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四川大学华西第四医院耳膜穿孔治疗的价格成都市第六人民医院过敏性鼻炎治疗的价格渠县人民医院鼻炎治疗的价格 Almost half (48 per cent) of people in the UK have O blood. But according to an analysis of studies involving 1.3million people, those who have A, B and AB blood have a slightly higher risk of heart disease and stroke.英国有近一半(48%)的人是O型血。但根据对130万人的研究分析,A、B、AB型血的人患心脏疾病和中风的风险要更高。Scientists think it could be because of higher levels of a blood-clotting protein in those blood groups.科学家认为,这可能是因为这些血型中凝血蛋白水平较高。Study author Tessa Kole, of the University Medical Center Groningen in the Netherlands, said blood group should be considered in the future as part of risk assessment in preventing cardiovascular disease.荷兰格罗宁根大学医学中心的研究人员泰莎·科莱表示,将来应考虑将血型视为预防心血管疾病风险评估的一部分。Of those with blood group O, 14 in 1,000 people suffered a heart attack. For non-O blood groups, the figure was 15.在1000名O型血的人中,14人有心脏病发作史。而对于非O型血的人,该数字为15。Charities say the most important thing to avoid heart disease is to eat healthily, stop smoking and take exercise.慈善机构称,避免心脏病最重要的是要健康饮食、戒烟以及锻炼身体。Dr Mike Knapton, associate medical director at the British Heart Foundation, told the B: ;Most of a person#39;s risk estimation is determined by age, genetics (family history and ethnicity) and other modifiable risk factors including diet, weight, level of physical activity, smoking, blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes.英国心脏基金会副医学主任麦克·纳普顿士向B透露:“大多数人患心脏病的风险,是由年龄,遗传因素(家族史和种族)以及其他可变的风险因素决定的,包括饮食,体重,身体活动水平,吸烟,血压,胆固醇和糖尿病。” /201705/508114For the past couple of decades, night owls with the munchies have flocked to a certain street in Beijing that is packed with all-night restaurants.在过去的二十年里,北京的吃货夜猫子们会蜂拥到一条通宵营业餐馆的街道上觅食。The sidewalks are jammed with cars and have a perpetual patina of rancid-smelling cooking oil.人行道上停满了汽车,空气中弥漫的都是油烟味。One of the trendier restaurants on the block is called A Very Long Time Ago. The decor is upscale Paleolithic, with silhouettes of cavemen traipsing across the walls.“很久以前”是这条街上的一家比较时髦的餐馆,它的装潢是高档的石器时代风格,穴居人的剪影在墙上走来走去。The clientele is not so fossilized. They#39;re mostly 20-somethings who roast skewers of food over hot coals.不过顾客们则没有那么老朽,他们大多是20多岁的年轻人,在炙热的炭火上烤着食材串。Young Chinese restaurant customers willing to pay for better service are leading a small-scale revival of tipping not seen in Chinese restaurants for decades.中国年轻一代的餐厅顾客愿意为更好的务付费,他们正在引领付小费的小规模复兴,这种做法已在中国餐馆绝迹数十年。The trend began at this restaurant last October, and is so far confined to Beijing, Shanghai and other top-tier cities.这一趋势于去年10月从这家餐馆兴起,目前仅限于北京、上海和其他一线城市。Every few minutes at A Very Long Time Ago, a prerecorded message informs diners that if they like the service, they can use their smartphones to scan QR codes that the waitstaff wear on their sleeves.在“很久以前”,每隔几分钟就会有一段提前录好的语音提示顾客,如果他们对务感到满意,可以使用智能手机扫描务员衣袖上的二维码。This generates a tip of 4.56 yuan, about 70 cents. Diners can tip as many times as they want.这一做法会产生4.56元人民币的小费。顾客想“打赏”几次都可以。;To customers, that#39;s like just a game,; says restaurant owner Song Ji. He invented this system, which he claims is the first of its kind in China.“很久以前”的老板宋吉表示:“对顾客来说,这就像是一种游戏。”他是这一做法的发明人,据他表示,该店是全国第一家这么做的。The important thing, Song says, is to keep the tips small in proportion to the bill, so the bonus doesn#39;t become an onus on customers.宋吉称,重要的是让小费金额只相当于账单金额的一小部分,这样一来小费就不会成为顾客的负担。;Where the average bill is per person,; he says, ;I recommend a tip of no more than 70 cents.;他说,“如果人均消费30美元,那么我建议小费不要超过70美分。”He#39;s just back from the U.S., where he visited restaurants in Chicago and Los Angeles. He says he felt that tipping has not only become a burden on American customers, but more importantly, it has lost its meaning.宋吉刚刚从美国回来,在那趟旅行中,他去了芝加哥和洛杉矶的餐馆,感到付小费不仅成了美国顾客的负担,而且更重要的是付小费已经失去了原本的意义。;No matter how bad the service gets, you still have to give a 15 percent tip,; he observes. ;That#39;s no good!;他说:“无论务有多糟,你都必须付15%的小费。这样不好。”Song pulls out his cellphone to show me statistics on tipping at all of his restaurants. There#39;s an app for that, of course, and it shows how many times each member of the wait staff has been tipped at each restaurant, and how much money they#39;ve earned in total.宋吉拿出手机,展示了他所经营的所有连锁餐馆的小费统计数据。一款手机应用会显示出每家餐馆的每名务员被“打赏”多少次以及他们赚取小费的总额。This restaurant#39;s top tip-taker is 20-year-old Liu Enhui. In addition to her base salary of about 0 a month, she says she can get as many as 60 tips in an evening.这家餐馆的最高赏金得主是现年20岁的刘恩慧。她表示,在每月约450美元底薪的基础上,她每晚还可以得到多达60笔小费。;It#39;s important to me. I take in anywhere from to in tips a day,; she explains. ;Over the course of a month, it really adds up.;她解释称:“这对我来说很重要。每天我能拿到15美元至30美元的小费。一个月下来,确实挺多的。”At A Very Long Time Ago, most of the customers do tip. One regular, who only gives his last name, Yu, says that at a restaurant like this one, service matters.在“很久以前”,大多数顾客都会付小费。一名经常光顾这家餐馆的于姓顾客表示,在像这样的餐馆里,务很重要。;Especially when you#39;re grilling meat, you don#39;t know if it#39;s cooked through or not,; he explains. ;The waiter or waitress can show up at the right time to tell you when it#39;s y.;他解释说:“特别是在烤肉的时候,你不知道肉熟没熟。务员会在正确的时候出现,告诉你什么时候肉烤好了。”Feng Enyuan, deputy director of the Chinese Culinary Association, points out that forms of tipping did exist in China before the Communist revolution. In some restaurants, satisfied customers would toss change into a bamboo tube next to the cashier. But the practice was wiped out in the 1950s.中国烹饪协会副会长冯恩援指出,在公私合营前,老的饭庄都有打赏传统。在某些饭庄,满意的顾客会把找零扔进柜台旁的一个竹筒里。但是在上世纪50年代,这一做法被废除了。Feng says reintroducing the practice of tipping has to be done slowly and cautiously. He offers this advice to restaurateurs:;Don#39;t ruin a good thing,; he counsels. ;Whatever you do, don#39;t make things difficult for customers or make them feel uncertain about what to do.;冯恩援会长表示,重新引入打赏做法必须谨慎地慢慢来。他向餐馆老板提出了如下建议:“别毁掉一件好事。不管你怎么做,都别为难顾客或是让他们拿不准该怎么做。” /201610/471403达州市中心医院声带息肉怎么样

德阳市第二人民医院扁桃体炎看怎么样好不好The twin sisters Maria Pignaton Pontin and Paulina Pignaton Pandolfi are close to turning 100 and are now given a photo essay to commemorate another year of life. The photos were taken this Monday (05-15), in Ilha do Frade, located in the city of Vitória (Brazil).这对双胞胎玛利亚·皮格南顿·庞丁和宝琳娜·皮格南顿·庞丁马上就要100岁了,如今她们收到了一本照片集作为对人生中的另一个年头的纪念。这些照片在本周一(5月15日)拍摄于巴西维多利亚市的伊利亚多弗雷德。“I was aware of their existence and I decided to give them a present with this beautiful photographic essay. They are beautiful and very cute! I’ve never met anyone so old, especially twins. They deserve it,” says the photographer.“我知道她们的存在,并且我决定把这套美好的照片集作为礼物送给她们。她们既美丽又非常可爱!我从未遇到过这么年迈的人,特别是双胞胎。她们值得拥有这本相册,”摄影师说道。 /201705/510911泸州市妇幼保健院声带息肉看怎么样好不好 绵阳市妇幼保健院腺样体肥大要多少钱

都江堰市妇幼保健院打呼噜治疗的价格 If your hair is uber thick, curly, orfrizzy, or you#39;re just not that into your texture, you might have consideredgetting your hair chemically straightened. But the pricey salon services haverecently come under fire for causing some super-scary side effects, with hairdamage being the least of it. Here#39;s what you need to know before putting yourhair and health at risk:如果你的头发厚厚的、卷卷的、毛糙糙的,或者你并不喜欢现在的头发,那可能你已考虑过拉直头发了。但是,由于那些贵得离谱的理发店最近被爆出了一些超级可怕的副作用(头发损伤已是最轻的副作用了),因此受到了重挫。在你将头发和健康置于危险之前,你应该了解下列事实。1. Chemical straighteners work by changingthe structure of your hair. Each hair is made up of grouped chains of keratin,a naturally occurring protein. Chemical treatments affect the way these chainsare held together to effectively de-coil each strand. 1. 化学拉直板是通过改变头发的结构进行运作的。每根头发都是由几组角蛋白链组成,这是一种天然生蛋白。而化学拉直头发会影响这些链相互保持的方式,从而解链角蛋白。There are several different types ofin-salon chemical straightening and smoothing treatments, with Japanese andBrazilian being the most common ones. Both processes involve coating eachstrand with a strong chemical, then warming it up to activate the formula.理发店里有多种化学直发剂和护发素,最为常见的就是日本和巴西品牌。这两种方法都要在每根头发上涂上强效化学剂、然后给头发加热激活化学反应。The Japanese straight perm is a permanentstraightening solution that only requires touch-ups as your roots grow in aboutevery six months. It can cost between 0 and 0 per treatment, depending onthe salon. Because it involves the strongest chemicals, it poses the greatestrisks in terms of damaging your hair. 日本的直发烫发是永久型,头发每六个月会长出一些,到时只需做一些润色即可。不同的理发店收费不同,每次价格150到800美元不等。因为所含化学物质十分强效,因此很有可能会损害您的头发。2. After chemical straightening, you can#39;twash your hair for at least 12 hours after treatment. This drying time, whichcan last up to several days depending on your stylist#39;s recommendation, allowsthe product to set in. 2. 至少在化学拉直后的12小时内不得洗头。根据理发师的建议,头发干燥时间可长达几天,以让化学产品更好的渗入。3. Many chemical smoothing treatmentscontain high levels of toxic ingredients. Turns out formaldehyde, the chemicalused to preserve cadavers, also helps many keratin chemical hair straightenerswork their magic. Unfortunately, even one-time exposure to the high levels ofthis toxin can trigger horrible symptoms, according to Tina Sigurdson,Environmental Working Group (EWG) assistant general counsel and co-author ofseveral studies on hair straightening treatments. In general, every client andstylist [exposed to keratin chemicals] complains of burning eyes, difficultybreathing, and burning sensations, estimates Kelly Merriman, a stylist fromJoliet, Ind. Customers have also complained of throat and mouth ulcers,dizziness, headaches, flu-like symptoms like vomiting, eye damage, loss oftaste and smell, and fatigue, according to Sigurdson. And because exposure iscumulative, salon workers are extra likely to suffer from severe symptoms. 3. 很多化学护发素的有毒成分都很高。结果表明:用于保存尸体的化学物质甲醛也能让许多角蛋白化学直发剂奏效。不幸的是,即使使用一次这样的高毒产品,也会引起可怕的症状,蒂娜·西格森说道,她是环境工作小组总法律顾问助理,也是几项有关头发拉直剂研究的合著作者。总的来说,每一位接触过角蛋白化学物质的顾客和理发师都会抱怨眼睛有灼烧感、呼吸困难、感官也都有灼烧感,Joliet, Ind的一名理发师凯莉·梅里曼评价道。顾客总会抱怨喉咙和口腔溃疡、眩晕、头痛和呕吐等流感症状,以及眼睛不适、失去味觉、嗅觉、疲劳等症状,西格森说道。由于暴露于在这种环境下会慢慢积累毒素,因此理发店的工作人员最有可能患有严重症状。译文属 /201612/485129重庆第八医院打鼾看怎么样好不好重庆三峡中心医院鼻甲肥大怎么样



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