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广元市第四人民医院鼻中隔偏曲要多少钱四川电力医院鼻炎治疗的价格重庆市爱德华医院鼻甲肥大怎么样 One of China’s largest mobile app makers is expanding in the US just as many of the country’s other internet companies say they are heading back to the mainland.在多家中国互联网公司计划回归中国之时,中国最大的移动应用开发商之一猎豹移动(Cheetah Mobile)正在美国扩张。Cheetah Mobile, a spin-off of Kingsoft, China’s largest software maker, on Wednesday announced plans to hire a US-based chief technology officer and base its research and development in the country.这家从中国最大的软件开发商金山软件(Kingsoft)拆分出来的公司周三宣布,将任命一位常驻美国的首席技术官,并在美国建设研发基地。The group said it would “significantly expand” the number of US employees from 50 over the next two years, with Xu Ming, Cheetah’s president, adding that the company “must succeed in the US because the US is the beachhead for the world”.猎豹表示,未来两年将“大力扩充”美国员工数量(目前为50人)。该公司总裁徐鸣还表示,猎豹“必须在美国取得成功,因为美国是全球市场的桥头堡”。Cheetah is unusual among Chinese internet companies because it generates most of its sales from outside the country: overseas revenues accounted for m of its total 8m turnover for the third quarter of 2015.在中国互联网公司中,猎豹与众不同的地方是,该公司的大部分销售额来自中国以外:2015年第三季度,在该公司1.58亿美元的总收入中,海外收入占8400万美元。The company’s apps are ubiquitous in China. They include Clean Master and CM security, popular cleaning and security apps, while Piano Tiles 2 was the most downloaded free game on Google Play in September in the US and fifth globally, according to the company.该公司的应用在中国很有市场。其中包括两款清理和安全应用——清理大师(Clean Master)和安全大师(CM security)。而据猎豹称,去年9月,《别踩白块儿2》(Piano Tiles 2)是谷歌应用商店Google Play全美国下载量最多的免费游戏,在全球位列第五。In spite of seeing third-quarter revenue jump 110 per cent year on year, Cheetah’s share price has fallen 25 per cent over the past 12 months to , down from a peak of last year.尽管2015年第三季度收入同比增长110%,但猎豹股价在过去12个月累计下跌25%,至15美元,去年曾达到35美元的峰值。One concern for investors is Cheetah’s business model, whereby free apps are used to tempt consumers to play games. This process works in China, but rival Qihoo holds most of the market for such apps. In the west “trying to use apps as a back door to gaming is unproven”, said a bank analyst.猎豹的业务模式是投资者担忧的因素之一:利用免费应用吸引消费者玩游戏。这种模式在中国行得通,但竞争对手奇虎360(Qihoo)占据这类应用的大部分市场份额。一位分析师称,在西方“试图把应用作为玩游戏的后门的模式尚未得到明”。Many Chinese companies have become disenchanted with the US market, with some announcing plans to delist from the country because they felt Chinese companies were unfairly penalised. But Mr Xu said he was undaunted.很多中国企业已对美国市场不抱幻想,一些企业宣布计划从美国退市,因为它们认为,中国企业在美国受到不公平对待,处于劣势。但徐鸣并不气馁。“Although Chinese companies may not be receiving the best valuations from US markets today, we believe over time a good company with a good product will get a fair valuation,” he said.他表示:“尽管中国企业现在可能没有从美国市场获得最佳估价,但我们认为,假以时日,一家有着优秀产品的优秀企业将得到公平估价。”In China, price-earnings ratios for the sector, though dented by sell-offs in 2015 and 2016, remain above multiples in the US. Social dating app Momo and search engine Qihoo, both of which are listed in New York, said last year they would seek to go private, possibly in preparation for relisting elsewhere.在中国,互联网行业股票的市盈率尽管因2015年和2016年的抛售潮而有所下降,但仍高于美国。社交应用陌陌和搜索引擎奇虎都在纽约上市,但它们去年均表示寻求私有化,可能是准备在其他地方重新上市。Baidu, the Chinese search engine, has set up an artificial intelligence lab in the US. Robin Li, chairman of Nasdaq-listed company, recently announced an offer to buy Baidu’s business for .8bn, with some reports suggesting it could lead to an IPO in China.在纳斯达克上市的中国搜索引擎公司百度(Baidu)已在美国成立了一个人工智能实验室。百度董事长李彦宏(Robin Li)最近宣布出价28亿美元收购百度的视频业务,一些报道称,这可能促成该业务在中国上市。 /201602/427254Nobody likes being monitored. But even if you suspected your company is following your activities on the iPhone, would you know where to check?没有人喜欢被监控。但即使你怀疑你的公司正在监控你在iPhone上的操作,你知道该去哪里检查吗?In the next iteration of its smartphone operating system, iOS 9.3, Apple is looking to make this an easier task. According to Reddit user MaGNeTiX, the latest beta of iOS 9.3 has a message telling users their iPhone is being supervised. The message is as prominent as can be, both on the device#39;s lock screen and in the About section.苹果iPhone的下一代操作系统iOS 9.3将会让这件事变得简单。根据Reddit网站上的MaGNeTiX透露,最新的iOS 9.3测试版能够推送消息,告知用户他们的iPhone正被监控中。该消息提示会尽可能的醒目,在设备的锁屏界面和行程上都能显示。;This iPhone is managed by your organisation,; the message on the lock screen says. And in the About screen, you get a little more detail, with a message saying your iPhone#39;s supervisor can monitor your Internet traffic and locate your device.锁屏上的消息是这样显示的:;这台iPhone由您的公司管理。;而在行程界面上,你会看到更多的细节。消息会这样显示:监控你手机的人能够监控你的网络流量、定位你的设备。To be clear: It doesn#39;t look like this feature will let you turn off company supervision or increase your privacy in any way. It#39;s merely there as a warning, providing more transparency to users, some of which might not even be aware their employer is monitoring their iPhone.需要明确的是,这个消息推送功能并不能让你关闭公司的监控或者加强隐私保护。这仅仅是一种警告,向用户透露更多信息。毕竟一些人也许根本没有意识到雇主正在监控他们的iPhone。The news comes amidst a legal battle between Apple and the FBI, which seeks Apple#39;s help in decrypting the iPhone of one of the terrorists responsible for last year#39;s attack in San Bernardino, Calif. More precisely, the FBI wants Apple to create a new version of iOS that would be used specifically on the shooter#39;s iPhone, disabling some of its security features. So far, Apple stood firm in its decision not to yield to the government#39;s demands, claiming it would affect ;everyone who owns an iPhone.;在这些新消息释出之际,苹果公司和FBI正有法律上的纠纷。FBI希望苹果能够帮助破解参与去年圣贝纳迪诺袭击案的恐怖分子的iPhone。更准确地说,FBI希望苹果能够为该射击者的手机特地开发一个新的iOS版本,从而使其中的一些安全功能失效。截止目前为止,苹果坚持不从政府的要求,他们表示如果这么做,会给;每一位拥有iPhone的人;带来负面影响。 /201603/430321广元市第四人民医院过敏性鼻炎治疗的价格

成都市第二人民医院看五官科怎么样You might think that physicists would be satisfied by now. They have been testing Einstein’s theory of general relativity, which explains what gravity is, ever since he first described it 100 years ago this year. And not once has it been found wanting. But they are still investigating its predictions to the nth decimal place, and this centenary year should see some particularly stringent tests. Perhaps one will uncover the first tiny flaw in this awesome mathematical edifice.你可能以为,物理学家现在已经满意了。他们一直在对爱因斯坦的广义相对论进行检验。爱因斯坦在整整100年前第一次提出了广义相对论,它解释了引力是什么。科学家们一直没有发现它存在任何不足之处,但却仍在调查根据它做出的预测,精确到第n位小数。在该理论100周年之际,科学家会做一些特别严格的验。也许会有人发现这座非凡数学大厦的第一个微小缺陷。Stranger still is that, though general relativity is celebrated and revered among physicists like no other theory in science, they would doubtless react with joy if it is proved to fail. That’s science: You produce a smart idea and then test it to its breaking point.更为奇怪的是,虽然在物理学家中,广义相对论获得的赞颂和尊崇超过了所有其他科学理论,但如果验明它站不住脚,他们无疑会感到欣喜。这就是科学:你提出了一个聪明的想法,然后检验它至极限。But this determination to expose flaws isn’t really about skepticism, far less wanton nihilism. Most physicists are aly convinced that general relativity is not the final word on gravity. That’s because the theory, which is applied mostly at the scale of stars and galaxies, doesn’t mesh with quantum theory, the other cornerstone of modern physics, which describes the ultra-small world of atoms and subatomic particles. It’s suspected that underlying both theories is a theory of quantum gravity, from which general relativity and conventional quantum theory emerge as excellent approximations just as Isaac Newton’s theory of gravity, posed in the late 17th century, works fine except in some extreme situations.但是揭示该理论缺陷的这种决心,其实无关乎怀疑主义,和肆意的虚无主义更是远远扯不上关系。大多数物理学家已经确信,广义相对论并不是引力的最终定论。这是因为该理论主要应用在恒星和星系的规模,和量子理论没有交集。量子理论是现代物理学的另一块基石,针对的是原子和亚原子粒子级别的微观世界。科学家们觉得,这两个基本理论的依托是一个量子引力理论,广义相对论和常规量子理论是它的绝佳近似值,这就像艾萨克·牛顿在17世纪后期提出的万有引力理论,除某些极端情况外,应用起来通常都没问题。The hope is, then, that if we can find some dark corner of the universe where general relativity fails, perhaps because the gravitational fields it describes are so enormously strong, we might glimpse what extra ingredient is needed — one that might point the way to a theory of quantum gravity.科学家的希望是,如果能找到广义相对论站不住脚的一些黑暗角落——这有可能是因为它描述的引力场如此强大——那么我们或许会发现它欠缺了哪些成分,而这可能会指明通向量子引力理论的道路。General relativity was not just the last of Einstein’s truly magnificent ideas, but arguably the greatest of them. His “annus mirabilis” is usually cited as 1905, when, among other things, he kick-started quantum theory and came up with special relativity, describing the distortion of time and space caused by traveling close to the speed of light. General relativity offered a broader picture, embracing motion that changes speed, such as objects accelerating as they fall in a gravitational field. Einstein explained that gravity can be thought of as curvature induced in the very fabric of time and space by the presence of a mass. This, too, distorts time: Clocks run slower in a strong gravitational field than they do in empty space. That’s one prediction that has now been thoroughly confirmed by the use of extremely accurate clocks on space satellites, and in fact GPS systems have to adjust their clocks to allow for it.广义相对论不仅仅是爱因斯坦最后一个宏伟想法,而且可以说是他最伟大的构想。他的“奇迹年”通常被认为是1905年,这一年他开始构想量子理论,并提出了狭义相对论,描述了接近光速的运动导致的时空扭曲。广义相对论则描绘了更加广阔的画面,探讨了变速运动,比如物体在进入引力场时出现的加速。根据爱因斯坦解释,引力可以看成是由于质量的存在,时间和空间结构中出现的弯曲。这也扭曲了与没有引力场的空间相比,时钟在一个强大的引力场中走得慢一些。利用在空间卫星上极其精确的时钟,科学家们彻底实了这个预测的正确性。事实上,GPS系统必须考虑到这种影响,来调整自己的时钟。Einstein presented his theory of general relativity to the Prussian Academy of Sciences in 1915, though it wasn’t officially published until the following year. The theory also predicted that light rays will be bent by strong gravitational fields. In 1919 the British astronomer Arthur Eddington confirmed that idea by making careful observations of the positions of stars whose light passes close to the sun during a total solar eclipse. The discovery assured Einstein as an international celebrity. When he met Charlie Chaplin in 1931, Chaplin is said to have told Einstein that the crowds cheered them both because everyone understood him and no one understood Einstein.爱因斯坦1915年向普鲁士科学院(Prussian Academy of Sciences)提交了广义相对论的论文,不过正式发表是在第二年。该理论还预测,强大的引力场会导致光的弯曲。在1919年,英国天文学家亚瑟·爱丁顿(Arthur Eddington)通过仔细观察一次日全食中一些恒星的位置,实了这一预测,这些恒星的光线会通过临近太阳的区域。爱因斯坦自此成为国际名人。当他在1931年与查理·卓别林(Charlie Chaplin)见面时,据说卓别林对他说,公众为他们两人喝,是因为每个人都理解自己的电影,但没有一个人理解爱因斯坦的理论。General relativity predicts that some burned-out stars will collapse under their own gravity. They might become incredibly dense objects called neutron stars only a few miles across, from which a teaspoon of matter would weigh 10 billion tons. Or they might collapse without limit into a “singularity” — a black hole from whose immense gravitational field not even light can escape, since the surrounding space is so bent that light just turns back on itself.广义相对论预言,一些燃料耗尽的恒星将因自身引力而崩塌。它们被称为中子星,其密度可能会变得非常之大,直径只有几英里,但一小勺就有100亿吨。或者可能会无限地崩塌下去,变成“奇点”,也就是一个黑洞,其巨大引力场甚至连光都无法逃逸,因为周围的空间太过弯曲,光会直接转弯回到原处。Many neutron stars have been seen by astronomers: Some, called pulsars, rotate and send out beams of intense radio waves from their magnetic poles, beams that flash on and off with precise regularity. Black holes can only be seen indirectly from the X-rays and other radiation emitted by the hot gas that surrounds and is sucked into them. But astrophysicists are certain that they exist.自那之后,天文学家发现了很多中子星:有些被称为脉冲星,它们旋转运动,从磁极发射出强烈的电波,发射和停止存在着精准的规律性。黑洞只能通过X射线和热气体散发的其他辐射被间接看到,黑洞被这些热气体包围着,并将它们吸入。但是天体物理学家坚信黑洞是存在的。While Newton’s theory of gravity is mostly good enough to describe the motions of the solar system, it is around very dense objects like pulsars and black holes that general relativity becomes indispensable. That’s also where it might be possible to test the limits of the theory with astronomical investigations. Last year, astronomers at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Charlottesville, Virginia, discovered the first pulsar orbited by two other shrunken stars, called white dwarfs. This situation, with two bodies moving in the gravitational field of a third, should allow one of the central pillars of general relativity, called the strong equivalence principle, to be put to the test by making very detailed measurements of the effects of the white dwarfs on the pulsar’s metronome flashes as they circulate. The team hopes to carry out that study this year.虽然牛顿的引力理论基本上足以描述太阳系的运动,但对于密度极大的物体,比如脉冲星和黑洞,广义相对论就不可或缺了。这也是用天文研究检验这个理论的局限的地方。去年在弗吉尼亚州夏洛茨维尔,国家射电天文台(National Radio Astronomy Observatory)的天文学家发现了一颗脉冲星,绕着它运动的另外两颗缩小的恒星被称为白矮星,而这一现象是前所未见的。在这种情况下,有两个星体在第三个的引力场中运动,如果在白矮星绕脉冲星运动的时候,非常细致地测量它们对脉冲星电波发射规律的影响,应该可以检验广义相对论的核心柱之一“强等效原理”。该团队希望今年开展这项研究。But the highest-profile test of general relativity is the search for gravitational waves. The theory predicts that some astrophysical processes involving very massive bodies, such as supernovae (exploding stars) or pulsars orbited by another star (binary pulsars), should excite ripples in space-time that radiate outwards as waves. The first binary pulsar was discovered in 1974, and we now know the two bodies are getting slowly closer at just the rate expected if they are losing energy by radiating gravitational waves.但最引人注目的广义相对论检验是对引力波的寻找。该理论预测,一些非常庞大的星体,比如超新星(爆炸的恒星)或者被另一颗恒星围绕盘旋的脉冲星(脉冲双星),和它们有关的天体物理过程应该在时空中激发涟漪,像波一样向外辐射。第一个脉冲双星是在1974年发现的,科学家假设两个星体辐射了引力波,因而损耗了能量,计算出了它们靠拢的速率,我们现在已经知道,它们确实在以这个速率慢慢靠拢。The real goal, though, is to see such waves directly from the tiny distortions of space that they induce as they ripple past our planet. Gravitational-wave detectors use lasers bouncing off mirrors in two-kilometer-long arms at right angles, like an L, to measure such minuscule contractions or stretches. Two of the several gravitational-wave detectors currently built — the American LIGO, with two observatories in Louisiana and Washington, and the European VIRGO in Italy — have just been upgraded to boost their sensitivity, and both will start searching in 2015. The European Space Agency is also launching a pilot mission for a space-based detector, called LISA Pathfinder, this September.不过,真正的目标是,当这些波经过我们的星球时,直接从它们导致的微小空间扭曲中看到它们。引力波探测器让激光在长两公里、摆成L形的干涉臂上来回反射,从而对这种微小收缩或扩张进行测量。目前世界上许多台引力波探测器,其中两台——美国的LIGO,在路易斯安那州和华盛顿有两个观察站;以及欧洲的VIRGO,位于意大利——刚刚对灵敏性进行了升级,它们都将在2015年开始寻找引力波。去年9月,欧洲航天局还用太空中的LISA Pathfinder探测器开展了一个试点任务。If we’re lucky, then, 2015 could be the year we confirm both the virtues and the limits of general relativity. But neither will do much to alter the esteem with which it is regarded. The Austrian-Swiss physicist Wolfgang Pauli called it “probably the most beautiful of all existing theories.” Many physicists (including Einstein himself) believed it not so much because of the experimental tests but because of what they perceived as its elegance and simplicity. Anyone working on quantum gravity knows that it is a very hard act to follow.幸运的话,2015年就会是我们确认广义相对论优势和局限性的一年。但这不会对它受到的推崇产生太大影响。奥地利-瑞士物理学家沃尔夫冈·泡利(Wolfgang Pauli)称广义相对论“可能是现有理论中最美的”。很多物理学家(包括爱因斯坦本人)相信它,并不是因为它经过了实验的检验,而是因为他们认为它简洁优雅。每个在量子引力领域工作的人都知道,简洁优雅是多么难以达到。 /201502/359208重庆三峡中心医院耳聋看怎么样好不好 九龙坡南岸区看声带息肉哪家医院最好

重庆市妇幼保健院外耳道炎好吗Apple released on Wednesday the first significant update to its iOS 9 software for iPhones and iPads, though it might matter most to those who like to send emoji-laden messages about food.这周三,苹果首次推出iPhone和iPad的iOS 9升级。此次升级满足了许多喜欢使用emoji表情的用户需求,添加了许多有关食物的表情。The iOS 9.1 update is available now to all iOS 9 users. Outward facing changes include new emojis such as a taco, hot dog, champagne and a unicorn. Live Photos has also been fixed so that the camera stops recording if it detects that the iPhone has been lowered. It also fixes bugs in tools like CarPlay and the app switcher.现在iOS 9.1已经可以适配所有的iOS 9用户。新的表情包包括玉米饼、热、香槟酒还有独角兽。拍照功能经过升级,在探测到用户手机向下放后停止取景。同时,升级也修复了CarPlay和应用间切换的问题。In other words, the fixes are fairly minor compared with the iOS 7.1 and iOS 8.1 updates in 2013 and 2014 respectively. Last year#39;s update added support for Apple Pay, brought back the camera roll and launched the iCloud photo library. iOS 7.1 rolled out CarPlay and iTunes Radio, as well as tweaking the Siri digital voice assistant.但是,同2013年的iOS 7.1和2014年的iOS 8.1相比,这次升级改动并不大。去年的升级添加了苹果付,重新用上照相机滚动功能和iCloud相片图书馆。iOS7.1推出了CarPlay和iTunes 收音机,同时还有Siri电子语音助手。Apple, which updates iOS every year, needs to keep the system fresh to maintain customers#39; interest in its products and ensure that software developers keep making apps for its platform. The refreshes are also vital to keep Apple in step with competitors like Google, whose Google Now and Google Now On Top features provide predictive capabilities to users of phones that run on the company#39;s Android software.为了保系统的创新和让用户始终对产品保留兴趣,苹果公司每年都会更新iOS系统,以保软件开发者可以在平台上开发新的应用程序。谷歌之前发布的Google Now和Google Now On Top以公司安卓软件为平台,为用户提供一系列预测功能。为了同谷歌等竞争对手相抗争,苹果系统更新尤为重要。As of Monday, 61 percent of people who use Apple#39;s mobile gadgets had upgraded to iOS 9, according to Apple#39;s developer site. Another 30 percent were still using iOS 8, and 9 percent were using older versions of Apple#39;s mobile software.根据苹果开发网站的数据,截至周一,61%的苹果用户已经升级为iOS 9。30%的用户使用iOS 8,9%的使用更老的系统。The company released iOS 9 last month. The software includes changes designed to make iPhones and iPads far more able to predict an owner#39;s needs and interests. Among some of the new features for iOS 9, it can automatically suggest apps to load or people to contact based on a person#39;s usage patterns. iOS 9 also comes with updates to Siri to give the voice assistant a new interface and allow it to remind a user of appointments without being told to ahead of time.上个月,苹果推出了iOS 9。升级为iPhone和iPad带来了更多可以预测用户需要和兴趣的功能。在iOS 9的新系统中,根据用户的使用类型,可以自动推荐应用程序下载或联系人。iOS 9也升级了Siri,更新了语音助手的界面,无需机主告知,Siri就可以自动提醒预约事件。 /201510/406316 重庆市人民医院耳鼻喉专科成都治疗耳聋大概多少钱费用



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