何方式使用或传播,索尼电影只能要求媒体对信息使用或传播所造成的任何损害或财务损失负责”The letter, dated Sunday, was signed by David Boies, a lawyer who has in the past represented Hank Greenberg, mer AIG chief executive. Sony in Tokyo declined to comment on the letter.这封信的日期是上周日,由过去一直代表美国国际集团(AIG)前首席执行官汉克#86;格林伯格(Hank Greenberg)的律师戴维#86;鲍尔斯(David Boies)签署位于东京的索尼拒绝就这封信置评Sony Pictures’ move represents an attempt to contain the growing damage it has suffered after weeks of embarrassing leaks, including details of executives’ salaries, unpublished film scripts, sensitive contracts and candid exchanges about actors between Amy Pascal, Sony’s co-chair, and Scott Rudin, the Hollywood producer. Employees’ personal data have also been leaked, including social security numbers and health records.索尼电影此举表明,在令人尴尬的信息泄露数周后,该公司正试图控制由此带来的日趋严重的损害泄露的信息包括高管薪资细节、未发表的电影剧本、敏感合约以及索尼联席董事长艾米#86;帕斯卡尔(Amy Pascal)与好莱坞制片人斯科特#86;鲁丁(Scott Rudin)之间就演员的坦诚交流员工个人数据也遭到泄露,包括社保号码和健康记录A computer hacking group calling itself “Guardians of Peace” has demanded that Sony Pictures stop the release of The Interview, a comedy about a farcical attempt to assassinate Kim Jong Un, the North Korean dictator. The group has threatened Sony Pictures with more releases of private inmation if it does not comply with the demand. North Korea has denied any involvement in the attack by hackers.一个自称为“和平守护者”(Guardian of Peace)的电脑黑客组织要求索尼电影公司停止发布喜剧片《刺杀金正恩(The Interview),这部电影一部有关企图暗杀朝鲜独裁者金正恩(Kim Jong Un)的虚构喜剧该组织威胁索尼称,如果索尼不顺应他们的要求,将公布更多私人信息朝鲜否认参与此次由黑客发起的攻击事件。
  • At the peak of Hong Kong movie industry in the 1980s, a series of comic vampire movies thrived at the box office.上世纪80年代正值香港电影产业的巅峰,一系列以吸血鬼为题材的喜剧电影席卷了票房市场Movie-goers flocked to see the 1985 movie Mr. Vampire, with its zany mix of comedy, horror, martial arts and hopping vampires, so-called because of the undead corpses jumping movements.1985年上映的《僵尸先生(Mr. Vampire)曾吸引大量影迷涌入影院观看影片滑稽古怪,将搞笑、惊悚、武打场面以及跳尸融合在一起,“跳尸”取名自僵尸一蹦一跳的动作The movie popularity sparked several sequels and spinoffs, but they faded by the early 90s along with the local film industry, which was done in by Hollywood blockbusters and audiences shifting tastes.该片颇为卖座,随后催生了几部续集和相关题材的影片,但随着好莱坞(Hollywood)大片的引进以及观众口味的逐渐改变,到上世纪90年代初,僵尸系列电影和香港本地电影产业一同陷入衰落Now, the genre is getting a kick-start from singer-actor Juno Mak, who makes his directorial debut with Rigor Mortis. The movie opened in Hong Kong and Malaysia on Thursday, and will soon be released elsewhere in Asia.而如今,这类电影又重出江湖歌手兼演员麦浚龙(Juno Mak)的导演处女作《僵尸(Rigor Mortis)已于周四在香港和马来西亚首映,并很快将在亚洲其他地区上映It great to be able to revisit a genre like this, says Mr. Mak, who also produced and co-wrote the script. I think it represented a very golden age of Hong Kong cinema.麦浚龙说,我很高兴能够重启这一电影题材,我认为这类电影代表了香港电影业的一段黄金时代他同时也是电影的制片人及编剧之一Hollywood in recent years has reinvented movies about the undead (think the Twilight series and World War Z), and Mr. Mak adds some modern sensibilities to Rigor Mortis. First to go was the kitschy humor.近年来好莱坞创作了许多以不死亡灵为题材的电影(例如《暮光之城(Twilight)系列以及《僵尸世界大战(World War Z)),麦浚龙则为《僵尸增加了更多现代人的感性元素,而首要的工作就是将庸俗搞笑的成份从中剔除I wanted to be more concentrated on the drama, rather than lame, cheesy jokes, says the 9-year-old director. We deconstructed some of the elements of the earlier Hong Kong films, he says, which trace their origins to the ancient stories and myths of geung si (literally, tiff corpse).这位9岁的导演说,我希望影片能够更加关注情节,而非庸俗廉价的幽默我们将一些早期香港电影的元素解构,其中有些可以追溯到一些关于僵尸的古代传说怪谈Mr. Mak reed many of the original cast members from the earlier Mr. Vampire films, including martial-arts actor Chin Siu-ho, who plays a weary vampire hunter. The movie also includes visual references to Mr. Vampire, offering ample rewards movie-goers familiar with the series.此次拍摄,麦浚龙召集了许多先前《僵尸先生系列电影中的演员,武打演员钱小豪就是其中之一,他在本片中扮演一位英勇的僵尸猎人电影还借鉴了《僵尸先生中的一些场景,让该系列电影爱好者大饱眼福Just as garlic or a stake in the heart can ward off or kill Dracula and other Western vampires, the living can defend themselves from hopping vampires with blood from a black hound, glutinous rice or an amulet.在西方,人们相信大蒜或用利器插入心脏可以杀死德库拉(Dracula)那样的吸血鬼而在东方,人们相信用黑色猎犬的血、糯米或者护身符可以抵御僵尸的威胁The tradition of hopping vampires, while perhaps a bit peculiar to the uninitiated, comes from an ancient Chinese practice in which priests perm a ritual so corpses can be moved -- upright and by foot -- on a long journey (like DHL, Mr. Mak quips) to their hometown burial. The stiffness of the bodies resulted in a hopping effect as the undead walked home.“跳尸”这一概念来自于古代中国的一种习俗,为了将死者的遗体送回远方的家乡安葬,道士会通过一个仪式让尸体“立着”被运回家(麦浚龙调侃道,就像DHL一样)——在不了解这一习俗的人看来可能有些古怪由于尸体十分僵硬,“行走”起来一蹦一跳,因而得名跳尸It based on a historical time period, Mr. Mak says. It the whole vibe that fascinates me.麦浚龙说,它是一段历史时期的一个剪影,它散发出的气息让我着迷 3196。
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