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成都市第四人民医院扁桃体炎看怎么样好不好川北医学院附属医院耳朵疾病看怎么样好不好1. Thank you for calling.谢谢您打电话来。还能这样说:It is nice of you to call.Thanks for calling me.应用:call off 取消,叫走,使转移;call on 拜访,要求,招致,指名;call out at 对某人高声叫喊;call over 点名;call round 拜访2. Ive enjoyed talking to you.同你谈话很愉快。还能这样说:Its nice talking with you.Talking with you is a great pleasure.谚语:To teach a pig to play on a flute.对牛弹琴。3. Ive got to hang up now.我得挂电话了。还能这样说:Ive to end the phone now.Ill have to ring off now.应用:Really now! (Now Really!)哎呀!真的吗!不会吧!4. I would not delay your precious time.我不耽误您宝贵的时间了。还能这样说:I wont take any more of your time.I wont keep you any longer.应用:admit of no delay 刻不容缓;without delay 赶快,立刻;unreasonable delay 无理的拖延;delay in payment 延期付款 /201304/236340成都市第二人民医院鼻子疾病好吗 Feifei: Hello and welcome to The English We Speak from B Learning English. Im Feifei and Im joined today by Jen.菲菲:大家好,欢迎来到B学英语之我们所说的英语。我是菲菲,和我一起的是珍。Jennifer: Hi there, were going to go on a day trip today - and were going to explore how the colour red fits into London life. Ive packed my sandwiches...珍妮佛:大家好,我们今天将要进行一天的旅行---而且我们将要探索出红色是如何与伦敦生活融为一体的。我已经打包好我的三明治了。Feifei: And Ive got my camera – lets go!菲菲:我拿好我的相机了,我们走!Jennifer: So here we are on Oxford Street - its one of the busiest streets in London. So lets play a game: how many red things can you see? You go first, Feifei!珍妮佛:现在我们身处牛津街,这是伦敦最繁华的街道之一。所以让我们玩一个游戏吧:你能看到多少红色的东西?你先来,菲菲!Feifei: Its easy to see red things in London. Look over there -theres a red post box. There are hundreds of them around the UK,although some of them were painted gold after the Olympics!菲菲:在伦敦很容易看到红色的东西。看那里,有一个红色的邮箱。英国有上百个这样的邮箱,尽管有一些在奥运会后被刷成了金色!Jennifer: Oh yes. Thats a good one. OK, my turn. There are a couple of red telephone boxes over there. Not many people use them nowadays,because almost everyone has mobile phones, but they are certainly another iconic symbol of London.珍妮佛:哦是的。这是一个不错的。好的,到我了。那里有一些红色的电话亭。如今没有太多人使用了因为几乎人人都有移动电话了,但是它们的确是伦敦标志性的代表之一。Feifei: If something is iconic, it typically represents something - so a red telephone box typically represents London. Here comes one of the most iconic symbols of London - a big, red double-decker bus!菲菲:如果某物有代表性,它典型的代表了伦敦。那里走来了伦敦最具代表性的标志之一,一个巨大的红色的双层巴士!Jennifer: Shall we get on it and head over to Hyde Park for a stroll?珍妮佛:我们可以坐上它前往海德公园散会步吗?Feifei: Good idea. Ill stick my hand out for the bus...Hey! It didnt stop!菲菲:好主意。我会伸出手拦下公车...嘿!它没有停!Jennifer: Oh thats so annoying! It really makes me see red!珍妮佛:哦,这好烦人啊!它真的让我生气了!Feifei: Oh me too! Here, the phrase to see red can be used to describe getting really angry about something.菲菲:哦,我也是!这里。短语“看见红色”可以用来形容对某事非常生气。Jennifer: Well dont worry. We can catch the next one... in fact, here comes another.珍妮佛:好吧别担心。我们可以赶下一辆...事实上,又一辆来了。Feifei: We made it! Off to Hyde Park we go. Shall we move down inside and get a seat? Theres a couple at the back there.菲菲:我们做到了!前往海德公园。我们可以往里走走找个座位吗?后面有几个座位。Jennifer: There are quite a few people in the way though... Excuse me,sorry, can I just squeeze past into this seat? Would you mind moving out of the way? Excuse me? These people wont let me past! Theyre just pretending were not here. Oh! Im really seeing red now! 珍妮佛:但是有很多人挡路...不好意思,对不起,我可以挤到这个座位吗?您介意闪开道吗?不好意思?这些人不让我过去!它们假装自己不在这里一样。哦!我现在真的生气了!Feifei: We should have walked. Lets get off. Were not that far from the park anyway.菲菲:我们本应该步行的。我们下车吧。不论如何我们并没有离公园那么远。Jennifer: Yeah lets go.珍妮佛:是的我们走。Its lovely here in the park - its a breath of fresh air compared to that crowded bus. Shall we find somewhere to go and eat our sandwiches?公园里好美丽啊,跟拥挤的巴士比这里真是空气清新。我们不如找个地方吃三明治吧?Feifei: Heres a picnic area, lets sit down. Oh no - more red!菲菲:这里是野餐区域,我们坐下吧。哦,不,更多的红色!Jennifer: What do you mean?珍妮佛:你什么意思?Feifei: Someone has spray painted red graffiti all over the table and the seat... And the paint is still wet! Its all over my clothes! I thought I was seeing red before, but Im really seeing red now!菲菲:有人在桌子和椅子上喷满了红色的涂鸦,而且漆还没有干!我的衣上全都是!我以为我之前生气了,但其实我现在才真的生气了!Jennifer: Well, our game was to look for red things in London - but I didnt think wed be seeing red all afternoon! I think it might be time to go home, before we see red again!珍妮佛:我们的游戏本是在伦敦寻找红色,但是我没想到我们一下午都在生气!我觉得我们最好回家吧,在我们再次生气之前!Feifei: I think youre right. Join us again for another edition of The English We Speak from B Learning English. Bye for now!菲菲:我觉得你是正确的。加入我们来获取其他版本的B学英语之我们所说的英语。暂时再见了!Jennifer: Bye!珍妮佛:再见! /201401/273364重庆市爱德华医院小儿鼾症怎么样

阿坝藏族芜族自治州妇幼保健院声带息肉看怎么样好不好回应告别I have to leave.I have to goI had better take off.我该走了。A:I have to leave.我该走了。B: Cant you stay a little longer?再待会儿不行吗?Its to a bad you have to leave so early.你这么早就走啊。Its still early.还早呢。Its not late yet.还早着呢。Why dont you stay a little longer?怎么不再多待一会儿呢?Do stay a little longer.再多待一会儿。Cant you stay a bit while?你不能再待一会儿吗?A:Ive got to go.我得走了。B: Why dont you stay a little longe.怎么不再多待一会儿呢?I hope to see you again.希望能再见到你。I hope you’ll be able to come again. when youre free.希望你有空再来。I hope you can come around again.希望你再来。I hope youll drop in again whenever youre free.希望你有空就来坐坐。A: Its getting dark.I cant stay any longer.天快黑了。我不能再待了。B: I hope youll drop in again whenever youre free.希望你有空就来坐坐。drop in“不预先通知的拜访”I wont keep you then.那我就不留你了。A: I really cant stay any longer.我真的不能再待了。B:I wont keep you then.那我就不留你了。Ill miss you.我会想你的。A:Ill miss you.我会想你的。B:Ill miss you,too.我也会想你的。Lets keep in touchKeep in touch.让我们保持联系。A:Lets keep in touch.让我们保持联系。B:OK.好的。keep in touch“保持联系” /201412/347667新都区妇幼保健院耳鼻喉科 双流县妇幼保健院打鼾看怎么样好不好

邛崃市妇幼保健院鼻子疾病好吗9. House prices have risen sharply this year.今年房价急剧上涨。还能这样说:House prices zoom this year.House prices are rocketing up.谚语:Early to bed and early to rise make a man healthy, wealthy and wise.早睡早起令人健康、富有而且聪明。10. House prices have reached its nadir this year.今年房价已经快跌至谷底了。还能这样说:House prices rocket bottom.The prices of the house are at the lowest point.谚语:Within sight but beyond reach.可望而不可及。11. The view from the balcony is pretty good.阳台上的景色很美。还能这样说:The scene is delightful from the balcony.You can see the majestic view from the balcony.应用:as good as 几乎;实际上;good market 畅销;Good Friday 耶稣受难日12. Here is the garden. You can sow whatever you want here.这是花园,你可以种你喜欢的植物。还能这样说:You can grow anything you like in the garden.You may plant something you want in the garden.谚语:One cannot make a silk purse out of a sows ear.朽木不可雕。 /201302/224077 前段时间,北京地铁一些客流高峰站为乘客准备了便民拖鞋,以方便坐地铁被挤丢鞋的乘客。不过这些借出去的便民拖鞋有些从未被归还,地铁工作人员近日发出倡议,希望这些拖鞋能“有去有回”,以帮助更多乘客。请看中国日报网报道:In addition to the replacement slippers, the station has also prepared hundreds of raincoats and medical kits for emergencies, such as mint cream and water for sunstroke victims and brown sugar and candies for people exhibiting symptoms of hypoglycemia.除了“便民拖鞋”,该地铁站还准备了几百件雨衣、以及医药箱等以备不时只需。医药箱中有供中暑乘客使用的薄荷油和水、也有为低血糖乘客准备的红糖和糖果等。上面报道中的replacement slipper就是便民拖鞋,也叫backup slippers。Replacement在这儿的意思是“代用品、替代物”,等同于substitute。北京地铁在每个transfer station(换乘车站)都准备了五双以上便民拖鞋,以方便在rush hour(高峰期)被挤掉鞋的乘客替换。据地铁工作人员介绍,每天都能发现掉落在underground passageway(地铁隧道)、车厢里或站台上的鞋。乘地铁挤掉鞋除了因为heavy traffic flow(客流量大),还因为夏天人们都喜欢穿容易掉的flip-flop(人字拖)等。鞋类统称footwear,夏天常见的凉鞋种类有flat sandal(平底凉鞋),thong sandal(夹趾凉鞋)、wedge sandal(坡跟凉鞋)、peep-toe sandal(鱼嘴凉鞋)等。今年夏天很流行platform sandal(厚底凉鞋)和gladiator sandal(罗马鞋)等。 /201207/189652成都医学院第一附属医院看五官科怎么样重庆市爱德华医院扁桃体炎看怎么样好不好



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