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Computer problem电脑问题I had been doing Tech Support Hewlett-Packard's DeskJet division about a month when I had a customer call with a problem I just couldn't solve. She could not print yellow. All the other colors would print fine, which truly baffled me because the only true colors are cyan, magenta, and yellow. I had the customer change ink cartridges,delete and reinstall the drivers. Nothing worked. I asked my coworkers help; they offered no new ideas. After over two hours of troubleshooting, I was about to tell the customer to send the printer in to us repair when she asked quietly, "Should I try printing on a piece of white paper instead of yellow paper?" 我在惠普公司打印机部做技术持工作已经有一个月了,有一天我接到一位客户的电话,她的问题我没办法解决她的问题是:打印机不能打出来黄色,但是其它颜色都正常这让我觉得很纳闷,因为三原色就是蓝、红、黄我建议客户更换墨盒、删了驱动程序然后重新安装,但是都没有效果我咨询同事们,他们也不知道该怎么办经过两个多小时的交涉,我打算让客户把打印机寄给我们,这时候她平静地说了一句:“我是不是应该把这张黄纸扔了换一张白纸再打印试试” 9

听笑话学英语:Chaude and Cold 热与冷A patron in Montreal cafe turned on a tap in the washroom and got scalded. "This is an outrage," he complained. "The faucet marked C gave me boiling water.""But, Monsieur, C stands chaude - French hot. You should know that if you live in Montreal.""Wait a minute," roared the patron. "The other tap is also marked C.""Of course," said the manager, "It stands cold. After all, Montreal is a bilingual city."蒙特利尔咖啡馆的一位顾客拧开盥洗室的水龙头,结果被水烫伤了“这太可恶了,”他抱怨道,“标着C的龙头流出的是开水”“可是,先生,C代表Chaude,在法语里代表'热'如果您住在蒙特利尔的话就应该知道这一点”“等等,”那位顾客咆哮着,“另外一个龙头标的也是C”“那当然,”经理说道:“这个C代表冷毕竟,蒙特利尔是个双语城市” 9

adopt收养,hesitation犹豫,enroll招生,possess影响,The Russian BabyMorris and Becky were delighted when finally their long wait to adopt a baby came to an end.The adoption center called and told them they had a wonderful Russian baby boy, and the couple took him without hesitation…On the way home from the adoption center, they stopped by the local college so they each could enroll in night courses.After they filled out the m, the registration clerk inquired, “What ever possessed you to study Russian?”The couple said proudly, “We just adopted a Russian baby and in a year or so he’ll start to talk. We just want to be able to understand him.”俄罗斯男孩儿当终于实现了收养一个宝宝的长期想法,莫里斯和贝基十分开心收养所当时打电话告诉他们,所里有一个很棒的俄罗斯男婴,然后这对夫妻毫不犹豫地带走了他从收养所回家的路上,为了被录取上晚间班,他们在一所地方高校停下填完表格,注册处的工作人员问:“是什么让你们想要学俄语的?”夫妻自豪地回答:“我们刚收养了一个俄罗斯男婴,要不了一年他就会开始说话了我们就是想让自己能明白他说什么”1.adopt收养其他意思还有“采取”、“通过”等:European dress has been adopted by people in many parts of the world.西装已成为世界上许多地方人们的装The House adopted the report.众议院批准了这份报告.hesitation犹豫/结巴We have no hesitation in rejecting his complaint.我们毅然驳回了他的诉讼a hesitation m说话结巴时的声音(如“这个”“噢”“嗯”等)3.enroll招生/入伍/卷起After graduation, he was enrolled military service.毕业后他应募入伍fruit enrolled in tissue paper包在薄纸里的水果.fill out填写还有“使膨胀”、“变丰满”的意思:fill out a tyre with air使轮胎充气而膨胀;Her cheeks have filled out.她的两颊变得丰腴了5.inquire询问还有“调查”的意思,常与“into”搭配使用:The police inquired into her background.警方审查了她的历史6.possess影响,控制What possessed you?你怎么会这样鬼迷心窍?还有“掌握”的意思:He possessed me of the necessary inmation.他使我掌握了必要的信息 0

-#UOYIBXpBF%sIzYsUbw+ju5gm[8koB(80mKimberly was not happy. She was sad. She needed a job. She asked everyone a job. Everyone told her no. No one had a job her. She came home every day and cried. How could she live without a job? She had only ,000. After she spent the ,000, she would have no money. Then what would she do? She had nowhere to go. She had no friends. She had no family. She was all alone. She was very worried. She looked in the newspaper every day. She was y to take any job. If someone gave her a job, she would be so happy.-]5^0;f_~YJvI6(rRj|LB!~VaaDuCH(mEZ93A#|pUv*5P!][lO5YC+u;Nfh 380

Men in dark times 黑暗时代的人们书名解读Men in dark timesdark times 黑暗时代timestimes 时代,时期dark timesHannah Arendt内容概要Men in Dark Times is a collection of essayswhich stands as a testament to great men,and sometimes women,in times of strife and hardship throughout history.It was written by Hannah Arendtover a -year period in various publicationsand collectively portrays politicaland cultural individuals during the tumultuous yearsfrom pre-World War I through the end of the second.As a talented and thoughtful biographer,Arendt instills in the ernot only a sense of the tragedy of those "dark times,"but the philosophical and spiritual lightwhich shines through these remarkable personages.Her portrait of Pope John XXIIIis clearly the centerpiece of this volume.Especially as seen through her eyes,he was a man of simple faith and great wisdom.Other subjects of her essays,individuals whose names might have otherwiseslip into the vast unwritten history,such as Rosa Luxemburg, Karl Jaspers, Isak Dinesen,Walter Benjamin, and Bertolt Brecht,were people who she knewand admired their personal stories of courageand perseverance at a time of worldwide problems.讲解The volume is neatly tied togetherby her opening essay entitled,"On Humanity in Dark Times: Thoughts about Lessing."She uses the views and thoughtsof this 18th century philosopher to discuss the wayscivic friendship help to cement societyin difficult times in each portrait.The er can reflect on our current erain light of these biographiesand by the very natureof how each individual must learnand grow through the author's wonderful style of writing.She provides the er with a great insightinto the nature of greatness, not fame,and the problems inherent in any time of socialand political upheaval.There is much to learn here from the pastand the role each one of us plays in the present.讲解语言点Times of strife and hardshiptimes 时代,时期ofHis job is of great importance.His job is very important.pre 在…之前的prewarpostpostwarin light of 照,根据I will consider the plan in light of recent developments.关键詞Rosa Luxemburg, First World War, New York, East Berlin,Walter Benjamin, Third Reich, German Party, James Joyce,Isak Dinesen, The Death of Virgil, Bertolt Brecht,Denys Finch-Hatton, Karl Kraus,Franz Kafka, French Revolution, The Threepenny Opera,Weimar Republic, Manual of Piety, Moscow Trials,Nathan the Wise精点评Intellectual portraits that augment human dignity(Shalom Freedman)These portraits of Karl Jaspers, Waldemar Gurian,Randall Jarrell, Walter Benjamin, Isak Dinesen,Bertolhdt Brecht, Pope John XXIIIare remarkable their human insight,their narrative powerand their philosophical understanding.Arendt makes of each portrait a life- story,often a most moving story, and a presentationand critical assessment of the figure 's life- work.In some cases she had a central part in introducingto an English ing audience seminal figures(Walter Benjamin and Hermann Brochare the outstanding examples)who were far less well known,than they would come to be.She chooses figureswhose power of creation is great and unique,and she assesses themin terms of her own set of categories and understandings.One outstanding instance is her evaluationit is really a laudation a work of praise the great Pope John XXIII.She speaks of his remarkable simplicity,humanity and courage.His simple great faith"Every day is a good day to be born,and every day is a good day to die"讲解Some of the portraitsare of personal acquaintances and friends.And one feels that in writing about themshe is somehow doing them what she in her"The Human Condition" spoke aboutas the role of the poet the immortalization of the heroand their deeds.She has a wonderful eye and her description instance of the awkwardnesswith material things of Waldemar Guriancatches the essence of the person in a striking way.All in all the portraits of Men in Dark Timesshed light on the human character and soul,and are a testimonynot only to the greatness of the subjectsbut to the greatness of the writer herself.讲解Hannah Arendt's Political Biographies(A er)Men in Dark Times is a collection of biographical essaysArendt wrote over a period of years (1955-1968),all of which were published elsewhere,and collected here under this title.She has chosen to collct her portraits of culturaland political figureswho worked and were caught up in world affairsin the first half of the twentieth-century,figures such as Rosa Luxemburg,Karl Jaspers, Isak Dinesen,Walter Benjamin, and Bertolt Brecht.讲解The opening essay,"On Humanity in Dark Times: Thoughts about Lessing,"focuses on the thoughtof the eighteenth-century German philosopher,and she uses his thoughts on friendship,on the political and civic aspects of friendship,the ways in which philosophical and political worksare med through civic friendship,to tie all of the personae discussed in the book together.She sees them all as struggling to produce in an eraracked by political upheaval.As always, she writes with a highly astute critical eyeand a sharp tongue.It is one of her more polemical works,and is sure to make one re-evaluatehow we look not only at the livesand works of those she tells us about,but also about ourselves.讲解出版社:江苏教育出版社 出版日期:-7-1 字数:18000 1889

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