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重庆中医院咽喉炎要多少钱金牛区妇幼保健院声带息肉看怎么样好不好Hi, I#39;m Jessica嗨,我是JessicaToday I#39;m gonna talk to you about a chemical demonstration I like to call今天我要讲的化学演示叫作colorful indicators多指示剂Indicators show us what we normally wouldn#39;t be able to see指示剂/物能够指示出我们一般看不到的情况from the canary in the coal mine包括煤矿地中的金丝雀to a paint that changes color with temperature随温度改变颜色的颜料to the acid-base indicators we#39;ll be seeing today以及今天我们要看的酸碱指示剂And chemist Dr. Bassam Shakhashiri化学家Bassam Shakhashiri士here he is这就是他了is going to be showing us the demo他将为我们进行演示He#39;s the president of the American Chemical Society他是美国化学学会主席and performing this demo right here at MIT演示是在MIT这里进行的You know, what I#39;m going to do is an experiment下面我要做的实验using another form of carbon dioxide that#39;s called dry ice将用到另一种形式的二氧化碳,叫作干冰Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide干冰是固态二氧化碳and you#39;ll notice I#39;m putting what on?看这里我戴上了什么Putting gloves带上手套And I#39;m going to open this bucket and pick up 3 chunks of carbon dioxide我将打开这个桶,并取出三块二氧化碳Solid, this a solid carbon dioxide这是固态二氧化碳Its temperature is -78 degrees Celsius其温度是-78摄氏度It#39;s very cold非常冰冷Dry ice changes from being solid to a gas by a process we call...干冰从固态变为气态的过程叫作…sublimation升华Sublimation is happening right now but we can#39;t see it升华正在发生,但我们看不到how come we can#39;t see it?为什么看不到呢Because carbon dioxide is gas. It#39;s what?因为二氧化碳是气体,它是怎样的It#39;s invisible. It has no color, so它是无色透明的sublimation is happening right now升华正在发生We can#39;t see it我们看不到and I#39;m gonna put those three back in here我将把这三个放回去and ask you to focus your attention然后让你们把注意力on what you see between my two hands here集中到我两手中间的这里What do you see between my two hands?我两手中间是什么In order to sharpen your powers of observation为了增强你们的观察能力and develop the skills of reporting these observations培养你们汇报观察结果的能力I ask you to pretend to be the play by play radio announcer我将要求你们假装自己是一名电台解说员describing to someone who#39;s not with us what#39;s going on为没有在场的人描述发生了什么not a TV announcer不是电视解说员that person#39;s got made because the picture tells almost everything电视解说没什么用,毕竟从图像就能看清楚一切So, there are how many cylinders?这里有多少个柱形容器And what do you see inside the cylinders?柱形容器中能看到什么Colored liquids. I#39;m listening to you on the radio有色液体,我正在收音机前听你们讲and what I hear you say is that there are six cylinders我听到你们说这里有六个柱形容器and they have in them colored liquids其中有各色液体Come on继续your brain learned a lot more information than those 2 statements, right?你们脑海里知道的信息要远远多于这两点So they#39;re about this big它们大概有这么大you said, but I can#39;t see you on the radio saying it#39;s about this big, right?但我在收音机前看不到这么大是多大You#39;ve got to do better than this你们要给出更好的描述Are they one hundred millimeters in size?它们体积是100毫升吗Are they ten liters in size? Are there somewhere in between?它们体积是10升吗,还是在这之间Yes, we put a bracket on it when we estimate a science, we put a bracket on it对,我们进行科学估计时,会进行分段Alright, and they have, yes, colored liquids好,确实,这里有各色液体How do you know they#39;re liquids?你们怎么知道是液体的They could be jells. How can you find out?它们也可以是胶状物,你们怎么知道不是We shake them up a little bit我们可以摇一摇because we know from experience, it#39;s a keyword根据经验就知道了,经验是个关键字we learn things, our brain learns things, so we use them, right?我们学到东西,大脑学到知识,我们使用它们So they#39;re liquids这些是液体So I#39;m going to take chunks of dry ice我将取一些干冰and put them into cylinders in a very special way放到柱形容器内and when I get done完成之后you tell me what the specialty is你们要告诉我发生了什么What#39;s blowing out?什么不断冒出来You see any bubbles?看到泡泡了吗What kind of bubbles are those?这些是什么泡泡Well, do you wanna know what#39;s in there?想知道这其中是什么吗You aly know what#39;s in there, the dry ice, I put the dry ice in there你们已经知道其中是什么了,干冰,我加入的是干冰What did I put the dry ice into?我把干冰加到什么中了Into cylinders that have colored liquids in them, right?放到装有各色液体的柱形容器中And I put the dry ice in every other cylinder而且干冰被放入到每隔一个的柱形容器I didn#39;t put it in every cylinder, right?而不是放到每个柱形容器中Every other cylinder每隔一个柱形容器leaving one for comparison purposes, so留一个作为对比these are dyes that change color when the pH of the liquid changes这些是染料,其颜色会随液体pH值变化而变化Alright, so let#39;s break down what#39;s happening in these cylinders我们来分析一下柱形容器中发生的情况There are 6 of them总共有六个容器and each set is a different color每一组的颜色都不同because they#39;re different acid-base indicators inside them因为每一组都是不同的酸碱指示剂So this set starts out blue这一组最开始是蓝色的This one starts out pink这一组最开始是粉色的And the final one is purple最后一组则是紫色的And every cylinder contains a few drops of sodium hydroxide每一组柱形容器中都包含少许氢氧化钠which is a base这是一种碱NaOH, sodium hydroxide NaOH氢氧化钠and it#39;s a base它是一种碱 Article/201501/352840四川成都416医院扁桃体炎看怎么样好不好 The beginning of a new year for Aymara people土著民族艾马拉人黎明狂欢庆祝新年In the southern hemisphere, Monday marked the winter solstice and, in Bolivia, the Aymara-one of the country#39;s thirty ethnic groups-celebrated it as the beginning of the new year, 5523.在南半球,周一标志着冬至的到来。而玻利维亚的第30个民族艾马拉人正在迎接第5523个新年。They gathered at the Illimani mountain to welcome the sunrise.这个民族的人齐聚在伊利马尼山迎接日出。The Aymara believe the Illimani mountain can protect them.艾马拉人相信这座山在冥冥之中可以保护他们。Since 2001, the Aymara new year has become a national holiday in Bolivia.自2001年以来艾马拉人的新年就成为玻利维亚的法定假日。译文属 Article/201506/382131栏目简介:《跟jade老师学英语》是英语视频听力下面的子栏目,来之英伦的美女老师jade,一口纯正的伦敦腔,听上去就是一种享受,最重要的是妈妈再也不用担心我看不懂权利的游戏了。通过视频讲解,英语学习爱好者能够更好地理解英语知识内容,培养英语学习的兴趣,是提高英语水平的好伙伴。 Article/201511/400315重庆市第三军医大学大坪医院耳鼻喉怎么样

巴南涪陵区治疗腺样体肥大价格【新闻精讲】But the Riksbank, Sweden#39;s central bank, tried that in 2010-11, with disastrous results.但瑞典的中央瑞典央行在2010-11年便尝试过此方法,却导致了灾难性的后果。Unemployment stopped falling and inflation soon withered, stirring fears of deflation.失业率停止下降,通货膨胀很快萎缩,激起了人们对通货紧缩的恐惧。Wither 枯萎例:The flowers in lisa#39;s room had withered.丽莎的房间里的花朵已经枯萎了。Stirring 激动人心的例:The president made a stirring speech.总统作了一次激动人心的演讲。That prompted the Riksbank to reverse course in late 2011 and start cutting rates again.这促使瑞典央行在2011年底改变进程,重新开始削减利率。Prompt1. 促使例:Japan#39;s recession has prompted consumers to cut back on buying cars.日本的经济衰退已促使消费者们削减购车花销。2. 提示; 给 (演员) 提示词例:;You wouldn#39;t have wanted to bring those people to justice anyway, would you?; Brand prompted him.“你本不想将那些人绳之以法的,是吧?”布兰德提示他说。3. 迅速的例:You have been so prompt in carrying out all these commissions.你执行所有这些任务非常迅速。The benchmark has ended up lower than it was to begin with, at -0.35%, increasing the sums flooding into housing.最终,基准降到了-0.35%,比最开始还低,涌向房市的资金增加。Benchmark衡量基准例:The truck industry is a benchmark for the economy.卡车产业是衡量经济发展的基准。ended up with结果是例句:I ended up with bronchitis and no voice.结果我得了气管炎,不能说话了 “It#39;s like mopping whilst the tap is running at full flow,” complains one official.“这就如同大开水龙头拖地,”一名官员抱怨道。Mop 擦拭例:He mopped perspiration from his forehead.他擦去额头上的汗水。Whilst 同时As you lower your pen whilst continuing the motion, you should notice the resultingshape is more regular than it otherwise would have been. 随着你降低你的笔,同时保持圆周运动,你应该会注意到画出的形状比起不这样做画出的形状要规范的多。Tap 水龙头 To try to stanch the flow, the Finansinspektionen (FI) , the country#39;s financial watchdog, has adopted curbs on both lending and borrowing.为了止住资金流,瑞典金融监管部门瑞典金融监管局(FI)采取了一系列抑制贷款和借款的措施。Stanch止住If they behave like everyone else, how much will that stanch the passion of his support?如果他们像其他任何人一样,这将会多么压抑持者的热情?Curb抑制例:...advertisements aimed at curbing the sp of AIDS.…旨在抑制爱滋病蔓延的广告。In 2013 it tightened capital requirements for mortgages, and since September it has required banks to hold an extra counter-cyclical capital buffer of 1% of all risk-weighted assets, to increase to 1.5% by next June.2013年,它加强了对抵押贷款的资本要求,自9月起,它要求对于所有风险资产增持额外的1%作为逆周期资本缓冲准备金,到下一年6月,该数字将增至1.5%。Tighten1. 对…加强控制; 加强控制例:He knows he has considerable support for his plans to tighten his grip on the machinery of central government.他知道他那些对中央政府加强控制的计划拥有相当多的持。2. 抓紧Luke answered by tightening his grip on her shoulder.卢克回应了,紧紧抓住她的肩膀。Buffer 缓冲物例: Keep savings as a buffer against unexpected cash needs.备有存款来作为急需现金时的缓冲。This will help if the property bubble bursts, but clearly has not been enough to stop it inflating.尽管该举措将在房地产泡沫破灭时有所帮助,但远不能阻止通胀。Caps on how much individuals can borrow, in the form of maximum loan-to-value (LTV) and debt-to-income ratios, are another option.以最大价值贷款比(LTV)和债务收入比率的形式限制个人贷款上限是另一种选择。Property1. 房地产, 财产Cecil inherited a family property near Stamford.塞西尔继承了斯坦福附近的一处家族房产2. 特性例:A radio signal has both electrical and magnetic properties.无线电信号既具有电的特性也具有磁的特性。Option 供选择的东西He#39;s argued from the start that the US and its allies are putting too much emphasis on the military option.他从一开始就争论说美国及其盟国过于看重军事这个选项。A recent IMF study found that in more than half of countries where this has been tried, credit growth and asset-price inflation fell.国际货币基金组织最近一项研究发现,超过半数采用该方案的国家里,信贷增长和资产价格通胀均得以下降。Try试用例:If you#39;re still skeptical about exercising, we can only ask you to trust us and give it a try.如果你仍对锻炼持怀疑态度,我们只能请你相信我们,试一试。Asset资产例: By the end of 1999 the group had assets of .5 billion.到1999年底该集团已有35亿美元的资产。In 2010 the Riksbank embraced this policy, requiring a deposit of at least 15% for new mortgages.2010年,瑞典央行采用了该方案:新抵押贷款将要求至少15%的保金。Embrace1. 拥抱例:...a young couple locked in an embrace.…紧紧相拥的年轻一对。2, 欣然接受; 信奉例:He embraces the new information age.他欢迎新的信息时代。3. 囊括例:...a theory that would embrace the whole field of human endeavour.…一个囊括人类整个奋斗领域的理论。The authorities have also tried to restrict the use of interest-only mortgages, which are common in Sweden.当局还尝试限制使用“还息不还本”的房屋贷款形式,这种贷款在瑞典十分常见。Authority1. 当局 gt;官方机构例: This provided a pretext for the authorities to cancel the elections.这给当局提供了一个取消选举的借口。2. 职权例:A family member in a family business has a position of authority and power.家庭成员在家族企业中都有职有权。3, 权威人士例:He#39;s universally recognized as an authority on Russian affairs.他被公认为是俄罗斯事务的权威。If borrowers use these to protect themselves from temporary financial problems while still paying down their debt, they can be helpful.如果借贷者将该项贷款用于在资金紧张的临时过渡,但仍旧能够偿还自己的债务,那么该类贷款则没有什么问题。Temporary暂时的例:His job here is only temporary.他在这儿的工作只是暂时的。paying down 偿还例句:At least someone is paying down their debts.至少已经有人在偿还债务了。But if they take out interest-only loans simply to borrow more, they exacerbate the bubble.但如果贷款者只是利用此类贷款为自己借入更多资金,那么该类贷款将激化资产泡沫。Take out1. 取得 (贷款、许可、保险等)I#39;ll have to stop by the bank and take out a loan.我将不得不去一下那家领一笔贷款2. 除掉例:I got an abscess so he took the tooth out.我牙龈脓肿,所以他把那颗牙齿拔掉了。Exacerbate使…恶化例:Longstanding poverty has been exacerbated by racial divisions.由来已久的贫穷因种族分裂而更加恶化了。Almost 40% of Swedish mortgages by value are not being paid down at all, and for many of the remainder the pace of repayments is slow.将近40%的瑞典价值抵押贷款并没有得到偿还,剩余的大多数还款速度则很慢。Remainder剩余部分例:Only 5.9 percent of the area is now covered in trees. Most of the remainder is farmland.该地区现在的树木覆盖率仅为5.9%。剩余部分大多是农田。Remain1. 剩下; 余留; 待做例:Major questions remain to be answered about his work.关于他工作的主要问题仍有待回答。2. 残余; 残迹例:They were cleaning up the remains of their picnic.他们正在打扫野餐的残余物。The FI has been trying to push banks and borrowers to agree voluntary repayment plans.瑞典金融监管局正尝试向和借款者推行自愿偿还计划。It suggested that those with LTVs above 70% pay down at least 2% a year, and those with LTVs of 50-70% pay 1% a year.计划要求价值贷款比高于70%的借款人每年至少还款2%,而价值贷款比为50%—70%的借款人每年至少还款1%。Voluntary1. 自愿的例:Attention is drawn to a special voluntary course in Commercial French.注意力被吸引到一门特别的商务法语选修课上。2. 义务的例:In her spare time she does voluntary work.她在业余时间做义工。But in April a court quashed such efforts, arguing the FI had no authority to promote such plans.但在4月,法庭宣布这种方式无效,理由是监管局没有权力推进这些计划。Quash1. 撤销; 废止例:The Appeal Court has quashed the convictions of all eleven people.上诉法院已经撤销了对所有11人的判决。2. 澄清 (谣言)例:Graham attempted to quash rumours of growing discontent in the dressing room.格雷厄姆试图澄清化妆室里日益增长的不满情绪的谣言。3. 镇压; 平息例:Troops were displaying an obvious reluctance to get involved in quashing demonstrations.部队明确表示不愿卷入镇压示威活动。 Article/201703/495637璧山潼南区看慢性咽炎大概多少钱费用 UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Time for the Shoutout.“大声喊出来”的时间到了!Between what two countries would you find the Chunnel?海底铁路隧道在哪两个国家之间?You know what to do.你知道该做什么!Is it China and India, Sweden and Denmark, Chile and Argentina, or Britain and France? You#39;ve got three seconds. Go.是中国和印度、瑞典和丹麦、智利和阿根廷还有英国和法国?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The Channel Tunnel, also known as the Chunnel, connects Britain and France. That#39;s your answer and that#39;s your Shoutout.英吉利海峡隧道,也叫做Chunnel,连接了英国和法国。那就是你的,那就是你的大喊。AZUZ: The Chunnel, the Channel Tunnel, the Euro Tunnel is actually three tunnels. 海底铁路隧道、海峡隧道、欧洲隧道实际上是3条隧道。Two are for trains, one is for service and security. 其中两条是火车走的,另外一条是用于务和安全的。It stretches more than 31 miles under the English Channel. 隧道在英吉利海峡海底,长达31英里。And when it was built in the 1980s and #39;90s, it went way over budget, costing billions of euros. 这条隧道建于20世纪8、90年代,其花费远远超出预算,花了几十亿欧元。A proposed tunnel connecting Denmark and Germany wouldn#39;t be as long, but it could be the longest that included both a road and a rail line.最近计划要修一条连接丹麦和德国的隧道,这条隧道应该没有英吉利海峡隧道长,但却是既有道路又有铁路的隧道中最长的。 /201504/370419绵阳市第三人民医院声带息肉怎么样

自贡市第一人民医院耳鼻喉好吗Examples of these strength training exercises体能训练运动包括are bicep curls, chair squats, shoulder raises,哑铃弯举,椅子下蹲,耸肩and wall push ups.和墙上俯卧撑These can be done at home or most anywhere这些活动可以在家或者其他大多数地方进行by following three simple steps for each exercise.每项运动都应遵循以下三步For the bicep curl, hold a weight in each hand做哑铃弯举时,两手中都拿些一定重量的东西with your arms at your sides.胳膊吊在身体两侧Bend your arms at the elbow弯曲胳膊肘and lift the weight to your shoulders将重物举到肩膀处and then lower them to your sides.然后胳膊又恢复原始位置To perform the chair squat,要做椅子下蹲begin by sitting in the chair,先坐在一把椅子上then lean slightly forward缓缓向前倾and stand up from the chair.然后站立起来Try not to favor one side尽量不要倾斜身体or use your hands to help you.也不要用手To do shoulder raises, hold a weight in each hand做耸肩运动,两只手中各拿一定重量的东西with your arms at your side胳膊放在身体两侧and then shrug your shoulders up to your ears耸肩至耳朵处and then lower them back down.再将肩膀放下You can use cans of vegetables or beans as your weights可以用与自己体重相符的听装的蔬菜或豆子if you don#39;t have dumbbells at home.如果家里没有哑铃的话In order to perform the wall push up, place hands flat要做墙上俯卧撑,把双手平放在against the wall and slowly lower your body to the wall.墙面上,然后缓缓将身体移近墙面Then push your body back away from the wall再将身体推离墙面to return to your starting position and then repeat.回复原始位置,然后依此重复Each of the four strengthening exercises just described刚提及的这四项体能训练运动should be done 8 to 10 times for 2 sets, or twice.应当做两组,每组8到10次Remember to complete all movements in a slow记住,所用的动作都应该以缓慢的and controlled fashion and never hold your breath.有序的方式进行,而且不要屏住呼吸If you feel pain, stop immediately如果感觉疼痛,立即停下来and remember to stretch each muscle after your workout.每次运动后也要记得伸展一下所有的肌肉Exercise doesn#39;t have to be done at a gym.不一定要在健身房中锻炼Physical activity is the most important thing体育活动是最重要的and can be accomplished through a variety of ways.可以通过多种方式实现It may be hard to begin thirty minutes of exercise开始时每天锻炼30分钟也许有困难each day if you have been leading a sedentary lifestyle.如果你一直都是久坐的生活方式Here is a list of 10 ways you can easily incorporate这儿列出了10种方式,大家可以轻易地将more exercise into your daily routine.更多的运动融入每天的生活Take a 10-minute walk after breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day.每天饭后散步十分钟Park your car in the farthest spot when you#39;re running your errands.去办事的时候将车停在最远的停车场Walk your dog if you have one.如果养的话每天去遛And do yard work.或在院子里干一些活Other ideas are to wash your car by hand.其他的方法还有亲自手洗车Pace the sidelines at your kids#39; athletic games.在孩子运动场地外的路上踱步Ask a friend to join you when you exercise邀请一位朋友和你一起锻炼or walk briskly at the mall.或在购物中心快步走Taking the stairs instead of the elevator多走楼梯,少乘电梯when you have the choice.如果可以选择的话And finally make a commitment最后,要作出承诺such as signing up for a 5K run例如,规定自己跑500米or walk in your community.或在小区里散步These are all good ways to add more movement into your daily life.这些都是在日常生活中增加运动的好方式Fluid is an important component for a healthy body健康的身体少不了水分这一要素and especially when exercising.特别是锻炼的时候Water is needed by the body on a regular basis要经常喝水to take nutrients to various parts of your body给身体各部补充营养and to carry waste products away.并且清理掉体内垃圾Without enough fluid, you reduce concentration,体内水分不足,精神就会不集中coordination, strength, and stamina.身体协调能力,体力,和精力都会降低Each day your body needs approximately 10 to 15 cups身体每天需要10到15杯水of fluid or you can calculate your need more accurately或者大家也可以计算出自己更精确的需水量by dividing your weight in pounds by the number 2.用体重的磅数除以2就可得出了This number will give you the ounces of water这一数值体现的是your body needs.身体所需水分的盎司值Whether you are exercising or not,无论有没有锻炼身体hydration is important for your body to function.水合作用对身体功能至关重要Be sure to hydrate your body throughout the day,要确保一整天都要喝水during exercise, and especially after your exercise session.锻炼过程中,特别是锻炼完后更要喝水In review, it is recommended that everyone exercise总之,建议大家at least 30 minutes a day in some way以任何方式锻炼30分钟on most days of the week and preferably on all days.最好每天都进行锻炼You should also strive to incorporate strength training twice per week.还应当尽量一周进行两次体能训练Walking, jogging, and running are easy散步,慢跑,跑步都是简便易行and inexpensive ways to exercise each day.成本低廉的好方法,每天都可以锻炼But be sure to learn and maintain the proper form但要保学会正确的方法for any exercise you perform.并且以这种正确的方法进行锻炼Warm up, stretch, exercise, and cool down热身,拉伸,锻炼,冷静for each session of your exercise.每项锻炼都需要这四个过程Finally, remember that hydration is very important最后,记住水合作用非常重要for your general health and especially for exercise.对整体的健康,特别是对锻炼至关重要Now that you#39;ve learned the important things to remember既然大家已经知道了这些要点for beginning your exercise routine, go get moving!知道了如何开始锻炼日程,现在就开始运动吧 Article/201503/362628 绵阳市第四人民医院鼻窦炎看怎么样好不好遂宁市妇幼保健院咽喉炎要多少钱



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