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重庆爱德华女子医院耳膜穿孔治疗的价格南充市中医院咽喉炎要多少钱People who increased their consumption of red meat during a four-year period were more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes in a subsequent four-year period, according to an analysis involving about 150,000 people.据一项涉及约15万人的分析显示,四年时间内增加红肉摄入量的人在随后四年内更有可能罹患II型糖尿病。The analysis, led by researchers at the National University of Singapore, took data from three long-running Harvard University studies involving mostly nurses and doctors. The results were published online Monday in JAMA Internal Medicine, a journal of the American Medical Association. The studies were funded by grants from the National Institutes of Health.该分析由新加坡国立大学(National University of Singapore)的研究员带头进行,从哈佛大学(Harvard University)三项主要涉及护士和医生的长期研究中获取数据。研究结果于6月17日发表在美国医学会(American Medical Association)旗下的《美国医学会杂志#8226;内科学》(JAMA Internal Medicine) 网站上。这些研究由来自美国国立卫生研究院(National Institutes of Health)的津贴资助。While prior studies have also found a link between red-meat consumption and the development of Type 2 diabetes, the new analysis is believed to be the first time researchers have tracked changes in red-meat consumption over time with the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. Study participants filled out detailed questionnaires about the types of food and drinks they consumed at the beginning of the study and every four years. The analysis looked at some 20 years of data.虽然以往的研究也发现红肉摄入与II型糖尿病存在联系,但这项新研究被认为是研究员首次追踪到长时间内红肉摄入的变化与罹患II型糖尿病风险的关系。参与研究者在研究开始时详细填写了有关自己所摄入饮食类型的调查问卷,随后每四年接受一次调查问卷。该分析研究了约20年的数据。Broadly, the study showed that, compared with a group of people who had no change in red-meat intake, increasing red-meat consumption by more than a half-serving per day over a four-year period was associated with a 48% increase in the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes during the next four years.总的来说,研究表明,四年内红肉日摄入量每增加半份,随后四年罹患II型糖尿病的风险就会比红肉摄入量无变化的人 高出48%。However, reducing red-meat consumption by the same amount during the same time period didn#39;t cut the risk of diabetes during the next four years. It did reduce the risk by 14% over a longer time period, though.不过,同期内减少相同红肉摄入量者随后四年罹患II型糖尿病的风险并未下降,但更长时间内减少红肉摄入量令患病风险减少了14%。The changes were independent of other factors such as body weight and overall diet quality.这些变化排除了体重和整体饮食质量等其他因素的影响。#39;Our results confirm the robustness of the association between red meat and [Type 2 diabetes prevention] and add further evidence that limiting red-meat consumption over time confers benefits for…prevention,#39; the study authors wrote. An Pan, an assistant professor at the National University of Singapore#39;s Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health, was the study#39;s lead author.研究报告的作者写道:“我们的研究结果实了红肉摄入与?II型糖尿病预防?之间的稳固联系,并进一步明长期限制红肉摄入有助于预防该疾病。”新加坡国立大学苏瑞福公共卫生学院(Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health)助理教授An Pan是该项研究的首席作者。Other doctors say red meat in and of itself isn#39;t necessarily the trouble.有医生表示红肉本身并不一定是问题所在。#39;It is not the type of protein (or meat) that is the problem; it is the type of fat,#39; said William J. Evans, who is affiliated with both Duke University and GlaxoSmithKline PLC., and who wrote a commentary about the study that was also published online in JAMA Internal Medicine. #39;It#39;s mischaracterizing red meat as high fat,#39; Dr. Evans said in an interview.隶属杜克大学(Duke University)及GlaxoSmithKline PLC.医药公司的威廉#8226;埃文斯(William J. Evans)针对这项研究撰写了一份,也发表于《美国医学会杂志#8226;内科学》网站上。他说:“问题并不在于蛋白质(或肉类)类型,而是脂肪类型。”埃文斯士在采访中说:“研究把红肉曲解成了高脂肪。”He said consumers could choose lean cuts of red meat such as sirloin tips or round steak over high-fat cuts like rib-eye.他说,消费者可以选择比较瘦的红肉,比如牛里脊肉或腹腿牛排,而不要选择肋眼牛排这样的高脂肪部位。Dr. Pan could not be reached for comment Monday.记者未能联系到An Pan士对此置评。Similar to general dietary guidelines from the U.S. government, the American Diabetes Association recommends people with diabetes eat lots of vegetables and fruit and choose whole-grain foods including dried beans, as well as eating fish two or three times a week. Lean meats include cuts of beef or pork that end in #39;loin,#39; such as pork loin and sirloin.与美国政府的通用饮食指南相似,美国糖尿病协会(American Diabetes Association)建议糖尿病患者大量摄入蔬菜和水果,选择包括干制豆类在内的全谷类食品,每周食用两次或三次鱼类。瘦肉包括以“里脊”结尾的牛肉或猪肉,比如猪里脊肉和牛里脊肉。Diabetes affects about 26 million Americans and is characterized by high blood-glucose levels caused by the body#39;s inability to either make or properly use insulin. Type 2 diabetes, the most common form of the disease, is often associated with weight gain and older age. The disease raises the risk of heart attacks and strokes, kidney disease, blindness, amputations and nerve damage. The other type of diabetes, Type 1, is an autoimmune disease and often diagnosed in childhood.美国约2,600万人患糖尿病,主要表现为身体无法产生或正常使用胰岛素而造成的高血糖。II型糖尿病是最普遍的糖尿病类型,通常与体重增加和年龄增加有关。这种疾病会增加心脏病发作和中风、肾脏疾病、失明、截肢及神经损伤的风险。另一种是I型糖尿病,是一种自身免疫疾病,通常在孩童时期得到确诊。The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has projected that as many as 1 in 3 U.S. adults could have diabetes by 2050. The disease is currently the seventh leading cause of death in the U.S.美国疾病控制与预防中心(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,简称CDC)预测到2050年,高达三分之一的成年美国人都会患糖尿病。目前糖尿病是美国人第七大死因。Doctors say that improving diet is important not only for managing diabetes, but for keeping the adult-onset Type 2 at bay for those with the highest risk. The CDC estimates that 35% of U.S. adults age 20 and older─nearly 80 million Americans, by the agency#39;s estimate─are affected with prediabetes, a condition in which people have higher-than-normal blood-glucose levels. People with prediabetes also have a higher risk of developing problems like heart disease and stroke.医生们表示,改善饮食不仅对控制糖尿病至关重要,而且可以预防风险最高的成年人群的患病。CDC估计35%的20岁及以上的美国人──据估计相当于近8,000万人──处于糖尿病前期状态,即血糖水平高于正常值。糖尿病前期病人出现心脏病和中风等问题的风险也较高。Researchers said one of the limitations of the study was that participants were mostly white, educated U.S. adults. Some groups have a higher risk than others for developing Type 2 diabetes, according to the diabetes association, including African-Americans and Hispanics.研究人员说,该项研究的一个局限是大多数参与研究者都是受过教育的美国白人。据美国糖尿病协会称,有些人群罹患II型糖尿病的风险比较高,包括非洲裔和西班牙裔美国人。The diabetes and red-meat analysis involved data from the Health Professionals Follow-Up Study collected between 1986 and 2006, as well as information from two groups of women in the Nurses#39; Health studies collected during a similar time period这项针对糖尿病和红肉摄入的研究分析了来自从医人员跟进研究(Health Professionals Follow-Up Study)1986年至2006年间的数据,以及护士健康研究项目(Nurses#39; Health Study)在同一个时期内收集于两组女性参与者的信息。A Diabetes Primer for Carnivores肉食者的糖尿病初级指南PREVALENCE患病率347 million people world-wide have diabetes全球共有3.47亿糖尿病患者26 million in the U.S. have it (19 million diagnosed, 7 million undiagnosed)美国共有2,600万糖尿病患者(1,900万确诊,700万未确诊)8.3% of the U.S. population is affected占美国总人口8.3%27% of Americans with diabetes don#39;t know they have it27%的美国糖尿病患者不知道自己有糖尿病35% of the U.S. population age 20 years or older has prediabetes35%的20岁及以上的美国人有糖尿病前期症状RED MEAT CHOICES FOR DIABETICS糖尿病患者如何选红肉The American Diabetes Association recommends that meat eaters opt for Choice or Select grades of beef that are trimmed of fat. Cuts include chuck, rib, flank, Porterhouse, T-bone, rump roast, sirloin and tenderloin.美国糖尿病协会建议肉食者选择除掉脂肪的特选级(Choice)或可选级(Select)牛肉。部位包括肩胛肉、肋排、牛腹、腰脊、丁骨、后臀肉、外脊肉和里脊肉。Other acceptable options: lamb chop, leg or roast, Canadian bacon, beef jerky, organ meats, game meat (including buffalo, duck, goose, venison), veal loin chop or roast.其他可接受的选择:羊排、烤羊腿、加拿大培根、牛肉干、内脏、野味(包括水牛、鸭、鹅、鹿肉),小牛腰肉排或烤肉。 /201307/247219成都市第七人民医院耳聋好吗 Today#39;s LearnVest Daily is dedicated to all the excuses we#39;ve ever made for why our finances aren#39;t everything we#39;ve dreamed: Our jobs just don#39;t pay enough. Our friends are bad spending influences. We#39;re too deep in debt to ever get out. In response to those, we bring you nine reasons you#39;re broke . . .女性个人理财网LearnVest Daily 总是在为女人们的入不敷出寻找各种借口:工资不够;朋友花钱的坏习惯影响了自己;深陷债务泥沼无法自拔。与之相对,我们要告诉你的是:你身为穷人的真正原因。1. You Put Your Entire Paycheck in Your Checking Account1. 所有收入都存进了活期存款账户Of course, you should have a checking account, but depositing all your income straight to checking sets you up to overspend and sideline your savings goals. After all, the money is right there, ripe for the spending, and socking cash away for the future requires transferring it separately to your savings account.没错,你应该要有自己的活期存款账户,但是把所有收入存入账户里只会让你花费超,存钱几乎不可能。毕竟,钱存那里了,召唤着你去花它啊!而且为未来存钱也要一点一点来。A better solution? Set up automatic deposits straight from your paycheck into your various savings accounts. It#39;s called paying yourself first.有没有更好的解决方法?办理自动划账业务,把钱直接存入你的各种储蓄账户。这叫做先留给自己。2. You Spend on Stupid Stuff2. 把钱花在了无用的东西上We actually think you should spend money . . . on the things that will actually make a difference in your life. Spending on a meaningful vacation or a clothing item that will revolutionize your wardrobe? Totally worthwhile. Spending extra on things like your electricity bill or your medicine cabinet? Totally stupid.Prioritize what matters most to you then cut out the rest of the filler in your budget.我们认为,钱应该花在可以改变生活的东西上。花钱度过一个有意义的假期,或者买一件衣改变一下自己的衣柜风格?完全必要。但如果花多余的钱来付自己的电费账单,或者买个医药箱?完全没必要!列出对你而言最重要的东西,然后把预算中多余的东西划掉。3. You Don#39;t Have Any Goals3. 目标不明确You#39;re much likelier to save if you have something to save for, especially if it#39;s something important to you. Get some emotions on the line by thinking of specific reasons you#39;re working so hard at your finances. Are you trying to save up for a house someday? A family? A new car? A much-needed vacation?如果你打算为某些事情存钱,特别是一些很重要的事情,那么存钱就会很容易。好好想想你努力工作存钱为的是什么。你打算某年某月某天买套房?建立自己的家庭?买辆新车?期待已久的假期?Put everything in perspective, and give yourself something to work for, by creating a vision board, which you can fill with images and words to illustrate your ideal life.全盘考虑一番,给自己一个工作的理由。创建一个未来规划板,把对未来的美好生活添上去。4. You#39;re Scared of Your Own Power4. 对于贫穷的恐惧Your power to grow your money, that is. Investing may sound like an intimidating thing meant only for financial gurus, but you#39;re missing out if you#39;re too chicken to jump in. If you invested, then 40 years could turn ,000 into almost ,000. Meanwhile, that same ,000 would leave you with only a little over ,000 after 40 years if you put it in a savings account with 2 percent interest!投资—你增加自己金钱的能力,乍听来似乎只为金融家而存在,如果你不敢投资,你就出局了。如果你投资的话,那么,40年的时间可以将1000美元变成22000美元。但是,如果你把同样的1000美元放到存起来,每年的利息是2%,那么40年后,你只能获得2000美元的利息。That#39;s not to say you should start picking random stocks. We recommend starting out with mutual funds or exchange-traded funds to make sure you have the most balanced portfolio to fit your goals.但这并不是说你可以随便投资股票。在这里,我们推荐你从投资互惠基金或者营业基金开始,这样,你就可以确保投资于目标的平衡。5. You#39;re Paying Your Debts Wrong5. 无法正确还债Even if you#39;re responsibly paying off your debts, you could be keeping yourself down if you#39;re paying them in the wrong order.还债是你的义务,这没有错,但是如果你没有正确的还债,只会让自己生活低下了。Don#39;t divide your payments equally among all debts, like credit card debt or your student loans. Those with the highest interest rates grow fastest, so focus on the most toxic debts first.还债不要平均分配,例如,信用卡债务和助学贷款。高利率的债务增长也快,所以先偿还高利率债务。 /201302/224968重庆省妇幼保健院过敏性鼻炎怎么样

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