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重庆医科大学附属第一医院中耳炎要多少钱泸州医学院附属医院打呼噜治疗的价格Anthony Aguirre,安东尼·阿吉雷from the University of California in Santa Cruz,来自加利福尼亚大学圣克鲁兹分校is a theoretical cosmologist.是一名理论宇宙学家So he#39;s used to thinking big.所以他习惯运用宏观思维Now to say that we#39;re going to go out现在 我们要走到室外and make a map of the universe,然后绘制一幅宇宙之图it almost sounds crazy.这听起来很疯狂It sounds like real hubris, right?听起来特别狂傲 不是吗;We#39;re going to go and map the universe!;;我们要描绘出一张宇宙之图;And yet the universe, as it turns out,而事实明is really amenable to mapping.宇宙之图的确可能被绘制出来But you have to think big, and clever.但你必须得动脑子 运用宏观思维And that#39;s where the balloons come in.让我们借气球一用Because the map of the universe isn#39;t like other maps.因为宇宙之图不同于其他地图We have to think in a different way,我们得换一种方式思考we can#39;t just go out and我们不能只是走到室外look at the universe and draw things on paper遥望宇宙 在纸上画些图案and say, ;There#39;s our map of the universe.;然后说 ;这就是我们的宇宙之图;The universe is so big宇宙是如此浩瀚无垠that the laws of physics say we can#39;t see all of it.物理定律决定了我们无法看清它的全貌It#39;s as if we#39;re at the centre of a giant balloon,就好比我们站在一个巨型气球的中心and we can#39;t see out.无法看到外面的事物重点解释:1.used to 过去常常例句:Jack used to assist Mary in her lessons.杰克过去常常帮助玛丽学习功课。2.go out 出去例句:The fire has gone out.火已熄灭。3.turn out 结果是例句:The film turned out to be a great success.这部影片结果大获成功。 Article/201705/511302南充市中心医院慢性咽炎好吗 英语900句(英音附字幕版) 第55课:Farms and factories 农场与工厂[00:00.00](FARMS AND FACTORIES)[00:07.68]811. Because of the warm and sunny weather, oranges grow very well here.[00:12.55]因为这里气候温暖,阳光充足,桔子长得很好。[00:17.42]812. In this flat country people grow wheat and corn and raise cattle.[00:22.41]在这土地平坦的乡间,人们种植小麦、玉米,并饲养牲畜。[00:27.40]813. The ground here is stony and not very good for farming.[00:32.73]这儿周围的土地多石块,因而不太适于耕种。[00:38.06]814. What are the principal farm products in this region?[00:41.48]这个地区的主要农产品是什么?[00:44.90]815. Milk, butter, and cheese are shipped here from the dairy farms.[00:50.64]牛奶、黄油和奶酪是从各个制酪场运到这里来的。[00:56.37]816. They had to cut down a lot of trees to make room for farms.[01:00.55]为了腾出地方开辟农场只好伐倒许多树木。[01:04.73]817. At this time of the year farmers plow their fields.[01:09.81]每年这个时候农民们犁地。[01:14.89]818. On many farms you'll find cows and chickens.[01:18.77]在许多农场你都会看到奶牛和鸡。[01:22.65]819. If you have cows you have to get up early to do the milking.[01:28.58]如果你养奶牛,你就得每天起早去挤奶。[01:34.51]820. Tractors have revolutionized farming.[01:37.68]拖拉机革新了耕作方法。[01:40.86]821. In the ed States, there are many factories for making cloth.[01:45.99]在美国,有许多纺织工厂。[01:51.12]822. Factories employ both male and female workers.[01:55.21]工厂既雇用男工,也雇用女工。[01:59.30]823. If you work in a factory, you usually have to punch a clock.[02:04.63]如果你在工厂工作,你就要在上下班记时卡上检孔。[02:09.96]824. Is meat packing a big industry in your country?[02:13.59]在你们国家里,肉类加工厂是否算一种大型工业?[02:17.22]825. Is it true that the manufacturing of automobiles is a major industry?[02:22.20]汽车制造真是一门主要工业吗? /200604/6148重庆重医附一院成人鼾症好吗

德阳市人民医院流鼻血要多少钱At the very end, Orderic Vitalis puts into William#39;s mouth最后 奥尔德里克·维塔利斯强迫威廉an extraordinary deathbed confession,进行了鹦鹉学舌般非凡的临终忏悔so penitential, so utterly out of character that it seems on the face of it completely incredible.言辞极其忏悔 完全和他的性格不符 乍一看来 真是让人难以置信But whether William actually spoke those words or not,但是无论威廉是否真的说出了这些话they clearly reflected what some,它们都反映出了一些人perhaps many people, felt about William the conqueror that when all the battles were won,或许是许多人眼中的征者威廉 这便是 即便取胜疆埸when the laws were all laid down,he was what he had always been,a brutal adventurer.纵然安邦定律 他却依然故我 一个野蛮的冒险者And the conquest of England not a righteous crusade,but just a grand throw of history#39;s dice.征英格兰的 并非正义之师 只不过是历史的偶然I appoint no one my heir to the crown of England for I did not attain that honour by hereditary right,我未指定任何子嗣 为英格兰王位的继承者 因为我并未获此殊荣世袭统治but wrestled it from a perjured King Harold我靠着一场不顾一切的战争与无数人的鲜血in a desperate battle with much effusion of human blood.从背誓者哈罗德手中夺过王位I have persecuted its native inhabitants beyond all reason.我毫无理由的残害原住民Whether gentle or simple,I cruelly oppressed them.Many I unjustly disinherited.无论是出身高贵和贫贱 我对他们进行了残忍的压迫 我不义地剥夺了很多人继承祖产的权利Innumerable multitudes, especially in the county of York,perished through me by famine or the sword.数不清的子民 特别是约克郡的人们 因我而惨死于屠杀与饥荒Having therefore made my way to the throne of that kingdom by so many crimes,我靠着这些不义的行为 最终坐上了国王的宝座I dare not leave it to anyone but God alone,lest after my death worse should happen by my means.我不敢将王位交与除上帝外的任何人 以免我死后 我所造之孽继续祸害人间 /201608/462317重庆市第三军医大学大坪医院耳膜穿孔好吗 栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。 Article/201607/451734巴南涪陵区看鼻息肉多少钱

北碚渝北区看小儿鼻窦炎价格 根据20年来英语的变化及英语教学理论的变化,为中国英语初学习者度身定做的一套全面、实用的英语学习教材。目录Book 1 第一册 [1] Greetings 问候语 [2] Classroom expressions 课堂用语 [3] Identifying objects 辨别物品 [4] Identifying objects.辨别物品 [5] Identifying people by occupation 辨别身份 [6] Introductions and courtesies 介绍和礼节 [7] Days and months of the calenday 年历的周日和月份 [8] Talking about objects 谈论事物 [9] Telling time 述说时间 [10] Talking about dates 谈论日期 Book 2 第二册 [1] Talking about objects and people 谈论物品和人 [2] Talking about languages 谈论语言 [3] Talking about activities 谈论活动 [4] Asking about age 询问年龄 [5] Talking about daily activities 谈论日常活动 [6] Talking about yesterday’s activities 谈论昨天的活动 [7] Meeting a friend 访友 [8] Talking about last year’s activities 谈论去年的活动 [9] Asking about addresses 询问地址 [10] Asking questions 提问题 Book 3 第三册 [1] Describing objects 形容物品 [2] Asking people to do things. 请人办事 [3] Getting information and directions 打听情况和问路 [4] Talking about family and relatives 谈论家庭和亲属 [5] Talking about neighbors and friends 谈论邻居和朋友 [6] Talking about future activities. 谈论未来的活动。 [7] Talking about the weather 谈论天气 [8] Talking about sickness and health 谈论疾病和健康 [9] Talking about daily habits 谈论日常生活习惯 [10] Getting other people’s opinions and ideas 征求别人的意见和想法 Book 4 第四册 [1] Making plans 订计划 [2] Making decisions 作决定 [3] Going places 旅游 [4] Going shopping 购物 [5] Eating in a restaurant 餐馆进膳 [6] Going out for the evening 参加晚会 [7] Making appointments 约会 [8] Visiting the doctor 看病 [9] Making telephone calls 打电话 [10] Writing letters 写信 Book 5 第五册 [1] Telling about past experiences 叙谈体验 [2] Asking about furniture and places to live 寻找家具和住房 [3] Talking about things to wear 谈论衣着 [4] Discussing different points of view 讨论不同观点 [5] Thinking about possible future activities. 考虑将来可能从事的活动 [6] Talking about past possibilities 谈论过去可能发生的事 [7] Asking about likes and dislikes 询问喜欢和不喜欢做的事。 [8] Giving advice and opinions 劝说并提出意见 [9] Asking favors of other people 请别人帮忙 [10] Making preparations to travel 做旅行准备 Book 6 第六册 [1] Countries and nationalities 国家与国籍 [2] Geography and land features 地理与地貌 [3] Schools and education 学校和教育 [4] Work and careers 工作与职业 [5] Farms and factories 农场与工厂 [6] Hobbies and interests 爱好和兴趣 [7] Recreation and sports 文体活动 [8] Newspapers and magazines 报章杂志 [9] Radio and telephone 收音机和电视机 [10] Music and literature 音乐与文学  /200604/6092四川大学华西第四医院耳鼻喉电话咨询重庆第一医院耳鼻喉专科



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