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梁平城口丰都县治疗耳鸣大概多少钱费用重庆爱德华医院扁桃体炎看怎么样好不好成都市第二人民医院打呼噜治疗的价格 四川中西医结合医院声带息肉怎么样

彭水苗族土家族自治县看小儿鼻窦炎价格Laughter research has found that only a small percentage oflaughter, less than 20%, is a sincere response to someones humor.对笑容的研究表明只有小部分—不超过20%的笑容是发自肺腑的对于某人幽默的回应。In fact, laughter is primarily asocial signal, as opposed to an emotional outburst.事实上,笑容主要是一种社交讯号,而非感情释放。People are 30 times more likely to laugh in a group setting than when they are alone, leadingobservers to conclude laughter has a primarily social function.人们在人群中笑的次数是他们在独处时的30倍甚至更多,使研究人员由此推断笑容首先具有一种社交作用。For instance, theres “polite” laughter. How often have you found yourself laughing at someonesattempt at being funny in order to spare their feelings or make them feel good?例如,“礼节性”的笑容。你发现你有多少次对别人试图表现的幽默报之一笑,只是为了照顾他们的情绪或者让他们感觉更好?Research has also found that women tend to laugh a good deal more than men.研究还发现女人比男人发笑的次数更多。And malespeakers tend to elicit more laughter than female speakers.而男性演说家比女性更倾向于逗人发笑。Laughter may very well be a sign of power dynamics between people, signaling dominance andsubmission, acceptance and rejection.笑容是人们之间一个非常好的权力演变信号,代表配和屈,接受和拒绝。Certainly, that seems to be the case when someone islaughing at you rather than with you.当然,这似乎出现在当别人嘲笑你而不是和你一起笑的情况下。 201402/275164四川省第五人民医院鼻炎怎么样 乐山市人民医院打呼噜治疗的价格

重庆三峡中心医院耳鼻喉专家医生Business商业报道Facebook and virtual reality脸谱网与虚拟现实A game of goggles一场头戴式3D眼镜的The social network makes another expensive bet on the future社交网络又向未来押了一笔高昂赌注AT SXSW, a techie festival that took place inTexasearlier this month, some lucky attenders were able briefly to immerse themselves in HBOs fantasy television series, “Game of Thrones”.在本月初,影视音乐互动大会上,一个技术展在德克萨斯州拉开帷幕,一些幸运的参加者能短暂的将自己沉浸在HBO的奇幻电视剧《权利的游戏》中。By donning virtual-reality goggles made by Oculus VR, people could see how the world looked from the top of the 700-foot-tall Wall that protects the Seven Kingdoms from enemies that lurk beyond.戴上由Oculus VR公司制造的虚拟现实眼镜,人们可以看见从700英尺高的城墙顶端俯瞰的世界,而这城墙保卫着七大王国免受潜伏在城墙外敌人的侵扰。The digital rendition was so lifelike that gazing down from the Wall gave some folk vertigo.其细节重现栩栩如生以至于从城墙上俯瞰时会使人眩晕。Such a compelling experience explains why Oculus Rift, the companys virtual-reality headset, has captivated keen gamers.如此令人信的体验解释了该公司的虚拟现实耳机Oculus Rift俘获了狂热游戏迷的原因。It has also caught the attention of Facebook, which announced on March 25th that it had bought Oculus VR for around 2 billion.这也引起了Facebook公司的注意,在3月25日,其宣布已用约20亿美元收购了Oculus VR公司。This deal, which comprises 400m in cash and the rest in Facebook stock, comes not long after the social networks purchase of WhatsApp, a messaging app, for 19 billion.这笔交易包括4亿美元的现金交易,其余部分以Facebook公司股票交易。且这就发生在Facebook公司以190亿美元收购信息传送应用程序WhatsApp的不久之后。WhatsApp at least has more than 450m users.WhatsApp应用程序至少有超过4.5亿用户。Oculus VR, a startup that is less than two years old, has so far only sold its headsets to game developers.Oculus VR这一新创办不超过两年的公司,目前只向游戏开发者卖出了它的虚拟现实耳机。So why is Facebook paying so much for it?那么为什么Facebook公司为购买它付出了这么多?And why is it betting on a much-hyped technology that has so far failed to live up to its promise?且这一大量炒作的技术,迄今仍未兑现其承诺,Facebook公司为什么在这一技术上押注?Part of the answer is that Mark Zuckerberg, Facebooks boss, and his colleagues think advances in areas such as graphics processing power and thin, high-resolution screens mean that virtual-reality headsets are at last y for mass consumption.部分原因是Facebook公司的老板Mark Zuckerberg以及他的同僚们认为,例如图形处理能力,薄而分辨率高的显示器等领域的发展进步,意味着虚拟现实耳机终于为大众消费做好了准备。David Ebersman, the firms finance chief, reckons the potential to mint money in gaming alone justifies Oculuss price tag.公司的首席财务官David Ebersman认为Oculus仅在游戏上赚钱的潜力就明它的价签是合理的。Other firms spy the same opportunity.其它公司侦寻着同样的机会。Sony recently unveiled a prototype virtual-reality headset for its PlayStation 4 game console and Microsoft is rumoured to be developing one for its Xbox console.索尼公司最近公布了一款为其PlayStation 4游戏平台打造的虚拟现实耳机的原型机,且有传言称微软正为其Xbox游戏平台研发一款虚拟现实耳机。But some gaming veterans reckon the headsets will appeal only to hard-core gamers.但是一些游戏老手认为这种耳机将只会吸引狂热的游戏玩家。And Facebooks purchase of Oculus has infuriated some of those.且Facebook公司收购Oculus公司这一举动已经将他们中的一些人激怒。After the deal was announced, Markus Persson, a prominent game developer, tweeted that he had just cancelled a plan to bring a game to Oculus.在交易宣布后,一个著名的游戏开发商Markus Persson就在推特上说他刚刚取消了一个想交由Oculus公司研发游戏的计划。“Facebook creeps me out,” he added.“Facebook公司吓到我了,”他补充道。That is unlikely to bother the social network, whose decision to buy Oculus was also motivated by a broader strategic concern.那不太可能扰乱Facebook社交网络公司,其收购Oculus公司的决策也是出于一个更加广泛的战略要求。Facebook grew up in an era dominated by personal computers.Facebook公司是在个人电脑主宰的时代发展起来的。It failed miserably to spot that computing was shifting fast to new mobile “platforms” such as smartphones.可悲的是它过去没能发现电脑正迅速向智能手机等移动平台转移。It has since raced to catch up in the world of apps and is now keen not to miss the next generation of big platforms.此后它迅速去追赶全世界应用程序的发展,而现在不希望错过下一代的大平台。Mr Zuckerberg thinks virtual reality could be one of these and foresees people putting on Oculuss goggles in their homes to, say, attend virtual classes or see their doctors.Zuckerberg先生认为虚拟现实可能是这些平台的其中之一。他说他预见人们戴上Oculus公司的虚拟现实眼镜在家里参加虚拟课程或看医生。But experiments in marrying entertainment with headgear, like 3D televisions that require viewers to wear special glasses, have been disappointing.但就像观看3D电视需要佩戴特殊眼镜一样,将设备设计成头戴式的效果一直不尽如人意。“Two billion dollars seems like a significant amount of money to pay for something that has yet to emerge,” says Brian Wieser of Pivotal, a research firm.研发公司Pivotal的Brian Wieser说:“对于一些尚未实现的东西来说,20亿美元似乎是一笔大投资。”True, but unlike Google, which spends lots of money on futuristic projects in its secretive “Google X” lab, Facebook is willing to let startups try riskier stuff, and then pay princely sums to acquire them.确实如此,谷歌公司在神秘的“Google X”实验室进行的未来项目中投入大量资金,然而与谷歌公司不同,Facebook公司宁愿让新创业的公司试验风险较高的事物,然后付天价收购它们。Other firms have also been buying talent and technology: according to Thomson Reuters, an information provider, the Oculus purchase took the total spent on technology Mamp;A worldwide since the start of 2014 to 65.2 billion—the highest amount for the equivalent period since 2000.其他公司也正在购买人才和技术,据信息提供者Thomson Reuters透露,自2014年初以来,Oculus公司在世界范围内的技术并购中,总共花费了625亿美元,这是自2000年以来同期最高值。The Oculus deal also represents a twist in the tech industrys very own Game of Thrones, an epic of incessant plotting and warfare.科技行业自身的权力游戏是一篇永不停歇的阴谋和战争的史诗,在这场游戏中,Oculus公司的交易也代表着一个转变。Google wants its Glass smart specs to be a new mass-computing platform and this week said Luxottica, a seller of high-end eyewear, would help it make them look nicer.谷歌公司希望其智能眼镜设备能够成为新一代的集群计算平台,与此同时,一家高端眼镜设备销售商Luxottica也表示将全力帮助该产品优化外观。Googles vision of the future involves complementing the real world seen through its specs with a visual feed from its search engine and other services.谷歌眼镜可以通过其搜索引擎和其他务实现信息视觉化展示,谷歌公司对未来的愿景包含透过谷歌眼镜实现对真实世界的补充。Facebooks is of people immersed in lifelike digital worlds.而Facebook公司的愿景是人们可以沉浸在逼真的数字世界。Their rivalry should be a real spectacle.他们的竞争应该是场真正的奇观。 /201404/284371 Science and technology科学技术Hotel hygiene旅馆卫生Mind the remote当心遥控器The next time you check in…下次你在办理入住手续的时候…NO ONE likes to think about who was in their hotel room before them, let alone what they got up to.没人愿意想象在他们入住旅馆之前有人在里面待过,更不愿去想那些人在房间里干了些什么,The best to hope for is that your lodgings are clean and hygienic.如果房间干净卫生就谢天谢地了。But are they? Researchers from the University of Houston have probed the cleanliness of rooms, exposing the most—and least—filthy surfaces.可是事实真的如此吗?休斯顿大学的研究者调查了客房的洁净度,揭露了那些最肮脏的地方。After swabbing samples from hotel rooms in Indiana, Texas and South Carolina, they found the TV remote control and the bedside-lamp switch were among the most contaminated.他们分别在印第安纳州、德克萨斯州和南卡莱罗纳州的旅馆客房提取了样品,然后发现其中的电视遥控器和床头灯开关是最脏的,The toilet, bathroom sink and items from the housekeepers carts also had high levels of bacteria.厕所、洗手池和保洁员手推车里的物品也是细菌量较高的地方,Maids mops and sponges were thought to pose the greatest threat as they could cause cross-contamination between rooms.研究人员认为最大的威胁来自保洁员的拖把和海绵,因为它们可能造成各房间的交叉污染,Some of the cleanest surfaces included the bed headboard and the bathroom-door handle.而床头板和浴室门把手等地方是最干净的。Katie Kirsch, an undergraduate who this week presented the results to the general meeting of the American Society for Microbiology, cautioned that the data were limited by a small sample size:大学生Katie Kirsch这周在美国微生物学会的全体大会上提交了研究结果,值得注意的是,他们只在每个州的三家旅馆进行了调查,样本太少所以数据有一定限制。only three hotel rooms were tested in each state. Within each room the same 19 surfaces were tested for aerobic and coliform bacteria.他们在每间房取19个相同的地方进行有氧大肠菌群测试,No infectious diseases were tested for and the presence of bacteria is not necessarily a health threat.他们没有进行传染病测试,因为这里的细菌不大会引发健康威胁,Indeed, humans have always lived with bacteria.事实也确实如此,我们每天都和细菌生活在一起。As a whole, Ms Kirsch thought hoteliers maintained a high level of sanitation.总的来说,Kirsch认为旅馆老板把环境卫生维持在一个较高的标准,But the researchers, who included members of Purdue University and the University of South Carolina, were concerned that there is no universal cleaning process for hotels.但是包括普渡大学和南卡莱罗纳大学在内的一些研究人员担心旅馆没有一个通用的保洁程序,Standards are largely down to the beady eye of individual housekeepers.卫生标准的高低很大程度上取决于个别管家的警觉性,They suggested applying Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, a preventive approach to reducing the risk of physical, chemical and biological hazards.所以他们建议采用“危害分析和关键环节控制点”这种预防方法来减少物理、化学和生物方面的威胁,HACCP was drawn up by NASA, Americas space agency, to ensure the safety of food for astronauts.HACCP由美国宇航局NASA起草,起初是用来确保航天员的食品安全,Since then it has been adopted by a number of industries.后来被各个行业广泛采用。But is cleaning a hotel room really rocket science?打扫旅馆房间是一件很复杂的事吗?Good hotels value a reputation for cleanliness, and people can easily discover online those that are filthy.好旅馆会在整洁方面很重视自己的名声,并且人们很容易在网上发现那些较脏的旅馆。Paranoia about cleanliness has aly risen to the point that sterile modern living can make people sick by weakening their immune systems.一些重视清洁的偏执狂已经上升到打造无菌生活的层面,但这样会削弱他们的免疫系统使他们更容易生病,The odd night in a roach motel might even do some people a bit of good.所以在出没的汽车旅馆度过一个不平凡的夜晚甚至可能对某些人更有益处。 /201402/275475巫溪黔江区武隆县治疗成人鼾症哪家好重庆市中医院鼻炎治疗的价格



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