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雅安市人民医院耳鼻喉好吗重庆省妇幼保健院鼻中隔偏曲好吗成都大学附属医院耳鼻喉科 There are calls for a Kinder chocolate bar to be recalled, following the discovery that it contained traces of a possible cancer-causing oil.因含有可能致癌的矿物油成分,健达巧克力已经被呼吁召回。Germany#39;s Foodwatch found the Kinder Reigel contained mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbons (MOAH), which the European Food Safety Agency has said #39;may be carcinogenic#39;. It has led to calls for the bar, available in some Aldi stores in Germany, to be recalled.德国食品监察组织Foodwatch发现,健达巧克力条中含有芳香烃矿物油成分,欧洲食品安全署认为该物质“可能致癌”。这会导致在德国阿尔迪连锁超市里出售的该产品被召回。#39;You can#39;t see it, you can#39;t taste it, but it#39;s in there. We recommend not purchasing these products because the levels are simply unacceptable for consumption.#39; Johannes Heeg, a Foodwatch campaigner told The Local.Foodwatch的领导人约翰尼斯·希科在接受《Local》采访时表示:“你看不见它,也尝不出来,但是这种物质就是存在。我们不建议消费者购买这些食品,因为供消费的食品里含有矿物油是不可接受的。”Foodwatch also found MOAH in two other German products, Lindt#39;s Fioretto Nougat Minis and Sun Rice Classic Schokohappen.此外,Foodwatch还在另外两款德国产品里发现了芳香烃,分别是瑞士莲菲奥莱多牛轧糖及Schokohappen经典阳光大米。However, other groups have said the risk is minimal. The Association of the German Confectionary Agency (BDSI) said there was no need to recall the products as the amounts of MOAH found could #39;be consumed without concern#39;.但是,其他组织认为风险并不大。德国糖果协会表示,没有必要召回产品,因为现在检测到的矿物油芳香烃含量可以被人体完全无害地分解掉。The European Food Safety Agency says #39;foodborne MOAH with three or more, non- or simple-alkylated, aromatic rings may be mutagenic and carcinogenic, and therefore of potential concern#39;.欧洲食品安全署则表示:“食品中的矿物油如果含有三个或三个以上无烷基或简单烷基的芳香环,则可能具有突变性和致癌性,因此会成为潜在的问题。”A spokesperson for Ferrero said in a written statement, #39;The discussion about mineral oil components (MOSH/MOAH) in foods is not new and affects a large variety of foods from the most different categories. Foodwatch Germany has recently tested several confectionery products and detected traces of mineral oil components. However, traces of mineral oil exist nearly everywhere in the environment and they can be transferred to food in many different ways. At Ferrero, together with all our supply chain partners, we are working on technical solutions to minimise these omnipresent substances as much as possible and to avoid transfer and migration to food.#39;一名费列罗的发言人在一份书面声明中写道,“关于食品中矿物油成分的讨论不是最近才有的,这影响了不同种类的许许多多食物。德国Foodwatch组织最近检测了几种糖果产品,检测出了矿物油成分。然而,环境里几乎到处都有环境矿物油,并可以用不同的方式转移到食物中。例如,矿物油主要是从印刷油墨转移到包装回收循环中,并通过再生纤维转移到原料和食品中。我们费列罗将和所有的供应链伙伴合作,寻找技术解决方案,尽量把这些无所不在的物质转移到食物中的可能减到最低。” /201607/456383It appears that sales of foods touting an absence of genetically-modified ingredients are booming in the U.S. - but some people may be surprised to learn what#39;s actually in such foods in lieu of GMOs.看来,吹捧不含转基因成分的食物正在美国风靡起来--但有些人在得知转基因食物的真实替代物之后可能会很吃惊。Sales of products labeled by the Non-GMO Project, a nonprofit that verifies the contents of GMO-free foods, have more than doubled over the past two years - from billion to billion today, according to NPR#39;s Dan Charles.非转基因工程是核实非转基因食物成分的非营利组织。据美国国家公共电台的丹·查尔斯所述,标记着非转基因工程的食物销售额在过去两年翻了一番--从70亿美元增长到了今日的160亿美元。At the same time, organic foods have also been gaining in popularity.同时,有机食物也越来越受人欢迎。According to the Organic Trade Association#39;s latest numbers, sales of all organic products nationwide hit billion last year, representing a 34-percent increase over the billion figure recorded two years earlier.根据有机食品贸易协会最新的数据表明:去年全国的有机食品销售额达到了430亿美元,比2年前增长了34%,2年前的销售额为320亿美元。That#39;s a sizable surge, of course, but nowhere near the growth observed by the non-GMO segment. This is raising the anxiety of some organic food companies, who point out that just because a product lacks GMOs doesn#39;t mean it meets other standards those customers might be looking for.当然,这一增长率是相当大的,但与非转基因部门观察到的增长率相比还相差甚远。这就让有些有机食品公司忧心忡忡,他们指出仅仅因为食品中不含转基因成分,并不意味着这些食品能满足顾客们的其它标准。;OK, it#39;s great that there#39;s a non-GMO symbol on there,; Pete and Gerry#39;s Organic Eggs CEO and owner Jesse LaFlamme told NPR. ;But do you understand that that product might have been produced with pesticides, antibiotics, and with no regard for animal welfare?;;对,有一个非转基因的标签贴在食品上很好,;Pete and Gerry#39;s Organic Eggs公司的首席执行官兼老板Jesse LaFlamme对着美国国家公共电台说道。;但你考虑过吗,这些食品可能是打了农药、抗生素的,根本就没有考虑到其它动物的死活?;There indeed seems to be some confusion about what qualifies a food as being a ;non-GMO; product and one that is certified organic. Here are some facts you might want to keep in mind the next time you#39;re feeling overwhelmed in a supermarket aisle:对于什么样的食品才能称得上;非转基因;食品以及什么样的才能称作合格的有机食品的确让人感到疑惑。下列事实你可能需要牢记,这样下一次在超市里感到困惑时就知道该怎么办了。If a food has a certified organic label, it is essentially GMO-free. And this label means many other things.如果食物上贴着认过的有机标签,那么它真的是非转基因食物。这一标签还有其它的含义。All organic foods are inherently ;GMO-free; ― this is one of the many strict guidelines set forth by the USDA. These foods were produced without any synthetic pesticides or fertilizers and must be grown in a way that also protects soil quality.所有的有机食品本质上都是;非转基因;的--这是美国农业部规定的严格准则之一。这些食品在生产过程中没有使用合成农药或肥料,都是在确保土壤质量的条件下生产的。译文属 /201608/459275成都妇幼保健医院腺样体肥大要多少钱

四川省人民医院过敏性鼻炎治疗的价格It was the seemingly simple maths puzzle that left the Internet baffled.之前难倒一片网民的正是一道看似简单的数学题。The equation, which uses flowers instead of numbers, went viral with thousands of Facebook users debating the correct answer.成千上万的脸书用户就一道用花代替数字的等式问题展开了激烈的讨论。Daily Mail Australia put it to Associate Professor Leon Poladian, from the University of Sydney#39;s mathematics department, who came back with a solution - but even he had to admit, it was a bit of ahead-scratcher.每日邮报澳大利亚版块找到悉尼大学数学系的副教授里昂·波拉迪安,他解决了这道难题,不过即便是他也不得不承认,这题有点伤脑筋。(确定不是费眼神?)Professor Poladian noted that the #39;trick#39; to the puzzle lay in that the blue flower on the final line only had four petals, not five.波拉迪安教授指出这道题的陷阱在于最后一行中的蓝色花朵仅有4片花瓣,而非上两行的5片花瓣。In the puzzle, which is posted as a graphic, there are three lines showing what different combinations of flowers add up to. Then a new combination is shown, with no total, and it#39;s up to people to work out the answer.在这道以图片形式登出的数学题中,列出了三行不同的花朵组合。而最后一行出现的新型组合没有总和,得靠人们(根据前两行的总和)算出这个。Wrong: People have given a number of different answers on the Facebook posts, with many of them incorrect答错了!脸书上人们给出各式各样的,而许多都没有答对。Because the puzzle tells us that the red flower is worth 20, a blue flower with five petals is worth five, and two yellow flowers are worth two.因为这道难题表明一朵红色小花的值是20,5瓣的蓝色小花的值为5,而两朵黄色小花的值是2。In the final line there is one yellow flower added to one red flower multiplied by one blue flower with four petals, making the equation 1 + 20 x 4.最后一行中是一朵黄色小花加上一朵红色小花与一朵四瓣蓝色小花的乘积,因而由1 + 20 x 4可算得,即81。However, Professor Poladian did warn that puzzles like this can have more than one correct answer, as there is not enough information to confirm that the number of petals on a flower changes its value.不过波拉迪安教授还特意称像这样的题目能有不止一个正确,因为题中没有足够的信息能确认花瓣的数量会改变一朵花所代表的数值。If you were to disregard the number of petals on the blue flower, you would come up with an entirely different answer of 101.如果你不去管蓝色小花的花瓣数,那么你就会得到一个完全不同的:101。 /201607/453628川北医学院附属医院扁桃体炎看怎么样好不好 A 68-year-old Texas grandfather who was offered a seat on a subway in Rio de Janeiro shocked Twitter users around the world when he pulled off a stunt that would be difficult for a man even half his age -- a feat that was captured in pictures shared by his grandson. 来自美国得克萨斯州、在里约地铁上被让座的68岁老爷爷,耍起了只有他一半年龄的人都很难完成的惊险动作,这个壮举被他的孙子抓拍并分享,震惊了全世界的推特用户。Britton Barker, 19, shared a series of photos of his grandfather, Wayne McEntire, on Twitter Thursday morning after he ;very respectfully declined; the seat offered by a young Brazilian man on a relatively crowded train. 爷爷韦恩#8226;麦肯泰尔“十分优雅地谢绝了”一个巴西年轻小伙在较拥挤地铁中的让座,在这之后,19岁的孙子布里顿#8226;巴克周四上午在推特分享了一系列他的照片。;He is one of the kindest and most polite people I know,; Barker said of his grandfather. 巴克这样形容他的爷爷:“他是我所见过的最善良最有礼貌的人之一。”The pair, from Amarillo, were leaving Rio Centre after seeing some Olympic events and heading back to their apartment on the Copacabana Beach, Barker told A News. 巴克告诉A新闻的记者,当天,这对来自阿马里洛的爷孙看完了一些奥运项目,正在从里约中心回科帕卡巴纳海滩公寓的路上。After being offered a seat, McEntire can be seen grabbing a pole then using his upper body strength to hoist his legs in the air, his body parallel to the bench below him. A man in a green shirt looks up in amusement as he poses for the camera. 被让座以后,麦肯泰尔紧握扶杆,接着用上肢力量把腿悬在空中,身体和下方的长凳保持平行。当他为拍照摆姿势的时候,一个穿绿色衬衫的男子饶有趣味地向上看着。Several people approached him as they exited the train to tell him how ;impressive; the move was and to ask him how old he was, Barker said. 巴克说,有人下地铁的时候,走近并告诉他,此举令人“印象深刻”,还问他多大年纪了。;Someone offered my grandpa a preferred seat for elderly people on the subway and he did this,; Barker wrote on Twitter. Barker said that his grandfather has pulled similar tricks in the past, but never in public. 巴克在推特中写道:“在地铁里,有人为我爷爷让老年人专座时,他就这么做。”他说,爷爷以前做过这样的高难度动作,但从不是在公众场合。Barker will travel home to the US tomorrow to move into his dorm at Texas Tech University while McEntire will stay in Rio for another week, Barker said. McEntire is an avid Olympics fan, and Rio is the fifth Olympic games he#39;s traveled to since Los Angeles in 1984, his grandson said. He then went on to attend the Sydney games in 2000 to watch his friend Brandon Slay win a gold medal for the US in wrestling. 巴克说,明天他就会回美国,搬回德州理工大学的宿舍,然而麦肯泰尔还会再在里约待上一周。麦肯泰尔是奥运铁杆粉丝,里约奥运会已经是他从1984年洛杉矶奥运会后亲自去看的第五届奥运会。在那届之后,他去了2000年悉尼奥运会,观看他的朋友布兰登#8226;斯莱在摔跤比赛中为美国赢得金牌。After Sydney, McEntire traveled to Beijing in 2008 and London in 2012 with Barker#39;s older brother, Barrett. McEntire plans on taking Barker and both his brothers with him to Tokyo in 2020, Barker said. 悉尼奥运会后,麦肯泰尔带着巴克的大哥巴雷特在2008年去了北京,2012年去了伦敦。巴克说,麦肯泰尔计划带着他和兄弟俩一起去看2020年的东京奥运会。 /201608/461512凉山彝族自治州第一人民医院小儿中耳炎治疗的价格

重庆市第一人民医院耳膜穿孔好吗The 10-second second rule is a #39;dangerous myth#39; and could actually KILL you.十秒钟的原则是“危险的空谈”而且可以使你致命。Millions of people abide by the so-called ‘ten-second rule’ - judging food as OK to eat if it only touches the floor momentarily.上百万人都在遵守“10秒种原则”去判断短时间掉在地上的食物是否可以食用。But researchers have branded the age-old convention a myth - and claim a third of us are putting our health at risk of a ‘silent killer’ by eating dirty food.但是研究人员将这种由来已久的说法看作是虚无缥缈的,并且声称三分之一的人将通过吃脏的东西置自己于“隐形杀手”的危害健康的状态。A survey has found that 37 per cent of those polled would eat food that was dropped on the kitchen floor, while 38 per cent would pick it off the living room floor and eat it.一项调查显示参与调查的37%的人会吃掉在厨房地上的食物,而38%的人会吃掉在客厅的食物。According to Dr Ackerley, the worst bacteria in our homes are ‘silent killers’ that we cannot see or smell but that can multiply from a single bacterium to several million in just seven hours.据阿克力士称,我们居家最糟糕的“隐形杀手”细菌要数那些我们看不到也闻不到但是却可以在七个小时内从单一的个体繁殖成成千上万的细菌群了。Rachelle Williams, of the Food Safety Information Council, said we need to consider the type of food before picking something up off the floor and eating it.食品安全信息委员会的蕾切尔·威廉姆斯说,在我们捡起并食用这些食物的时候我们要考虑食物的种类。#39;It all comes down to bacteria,#39; she told Daily Mail Australia.她告诉澳洲每日邮报,“所有问题都归结到细菌本身。” /201606/448126 重庆市第八人民医院腺样体肥大看怎么样好不好成都市看咽喉炎多少钱



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