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重庆爱德华医院看五官科怎么样重医附二院看五官科怎么样Officials with Afghanistan's new peace council say they are in the early stages of beginning a process to negotiate peace with Taliban militants. This comes a day after the commander of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan, General David Petraeus, said NATO has facilitated the safe passage of Taliban leaders to Kabul for talks with the Afghan government.The spokesman for Afghanistan's High Council for Peace tells VOA there have been "unofficial" discussions between the Afghan government and the Taliban.阿富汗高级和平委员会的发言人赫拉里告诉美国之音说,阿富汗政府与塔利班分子之间已经开始了“非正式”接触。Bryali Helali says these talks have been in Kabul, other areas of Afghanistan and even other countries. He says Taliban officials are protected during these discussions.赫拉里说,会谈地点包括喀布尔、阿富汗其他地区以及其他国家。他说,塔利班官员在这些会谈中受到保护。"The protection was provided not only by the international security forces, but as well as the government of Afghanistan," said Helali. "This is something routine that is happening in Afghanistan."他说:“对塔利班官员的保护不仅仅是由国际安全部队提供的,阿富汗政府也对他们提供了保护。这是阿富汗目前发生的一些日常情况。”Helali's comments Saturday come a day after the top commander for the international forces in Afghanistan, U.S. General David Petraeus, said NATO is facilitating the safe passage of Taliban leaders to Kabul as part of the alliance's support for President Hamid Karzai's reconciliation efforts.赫拉里发表的前一天,美军驻阿富汗最高指挥官彼得雷乌斯说,北约正在协助塔利班领导人前往喀布尔,以此作为联军对卡尔扎伊总统和解努力的持。Officials have not released details of any security arrangements. 官员们并没有公布任何关于安全部署的细节。201010/115914九龙坡南岸区治疗咽喉炎哪家医院最好 The global economy全球经济Another year of living dangerously又是如履薄冰的一年Turmoil in the Middle East and disaster in Japan arouse economic angst. Central banks must not make it worse 中东的骚乱和日本的灾难引发经济上的忧虑。各国央行一定不能恶化事态THIS was supposed to be a stress-free year for the global economy. By January the financial crisis had faded and Europe’s sovereign-debt crisis seemed less acute. America’s economy was resurgent. Investors piled into equities and sold some of the government bonds they’d bought for troubled times. If there was a worry, it was that emerging economies would grow too quickly, inflating commodity prices. 人们原本认为全球经济今年将会没有压力。一月份时,金融危机已经消退,欧洲的主权债务危机似乎不再那么严重,美国经济也在复苏。投资者大举买进股本,卖出一部分他们为艰难时期做准备而购买的政府债券。如果说有什么担心的话,那就是担心新兴经济体过快增长会推高物价。The year without crisis is not to be. First, Arabian upheaval put oil markets on edge. Then earthquake, tsunami and a nuclear accident clobbered the world’s third-largest economy. How much of a setback to growth do these twin crises represent? And how should economic policymakers react to them?没有危机的一年没有如愿出现。开头是阿拉伯世界的动乱把石油市场推向边缘。接着,地震、海啸和核事故冲击着日本这个世界第三大经济体。这两场危机对经济增长将会产生多大的阻碍作用?经济决策者应当如何应对?Japan’s share of world output has been shrinking for decades, but at 9% it remains large enough for the hit to the country’s growth to subtract noticeably from global output. Then there are the ripple effects on the rest of the world. Japan is a large—in some cases the sole—supplier of intermediate goods to the world’s electronics and automotive industries, from the hardened glass on Apple’s iPad to gearboxes in Volkswagens. Many makers of such parts have had to slow or halt shipments because of damaged roads, power cuts or the loss of components from their own suppliers. The effects have sp well beyond Japan, causing shutdowns from South Korea to Spain. Still, the history of such disasters is that much of that lost production is eventually recovered and reconstruction delivers a fillip to subsequent growth. 日本在世界产值中的比重这几十年一直在下降,但是9%的份额依然足以使这次灾难对日本经济增长形成的冲击对全球产值产生明显的影响,而且对世界其他地区还会产生涟漪效应。日本是世界电子业和汽车业中间产品(从苹果iPad的硬化玻璃到大众的齿轮箱)的主要供应国,在有些方面甚至是唯一供应国。由于道路损坏、电力紧张或来自其供应商的零件短缺,这些部件的生产厂家已经被迫减缓甚至停止发货。影响已经波及到日本之外的地区,导致从韩国到西班牙的许多工厂停产。不过,在以前的这类灾难中,损耗的产能多数最终得以恢复,重建还刺激了之后的增长。Pinpointing the impact of Arab political turmoil is complicated by the fact that oil prices were aly rising thanks to a brighter global economic outlook. Nonetheless, a good portion of this year’s 25% increase seems due to worries over supplies. A rule of thumb holds that a 10% increase in the price of oil trims 0.2 percentage points from global growth. At the start of the year, the world looked likely to grow by 4-4.5%. A crude estimate is that the two crises will subtract between a quarter and half a percentage point from that. 由于全球经济前景更加光明,油价已在上涨,这使得阿拉伯政治动乱的影响难以明确。但是,对今年25%涨价幅度的相当一部分担心是在供应方面。概测法(拇指规律)表明,油价每上涨10%,全球经济增速就会减少0.2个百分点。年初时,世界经济似乎将会增长4-4.5%。粗略估计,阿拉伯和日本的这两场危机将使增速在4-4.5%的基础上减少0.25到0.5个百分点。That may not capture the full effect. Crises by their nature generate clouds of uncertainty (see article). Businesses postpone capital spending and hiring until the clouds clear. Investors seek the safety of bonds and lose their taste for equities. 这可能还没考虑到所有影响。危机的本质会产生不确定性,在云开雾散之前企业推迟资本出和招兵买马,投资者对股本失去兴趣而转向收益方面安全的债券。201104/131915The warm glow of the summer morning settles on the slopes of western Colorado. But as the sun climbs higher, deep shadows shield the landscape that remains dark and forbidding. It is among the nation's deepest, steepest and narrowest canyons. You may hear varying explanations for how the Black Canyon of the Gunnison got its name. "Well, there are two theories on that. I think the one that's most popular is that it is so deep and narrow that the sunshine only reaches most of the canyon a short time each day."As one of America's newest national parks, Black Canyon struggles for the recognition enjoyed by that other canyon park of the Southwest. "Grand Canyon of course is so fabulous and everybody goes there and knows all about it. But you come here and it's so deep and so narrow, and it's just, just awe-inspiring."Much of the Black Canyon is wilderness, but almost from the moment white settlers arrived in the area; plans were hatched to make this "a canyon of commerce". "By 1880 you saw the Denver and Rio Grand Railroad (and) starting to look at the canyon as a possible way to bring the railroad from the Front Range of Colorado, Denver and Colorado Springs, on a route through to Salt Lake and then perhaps on to San Francisco."The railroad made its way through 15 miles of the Black Canyon, but today it's mostly under Morrow Point reservoir. "We've got real technical class three whitewater in here." Not far from Black Canyon, Bill Dvorak has been guiding rafting and fishing trips in the Gunnison Gorge Conservation Area since 1982. "Yeah, I really like bringing people into these kinds of places and showing them what it's like when we do preserve these places and how, you know, just how spectacular and how beautiful it is."Gunnison Gorge National Conservation Area is adjacent to Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. At its heart is a wilderness area that is especially popular for rafting and fishing. "You're humbled as a human. Let's put it that way. You go through that and you're a very little piece of something very big and very old and very dramatic."For millions of years, the Gunnison River has been carving this canyon at work across eons of isolation. Even now it's easy to imagine that you are the first to peer over the rim into the dark soul of the Black Canyon. "Because we don't have so many people, there is, you know, millions of people a year coming to visit the canyon, people do have that opportunity to have a personal relationship with this place."200812/58332攀枝花市中心医院耳聋好吗

重庆大坪医院声带小结治疗的价格D: 3.1415926535 . . . Y: Don. Don? D: What? Y: What are you doing? D: I was trying to break the record for memorizing pi. Now I'll have to start over. Y: Memorize pi? Oh yeah, I remember that from 7th grade geometry. But how can you memorize pi? We usually abbreviate it as 3.14, but the numbers just keep going after the decimal point. D: I'm trying to memorize as many numbers as I can. The record is 42,000 decimal places. Y: Wow. You're really going to try to memorize that much? Why? What is pi, anyway. D: It's only one of the most fascinating numbers in the history of mathematics. It sounds simple: Pi equals the circumference of a circle divided by its diameter. No matter how large or small the circle, the ratio always equals pi. Y: That's interesting. D: Yes, and it has been for over 4000 years. The Babylonians were the first to approximate pi, and ever since, mathematicians have come up with ways of figuring it more accurately. In modern times we've used supercomputers to calculate pi to billions of decimal places. Y: That's really something. But what's all the excitement about? I mean, what is pi used for? D: It's used to measure the length of arcs and other curves and to determine the area of sectors and other curves. It's also used to measure the volume of solids. For instance, if you're a rocket scientist trying to calculate the fuel capacity of a cylindrical fuel tank, pi's your guy. Y: Cool. D: Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a record to break. Y: Good luck. D: 3.1415 9265 3589 7932 3846 . . . 【生词注释】memorize v.记住, 记下pi n.圆周率start over 重新开始geometry n. 几何学decimal point 小数点fascinating adj.迷人的curve n.曲线sector n.扇形201110/157161绵阳市妇幼保健院中耳炎怎么样 Small-town corruption小镇腐败Business paradise or den of thieves?商业天堂还是贼窝?An effort to abolish a highly unusual Californian city 消除一座特别另类之加州城市的努力May 5th 2011 | VERNON | from the print edition EVEN Vernon’s logo proclaims that the city is “exclusively industrial”, and that is no exaggeration. It was founded in 1905 at a railway crossing along the Los Angeles River as a sort of Eden for business, especially the smelly, dirty and blue-collar manufacturing sort. An aerial view shows neat boundaries around its 5.2 square miles (13.5 square kilometres), as the residential neighbourhoods of Los Angeles County suddenly give way to huge blocks of warehouses and factories. Lorries seem to outnumber cars on Vernon’s streets. The whiff of pigs being slaughtered hangs over those parts not covered by the aroma of coffee being processed.即便弗农市(Vernon)的标志上宣称本市“专事工业”,这种说法也并未言过其实。1905年,该市创建于洛杉矶河沿岸的一处铁路线交汇处,人们将此地作为某种商业(尤其是又脏又臭的蓝领制造业)的乐园。从空中俯瞰可以发现,随着洛杉矶县的住宅街区突然被大片仓库和工厂所取代,弗农市5.2平方英里(13.5平方公里)的土地周围呈现着整齐的界线。在弗农街头,卡车看起来比轿车还要多。在没有被正在加工的咖啡香气所覆盖的区域,飘荡着被屠宰的猪的气息。In most of the world, it is inconceivable that Vernon could even be considered a “city”. It has about 1,800 businesses that employ more than 50,000 workers who live elsewhere in Los Angeles County. But it has only 96 actual residents, and those live in housing tucked improbably between power stations and warehouses and mostly owned by the city.在全球大部分地区,人们都无法想到弗农甚至会被视为一座城市。该市有大约1800家企业,雇佣了超过5万名居住在洛杉矶县其他区域的员工。不过,该市真正的居民只有96人,那些人住在以几乎不可能的方式挤在发电站与仓库之间、所有权主要掌握在城市手中的房屋内。201105/136146广元市第二人民医院鼻窦炎看怎么样好不好

川北医学院附属医院流鼻血要多少钱二0一0年上海世会即将于今年五月一日正式拉开帷幕,为了实现七千万人次参观者、其中三百五十万海外游客的目标,中国国家旅游局已将2010年定为“中国世旅游年”,世旅游的推广活动将贯穿一整年时间。届时,将通过举办“全球百城世旅游宣传月”、“全国百城世旅游宣传周”、推出覆盖中国各地的世旅游精品线路、邀请中外媒体宣传报道世旅游等一系列活动,大力宣传造势,吸引海内外游客参观世、游览中国。2010 Will be the Tourism Year of the Expo in China China has named 2010 the tourism year of the World Expo to welcome the 2010 Shanghai Expo.Shao Qiwei, Chairman of the China National Tourism Administration, says China will welcome foreign friends to visit Shanghai during the Expo and to learn more about the city and China. "2010 will be the tourism year of the Expo in China. We will have a promotional campaign in more than 100 cities around the world with a goal of making a platform of communications and cooperation for China and other countries and regions in the world."The 2010 Shanghai Expo will run from May to the end of October. It is expected to attract more than 70 million visitors from home and abroad.Han Zheng, Mayor of the Shanghai Municipal Government, says the city welcomes visitors from all over the world. "At present, the preparation work for the 2010 Shanghai Expo has been running in good order. A successful Expo will not only bring great opportunities for the development of Shanghai, but also will help the world know more about China, which will promote the development of China's tourism industry."201001/93687 Sex selection性别选择Cat got your tongue? 哑巴啦?Aug 6th 2011 | from the print edition Unnatural Selection: Choosing Boys Over Girls, and the Consequences of a World Full of Men. By Mara Hvistendahl. Public Affairs; 314 pages; .99 and pound;17.99. Buy from Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk 《非自然选择:选男不选女和世界挤满男人的后果》。马拉#8226;赫弗斯坦托尔(Mara Hvistendahl)。公共事务出版社; 共314页; 价格为$ 26.99美元和17.99英镑。可从Amazon.com和Amazon.co.uk网站购买。AS HE walked into the maternity ward of Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Narayan Hospital in Delhi on his first day at work in 1978, Puneet Bedi, a medical student, saw a cat bound past him “with a bloody blob dangling from its mouth.” “What was that thing—wet with blood, mangled, about the size of Bedi’s fist?” he remembers thinking. “Before long it struck him. Near the bed, in a tray normally reserved for disposing of used instruments, lay a fetus of five or six months, soaking in a pool of blood…He told a nurse, then a doctor, I saw a cat eat a fetus. Nobody on duty seemed concerned, however.” Mara Hvistendahl, a writer at Science magazine, is profoundly concerned, both about the fact that abortion was treated so casually, and the reason. “Why had the fetus not been disposed of more carefully? A nurse’s explanation came out cold. “Because it was a girl.”1978年,普尼特#8226;贝迪(Puneet Bedi)还是名医学院学生,当他上班第一天走进德里人民领导杰布里卡什#8226;纳拉扬医院的产科病房时,看见一只猫 “嘴里叼着一个血淋淋东西”快速经过他身边跑掉了。“那是什么东西---湿淋淋,血肉模糊的,大约贝迪的拳头大小?”他想着记起来了。“不久,他被震惊了。看到床边通常留着为清理使用过的手术工具的一个托盘里放着一个五六个月的胎儿,浸泡在血液里……他先告诉护士,然后医生,‘我看到了猫正在吃胎儿’。然而,值班的人似乎并不关心。”《科学杂志》的作家马拉#8226;赫弗斯坦托尔(Mara Hvistendahl)既深刻地关注着随便对待堕胎的事实,也深刻关注堕胎的理由。“为什么胎儿不能小心地处理呢?护士冷冷地解释到,‘因为那是个女孩。’”Sex-selective abortion is one of the largest, least noticed disasters in the world. Though concentrated in China and India, it is practised in rich and poor countries and in Buddhist, Hindu, Christian and Muslim societies alike. Because of males’ greater vulnerability to childhood disease, nature ensures that 105 boys are born for every 100 girls, so the sexes will be equal at marriageable age. Yet China’s sex ratio is 120 boys per 100 girls; India’s is 109 to 100.性别选择性堕胎是这个世界上最大的灾难之一,然而受到的关注却最少。虽然大部分集中在中国和印度,不过,无论是富国还是穷国,无论是佛教,印度教还是穆斯林社会,都在为这项灾难“添砖加瓦。因为男性更容易受到儿童疾病的影响,自然出生确保了每100个女孩出生就有105个男孩,所以性别比例在结婚年龄时会达到持平。然而,中国的性别比例是每出生100个女孩有120个男孩;印度的性别比例为100个女孩比109个男孩。The usual view of why this should be stresses traditional “son preference” in South and East Asia. Families wanted a son to bear the family name, to inherit property and to carry out funerary duties. Ms Hvistendahl has little truck with this account, which fails to explain why some of the richest, most outward-looking parts of India and China have the most skewed sex ratios. According to her account, sex-selection technologies were invented in the West, adopted there as a population-control measure and exported to East Asia by Western aid donors and American military officials.男女比例为什么失衡,人们普遍观点认为东南亚人强调传统的“重男轻女”思想。家庭需要儿子来传宗接代,继承财产以及养老送终的职责。赫弗斯坦托尔女士的看法跟这个叙述几乎毫无共通之处。因为该叙述还是未能解释为什么印度和中国一些最富裕的,最开放的地方性别比例最不正常(或最倾斜)。根据她的解释,性别选择技术是在西方发明并被作为人 口控制措施而采用的,而且被西方援助者和美国军官传播到了东亚。201109/153057万州妇幼保健院鼻窦炎看怎么样好不好四川成都416医院中耳炎要多少钱



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