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脸书定位推荐好友功能:方便又危险 --9 :1:55 来源: Facebook可获取定位信息并推荐好友,一定程度上可认识更多的存在地理联系的人,但是这种位置共享也存在隐私安全问题 If that guy who popped up in your Facebook "people you may know" section looks vaguely familiar, it may be because you’ve recently crossed paths.在Facebook上如果“你可能认识的人”板块中有人看起来不太熟悉,这很可能是因为你们最近到过同样的地方The section is usually a trove of high school acquaintances and a random assortment of colleagues with whom you have mutual friends, but Facebook also suggests friends with whom your common link may be unclear.这个板块通常会推荐一些高中熟人或者随机找到的有共同好友的人,但是Facebook也能推荐联系并不清晰的人It turns out what two people may have in common is a shared GPS data point on their phones. Fusion first reported the story after a parent who attended a gathering suicidal teens said Facebook suggested he friend another parent who attended -- despite having never shared any inmation with each other.事实明在手机上共享过同样GPS信息的两个人可能存在共同点一位参加过防青少年自杀聚会的家长结合以上报道说到Facebook给他推荐了一位也参加过这次活动的家长,但是他们之间没有共享过信息Facebook did not immediately respond to A News’ request comment. However, a company representative told Fusion that location is just one factor in the algorithm the company uses to populate the "people you may know" section and that the two parents must have also had something else in common.A新闻请求对此事作出解释,Facebook没有马上做出回应但是,公司代表说到Facebook上共享位置只是“你可能认识的人”模块算法中的一方面因素,两位家长一定还有其他的共同点How to Turn Off Location Settings如何关闭位置共享设置While the super-smart algorithm may come in handy networking with people you met at a party, you don’t have to use it. Android users can visit their app manager to open Facebook permissions. From there, toggle location to "off."虽然超智能算法可以用在与参加过同样聚会的人联系,但不用非得使用它安卓用户可以进入应用程序管理器找到Facebook的权限设置,可以选择开关状态为关闭People using an iPhone can turn off location services by going to settings, privacy, location services. Scroll down to Facebook and choose "Never." It’s also a great time to evaluate the location settings on your other apps.使用苹果手机的人可找到设置-隐私-定位,然后向下滚动屏幕找到Facebook,选择“从不”来关闭定位务同时也可以考虑更改其他app在手机上的定位权限设置。

近朱者赤:和聪明的人在一起会变聪明 --01 :: 来源:chinadaily Next time you raise an eyebrow at the views of your partner, friend, sibling or colleague, remember they could be helping to make you smarter.下一次当你被伴侣、朋友、兄弟姊或同事的观点惊到时,请记住他们可能会帮你变得更聪明一点New research shows that intelligence is not fixed but can be boosted throughout adulthood by family members, bright mates and intellectually stretching careers.一项新研究显示,智力不是固定不变的,而是在整个成年期都会受到影响,家庭成员、聪明的配偶以及拓展智力的职业都会促进智力的提高Stimulating households where people talk, make jokes and challenge each other can boost IQ levels by several points, as can jobs that mentally energise employees.可以谈话、说笑、互相叫板的这种活跃的家庭,以及能激励员工思考的工作,都可以使智商水平提高几分The study challenges the commonly held notion that intelligence is ‘static’ by the age of about 18.人们普遍认为,智商到了18岁左右就“静止”了,此研究否认了这个说法Current scientific consensus suggests that intelligence is controlled by genes, with environmental factors such as schooling and nutrition playing a part up to this age. After this point, IQ scores stabilise.目前科学界的共识表明,智力由基因控制,教育和营养等环境因素在18岁之前也有一定的影响18岁之后,智商就稳定了But James Flynn, Emeritus professor of political studies and psychology at the University of Otago in New Zealand, argues that people can ‘upgrade’ their own intelligence throughout their lives.但是新西兰奥塔哥大学政治学和心理学退休荣誉教授詹姆斯bull;弗林说,人们能一辈子“升级”自己的智商He believes intellectual stimulation from others is crucial as the ‘brain seems to be rather like a muscle – the more you use it, the stronger it gets’.他认为,他人的智力刺激非常关键,因为“大脑似乎和肌肉非常像——你用得越多,就越强壮”However, the reverse is also true – so people who share a home or workplace with the intellectually challenged risk seeing their IQ levels nosedive as a result.然而,反过来说也成立——所以,与脑筋不太好使的人同居一室或一起工作,会有智商直线下降的风险Professor Flynn analysed US intelligence tests from the last 65 years and correlated the results with people’s ages. This enabled him to compile new IQ ‘age tables’.弗林教授分析了美国过去65年的智力测试,研究了测试结果与年龄的相关性通过这项研究,他编制了新的智商“年龄表”He found the ‘cognitive quality’ of a family alters the IQs of all members, especially children.他发现一个家庭的“认知特性”能改变所有家庭成员的智商,特别是孩子It can ‘lift’ or hold them back, depending on the ‘gap between their brightness and that of their siblings and parents’.他们的智商提高或降低,取决于“他们本人的智力水平和兄弟、父母智力水平的差异”A bright ten-year-old with brothers and sisters of average intelligence will suffer a five to ten point IQ disadvantage compared to a similar child with equally bright siblings, the ‘age tables’ revealed.“年龄表”显示,一个岁大的聪明孩子,如果兄弟智商平平,智商会比有同样聪明的兄弟的相似孩子低5到分However, children with a low IQ could gain six to eight points by having brighter siblings and special educational treatment to help pull them up.但是,低智商的孩子,如果有更聪明的兄弟,并受到特别的教育,智商就可以提高6到8分Professor Flynn, whose book, Does Your Family Make You Smarter? comes out next month, also concluded that although genetics and early life experiences determine about 80 percent of intelligence, the remaining percent is linked to lifestyle.弗林教授也总结说,尽管基因和早年人生经验决定80%的智商,还有剩下的%受生活方式的影响弗林教授的书《你的家庭让你变聪明了吗?将在下月出版This means that people can raise their IQ, or allow it to fall, by ten points or more.这说明人们可以提高自己的智商,或任其下降,幅度可达分或更多Professor Flynn suggests that the best way to boost IQ levels is to socialise with bright friends, find an intellectually challenging job and marry someone cleverer.弗林教授建议说,提升智商最好的方法就是和聪明的朋友交往、找一个挑战智力的工作,以及同比你聪明的人结婚Vocabularyraise an eyebrow: 扬起眉毛(表示吃惊、不信或轻度反对)consensus: 共识nosedive: 暴跌英文来源:每日邮报译者:实习生孙美真审校#38;编辑:丹妮。

夏日炎炎不用怕,5种健康好方法 --7 :3: 来源: Between the diet-derailing barbecues and the scorching sunburns, seems like there can be a lot to avoid when summer rolls around.似乎除了营养不均衡的烧烤与灼热的日晒伤之间,想要安然度过夏季还有许多需要避免的东西But you might be surprised by some of the healthy perks of summer worth celebrating today, the official first day of the season. Of course, some of our favorite reasons to love spring carry over, like mood-boosting sunshine and stress-reducing time spent in nature.你可能会对某些夏至的健康福利感到惊讶——在这一天,真正意义上的夏季开始当然,我们也有一些喜欢春季的理由,比如那让人心情舒畅的阳光,以及在自然中减轻压力的时间But there are also a few special benefits unique to summer that we’re more than excited to enjoy. Here are some of our favorites.不过,也有一些让我们更为之兴奋的夏季专属好处,下面给大家举几个例子1. It’s Vacation Season1. 夏季是度假的季节Of course, you can take a vacation any time of the year. But with school out and the beach calling, many of us opt a little time off over the summer months. Doing so may be one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Vacations ease stress and improve mood — even after returning to “real” life. They also seem to protect us from heart disease and heart attacks. And many people, a little time away brings some added perspective to life and boosts motivation to get back to their goals, US News reported.当然,你可以在一年里任何时间去度假但由于不用上学,海滩也在那里吸引着我们,许多人都会选择在夏季的几个月里找一些时间放假休息这样做也算是其中一份给自己最好的礼物了度假能够舒缓压力,改善心情——即使在你回归“现实”生活之后而且假期也能保护我们免受心脏病的损害并且对于许多人来说,离开一段时间能增添对生活的感悟,激发追求目标的动力,据US News报道. Your Heart Stays Healthier. 保护心脏功能更健康Speaking of heart problems: In , researchers noted a significant difference in heart attack survival rates during the winter and the summer. “People are 6 to 36 percent more likely to die in winter from a heart attack, a stroke, heart failure or some other circulatory disease,” the study’s lead author told N News. That doesn’t mean you can take a break from regular exercise or your nutritious diet. It’s more likely that you’ve gone full steam ahead on your healthiest habits in the summer, giving your heart added protection, N News reported.若谈及心脏健康的问题:在年,就有研究人员发现了冬季与夏季的心脏疾病存活率有着显著的差异“年龄介于6岁到36岁的人们更容易在冬季死于心脏病,中风,心脏衰竭或其他循环系统疾病”本项研究的首席作者在接受N News采访时表示但这不意味着你就能偷懒不做运动或保持营养均衡的饮食习惯了而是更多意味着你早已保持夏季的健康习惯,再为自己增添了一道健康的保护屏障,据N News报道3. You’re Sure To Get A Good Sweat3. 你确实得流流汗了Let’s face it: Summer is hot. Sometimes, it’s even too hot. But when conditions are safe enough outdoor exercise without risking heat-related illness, one thing’s certain: You’re most definitely going to sweat. That might sound more unpleasant than anything, but truth is a good sweat can be good you. While it doesn’t exactly detox you, sweating really can help fight infections, since sweat seems to help keep skin clear of bacteria and fungi, according to MSN. Sweating also gives circulation a boost and opens up the pores, which could help your face stay acne-free.面对现实吧:夏季是炎热的有时候甚至是非常炎热的但当一切户外活动的条件设施都是安全的,也不会遭受心脏疾病的困扰时,有一件事情是可以确定的:你绝对要流汗也许听起来一点都不值得高兴,但实际上好好地流一把汗对你的身体很有好处虽然流汗不能完全排出所有的毒素,但流汗确实能增强免疫力,因为汗液有助隔离细菌与真菌的侵害——选自MSN客的撰文流汗同时也能促进新陈代谢,扩张毛孔,免于脸部粉刺的生成. Fruit Abounds. 水果盛产期Summer wouldn’t be complete without heaping helpings of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, cherries, watermelon — the list of in-season fruit goes on and on. The best news is these summer picks are as nutritious as they are delicious. All are loaded with antioxidants and vitamins (and flavor!), very few calories. Blueberries have been linked to lower cholesterol and diabetes risk, raspberries and blackberries are excellent sources of fiber, cherries seem to speed recovery after exercise and curb pain and strawberries may slow cognitive decline with aging. Not to mention fruit is chock-full of water, helping you to stay hydrated on those hot, sweaty days. Fruit salad, anyone?没有堆得满满的草莓,蓝莓,覆盆子,樱桃,西瓜等水果的夏季是不完整的——夏季水果的清单还可以无限延长这些夏季精华所带来的最好的消息就是它们既营养丰富也非常美味可口它们都富含抗氧化物质和维生素(还有鲜美的滋味!),而且热量都非常低蓝莓有助降低胆固醇和肥胖症的风险,覆盆子和黑莓富含纤维素,樱桃加速运动后损伤及肌肉疼痛的复原,而草莓能减缓年龄增长带来的认知能力衰退更不要说富含水分了,水果能让你在如此炎热、冒汗的日子里保持水分平衡有没有人想要来一份水果沙拉?5. Swimming!5. 游泳!There aren’t too many opporties to take an outdoor swim during the other three seasons, and we plan to take full advantage. Swimming uses all the muscle groups with minimal impact and improves strength, since the water provides natural resistance, WebMD reported. People with joint pain or arthritis can often participate in water-based exercise more easily — and without worsening symptoms, according to the CDC. Swimming has also been shown to improve mood and alleviate depression. According to a study published in the International Journal of Aquatic Research and Education, swimmers even have a lower risk of death than runners and walkers. Plus, is it just us, or is there something about swimming that just seems more fun than exercising on land?在其他三个季节里,能让我们出门游泳的机会真的不多,所以要好好利用这个季节的优势据WebMD报道,游泳的过程运用到了全身的肌肉群,以最低的影响增加强度,因为水能形成自然的阻力患有关节疼痛和关节炎的人们多参与水上的运动的难度更低,而且不会加重疼痛症状,据CDC的报道根据国际水产研究的《研究与教育期刊发表的一项研究表明,经常游泳的人与经常跑步或步行的人相比,他们的死亡率更低再者,这是不是只有我们,还是还有一些与游泳相关的事情比在陆地上的运动更有趣呢?。

NC500,苏格兰高地上的最美海滨公路 --18 :53: 来源: 苏格兰最美的海滨公路“北海岸500NC500”以其独特的自然风光、地理优势和人文气息被知名旅游杂志《Travel评选为世界上最美的6大沿海公路线路之一 (CNN)Great road trips are about many things: good company, rocking soundtrack, decent food -- and a set of wheels that may or may not last the journey.(CNN)一次精的公路旅行包括如下几个要素:绝佳搭档,动听音乐,可口食物——以及能完成或是中断旅途的交通工具But what really seals the deal is the scenery. Epic landscapes epic road trip.但让旅途真正变得完美的却是风景美轮美奂的风光一次超级棒的旅行The NC500, attracting growing numbers of drivers, cyclists, hikers and bikers, is aly being compared to the picturesque Amalfi Coast in Italy and Norway’s Atlantic Road.NC500(北海岸500)吸引了越来越多的汽车、托车、徒步爱好者以及那些骑行的人,已经能与风景如画的意大利阿玛菲海岸和挪威的大西洋海滨公路相媲美The route starts and finishes in the city of Inverness, itself a scenic, three-hour train ride across the Cairngorm mountain range from Edinburgh.这条绝美公路的起点和终点都在因弗内斯市,它本身就是一个观光圣地,从爱丁堡出发,乘火车沿凯恩戈姆山三小时才能到Traveling clockwise, it follows Scotland’s western coastline, plowing upward through the northwest Highlands, and then continues across the very top of mainland Britain.顺时针方向旅行,途经苏格兰的西海岸,穿过北部高地,然后继续穿越英国大陆的最顶端Travelers then drop down the east coast, closing the loop on the 0-mile journey from John O’Groats -- Britain’s most northerly village -- back to Inverness.游客们接着到东海岸,再经过英国最北部的村庄——约翰奥格罗茨,回到因弗内斯The highlights of the NC500 are as diverse as they are numerous.NC500公路的亮点在于其美不胜收的多样化的风景The route boasts some of the most dramatic scenery in Europe, with everything from snow-clad peaks, wind-ruffled lochs and ruined castles to soaring sea cliffs, sheltered coves and rolling moorland.这条路线以拥有欧洲的一些最引人入胜的风景而著称,从白雪皑皑的山峰,波光粼粼的湖面,历史悠久的城堡,到高耸的海边悬崖,隐蔽的峡谷,和起伏的沼泽,应接不暇With no time limit on completing NC500, those making the journey can cover the 500 miles in a long weekend, or take things more slowly and savor the experience over the course of a couple of weeks.想要游览完这条路线没有时间限制,你可以花费1周的时间来走完这500英里的路线,也可以放慢脚步,花上几周的时间来体验它独特的美。

双语:神奇动态椅实现“人体鼠标 ” --31 :56: 来源: We’ve had tmill desks and even human hamster wheels, each designed to stop us sitting hours on end.But the latest design, dubbed Dynamic Chair, turns the user’s whole body into a mouse so even when they’re sat down, they’re still moving.Sensors built into the exoskeleton design recognise pressure and movements, which are then used to control an on-screen pointer.The Dynamic Chair was created by designer Govert Flint from Eindhoven University, with help from programmer Sami Sabik.It was designed and built Mr Flint’s ‘Creatures with Creations’ research project.‘Although our bodies are evolved to move, we tend to design objects based on monofunctional use and posture,’ explained Mr Flint.‘Furthermore, as technology takes over more functions that merly required exertion on our part, we are left with a less useful body.‘We relegate our movements to leisure time.'Movement becomes a choice and a lifestyle, segregated from our regular lives.Sensors in the seat detect pressure and the angle of the body, while accelerometers measure and track the movement of the user’s legs.These movements are interpreted digitally, using software created by Mr Sabik, and are translated into movements on screen.Moving the hips and lowering the body’s centre of gravity, example, scrolls through pages and moves the mouse around the screen.Kicking the left and right leg corresponds with left and right clicks, and in the future, arms could control swipe pages and open windows.This vision is demonstrated in a that accompanies the researcher project.To master the type and range of movements, Mr Flint studied dancers at the Scapino Ballet Rotterdam.‘Full body movement correlates with feelings of happiness,’ continued Mr Flint. ‘And yet, we spend days sitting behind a computer.’To make this more dynamic, Mr Flint’s exoskeleton chair allows the body to move freely.‘With this chair, our bodies are once again functional, stimulating regular movement.'After all, that’s what we were designed to do.’相关新闻:人们越来越注意久坐问题,各种设计也应蕴而生,跑步机办公桌、人类“仓鼠轮”等层出不穷据英国《每日邮报月3日报道,近日,又出现了一款新型动态椅(Dynamic Chair),可以把使用者的整个身体变成鼠标,这样即使坐着也在运动这套外骨骼设计中嵌入了传感器,可以识别压力和动作,由此来控制电脑屏幕上的指针荷兰埃因霍芬理工大学的设计者霍弗特·弗林特(Govert Flint)在程序员萨米·萨比克(Sami Sabik)的帮助下创造出这款动态椅这款椅子是弗林特是为“生物与创造”课题时设计和制造的弗林特解释道,“虽然我们的身体进化到可以运动,我们倾向于设计只需一种功能或姿势的物件“而且,现代科技已经取代了身体的许多功能,因而我们的身体越来越缺少运动,它越来越没用了”只有在闲暇时间我们才会运动“运动变成了一种选择,一种生活方式,离我们的日常生活越来越远”动态椅子内的传感器会感知压力以及使用者身体的角度,加速度计也会测量跟踪使用者双腿的运动使用者的每个运动都会被萨比克设计的软件解读为电脑能理解的信号,并翻译成电脑屏幕上指针运动例如,移动臀部或者降低身体重心可以控制电脑翻页,移动电脑屏幕上的鼠标踢左右腿分别相当于左击与右击鼠标,未来手臂可以控制刷新页面,打开窗口弗林特在这个研究项目的附带视频中展示了他的畅想为了掌握人体运动的种类以及范围,弗林特甚至特意研究了芭蕾舞者“全身运动会让人愉悦,但是大部分人现在整天都坐在电脑前,”弗林特称为了使这款设计更动态,弗林特将外形设计成外骨骼式,便于使用者随意运动他表示,“有了动态椅,我们的身体就又能变得实用,它促使身体就能不断的运动“毕竟,我们的身体就是用来运动的”。

如果迪士尼公主也会变老,会怎样? -- :3:31 来源:chinadaily 白雪公主现在已经9岁,在电影中只有岁贝蒂;怀特是她现在这个造型的灵感Snow White is now 9 years old. In the movie she was years old. Betty White was my inspiration. Isaque Arecirc;as 是一位巴西艺术家他非常喜欢迪士尼系列的电影,所以在的时候决定要进行一个艺术创作:曾经和后来的迪士尼公主 Isaque Arecirc;as is a Brazilian artist. He loves Disney movies and he decided to start an artwork project called : “After and Bee – Disney Princesses” in . 他在看到好莱坞明星慢慢变老时想到,迪士尼公主不也是她们主演的电影中的演员么,那她们不是同样也会变老吗? 他开始了创作,却很快因为技术不成熟而搁置条件成熟后,他终于重拾画笔 He was inspired by watching the Hollywood artists getting older; people from movies getting older and he thought“What if Disney Princesses were artists in their own movie? Why aren't Disney Princesses getting older too?”. Then he started drawing, but soon he gave up because his skills were not that good by that time. Some days ago, he gave no reasons to restart the project. 奥罗拉公主现在已经7岁,在电影中只有岁 Aurora is now 7 years old. In the movie she was years old. 贝儿公主现在已经1岁,在电影中只有岁 Belle is now 1 years old. In the movie she was years old. 茉莉公主现在已经38岁,在电影中只有岁 Jasmine is now 38 years old. In the movie she was years old. 爱丽儿现在岁,在电影中只有岁她的脸颊是根据卡梅隆;迪亚茨来设计的 Ariel is now years old. In the movie she was years old. Cameron Diaz was the inspiration the cheeks. 灰姑娘现在已经8岁,在电影中只有19岁朱莉;安德鲁斯是她现在这个造型的灵感 Cinderella is now 8 years old. In the movie she was 19 years old. Julie Andrews was my inspiration. 花木兰现在33岁,在电影中只有岁温明娜是她现在这个造型的灵感 Mulan is now 33 years old. In the movie she was years old. Ming-Na Wen was my inspiration 宝嘉康蒂现在38岁,在电影中只有18岁 Pocahontas is now 38 years old. In the movie she was 18 years old. English Source: boredpanda Photo credit: Isaque Arecirc;as。

你用安卓手机吗?那你就要小心黑客了! -- :18:00 来源: 据一位安全专家的发现表明,安卓手机存在着严重的安全漏洞,将使得数以百万记的用户受到黑客攻击的威胁 Security experts have uncovered a serious security flaw in Android phones which could leave millions of users vulnerable to hackers.安全专家最近披露了安卓手机存在的一个严重安全漏洞,这将使得数以百万计的安卓手机用户容易受到黑客的攻击The finding comes from an expert who says that phones running full disk encryption (FDE) and Qualcomm chips are most at risk.一位专家公布了这一发现,称使用全磁盘加密和高通芯片的手机是最危险的An investigation by security analyst Gal Beniamini of the Israeli Defense ces revealed that devices are particularly vulnerable to so called ’brute ce attacks’ – where hackers overwhelm security measures using a persistent trial and error approach.以色列国防军安全分析师盖尔·贝尼亚米尼发布了一份调查报告,称这些手机设备在所谓的“蛮力攻击”下尤其脆弱不堪“蛮力攻击”是指黑客持续采用实验和“错误策略”的方法来破解安全措施Android rolled out full disk encryption (FDE) on all devices from Android 5.0, which involves the phone generating a 8-bit master key based on the user’s password.从安卓5.0开始,安卓在所有设备上都推出了全磁盘加密,这使得在基于用户密码基础上,手机能够生成一个8位的万能钥匙However, the way in which the key is stored on the device means it could potentially be easily cracked by cyber criminals and even law encement agencies.但是,这份钥匙存储在手机中的方式却并不安全,从而有可能使得网络犯罪分子、甚至执法机构很轻易地就破解Phone encryption was central to the recent FBI case involving Apple, in which authorities wanted the tech firm to break the encryption of an iPhone used by one of the attackers in the San Bernardino shootings in the US. In this case, the iPhone ran 56-bit FDE, which not even Apple could crack.在最近FBI和苹果的案件中,手机加密是其核心问题当局获得了圣贝纳迪诺击案中一名袭击者所使用的iPhone手机,他们想要苹果破除手机的加密,但是这个手机使用的是56位全磁盘加密,甚至连苹果公司都不能破解 Android users, the vulnerabilities are down to a combination of factors.对于安卓用户们来说,由于多种原因,面对黑客攻击安卓手机更加脆弱According to Neowin, these are namely flaws in how Qualcomm processors verify security and Android kernels – the core operating system.据Neowin透露,在高通处理器判别安全和安卓芯片(核心处理系统)的时候,就会出现所谓的漏洞On a blog post outlining the full technical details of the Android hack, Beniamini explains that while both Google and the chip-maker have been made aware of the vulnerabilities, users may require hardware upgrades to fix the issue.在一篇概述安卓黑客全部技术细节的文中,贝尼亚米尼表示说尽管谷歌和高通已经意识到了这个漏洞,用户们也许可以要求更新硬件来解决这一问题He wrote: ’I’ve been in contact with Qualcomm regarding the issue prior to the release of this post, and have let them review the blog post.他写道:“在这篇文发表之前,我就一直和高通公司在联系,以求解决这个问题,我还让他们查阅了这篇文”’As always, they’ve been very helpful and fast to respond. Untunately, it seems as though fixing the issue is not simple, and might require hardware changes.’“跟以前一样,他们非常快捷地提出了一些有用的回应但是不幸地是,要解决这一问题并非一件易事,而且坑能会需要更新硬件”The post explained how vulnerable phones could be targeted through everyday activities including email, web browsing and text messages.这篇文解释了手机在黑客的针对下是多么脆弱,他们只要进行一些日常的活动,例如邮件、网络浏览器和短信等就可以了A spokesperson Google told MailOnline: ’We appreciate the researcher’s findings and paid him his work through our Vulnerability Rewards Program. We rolled out patches these issues earlier this year.’谷歌的一位发言人对《每日邮报说道:“我们很感激这位研究家的发现,并且用‘漏洞奖励项目”来嘉奖他的研究今年早些时候我们推出了针对这些问题的补丁”。

英国女王授予朱莉荣誉爵士称号 -- :55: 来源: 英国女王授予朱莉荣誉爵士称号 Angelina Jolie receives honorary damehood Actress Angelina Jolie has been made an honorary dame by the Queen services to UK eign policy and the campaign to end war zone sexual violence.The 39-year-old star was presented with the insignia of an Honorary Dame Grand Cross of the Most Distinguished Order of St Michael and St George on Friday.The investiture took place during a private audience at Buckingham Palace.The Girl, Interrupted and Maleficent actress was recognised in the Queen's Birthday Honours earlier this year.Jolie is a special envoy the UN High Commissioner Refugees and co-founded the Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative (PSVI) in .The award was first announced in June during the week when Jolie was co-chairing the End Sexual Violence in Conflict (ESVC) global summit in London with then eign secretary William Hague.The US actress said at the time that it meant "a great deal... to receive an honour related to eign policy".Jolie's investiture follows her recent marriage to her actor partner Brad Pitt, with whom she has six children.Last year she revealed she had chosen to have a double mastectomy after discovering she had an 86% chance of developing breast cancer.据英国广播公司报道,美国演员安吉丽娜·朱莉(Angelina Jolie)因对英国外交政策的贡献以及从事反对战区性暴力的运动而被英国女王授予荣誉爵士称号月日,这位39岁的明星被授予了一枚“圣迈克尔和圣乔治荣誉女爵士大十字勋章”(Honorary Dame Grand Cross of the Most Distinguished Order of St Michael and St George)这次授勋仪式在白金汉宫私人听众厅举行有人在今年早些时候女王的生日会上发现了朱莉她曾出演过《移魂女郎(Girl, Interupted)和《沉睡魔咒(Maleficent)朱莉是一名联合国难民事务高级专员,年,她还参与创立了“防止性暴力行动”(the Prventing Sexual Violece Initiative,简称PSVI)这个荣誉称号是在六月宣布的当时,朱莉与时任英国外交大臣的威廉·黑格(William Hague)共同提供担任“终止冲突中的性暴力”(End Sexual Violence in Conlfict)全球峰会的主席当时,这位美国演员表示,这个奖项意味着“很多……获得一份与外交政策相关的荣誉”在朱莉的授勋仪式之前,她与皮特举行了婚礼他们共同抚养了6个孩子年,朱莉透露,在发现有86%的可能患上乳腺癌后,她选择手术切除两个乳房。

年无人机会抢走哪些工作? --01 :38: 来源:chinadaily Google and Amazon were quick to put drones to use delivering orders. 谷歌和亚马逊已经开始用无人机送货,反应神速But new research suggests delivery is just one small way drones are going to replace humans. The tiny airborne vessels will soon clean windows on skyscrapers, verify insurance claims and spray pesticide on crops. 但最新调查显示,快递运输只是无人机将要取代人类工作的领域之一看似瘦小的无人机很快就可以给高楼擦玻璃;核实保险索赔,还可能给农作物施肥The global market drones, valued at around $ billion today, will replace up to billion worth of business services and human labour over the next four years, according to a new research by consulting firm PwC. 普华永道咨询公司最新发布调查报告预计,无人机的全球市场价值如今已接近亿美元,到年,无人机将取代价值高达70亿美元(约合871亿元人民币)的商业务和人工劳务工作Drone technology could soon become part of our everyday lives, monitoring problems with crumbling infrastructure such as cracks in tarmac, bridges and houses and even repairing them as part of . billion of infrastructure work currently done by humans. 无人机科技将很快融入我们的日常生活,监测有裂痕的基础设施的问题,比如柏油路面、桥梁和住宅的裂缝,甚至进行修复工作,进军价值5亿美元的基础设施市场,而目前这一领域基本是人工劳动Construction companies, amid other things, will be able to attach 3D printers to drones to produce on site-replacement parts damaged elements of houses or roads. 建筑公司以及其它机构,未来能够将3D打印机安装在无人机上,为住宅或道路现场生成替换部件Drones will be able to perm most tasks at height, reducing the risk of death and injury and increasing efficiency. 大多数高空作业都适合用无人机,以减少工伤并提高效率In transport, one of the most promising uses of drones is predicted to be food delivery. 在运输行业,无人机最有可能“大显身手”的领域是食品速递“Providing products such as frozen food, y-to-eat dishes or even daily groceries from large chains may become be the next big thing in the food and restaurant industries,” analysts at PwC said. 普华永道分析师认为,“食品餐饮行业下一步可能着眼于用无人机运输速冻食品、即食食品,甚至大型连锁店的日用品”As soon as regulation permits, drones will be able to decrease the time it takes to deliver food, PwC said. 普华永道称,只要规则允许,无人机就可以缩短运送食品的时间Google is instance aly trying to solve the problem of how to fly drones safely in yards without endangering pets or other potential obstacles. 比如,谷歌公司已经开始着手解决无人机如何安全飞过人们的院子,不威胁到宠物,也不撞到其他潜在的障碍物In agriculture, drones will increasingly be used to gather and analyse data on crops quickly as well as to do precise spraying on plants. 在农业方面,无人机将被更多地用于迅速收集、分析农作物数据,并精确喷洒Top drone markets by according to PwC 普华永道预计的年八大无人机市场:1. Infrastructure (. bn) 基础设施(5亿美元). Agriculture (.bn) 农业(3亿美元)3. Transport ($bn) 交通运输(0亿美元). Security ($bn) 安全(0亿美元)5. Media and entertainment (.8 bn) 媒体和产业(88亿美元)6. Insurance (.8 bn) 保险(68亿美元)7. Telecoms (.3bn) 电信(63亿美元)8. Mining ($.bn) 采矿业(亿美元)Vocabularyskyscrapers: 天大楼y-to-eat: 可即食的英文来源:英国独立报编审:yaning。

邓小平“动漫形象”亮相银幕 -- :00:18 来源: 大型历史揭秘电影《旋风九日日在京首映,并将于日在全国上映邓小平动漫形象首次亮相银幕请看相关报道:The historical documentary Mr Deng goes to Washington, which premiered in the capital on May , not only reveals the details of an attempted assassination of Deng, but is also the first time animated images of China's leaders have appeared on the silver screen. 日,大型历史揭秘电影《旋风九日在京首映这部电影首次把邓小平访美险遇刺细节搬上了大银幕此外,本片还首次在银幕上出现了国家领导人的动漫形象1979年,中美建交(China established diplomatic relations with the US)后一个月,邓小平应邀赴美进行了九天的访问在以往的电影中,通过动漫手段(animation)来讲述国家领导人经历的并不多见而《旋风九日(Mr Deng goes to Washington)中把历史影像资料(historical footages)、受访者画面和邓小平动漫视频剪辑在了一起影片中邓小平的动漫形象(animated images)有段,既有法式、美式、日式动画风格,还有传统皮影(traditional shadow puppetry)风格邓小平动漫形象得到了邓家后人的认可设计邓小平动漫形象的是“90后”朱宇辰,北京电影学院(Beijing Film Academy)动画专业的一名在读研究生(graduate student),曾为温家宝等领导人画过漫画(cartoon)朱宇辰说,电影中邓小平的动漫形象也是有变化的(not static)参加会议时,邓小平的动漫形象严肃一点;而参加宴会时,就会稍微活泼一些(he's portrayed in a more lively way)(中国日报网英语点津 彭娜)。