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Hillary Clintons campaign chairman, John Podesta, says the FBI is investigating the hack of his emails, which were posted by WikiLeaks.民主党总统候选人希拉#8729;克林顿的竞选班子负责人约翰#8729;佩蒂斯塔说,联邦调查局将调查他的电邮被黑客袭击事件,这些电邮后来被维基解密曝光。Podesta told reporters Tuesday that the investigation is part of a wider FBI probe into the hacking of Democratic Party emails, in which Russia is suspected.佩蒂斯塔星期二告诉记者说这是联邦调查局对民主党总部电邮被黑客攻击的调查的一部分,俄罗斯被怀疑涉嫌盗窃民主党总统电邮。Podesta said Russia may be trying to influence the outcome of the U.S. presidential election to favor Republican Donald Trump, who has spoken of his admiration of President Vladimir Putin.佩蒂斯塔说,俄罗斯可能是在试图影响美国总统大选结果,使大选朝着对共和党候选人川普有利的方向发展,因为川普曾对俄罗斯总统普京表示赞赏。Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak denied Tuesday that Moscow has any intention of intervening in the U.S. election in any way.俄罗斯驻美大使谢尔盖#8729;基斯利亚克星期二否认莫斯科有影响美国大选的意图。来 /201610/471538

The world’s economic elite spent this week invoking fears of protectionism and the existential crisis facing globalisation while avoiding any mention of Donald Trump by name.世界经济精英本周纷纷提到他们对保护主义、对全球化面临存亡危机的恐惧,同时避免直接提到唐纳德#8226;特朗Donald Trump)的名字。But the US presidential candidate and his anti-establishment politics have loomed large at this week’s annual meetings in Washington of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank. He has been a sort of Voldemort for the global economic order like the villain in Harry Potter, his name is spoken only in hushed tones and behind closed doors.但这位美国总统候选人及其反体制的政见给本周在华盛顿举行的国际货币基金组织(IMF)和世界银World Bank)年会蒙上阴影。对全球经济秩序而言,他就像是《哈利波特Harry Potter)中的反派伏地Voldemort)——与会者只在非公开场合压低嗓音说出他的名字。“It is terrifying,said one senior official of the prospect of a Trump victory in the November 8 election before laying out a scenario in which a President Trump would lead the US into a default on its debts, the collapse of the dollar and US treasuries as haven assets and the tumbling of the global economy into a 1930s-like crisis.“这是可怕的,”一名高级官员在谈到特朗普在11日的美国大选中胜出的前景时表示。这名官员接着描述了这样的情景:特朗普总统领导的美国将在债务上违约,导致美元崩盘,美国国债不再是避风港资产,全球经济急转直下,重演上世纪30年代的大萧条危机。Mr Trump has raised the possibility of trying to renegotiate the terms of the US sovereign debt much as he did repeatedly with his own business debts as a property developer. He also has proposed imposing punitive tariffs on imports from China and Mexico and ripping up existing US trade pacts.特朗普曾提出尝试重新谈判美国主权债务条款的可能性,就像他作为房地产开发商多次对自己的商业债务所做的那样。他还提议对来自中国和墨西哥的进口征收惩罚性关税,并撕毁美国现有的贸易协定。Invoking one of the founding fathers of the international system, John Maynard Keynes, Christine Lagarde, IMF managing director, told the world’s finance ministers and central bank governors that the challenge “lies not so much in developing new ideas as in escaping from old onesIMF总裁克里斯蒂#8226;拉加Christine Lagarde)在对世界各国财长和央行行长发表讲话时,援引国际体系创始人之一约翰#8226;梅纳#8226;凯恩John Maynard Keynes)的话表示,当前的挑战“与其说在于发展新的思想,不如说在于逃离旧的观念”。“If our founders were here today, they would surely be concerned. They shared a conviction that trade and openness are beneficial to those who embrace them,she said. “Now, those principles are facing their biggest test in decades.”“如果我们的创始人今天在这里,他们肯定会担忧。他们共有的一个信念是,贸易和开放造福于拥抱它们的所有人,”她说。“现在,这些原则面临着几十年来最大的考验。”Mr Trump’s name may not have appeared in the voluminous economic reports published this week, but he was clearly on the authorsminds.特朗普的名字也许没有出现在本周发表的大量经济报告中,但他显然让作者们担心。The IMF labelled political risks and the uncertainty bred by the US election and the UK’s decision to leave the EU and as the biggest immediate concerns facing the global economy.IMF把美国大选和英国决定退欧所滋生的政治风险和不确定性列为全球经济面临的最大迫切问题。In its latest World Economic Outlook, the fund included a box outlining the potential costs of raising tariffs and other trade barriers. It like an attempt to dissuade a presidential aspirant considering a protectionist path.IMF在其最新《世界经济展望World Economic Outlook)中列举了提高关税和其他贸易壁垒的潜在代价。其措辞就像是在试图劝阻一名总统候选人考虑保护主义道路。“Once a tariff has been imposed on a country’s exports, it is in that country’s best interest to retaliate, and when it does, both countries end up worse off,IMF economists wrote.“一旦对某个国家的出口实施了关税,对那个国家来说,最佳利益就在于报复,而当它那么做时,两个国家都会得不偿失,”IMF的经济学家们写道。It is not just angst over Mr Trump. There are similar concerns over Brexit and the rise of populist parties elsewhere in Europe. All present their own threats to the advance of the US-led path of economic liberalisation pursued since Keynes and his peers gathered at Bretton Woods in 1944.各方并不只对特朗普感到焦虑,对于英国退欧和欧洲其他国家民粹主义政党兴起也有类似的担忧。对于自1944年凯恩斯和其他人在布雷顿森林开会以来由美国领头的经济自由化进程,这一切都构成各自的威胁。“In my lifetime I cannot remember anything like the scepticism about these values that we see today,said Suma Chakrabarti, president of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.“在我一生中,我不记得看到过我们当今见到的对这些价值观的怀疑。”欧洲复兴开发银EBRD)总裁苏马#8226;查克拉巴Suma Chakrabarti)表示。There was much discussion this week about the underlying causes of that scepticism low growth, stagnant wages and other scars of the 2008 global financial crisis together with calls for governments to do more to ensure the benefits of globalisation are distributed more widely.本周各方围绕这种怀疑的根本原因——低增长、薪资停滞以008年全球金融危机造成的其他伤痕——展开了很多讨论,还有代表呼吁各国政府采取更多行动确保全球化的果实得到更广泛的分配。Lou Jiwei, China’s finance minister, said yesterday the current “political riskswould in the immediate future lead only to “superficial changesfor the global economy.中国财政部长楼继伟昨日表示,目前的“政治风险”在不久的将来只会导致全球经济出现“表面变化”。But underlying them was a deeper trend of “deglobalisation他称,在这种表面下隐藏着更深层的“去全球化”趋势。来 /201610/469786

Protests broke out in several Brazilian cities Wednesday as demonstrators condemned the move by embattled President Dilma Rousseff to appoint former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva as her chief of staff.巴西几大城市星期三举行抗议活动,示威者们对四面楚歌的罗塞夫总统任命前总统卢拉为幕僚长表示谴责。Some 2,000 demonstrators Wednesday gathered in the streets of Brazilia and Sao Paulo after Rousseff named Lula, who left office with very high popularity ratings, saying it would strengthen her government.罗塞夫宣布对卢拉的任命后,大000名示威者星期三在巴西利亚和圣保罗举行集会。卢拉离任时声望很高。罗塞夫表示,任命卢拉能加强巴西政府的执政能力。Demonstrators say Lula was appointed in order to protect him from prosecution in a money laundering scandal involving the state-owned Petrobras oil company.示威者说,罗塞夫任命卢拉担任幕僚长,是为了让他免于因一桩涉及国有石油公司的洗钱丑闻而受到起诉。As a member of Rousseffs cabinet, Lula can only be tried before the Brazilian Supreme Court.作为罗塞夫政府的内阁成员,卢拉只能在巴西最高法院受审。Lula denies involvement in the Petrobras scandal.卢拉否认与巴西石油公司丑闻有牵连。But adding to Wednesdays unrest was the release of audio recordings by a judge heading the Petrobras investigation. The judge said the recordings of Lulas phone conversations indicate Lula was seeking help in avoiding prosecution.与此同时,负责调查巴西石油公司丑闻的一位法官公布了一段录音。这位法官说,卢拉的电话录音显示,他曾为免于受到起诉而寻求帮助。来 /201603/432016

When Barack Obama was crowned as the Democratic presidential nominee in Denver in 2008, he praised Hillary Clinton as a “champion for working Americansin an effort to enlist his vanquished rival’s supporters for his election battle with John McCain.当巴拉克#8226;奥巴Barack Obama) 2008年在丹佛正式成为民主党总统候选人时,他称赞希拉里#8226;克林Hillary Clinton)是“美国劳动者的捍卫者”,以求争取这位已被他击败的党内对手的持者,与共和党的约#8226;麦凯John McCain)在大选中较量。The US president will face a similar challenge when he addresses the Democratic convention on today. But now he must convince fans of Bernie Sanders, who lost the primary to Mrs Clinton, to rally behind his former secretary of state as she prepares for the fight of her life against Donald Trump.奥巴马今日在民主党全国代表大会发表讲话时,将面对一个类似的挑战。但这一次,他必须说在初选阶段输给希拉里的伯#8226;桑德Bernie Sanders)的粉丝,团结一心拥护他的前国务卿,帮助她与共和党的唐纳#8226;特朗Donald Trump)决一死战。Speaking two nights after his wife Michelle gave a powerful speech urging Democrats to “knock on every doorfor Mrs Clinton, Mr Obama will act as one of several high-profile surrogates in her race for the White House.两天前,第一夫人米歇尔发表了慷慨激昂的讲话,敦促民主党人为希拉里“敲响每一扇门”。现在奥巴马将成为希拉里问鼎白宫的征途上多位知名站台者之一。His presence alongside vice-president Joe Biden and former president Bill Clinton marks a stark contrast with the Republican convention where Mr Trump received only tepid endorsements from heavyweight members of his party and was not even endorsed by his final primary rival, Ted Cruz.奥巴马将与副总统#8226;拜登(Joe Biden)和前总统比尔#8226;克林Bill Clinton)一起露面,这一幕将与共和党全国代表大会形成鲜明反差——特朗普只得到党内重量级人物温吞吞的持,而他在初选阶段的最后一个对手特#8226;克鲁Ted Cruz)拒绝表态持他。But while the Democratic establishment is united behind Mrs Clinton, she must convince Mr Sandersanti-establishment supporters many of whom booed when her name was mentioned on the convention’s opening night to back her. While the Vermont senator urged his fans to rally behind Mrs Clinton, some of the “Feel the Bernsoldiers who heeded his revolutionary call now feel that their general has sold them out.但是,尽管民主党的体制团结在希拉里周围,但她必须说桑德斯的反体制持者——其中很多人在党代会首晚在听到希拉里的名字时发出嘘声——持她。尽管身为佛蒙特州参议员的桑德斯已经敦促自己的粉丝转而持希拉里,但其中一些“感受桑德斯热Feel the Bern)战士在聆听了他的革命号召后,现在觉得他们的将军出卖了他们。The Clinton campaign hopes that its high-profile surrogates will make her case to Democrats and independents who subscribe to the view that Mrs Clinton cares more about corporate interests than ordinary Americans and believe that she is the “Crooked HillaryMr Trump portrays.希拉里竞选阵营希望这些知名站台者将向民主党人和无党派人士提供持她的理由,这些人现在认为,希拉里关心公司利益超过关心普通美国人,而且特朗普给她取的绰号“不老实的希拉里”一针见血。Byron Dorgan, a former Democratic senator from North Dakota, says Mr Clinton, Mr Obama and Mr Biden will be “aggressive on the campaign trailand will help dispel the idea, held by two-thirds of Americans, she is dishonest.北达科他州前民主党参议员拜伦#8226;多根(Byron Dorgan)表示,比#8226;克林顿、奥巴马和拜登将“展开咄咄逼人的助选活动”,帮助消除三分之二美国人抱有的希拉里不老实的印象。“All three of them will be helpful in combating the branding that has been done describing Hillary as untrustworthy, corrupt,he said. “Most of the work to respond to those issues will have to be done by Hillary. But having these three out on the trail making the case for Hillary can be a very strong endorsement of her abilities and her character.”“他们三人将有力对抗把希拉里描述为不可信和腐败的负面印象,”他说。“对付这些问题的大部分工作必须由希拉里来完成。但是有这三位在竞选中为她站台,有望非常强有力地肯定她的能力和性格。”Each of the surrogates will help in different ways. Mr Obama should boost her aly high support from African Americans, and could prove instrumental in turning out many of the younger Democrats who voted for Mr Sanders. With his working-class roots in Pennsylvania, which is emerging as a swing state, Mr Biden may prevent some white working-class men from abandoning the Democratic party .各个站台者将以不同方式帮助希拉里。奥巴马应该会提振希拉里在非裔美国人当中已经很高的持率,并可能在争取曾经投票给桑德斯的年轻民主党人方面起到关键作用。拜登出身于宾夕法尼亚州劳动者阶级,而该州正在成为一个摇摆州,他可能阻止某些劳动者阶级白人男子放弃民主党。Mrs Clinton will rely on her husband to bring some star power to the campaign and to employ his legendary skills on the stump. But that could prove risky given his penchant to put his foot in his mouth when defending his wife.希拉里将依靠丈夫给她的竞选带来一些明星力量,并充分利用他那传奇般的口才。但这种做法可能有风险,因为他在捍卫妻子时往往说错话。Paul Manafort, the Trump campaign chairman, told the Financial Times that Mr Trump would hit Mrs Clinton for backing trade deals such as Nafta, which her husband signed. “As far as some of the other issues (related to women), I think they relate more to Mrs Clinton being an enabler,said Mr Manafort.特朗普的竞选经理保#8226;马纳福特(Paul Manafort)对英囀?金融时报》表示,特朗普将攻击希拉里持《北美自由贸易协定》(NAFTA,当年由比尔#8226;克林顿签署)等贸易协定。“至于其他一些(与妇女有关的)问题,我想它们在更大程度上涉及希拉里作为促成者的角色,”马纳福特表示。来 /201607/456960

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