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KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) - Malaysian police said on Saturday they had arrested a North Korean man in connection with the murder of the estranged half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, as a diplomatic spat over his body escalated.路透吉隆坡:马来西亚警方周六宣布逮捕了一名和金正男遇刺案有关联的朝鲜人。于此同时,围绕金正男尸体处置的外交争端升级。金正男是金正恩同父异母哥哥。Kim Jong Nam died this week after being assaulted at Kuala Lumpur International Airport with what was thought to be a fast-acting poison. South Korean and U.S. officials have said he was assassinated by North Korean agents.金正男本周于吉隆坡国际机场遇袭。外界普遍认为是中毒而死。美国和韩国官员指是朝鲜特工所为。Malaysian police said the latest arrest connected with the murder was made on Friday night, and the suspect was identified as Ri Jong Chol, born on May 6, 1970. He was in possession of a Malaysian i-Kad, which is an identification card given to foreign workers, they added.马来西亚警方在周五晚逮捕了这名与遇刺案有关联的朝鲜人,李正哲。生于1970年5月6日,持有马来西亚Ikad类型劳工签。;He is suspected to be involved in the death of a North Korean male,; a statement.根据警方的声明,“他是导致朝鲜一名男性死亡的嫌疑人之一”The police chief for Selangor state, Abdul Samah Mat, said the suspect had been remanded in police custody.Selangor州警察局长Abdul Samah Mat指出,嫌疑犯已被拘押。Two female suspects, one an Indonesian and the other carrying Vietnamese travel documents, have aly been arrested, while a Malaysian man has been detained. At least three more suspects are at large, government sources have said.政府消息源指出:另有两名女性嫌疑犯被拘押,分别持有印度尼西亚护照和越南护照。还有一名马来西亚籍疑犯也被拘押。还有至少三名嫌疑犯在逃。Kim Jong Nam, the eldest son of the late North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, had spoken out publicly against his family#39;s dynastic control of isolated, nuclear-armed North Korea.金正男是金正日的长子。曾公开反对朝鲜的家族世袭以及发展核武器。South Korea#39;s intelligence agency told lawmakers in Seoul that Kim had been living with his second wife in the Chinese territory of Macau, under China#39;s protection.韩国情报机构告诉议员,金正男和第二任妻子一直居住在,受到中国的保护。He had been at the Kuala Lumpur airport to catch a flight to Macau when he was killed. An autopsy is being performed at a hospital in the capital city.金正男在吉隆坡机场遇刺时正打算飞往。据悉,尸检正在首都的一家医院进行。Selangor state police chief Abdul Samah told Reuters that the autopsy report was not complete yet. He dismissed media reports that a second autopsy would have to be conducted.Selangor 州警察局长告诉路透社记者,尸检报道尚未完成 ,他否认了进行第二次尸检的传闻。North Korea said in the early hours of Saturday that it would categorically reject Malaysia#39;s autopsy report on the death of Kim Jong Nam, and accused Malaysia of ;colluding with outside forces;, in a veiled reference to rival nation South Korea.朝鲜在周六早些时候发表声明称会“断然拒绝”尸检结果。并且指控马来西亚和外部势力共谋。含蓄地暗示韩国在其中起到的作用。Malaysia hit back by saying the country#39;s rules must be followed. The foreign ministry has yet to make any comment.马来西亚回击称只是依法处置。马来西亚外交部尚未对此做出置评。Health minister Dr S.Subramaniam told state news agency Bernama that Malaysia was waiting for the toxicology report to complete the autopsy.卫生部长S.Subramaniam 告诉国有的 Bernama 新闻通讯社,官方正等待毒理学报告以完善尸检结果。He said the autopsy report would hopefully be released ;within this week;.他指出尸检报告有望在本周公布。The case threatens to weaken North Korea#39;s ties with Malaysia, one of the few countries that has maintained good diplomatic relations with Pyongyang.金正男被刺已经影响到了马来西亚和朝鲜的关系,马来西亚是少数和朝鲜仍维持良好外交关系的国家。North Korea#39;s nuclear arms and weapons programs have alarmed the West, most recently its test of a ballistic missile earlier this month in its first direct challenge to the international community since Donald Trump became U.S. president.朝鲜的核武计划在西方引发担忧。本月早些时候发射的弹道导弹是特朗普担任总统以来朝鲜对国际社会最直接的挑衅。Pyongyang#39;s main ally and trading partner is China, which is irritated by its repeated aggressive actions but rejects suggestions from the ed States and others that it could be doing more to rein in its neighbor.平壤的主要盟友和贸易伙伴中国对朝鲜不断的挑衅举动感到恼怒,但回绝了美国及其他国家要求中国更加努力控制朝鲜的建议。On Saturday, China said it had further tightened trade restrictions with North Korea by suspending all imports of coal starting Feb. 19, although it did not say why. Coal exports to China are a vital source of revenues for Pyongyang.周六,中国宣布从2月19日起全面暂停从朝鲜进口煤炭。但没有公布原因。煤炭出口是朝鲜的一个主要收入来源。Kim Jong Nam was assaulted at the low cost terminal of Kuala Lumpur International Airport on Monday with what is believed to be fast acting poison before he could board a flight to Macau. He sought help but died on the way to the hospital.金正男是在准备去的航班时遇袭,他在去医院抢救的途中死亡。外界普遍认为是被毒杀。North Korea demanded on Friday night that Kim Jong Nam#39;s body be released immediately. It had earlier tried to persuade Malaysian authorities not to carry out an autopsy.朝鲜周五晚要求立即归还金正男的遗体,并在早些时候施压马来西亚不要进行尸检。;The Malaysian side forced the post-mortem without our permission and witnessing,; the North Korean ambassador Kang Chol told reporters outside the hospital where the body of Kim Jong Nam is being kept.;We will categorically reject the result of the post mortem ... ;“马来西亚方在没有在我方允许和在场的情况下对尸体进行了解剖。”朝鲜驻马来西亚大使在进行尸检的医院外对记者表示“朝鲜会断然拒绝尸检结果”He said Kim Jong Nam had a diplomatic passport and was under the consular protection of North Korea.他表示金正男持有朝鲜的外交护照并受朝鲜的领事保护。 /201702/493112When Toyota launched a quirky Twitter campaign depicting the car parts of its new Prius hybrid using anime girls earlier this year, the digital advertising impact was instant. 丰田(Toyota)今年早些时候在Twitter上发布一个古怪的广告——用动漫少女描绘其新款普锐斯(Prius)混合动力车的部件,该数字广告的影响立竿见影。The oddity and boldness attracted young Japanese users of social media that had not been effectively targeted by Toyota’s traditional, celebrity-heavy TV commercials. 这种怪异和大胆吸引了日本年轻的社交媒体用户,而他们正是丰田传统上依赖名人效应的电视广告从未有效触及过的群体。As with almost all of Toyota’s ads, the campaign’s creator was Dentsu.和丰田几乎所有广告一样,这则广告的设计公司是电通(Dentsu)。The Prius tweets were not part of the overcharging scandal that shook Japan’s most powerful advertising agency last week. 普锐斯在Twitter上的广告与最近撼动这家日本最强大的广告公司的收费过高丑闻无关。But it was not coincidental that Toyota was the company that discovered the irregularities.但是丰田发现电通的违规行为并非巧合。The revelation followed a meticulous analysis of digital ad impact by a company grappling to connect with a home market that has shown declining interest in owning cars. 正在艰难试图与表现出购车意愿下滑的本土市场沟通的丰田,对数字广告的影响进行了细致分析,结果发现上述问题。The analysis was disappointing, prompting the automaker to question if whether Dentsu was placing the digital ads properly.分析结果令人失望,使得这家汽车制造商质疑电通是否妥善投放了数字广告。Since that first complaint from Toyota in July, Dentsu has identified 633 suspected cases of overcharging, amounting to at least .3m and affecting 111 clients. 自从丰田于7月提交首份投诉以来,电通确认了633例疑似收费过高的情况,涉及金额至少230万美元,影响111家客户。Among them were 14 incidents where ads were not placed at all and other cases of incorrect placement periods and falsified reporting of ad performance.其中有14例的广告根本没有投放,其他情况涉及不正确的投放时间和广告效果报告作假。The scandal involves performance-based ads — a popular tool that allows advertisers to target specific types of consumers and pay fees depending on how much business was generated. 此次丑闻涉及基于效果的广告——这是一种较为流行的广告类型,可以让广告商针对特定类型消费者,并根据商业效果付费用。These ads were supposed to offer advertisers greater transparency and make it easier to measure effectiveness. 这些广告本应该为广告商提供更高的透明度,并且更容易衡量广告效果。In practice, companies have struggled to judge whether these ads on websites and mobile devices have the desired impact.但在实践中,公司很难判断这些在网站和移动设备上投放的广告是否产生了预期效果。The story is not uniquely Japanese. 这种情况不只出现在日本。The Dentsu discovery came days after Facebook admitted a mistake in measuring the time users spent viewing ads on its social network.在电通事件曝出前数日,Facebook承认在测算用户在其社交网站上观看视频广告的时间上存在错误。The US ad industry is addressing concerns that ad agencies had been accepting cash rebates from media companies without informing their clients. 美国广告业正在应对广告公司在不通知客户的情况下收取媒体公司现金回扣的问题。There are also cases of online advertising slots that are never seen by consumers due to fraud.同时还存在在线广告根本没有被消费者看到的欺诈行为。But in Japan, concerns about opaqueness are heightened by the close ties among ad agencies, TV broadcasters and other media companies, which makes price negotiations less transparent.但是在日本,人们对于广告业不透明的担忧因广告公司、电视广播公司和其他媒体公司之间的紧密联系而加剧,这种格局使得价格谈判更加不透明。Dentsu controls one-quarter of Japan’s annual bn advertising market, and its domination of lucrative sponsorship slots such as the Olympics has made it difficult for dissatisfied clients to publicly voice their concerns.日本广告市场的规模达到每年610亿美元,而电通控制着其中的四分之一。同时,它主导着奥运会等利润丰厚的赞助时段,这使得对其不满的客户很难公开表示担忧。That puts the onus on companies to toughen their scrutiny of agency management of digital ads, says Yumi Tanaka, JPMorgan analyst. 根大通(JPMorgan)的分析师田中由美(Yumi Tanaka)称,该问题促使企业加强审查代理商对数字广告的管理。Dentsu has promised that a more independent division inside the company will monitor the performance data of digital ads in question. 电通承诺,公司内部一个比较独立的部门将监测受到质疑的数字广告的效果数据。But that still lacks third-party verification, which may prompt clients to pressure Dentsu to disclose more real-time data rather than a summary version.但这仍然缺乏第三方核实,可能会促使客户施压电通公开更多实时数据而不是简单的总结性数据。It remains unclear whether the discrepancies in online ads were restricted to Dentsu or whether they plague the broader Japanese market. 尚不清楚在线广告的问题仅限于电通还是影响了整个日本市场。Shinsuke Iwasa, Mizuho analyst, warns that rivals should not treat it as a Dentsu only problem, citing the complexity of the performance-based ads. 瑞穗(Mizuho)分析师岩佐新助(Shinsuke Iwasa)警告称,竞争对手不应该把它当做唯独电通存在的问题,并指出了效果广告的复杂性。Dentsu has blamed lack of personnel and pressure to meet client demand for this new online advertising. 电通将问题归咎于缺乏人力,同时受到满足客户对这种新型在线广告需求的压力。Performance ads posted 22 per cent year-on-year growth in 2015 versus a 0.3 increase for Japan’s total ad spending.2015年,效果广告出同比增长了22%,而日本整体广告出仅增长了0.3%。For now, the amount of overcharging is unlikely to have any significant impact on Dentsu’s earnings. 目前,收费过高的问题不太可能会对电通的盈利产生显著影响。Its chief financial officer has stressed that none of its clients have cut ties with the company, saying such outright rejections don’t normally happen in Japan.电通首席财务官强调没有任何一家客户切断了与电通的联系,称诸如此类的绝交在日本并不常见。Regardless of financial fallout, analysts and companies hope that Dentsu will pursue international standards of transparency with the rigour it has shown in its ambitions to expand globally. 不管在财务上会带来多大影响,分析师和其他公司希望电通可以严格追求国际上对透明度的标准,正如它在全球扩张的野心中展现的严谨态度一样。In addition to the £3.2bn acquisition of the UK’s Aegis in 2013, the agency has bought six companies in US, France, India, Australia and Brazil for undisclosed prices in September alone.除了2013年以32亿英镑收购英国安吉斯(Aegis)外,电通还在今年9月以未公开价格收购了分别位于美国、法国、印度、澳大利亚和巴西的6家公司。The reputational damage from the revelations should not be underestimated. 此次事件对电通的声誉造成的损害不应该被低估。As a Dentsu client said: It’s not the sums involved, but a question of credibility.正如电通一家客户所言:这与涉及金额无关,而是信誉问题。 /201609/468969

David Cameron is facing the threat of a leadership challenge following the EU referendum after the Brexit camp turned its sights on the prime minister with a series of highly personal attacks.戴维#8226;卡梅伦(David Cameron)面临在英国脱欧公投之后被赶下台的威胁。英国脱欧阵营已将矛头转向英国首相,对他发起了一系列个人攻击。Bearing the hallmarks of an orchestrated campaign, Eurosceptic Tories piled pressure on Mr Cameron, including a direct threat to oust him immediately after the vote.持欧洲怀疑论的保守党议员发起了一场明显经过精心策划的运动,对卡梅伦施加压力,包括直接威胁在脱欧公投后马上将他赶下台。The ratcheting up is also a sign they are seeking to tighten their grip on the party in case of a defeat on June 23 by toppling the prime minister and replacing him with a more Eurosceptic leader.卡梅伦面临的压力逐步加大也表明,这些议员正寻求一旦在6月23日的公投中失败之后,通过将卡梅伦赶下台,换上更持脱欧立场的领导人来加大他们对保守党的掌控。The gravest warning for Mr Cameron came from Andrew Bridgen, a prominent Tory backbencher, who told the B on Sunday that more than 50 MPs were y to move against the prime minister because he is at “odds with half of our parliamentary party and probably 70 per cent of our members and activist base”.对卡梅伦发出最严厉警告的人是著名的保守党后座议员安德鲁#8226;布里德根(Andrew Bridgen),他在周日向英国广播公司(B)表示,逾50名议员准备采取行动将卡梅伦赶下台,因为他“与我党一半议员以及大约70%的基层党员和活动人士立场不同”。Other senior Tories have said privately that it is likely that Eurosceptics will be able to round up the required signatures to mount a challenge. Nadine Dorries, the Mid-Bedfordshire MP and ardent critic of Mr Cameron, said she had aly written to Graham Brady, chairman of the backbench 1922 committee which normally receives signatures for a leadership challenge.其他高级保守党议员私下表示,欧洲怀疑论者很可能能够征集到对卡梅伦发起不信任投票所需的签名。中贝德福德郡议员娜丁#8226;德里斯(Nadine Dorries)猛烈抨击卡梅伦,她称已经致信“1922年委员会”主席格雷厄姆#8226;布雷迪(Graham Brady)。“1922年委员会”代表保守党后座议员,通常接收对首相发起不信任投票的签名。Ms Dorries said Remain would need to win the vote by 60-40 for Mr Cameron to survive. Anything less and Mr Cameron would be “toast within days”.德里斯表示,卡梅伦要想继续当首相,留欧阵营将需要获得60票对40票的投票结果。如果低于这个票数,卡梅伦将“在几天内完蛋”。The warning came as Boris Johnson and Michael Gove, the Brexit camp’s most senior figures, launched a personal attack on the prime minister over his failure to control immigration. They said his failure to bring net migration below 100,000 a year — a manifesto pledge made at the last election — was “corrosive of public trust” because it could not be delivered.卡梅伦遭受警告之际,脱欧阵营中最资深的两位人士鲍里斯#8226;约翰逊(Boris Johnson)和迈克尔#8226;戈夫(Michael Gove)抨击卡梅伦未能控制住移民。他们表示,卡梅伦未能将净移民人数控制在一年10万人以下——这是卡梅伦在上次选举前的竞选宣言中做出的承诺——“损害了公众信任”,因为承诺未能兑现。“This promise is plainly not achievable as long as the UK is a member of the EU,” both men said in a letter to the prime minister.两人在写给卡梅伦的信中表示:“只要英国还是欧盟成员,这种承诺显然就无法完成。”The personal attacks and the greater emphasis on immigration comes as Remain claims that that those campaigning to leave the EU are losing the economic argument, as institutions from the Treasury to the IMF warn Brexit would deal a blow to growth. Former prime minister Tony Blair said on Sunday the focus on immigration was because they “have lost comprehensively the debate on the economy”.在脱欧阵营抨击卡梅伦并加大对移民问题的关注之际,留欧阵营宣称,那些推动脱欧的人士输掉了经济方面的辩论,因为从英国财政部到国际货币基金组织(IMF)等机构都警告称,脱欧将对经济增长造成严重打击。英国前首相托尼#8226;布莱尔(Tony Blair)周日表示,聚焦于移民问题是因为他们“在经济问题上完全输掉了辩论”。 /201605/446645

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