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Is it acceptable for companies to require women to wear high heels all day in their jobs(邓永铿爵士为FT专栏作家,就生活礼仪方面的问题答读者问。)This question was highlighted by a case last year where a woman working as a receptionist was told that she must wear high heels while performing her duties at all times. She complained that this was very uncomfortable and caused injuries to her feet, and she jettisoned her heels. Whereupon she was sent home.你能接受公司要求女员工们整天穿着高跟鞋上班吗?I must confess sympathy for the employee. Of course I don’t wear high heels, but I can easily imagine the discomfort if they are worn for several hours on the trot for five consecutive working days, at an incline of almost 45 degrees. It must feel like skiing down a black run all day. I know that even for formal events where women wear stilettos for dinner for three to four hours, they usually breathe a sigh of relief when they eventually feel they are done for the night and are able to take them off. Indeed, I know of many women who go to these glamorous events always with a spare pair of flat shoes, which they change into the moment they can fling off the heels.这个问题在去年引起了高度关注,起因是一名从事前台接待工作的女员工被雇主要求必须穿着高跟鞋工作。她抱怨说这很难受,还伤到了她的双脚,于是她拒绝再穿高跟鞋。但随后就被公司请回了家。Maybe employers should ask their female staff to write the company dress codes. In any event, if a company feels that it needs lanky, glamorous-looking receptionists to shepherd clients in and out of its offices, perhaps it should simply employ those who are tall enough aly, although this might well constitute illegal discrimination in itself.我得承认我很同情这名雇员。当然我不穿高跟鞋,但不难想象,如果一周连续五天每天都蹬着将近45度的高跟鞋小跑几个小时会有多难受,那肯定像一整天都在黑道上滑雪一样。据我了解,即使为了正式场合,女性们穿着细高跟鞋出席一场三、四个小时的晚宴,当她们感到终于结束了能够脱下高跟鞋时通常都会长舒一口气。事实上,我知道很多女性出席这种盛大场面时总会再带一双平底鞋,一旦她们脱掉高跟鞋就会马上换上。Do you like visiting famous people’s burial places If so, where do you go也许雇主们应该让他们的女性员工撰写公司的着装规范。无论如何,如果一个企业觉得,他们需要瘦高个儿、浓妆艳抹的前台迎来送往,那或许他们就该直接雇佣些本来个头就高的人,虽然如此一来本身就可能构成了非法歧视。I love visiting necropolises, cemeteries, mausoleums and other burial places, mainly because that’s the nearest I get to meeting people I have admired and loved, and also hated, but whom it is now impossible to meet. So I have seen nasty Stalin’s necropolis at the Kremlin, as well as Lenin’s embalmed body nearby, and that of Mao at Tiananmen Square in Beijing. They all give me the creeps because I can never fathom their crooked minds.你喜欢探访名人墓地吗?若喜欢,你会去哪?The grandest of burials is possibly that of China’s first emperor, Qin Shi Huang, whose mausoleum in Xian includes a terracotta army of more than 8,000 soldiers. Equally grand, perhaps, is the Great Pyramid of Giza for Pharaoh Khufu. But other than individual burial sites, the cemetery in Vienna and London’s Westminster Abbey have the most interesting selection of dead people.我喜欢探访墓园、公墓、陵园和其他墓地,主要是因为那里是最接近我曾仰慕和爱戴过的人们的地方,也有些我厌恶的、如今不可能再见的人。所以我曾到克里姆林宫探访过卑劣的斯大林的墓地,以及不远处列宁的遗体,还有北京天安门广场上毛泽东的遗体。他们都让我觉得毛骨悚然,因为我永远不能理解他们扭曲的思想。Vienna Central Cemetery — said to be “half the size of Zurich, but twice as fun” — contains the graves of Brahms, Beethoven, Czerny, Schubert, Johann Strauss, Josef Strauss, von Suppé, Wolf and Schoenberg. What a resounding graveyard this would be if all the dead bodies came alive! Then there is Westminster Abbey. In its Poets’ Corner alone, there are the graves of Chaucer, Dryden, Sheridan, Spenser, Dr Johnson, Browning, Tennyson, Dickens, Hardy, Kipling; as well as memorials for the three Bront sisters, Jane Austen, Elizabeth Browning, Keats, Byron, Coleridge, Lewis Carroll, George Eliot and TS Eliot. There is no other place on earth within which the ghosts of those who have enriched this earth so abundantly continue to live.最宏伟的陵墓当属中国第一位皇帝,秦始皇(Qin Shi Huang)的陵墓,秦始皇陵位于中国西安市,墓中包含有8000多尊兵马俑。能和秦始皇陵媲美的,或许就是埃及法老胡夫(Pharaoh Khufu)的吉萨大金字塔(Great Pyramid of Giza)。而除了某个人的墓地外,维也纳(Vienna)和伦敦的威斯敏斯特教堂(Westminster Abbey)还有最有趣的名人公墓。Mind you, the most impressive burial site must be Robert Maxwell’s — on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, from where Jesus Christ ascended to heaven. Was this location chosen for “Bob” to resurrect维也纳中央陵园(Vienna Central Cemetery)——据说“有苏黎世的一半大,但却比苏黎世有意思一倍”——陵园中葬有勃拉姆斯(Brahms)、贝多芬(Beethoven)、车尔尼(Czerny)、舒伯特(Schubert)、约翰施特劳斯(Johann Strauss)、约瑟夫施特劳斯(Josef Strauss)、冯苏佩(von Suppé)、保鲁夫(Wolf)和勋伯格(Schoenberg)。如果这些名人死而复生,那这个墓园将会多么热闹!还有威斯敏斯特教堂。单其诗人角(Poets#39; Corner)一隅,就埋葬着众多文豪,其中包括乔叟(Chaucer)、德莱顿(Dryden)、谢里丹(Sheridan)、斯宾塞(Spenser)、约翰逊士(Samuel Johnson)、布朗宁(Browning)、丁尼生(Tennyson)、狄更斯(Dickens)、哈代(Hardy)、吉卜林(Kipling);那里还有勃朗特三(three Bront sisters)、简奥斯汀(Jane Austen)、伊丽莎白布朗宁(Elizabeth Browning)、济慈(Keats)、拜伦(Byron)、柯勒律治(Coleridge)、刘易斯卡罗尔(Lewis Carroll)、乔治艾略特(George Eliot)、TS艾略特(TS Eliot)的纪念碑。世上再没有哪个地方收容着这么多曾经极大地丰饶过这个世界的灵魂。If the US is so “uncivilised” and unfit for living, why do you even visit or do business there如果美国这么“不文明”而且不适合居住,那为何你还去那里旅游或做生意?There are many uncivilised places which do not preclude my visiting or doing business with, because these are not mutually exclusive. Most cities in China are choked with pollution and ugliness, but I still travel there to visit and for business. In Middle America, I find a lot of customs and the behaviour of people, especially mass followers of evangelism, rather disturbing. The west and east coasts are full of intense and obstinate Americans, with Californians utterly intolerant of smokers and Noo Yawkers ruthlessly mercenary, and both over the top with political correctness. And US customs and immigration officials are known for their aggressiveness. I always try to take a little Valium before confronting them. Yet, I love all these differences and never mind being in the US as a tourist or businessman, if only to remind myself of the importance of diversity and absurdity.有很多不文明的地方,但这并不妨碍我去那里游玩或公干,因为这并不矛盾。中国有很多城市都污染严重、市容丑陋,但我仍不时去那些地方造访和出差。在美国中部,我发现那里很多风俗和人们的举止,尤其是众多福音传道的追随者们,都让人不胜其烦。东西海岸又满是热情又顽固的美国人,加州人对吸烟者一点都不能忍,纽约客们则生性冷漠惟利是图,而这两者在政治上却又都过分正确。听闻美国海关和移民局官员向来咄咄逼人。跟他们交锋前我总要先些安定。然而,我喜欢所有这些分歧也从不介意在美国做一名游客或是商人,只要我提醒自己想一想多样化和荒谬的重要性。 /201705/508850

Though the price was low, James actually regretted his ;deal of a life time;尽管价格很低,詹姆斯真的后悔他的这个“一生的交易” /201702/491514

  How to tell如何辨别In very simple terms, if you are sping negativity, then negative people will surround you. Have you heard the saying, “misery loves company”, and wondered why? Basically, people do not like to be told they are wrong. If someone wants to have a good moan, they will choose a fellow moaner to complain to, as this experience will validate them.简单的说,如果你在散播负能量,那么消极的人就会围绕着你。你听过这句话吗?就是“同病相怜”。纳闷为什么?基本上,人们不喜欢他人告诉自己错了。如果有人想要很好地发牢骚,那么他们会选择一个爱发牢骚的同伴去抱怨,因为这样就能明他们的牢骚是由道理的。How to turn it around如何改变现状This does not require a fortnight at a mindfulness retreat in Bali – sorry to break it to you. It does not require extensive regression therapy or a shamanic ritual in a rain forest. And you do not need to dance through the streets singing show tunes and sprinkling glitter.这并不需要去巴厘岛静心反省两周——很抱歉阻止你。这并不需要大量的回归治疗或者在雨林中萨满教僧的仪式。你也不需要伴随着街上哼唱的流行曲调和点缀的灯光来跳舞。Our outside world is a mirror for our inside world, and vice versa我们的外部世界是内心世界的反映,反之亦然What we see with our eyes is not really the truest representation of reality. Everything our eyes take in is filtered through our brain, and we have a certain degree of choice as to what we mentally attend to.我们用眼睛所看到的一切并不是现实真正的展现。我们用眼睛看到的一切都经过了大脑的过滤,而且我们会在一定程度上选择我们大脑所注意的事情。This is not about choosing to turn a blind eye to bad things. It is about ‘seeing’ everything, but ‘focusing’ on the good in a situation, wherever reasonably possible. And conversely, when you expect to see more good, you will.这并不是说要选择对不好的事情视而不见。而是要“看”一切,但是要“集中注意”处境中好的方面,这在任何地方都是合情合理的。Gratitude journaling感恩日记Have you tried gratitude journaling? I did this for a month and it helped me to form better habits. Every time I thought about something that was bringing me down, I would list three things I was grateful for. I know it sounds simplistic, but often the best answers are the simple ones.你试过写感恩日记吗?我写了一个月的感恩日记,这帮助我养成了更好的习惯。每当我想到某些让我失落的事情的时候,我就会列出我感恩的三件事。我知道这听起来很简单,但是往往最好的就是最简单的那一个。If you have a lot on your plate at work you could also try the ‘ta-done’ list, a technique described by Lisa Nichols, famous for her contributions to the Chicken Soup For The Soul series.如果手头上有许多工作要做,那么你也可以试试“任务完成”清单,这是由莉莎·妮可丝所描述的一个技巧,她以心灵系列的鸡汤贡献而出名。 /201703/498777


  FitBits, Jawbones, Apple Watches. Fitness trackers are everywhere these days and everyone - from super-toned gym bunnies to flabby middle-aged dads and even fashion editors - seems to have one.FitBits、Jawbones和苹果手表都是智能手环。而今到处可见健身追踪器,似乎每个人--从超级健身爱好者到有点肥胖的老爸甚至是时尚编辑--都有智能手环。They#39;re marketed as a way to help you lose weight, by enabling you to keep track of your steps, sleep and calorie intake (when paired with apps like MyFitnessPal). However, new research suggests they might not actually help us lose weight after all.营销人士说佩戴智能手环能帮助减肥,因为它能追踪你走了多少步,你的睡眠状况和摄入的卡路里量(与MyFitnessPal配合使用时)。然而,新的研究表明这些健身追踪器也许根本就不能帮助你减肥。A study by researchers from the University of Pittsburgh, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, found that using fitness trackers as an aid to weight loss was no more beneficial than typical weight loss methods and may even make us gain weight.匹兹堡大学的研究员们开展了一项研究,该研究已发表在了《美国医学协会》的杂志上。研究发现使用健身追踪器减肥并不比传统的减肥方式更有效,甚至还可能让我们增重。During the two-year study, 471 overweight young people (aged 18 to 25) were put on a low-calorie diet, a prescribed fitness plan and were asked to keep a diet diary and attend weekly group counselling sessions. After six months, everyone had lost weight - an average of between 7.7kg to 8.6kg.在这项长达2年的研究中,471位过胖的年轻人(18-25岁)进行了低热量饮食、规定的健身计划实验,研究员们还要求他们每天写下自己的饮食日记,每周参加集体咨询会议。六个月后,每个人都瘦了--平均每人瘦7.7kg到8.6kg。Then half the participants were given fitness trackers to use for 18 months, while the other half logged their activity using a website, a more typical dieting method.之后的18个月,研究员们让一半的参试者佩戴健身追踪器,另一半的人则使用更加传统的饮食方法,即在网站上记录他们的活动。By the end of the study, the group using fitness trackers had lost less weight than the control group. They lost 3.5kg on average, while the group monitoring their progress online lost an average of 5.9kg.研究最后发现使用健身追踪器的人没有对照组的人瘦的多。使用智能手环的一组人平均瘦了3.5kg,而在网上记录进程的一组平均瘦了5.9kg。The results surprised the researchers and the data didn#39;t make it clear exactly why using fitness trackers made dieters less likely to lose weight.研究结果令研究人员感到震惊,并且这一数据并未清楚的解释使用健身追踪器的节食者更不容易减肥的原因。One possible reason, said lead researcher Dr John Jakicic, is that the fitness tracker group may have been more likely to feel they owed themselves ;treats; upon seeing their progress, leading them to lose less weight than the other group. There#39;s also a chance they may have felt disheartened and given up early if they knew they weren#39;t going to hit their daily goal.首席研究员John Jakicic士认为一个可能的原因就是:使用智能手环的这一组人在看到自己的进度之后,更会觉得要好好犒赏自己,这就导致他们没有另一组人员的减肥效果好。也有可能当他们得知自己每天的运动量都不达标时,他们会觉得心灰意冷,想要提早放弃。Some previous studies, by contrast, have found fitness trackers can promote weight loss, and Jakicic did acknowledge that these devices may be effective for certain people.相反,早前的一些研究却发现健身追踪器能促进减肥,Jakicic承认这些设备对特定人群是有效的。Still, it#39;s something to bear in mind before you invest in your own pricey little plastic personal trainer.不过,在你购买这个昂贵的塑料私人小教练时,本文倒给你提了个醒。译文属 /201609/468104

  Brits top 20 phobias revealed - is your secret terror among them?最困扰英国人的20种恐惧症,看你中没有?Clowns, broccoli, buttons, bananas and even the Pope are some of the bizarre phobias that have turned us into a nation of scaredy cats.小丑、西蓝花、纽扣、香蕉甚至教皇等奇奇怪怪的东西都能让英国人民吓一跳!According to a study, our so-called irrational fears may be related to an event in our lives but in reality don#39;t pose a threat.研究表明,这种奇怪的恐惧跟我们日常生活中常见,但暂时没造成威胁的东西有关。Yet two thirds of adults admit they have never grown out of or come to terms with their phobia.三分之二成年人表示,他们仍没摆脱从小就有的特定物品恐惧症。Half have nightmares about the weird objects that give them the creeps and more than a third keep their aversion hidden from friends and family.他们中有一半人看到奇怪的东西会做噩梦,还有超过三分之一人为了避免尴尬,不敢告诉家人和朋友自己有这方面的恐惧症。Clowns topped the d list with a fifth of adults terrified of the characters made infamous by evil dancing clown Pennywise from the movie version of horror novel It by Stephen King .由于大部分人小时候看过史蒂芬金恐怖小说改编的《小丑回魂》这部电影,五分之一成年人最害怕的东西就是小丑。But research to mark the release of zombie series The Walking Dead : The Complete Sixth Season on Blu-ray and DVD on Monday found Brits have an irrational fear of everyday objects from plasters, fake nails and fizzy drinks to lumpy food, belly buttons and squirrels.但随着《行尸走肉》剧集的热播,研究发现,石膏、假指甲、充气饮料、块状食物、肚脐、松鼠。。。几乎任何东西都可能让英国人心惊胆战。Psychologist and phobia specialist Dr Becky Spellman said: ;Many, perhaps most of us have at least one irrational fear, which causes us to shudder with horror when we see or even think of the object of our d.心理学家和恐惧症专家Becky Spellman士指出:“我们中大部分人都有打心底害怕的东西,这导致我们看到、甚至一想到这些东西就会恐惧颤抖。”;One explanation is that we do live in a frightening world, and that every day we are all at risk - even if it is only a small risk - of experiencing something bad happening to us.“这是因为这个世界确实比较令人害怕,我们每天都有可能(即使几率很小)遭遇不好的事情。”;In many ways, it is easier to concentrate our fears on something that is very unlikely to ever hurt us - like clowns - than to think about the real risks that we are facing, and that are much more likely to cause us problems in life.“因此,我们倾向于逃避更容易引发现实中麻烦的恐惧,把恐惧转移到某种伤不到我们的东西上。”;In this way, unless it gets out of hand, our irrational fear can be a useful coping mechanism to get by in an alarming world, by focusing negative feelings on something that is unlikely to ever hurt us.;“这样,除非现实中的麻烦发生在眼前,我们心里的恐惧都暂时会集中在那些伤不到我们的东西上。这样能帮助我们在这个危险的世界中正常生活。”20 top fears: Clowns, Feet, Birds, Bellybuttons , Lumpy food, Fish, Buttons, Bananas, Hair, Stairs , Food with holes in it, Fake nails, Beards, Shower curtains, Squirrels, Broccoli, The Pope, Plasters, Fizzy drinks, Pregnant women.英国人最害怕的20种东西:小丑、脚、鸟、肚脐、块状食物、鱼、纽扣、香蕉、头发、台阶、有孔的食物、假指甲、络腮胡、浴帘、松鼠、西兰花、教皇、石膏、充气饮料、妇。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201609/468176



  China#39;s image is steadily improving as the country ranks second in terms of influence in global affairs, according to the latest survey.最新调查显示,我国的形象正在稳步提升,且在全球事务的影响力排名仅次于美国,位居第二。The survey, jointly released by the China Foreign Languages Publishing Administration#39;s Center for International Communication Studies and British marketing company Millward Brown and US firm Lightspeed GMI, shows China#39;s global image scoring 6.2 out of 10 points, or 0.3 higher than the previous year.该调查由中国外文局对外传播研究中心、英国营销公司华通明略和美国公司Lightspeed GMI于联合发布,显示出中国的全球形象得分为6.2分(总分为10分),比前一年提高了0.3分。Experts said China#39;s active role in the international community and its pro-developing countries policies contributed to the enhanced image.专家表示,中国在国际社会中的积极作用以及持发展中国家的政策有助于提升自身形象。The survey involved 9,500 respondents from 19 G20 member states.该调查涉及来自19个G20成员国的9500名受访者。Zhou Qing#39;an, an associate professor at Tsinghua University#39;s School of Journalism and Communication, said that China has actively engaged in exchanges with the international community and dealt with key issues in recent years, which helped dispel misunderstandings and burnish its image.清华大学新闻与传播学院副教授周庆安表示,近年来中国积极参与国际社会交流,并且处理关键问题,这有助于消除误解,提升自身形象。The survey found that respondents have a positive impression of Chinese as a whole, with most viewing them as hardworking and hospitable.调查发现,受访者对中国国民的印象总体来说是正面积极的,大多数受访者认为中国人勤劳努力、热情友好。It found that overseas respondents were positive about China#39;s future development, with nearly half believing its global influence will continue to grow.海外受访者对中国未来的发展持乐观态度,近半受访者认为,中国的全球影响力还将持续增长。 /201609/465140。




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