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新津县妇幼保健院鼻炎治疗的价格石柱土家族自治县看腺样体肥大哪家医院最好Amsterdam, Netherlands 荷兰阿姆斯特丹Start-ups are increasing in this city along with more innovative co-working spaces.随着阿姆斯特丹公用办公场所日益革新,这座城市的新兴企业也逐渐增多。Nomads love the nightlife, the overall friendliness and the air quality.这儿的夜生活,城市的整体友好度以及空气质量得到了数字游牧民的青睐。But settling in Amsterdam is not necessarily cheap.但生活在阿姆斯特丹也绝不会少花钱。Monthly estimated costs: ,628每月估计开销:3628美元Prague, Czech Republic 捷克布拉格It#39;s hard to beat the scenery of Prague with its majestic architecture and historic streets.宏伟的建筑和古老的街道让布拉格成为一道难以与之媲美的风景。The city was highly rated for being friendly to women, great nightlife and entertainment.布拉格对女性十分友好,夜生活精,项目丰富,获得了数字游牧民极高的评价。But it scored poorly for air quality, racial tolerance and English-speaking.但是这座城市在空气质量、种族包容性以及英语普及度方面评分较低。Monthly estimated costs: ,179每月估计开销:2179美元 /201608/462810重庆妇幼保健院鼻甲肥大怎么样 The Origin of Qingming清明节的起源Continued upkeep of loved one#39;s tombs is the purpose of a Chinese holiday called Qing Ming Jie,which means ;clear and bright.; Traditionally falling on the 105th day after the lunar winter solstice,this is the time for inspecting and cleaning graves. In this balmy,crystalline time of year,the very sky looks fresh-swept and flawless, refreshingly clear and bright.持续维修亲人墓地是中国的节日叫清明节,意思是“清晰明亮”。传统落在农历冬至后的第105天,这是检查和清理坟墓的日子。在每年的这个温暖的和透明的日子,天空看起来新鲜而完美无瑕,令人耳目一新的清晰明亮。 /201607/451620Love roasted Peking duck? We#39;ve got the burger for you.爱吃北京烤鸭是吧?这款汉堡肯定合你心意。While McDonald#39;s and KFC continue to introduce Chinese-style burgers to appeal to local tastes, high-end Peking duck restaurant DaDong has opened is own fast food joint in Beijing.为迎合中国人的口味,麦当劳和肯德基持续推出了多种中式汉堡,在这种情况下,高端北京烤鸭店大董也在北京开起了快餐连锁店。DaDong Duck Burger#39;s star attraction is, of course, the duck burger.大董烤鸭汉堡店的招牌菜……当然是烤鸭堡啦。It features a slice of crispy Peking duck skin and juicy lean meat nestled in a bun and topped with slices of onion, tomato, cucumber, lettuce and the all-important plum sauce.北京烤鸭的酥皮和多汁瘦肉配上汉堡胚,洋葱、番茄、黄瓜、生菜层层覆盖烤鸭,而苏梅酱则是最后的点睛之笔。It might seem like a strange combination but is surprisingly tasty -- and popular. Staff say they dish out about 300 duck burgers each day.这种组合似乎有些奇怪,但它的滋味确实妙不可言。店内员工说,烤鸭堡的每日销量高达300多个,食客们都很喜欢这款菜品。Together with a glass of soda -- or hot honey pomelo tea -- and fries, the duck burger combo costs 31 yuan (.70).苏打水/热蜂蜜柚子茶、薯条和烤鸭堡套餐售价31元(约合4.7美元)。DaDong, one of Beijing#39;s top Peking duck restaurants, opened the fast food joint last October, hoping to appeal to the mass market.为抢占大众市场,去年10月,北京顶级烤鸭店大董开起了快餐连锁店。Han Yang, the restaurant#39;s manager, told CNN that all the chefs working at the venue are from its upscale sister restaurant.在接受CNN访问时,店长韩阳说,他们的厨师均来自大董高端烤鸭店。The ducks, roasting techniques and recipes are also the same, according to Han.此外,烤鸭堡鸭肉的烤制方法和配方也与烤鸭店相同。Located in the city#39;s CBD area, the fast food restaurant, which features minimalist decor, has attracted steady streams of consumers working in office buildings nearby.主打简约风格的大董快餐店位于北京的中心商务区,附近公司的员工已然成了它的稳定客源。This success has led to expansion plans in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.尝到成功的甜头后,大董决定在北京、上海和广东增开分店。Local Beijing resident Cindy Zhan, who went to the restaurant for lunch to try the burger, says it surprised her.北京人詹女士曾去大董享用过汉堡午餐,她说她非常惊喜。;It was much tastier than I had thought,; Zhan says. ;I was afraid that a duck burger would be too greasy. But it was not with the special sauce. Definitely different than conventional burgers.;詹女士说:“汉堡好吃得超出想象。“我本来担心烤鸭堡太油腻。但其实里面没有特殊酱汁。它和传统的汉堡截然不同。”Zhan says she was particularly happy the restaurant also offers a quality salad.快餐店还提供高品质沙拉,这让詹女士特别开心。Besides its signature duck burgers, DaDong Burger#39;s includes a variety of fusion dishes.除了特色烤鸭堡以外,大董汉堡店还出售各类融合菜。For instance the reformed Zhajiangmian, topped with minced port, uses spaghetti instead of the traditionally made Beijing-style handmade noodles.譬如,制作改良版炸酱面时,它选用了意面,而非传统的北京手擀面。炸酱面上还会浇上猪肉末。Chinese may argue that burgers aren#39;t just a Western thing given they#39;ve been around the country for hundreds of years.几百年前,中国就已经有了汉堡,中国人或许并不觉得汉堡只是一种西方食物。The best-known Chinese-style burger perhaps is Roujiamo -- shredded braised meat stuffed in baked leavened b. Originally a specialty from Shaanxi province, it#39;s popular nationwide.最有名的中国风汉堡或许是肉夹馍——烘烤过的白吉馍里塞满了切碎的炖肉。最初只是陕西特色食品的肉夹馍,如今已流行于全国各地。If you#39;re feeling adventurous, there#39;s the donkey meat burger. A hot, crispy pastry encloses cold marinated donkey meat -- considered divine for many in northern China. DaDong plays it safe, serving a spicy braised sub quite similar to the donkey meat burger except it#39;s stuffed with pork.如果你喜欢尝试新鲜事物,驴肉火烧是个不错的选择。热气腾腾的酥皮面饼里满是冰镇卤驴肉。在许多中国北方人眼中,驴是神圣之物。所以,大董特别谨慎地推出了辣味猪肉火烧,以替代驴肉火烧。 /201603/434724宜宾市第二人民医院耳鼻喉专家医生

成都市第七人民医院咽炎要多少钱B News – Precision medicine is one of the big themes at the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology.B新闻 – 精准治疗是美国临床肿瘤协会年会上的大主题之一。Cancers are normal cells that have become corrupted by mutations in their DNA that leads to uncontrolled growth.癌症是正常细胞因基因突变受损,导致不受控制的生长。The idea of precision medicine is to test every patient#39;s tumour, find the mutations that have become essential for it to survive and then select a targeted drug to counter-act the mutation - killing the tumour.精准治疗的概念,就是检验每个患者的肿瘤,找出对肿瘤生存变得必需的基因突变,然后选择靶向药物对抗突变 – 杀死肿瘤。This concept is not new. Women with breast cancer aly have their tumours analysed to decide on treatment. Tumours whose growth is fuelled by oestrogen have drugs to block the female sex hormone, while the drug Herceptin works in only the 20% of tumours that have specific mutations.这个概念并不新。乳腺癌患者已经可以在其肿瘤经过分析后确定治疗方案。受雌激素刺激长出的肿瘤有了可以阻碍女性荷尔蒙的药物,而药物赫赛汀仅对20%具有特异性突变的肿瘤起作用。But a revolution in genetics - allowing scientists to rapidly and cheaply interrogate a cancer#39;s corrupted DNA - is leading to huge excitement about a new generation of precision drugs.但遗传学界发生的革命 - 使科学家能够快速便宜地盘查癌症的受损基因 – 正激起对新一代精准用药的兴奋巨浪。The world#39;s largest cancer conference - a meeting of 30,000 doctors and scientists - has aly heard how a precision approach is helping to beat cancer.这次汇聚3万名医生和科学家的世界最大癌症会议,已经听到了精准治疗正在如何帮助战胜癌症。Dr Maria Schwaederle, from the centre for personalised cancer therapy at the University of California, San Diego, has presented data on 346 highly experimental clinical trials involving 13,203 patients.来自加州大学圣迭戈分校个体化癌症治疗中心的施瓦伊德勒士,展示了对13203名患者所做的346次高度实验性的临床试验数据。Of the studies, 58 used a precision approach…Cancers shrank in 31% of cases when a drug was matched to the tumour#39;s weaknesses compared with just 5% of the time without.研究中58人使用了精准治疗……当对肿瘤的薄弱之处使用匹配药物时,31%的病例出现了肿瘤萎缩,而未用匹配药物时只有5%。And the time before the disease worsened increased from three months to nearly six months with precision medicine.而且,使用精准治疗后,病情出现恶化的时间从3个月增加到了近6个月。Dr Schwaederle said the findings were ;striking; and praised the ;breath-taking advances in our ability to perform genomics; that was revealing the inner workings of tumours.施瓦伊德勒士说,研究结果“令人震撼”,称赞“我们做基因组学的能力取得惊人进展” - 揭示了肿瘤的内在运行机制。Precision medicine should be hugely beneficial for patients as it has far fewer side effects than either chemotherapy or radiotherapy which kill healthy tissue as well as the tumour.精准治疗应该能对患者带来巨大好处,因为它产生的副作用远比化疗或放疗小,化疗和放疗杀死肿瘤的同时也杀死健康细胞。 /201606/449454自贡市第三人民医院鼻中隔偏曲好吗 This former advertising executive bears such a striking resemblance to US presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton that she quit her job to work as a full-time lookalike.有人撞脸美国呼声很高的总统候选人希拉里,她原本为一个广告经理人,现在已经辞掉工作,全职仿希拉里。Clinton’s ’twin’, Teresa Barnwell, 61, earns thousands every month for impersonating the presumptive Democratic nominee.这个像希拉里双胞胎一样的人名叫邦威尔特丽莎,现年61岁,靠模仿极有可能胜出的民主党候选人希拉里月入数千。She stands to earn even more if the former Secretary of State defeats business mogul Donald Trump, the presumptive nominee for the Republicans, this November and becomes president.如果前国务卿在今年11月的总统选举中打败共和党候选人商业巨头唐纳德·特朗普她将赚取更多的钱。Barnwell said Clinton was ’really lovely’ when they meet at a book signing in Los Angeles in 1996邦威尔在1996年的签书会上遇见了希拉里并说她“非常可爱”Barnwell, from Palm Desert, California, was first told she looked identical to Clinton, when she was playing a slot machine more than 20 years ago.邦威尔来自于加利福尼亚州棕榈沙滩镇,她20年前玩的时候第一次被告诉说长得非常像希拉里。When Bill Clinton became the 42nd president in 1993, she was bombarded by people telling her she was the first lady’s doppelganger.当比尔克林顿在1993年成为美国第42任总统时,她就不断听到有人说她是第一夫人的翻版。Because they looked so much alike, she decided to quit her job in advertising 23 years ago and become a full-time Clinton impersonator.因为她们长得很像,她在23年前就决定辞去广告业的工作并全职做希拉里的模仿者。Barnwell was coached by Denise Bella Vlasis, a Madonna lookalike, to hone her craft after meeting on the set of a TV show.邦威尔的指导教练是丹尼斯贝拉弗拉西,这人长相酷似麦当娜。她们在一档电视节目认识后弗拉西就帮助邦威尔提高模仿演技。Vlasis, 52, said presidential lookalikes are probably the most requested and best paid impersonators.弗拉西现年52岁,她说相似于总统的人有最大的市场需求也是收入最高的模仿者。Clients love to have talents that are not only talented at the impression of the star, but they all hope the lookalike talent truly looks like the person they emulate,’ said Vlasis. ’I feel Teresa brings the energy, look and character of Hillary Clinton to each booking, she has this essence and energy which lookalike talents must have in order to portray a convincing performance.She does not just rely on her uncanny resemblance, she also does her homework to perfect her impression.’弗拉西说:“客户喜欢的人不只有明星,他们也非常期待模仿者极度相似于被模仿的人。我觉得特丽莎的能力、长相和性格都有希拉里的特点。她有作为模仿者可以进行说性表演的天生优势,也有这个能力做到这样。她不仅依靠她惊人相似的长相,她也为完善她的表演做功课。 /201607/454562成都市看突发性耳鸣大概多少钱费用

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