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But it is clear that the vast majority of enterprise customers will continue to have mixed environments. They will use PCs and mainframes Windows NT and UNIX and they will look to their IT partners to help them integrate these diverse computing environments.很显然绝大多数企业客户将继续使用混合的环境。他们将既使用个人电脑,也使用大型机、既运行Windows NT,也运行UNIX。他们将依靠他们的信息技术合作伙伴帮助他们对这种多样化的计算环境进行无缝地集成。With the acquisition of Digital and the continuing evolution of Compaqs enterprise strategy, we are expanding our vision of global, industry standards leadership to encompass every level of computing.随着康柏收购DEC及其企业战略的不断发展,我们将继续扩展我们的全球标准领先厂商理念,以满足各种计算需求。To us, industry standards leadership means not only providing industry standard products but also making those products work seamlessly with the rest of your IT environment.对康柏而言,工业标准的领先厂商不仅意味着为客户提供符合工业标准的产品,还意味着这些产品必须能够与客户的信息技术环境实现完美的集成。It means providing industry standard solutions that protect customers IT investments while enabling them to take greater advantage of standards-based platforms throughout the enterprise.它同时还意味着康柏将为客户提供符合工业标准的解决方案,以保护客户的信息技术投资,同时使客户可以更充分地利用其企业内部基于标准的平台。And it means having the vision and the skill to take emerging and leading edge technologies and make them standard as quickly as possible - expanding the power and the reach of industry standard platforms.它还意味着康柏即要有胆识,又要有技术,敢于使用那些刚刚出现的领先技术,并使这些技术尽快成为新的工业标准,从而扩展工业标准平台的功能和使用范围。As a result, you will enjoy:我们努力的结果就是使客户能够享受到以下益处:Wider choice and flexibility,*更多的选择和更大的灵活性Faster return on your IT investments,*从信息技术投资中尽快获得回报Greater agility in adapting to a dynamic world,*更大灵活性来适应变幻莫测的世界Increased security and confidence, and,*更大的安全性和信心Uncompromising quality and value.*无可比拟的质量和价值201311/264549。

Life doesnt always present you with the perfect opportunity at the perfect time 生活不会总在完美时间将完美机遇放到你的面前Opportunities come when you least expect them 机遇经常出现在你最不指望它们出现的时候or when youre not y for them 或是你没有做好准备的时候Rarely are opportunities presented to you in the perfect way 机遇很少会以完美方式出现在你的面前in a nice little box with a yellow bow on top 放在扎有蝴蝶结的精美礼品盒中Here, open it, its perfect, youll love it 给 打开它 它很完美 你会喜欢它的Opportunities, the good ones 好的机遇theyre messy 都很杂乱and confusing and hard to recognize 令人困扰 难于辨别Theyre risky 风险很大They challenge you 挑战不小But things happened so fast 不过一切都会很快发生because our world is changing so much 这是世界的快速发展使然You have to make decisions without perfect information 你需要在没有完美信息的情况下作出决定You have to make decisions based on the fact that the world 你做决定时 需要考虑到世界is going to continue to change 会持续变化Believe that the status quo will be supplanted by something better 需要相信现状总会被更好的事物所取代that someones crazy business idea will become real and important 有些人的疯狂经营理想会实现 并变得很重要Believe that this technology however small today is going to be big in the future 相信现在看起来很不起眼的技术 以后会产生深远影响It could make life better, easier, more meaningful 会让生活更好 更容易 更有意义for millions of people maybe billions 造福数以百万计 甚至数以十亿计的人Believe that this groundbreaking cancer research is going to save lives 相信这个开创性癌症研究将能挽救无数生命Believe that next year, Johns Hopkins Lacrosse will win a national championship 相信明年 约翰霍普金斯长曲棍球队能够获得全国冠军Look, I know 看 我知道that the opportunity I had with Google may seem one-of-a-kind 谷歌给我的这种机遇可能看起来像是独一无二的but think how much our world has changed since youve all grown up 但想想在你们成长起来的这段时间里 世界变化了多少think of the new companies, technologies, discoveries just in your lifetimes 想想这期间出现了多少新公司 新技术 新发现Smartphones came out when you were in high school 智能手机在你们读高中的时候出现and now you cant live without them 现在你们已经离不开它了201512/413806。

About a year ago,在一年之前we started a project called Aladdin.我们启动了一个叫;阿拉丁;的项目Its really a technology initiative这是一项thats aimed to index the致力于将暗网;dark; web or the hidden web,或隐藏网页纳入索引的技术创新because according to computer scientists,根据计算机科学家的统计right now the conditional search engines only index条件式的搜索引擎只将about 1% of the information on the Internet.互联网上1%的信息纳入了索引The rest 99 is the so-called the dark web.剩下的99%就是所谓的;暗网;They are not easily accessible by following the links.暗网难以通过追踪链接来获取We came up with this idea that we open up the于是我们有了一个想法,开放一个接口interface so that people who owns the data,让拥有数据who owns the content,以及容量的人can submit it to us能够将其提交给我们and we will integrate into our search results.然后整合到搜索结果中For example, Facebook -- but in China there以Facebook为例,在中国are a number of Facebook-like services,有许多类Facebook的网站some of them very popular. One of them is called Xiao Nei.做得十分成功,其中一个叫做;校内;It really started with the college students校内网使得with real identity.在校大学生实名化We had a partnership with them.百度与其有着合作关系They submit their data about their people,校内网将用户数据提交给我们their users to us, so Baidu users can easily这样,百度的用户就能够轻松find information related to that.搜索到相关信息Those kinds of information通过跟踪链接are not easily accessible by following或者传统搜索技术links or using the traditional search engine technology.是无法轻易获取的这些信息的201503/365339。

Another example:还有一个例子a few years ago I got a call from a man who was 19 years old,几年前,我接到一个十九岁的男孩打来的电话who was born a boy, raised a boy,他生下来是个男孩,也被当作男孩来养had a girlfriend, had sex with his girlfriend,后来有了女朋友,也和女友发生了性关系had a life as a guy一直过着男孩的生活and had just found out that he had ovaries and a uterus inside.但是最近,他发现自己体内有卵巢和子宫What he had was an extreme form他所有的是一种很极端的病症of a condition called congenital adrenal hyperplasia.叫做类固醇21-羟化酶缺乏症He had XX chromosomes,他携带XX染色体and in the womb,并且在子宫内的时候his adrenal glands were in such high gear他的肾上腺很活跃that it created, essentially, a masculine hormonal environment.从而形成了一个男性荷尔蒙的环境And as a consequence, his genitals were masculinzed,结果就是,他发育了男性生殖器官his brain was subject他的大脑接受了to the more typical masculine component of hormones.更多的典型的男性荷尔蒙And he was born looking like a boy -- nobody suspected anything.因此他生下来看起来像个男孩儿--根本没人怀疑And it was only when he had reached the age of 19只有当他长到19岁的时候that he began to have enough medical problems当他开始遇到生理问题的时候actually from menstruating internally,其实是在体内出现月经起that doctors figured out that, in fact, he was female internally.医生发现,实际上他的内部是女性Okay, so just one more quick example好,我们再来快速的看一个例子of a way you can have intersex.另一个可能带来两性特征的情况Some people who have XX chromosomes有XX染色体的一些人develop what are called ovotestis,会发育一种叫做卵睾的器官which is when you have ovarian tissue也就是当卵巢组织with testicular tissue wrapped around it.被睾丸组织包裹起来的一种器官And were not exactly sure why that happens.我们还不能确定它的成因So sex can come in lots of different varieties.所以说性别可以是很多种形式The reason拥有这些身体特征的that children with these kinds of bodies --孩子们——whether its dwarfism, or its conjoined twinning,不论是侏儒症,或者连体婴儿or its an intersex type --或者是双性型的——are often normalized by surgeons常被外科医生手术纠正的原因is not because it actually leaves them better off实际上并不是为了in terms of physical health.身体健康In many cases, people are actually perfectly healthy.因为很多情况下,他们的身体其实都很健康The reason theyre often subject to various kinds of surgeries他们接受各种外科手术的原因is because they threaten our social categories.是因为他们受到我们社会上对人分类的威胁Or system has been based typically on the idea或者说社会上已经有一个典型的认识that a particular kind of anatomy comes with a particular identity.什么样的身体结构,有什么样的特征So we have the concept that what it means to be a woman因此,我们的概念就是作为一个女人is to have a female identity;就必须有女性的特性what it means to be a black person is, allegedly,以此类推,一个黑人is to have an African anatomy就得具有非洲人的身体结构特征in terms of your history.在你的履历中And so we have this terribly simplistic idea.因此我们就有了这种过于简单的认识And when were faced with a body当我们面对一个that actually presents us something quite different,某些方面是与众不同的身体的时候it startles us in terms of those categorizations.那些不能归类的想法让我们感到吃惊So we have a lot of very romantic ideas in our culture因此我们的文化中有很多天真的想法about individualism.是关于个人主义的And our nations really founded on a very romantic concept of individualism.并且我们国家建立在一个非常不实际的个人主义的概念上的Well you can imagine how startling then it is好,你可以想象那多么令人震惊when you have children that are born当你的两个孩子who are two people inside of one body.出生的时候是在一个身体中的Where I ran into the most heat from this most recently我最近一次遇到这种情况是was last year the South African runner, Caster Semenya,去年的时候,非洲田径运动员,卡斯特尔·塞门亚had her sex called into question at the International Games in Berlin.在柏林国际比赛中被质疑性别问题I had a lot of journalists calling me, asking me,许多记者给我打电话,问我;Which is the test theyre going to run“他们会用哪种检测方法that will tell us whether or not来向大家明Caster Semenya is male or female?;卡斯特尔·塞门亚是男还是女?”And I had to explain to the journalists there isnt such a test.于是我不得不跟他们解释说,根本没有检测的方法In fact, we now know事实上,我们现在已经了解that sex is complicated enough性别是非常复杂的that we have to admit我们不得不承认nature doesnt draw the line for us between male and female,大自然根本就没有一个明确的分界线来区分男性或女性or between male and intersex and female and intersex;或者男性和双性以及女性和双性we actually draw that line on nature.这条分界线实际上是我们自己画的So what we have is a sort of situation因此我们现在的情况是where the farther our science goes,科学越发展the more we have to admit to ourselves我们越得承认that these categories这些性别的分类形式that we thought of as stable anatomical categories也就是我们认为很理所当然的身体结构学上的分类that mapped very simply是过于简单地to stable identity categories给特性分了类are a lot more fuzzy than we thought.实际情况要比我们想象的模糊的多And its not just in terms of sex.并且这不仅仅是关于性别的问题Its also in terms of race,也同样是关于种族的问题which turns out to be vastly more complicated这个复杂程度than our terminology has allowed.远不是我们的学术语言所能形容的201508/394243。

It is such an honor and pleasure for me to be back at Yale, especially on the occasion of the 300th anniversary. I have had so many memories of my time here, and as Nick was speaking I thought about how I ended up at Yale Law School. And it tells a little bit about how much progress weve made.再回耶鲁,特别是在耶鲁大学300周年纪念日再回到这里,我感到非常高兴非常荣幸!耶鲁大学给我留下了许多美好的回忆,尼克发言时,我想起了当年从耶鲁法学院毕业时的情景。这让我感受到了耶鲁大学所取得的巨大进步。What I think most about when I think of Yale is not just the politically charged atmosphere and not even just the superb legal education that I received. It was at Yale that I began work that has been at the core of what I have cared about ever since. I began working with New Haven legal services representing children. And I studied child development, abuse and neglect at the Yale New Haven Hospital and the Child Study Center. I was lucky enough to receive a civil rights internship with Marian Wright Edelman at the Childrens Defense Fund, where I went to work after I graduated. Those experiences fueled in me a passion to work for the benefit of children, particularly the most vulnerable.每当想起耶鲁时,我感触最深的不是这里浓郁的政治氛围,也不是我所接受的顶级的法律教育。正是在耶鲁,我开始做一些事情,这些事情从那时到现在都是我关心的核心。正是在耶鲁,我开始在纽黑文儿童法律机构工作。我还在耶鲁纽黑文医院和儿童研究中心研究儿童身心发展以及辱骂和忽视儿童的行为。之后,我很幸运地与玛丽安·莱特·埃德尔一起获得了在儿童保护基金委员会的民权实习机会,并在毕业后去了那里工作。所有这些经历激发了我为保护儿童权益而努力的,特别是保护那些最脆弱的儿童。Now, looking back, there is no way that I could have predicted what path my life would have taken. I didnt sit around the law school, saying, well, you know, I think Ill graduate and then Ill go to work at the Childrens Defense Fund, and then the impeachment inquiry, and Nixon retired or resigns, Ill go to Arkansas. I didnt think like that. I was taking each day at a time.现在回想起来,当时我并不知道自己会走上什么样的人生道路。我没有坐在法学院里说:“嗯,你知道,我想我毕业后要去儿童保护基金委员会工作,然后会遭到弹劾并接受调查,当尼克松退休或辞职后我会去阿肯色州。”事实上,我从未这样想过,只是顺其自然地过着每一天。 /201301/218718。

THE PRESIDENT: Hello, South Carolina! (Applause.) Thank you! Well, it is good to see everybody. It is good to be back in South Carolina. Now, if you all have a seat, take a seat. If you don’t have a seat, I’m sorry. (Laughter.)I want to say thank you to Benedict College for your hospitality. (Applause.) I want to thank Tiana for the great introduction. Give her a big round of applause. (Applause.) We have all kinds of luminaries and dignitaries, and big shots here today – (laughter) – but I’m just going to mention a couple of them.One of the finest gentlemen and finest legislators we have in the country, your congressman, Jim Clyburn. (Applause.) Your outstanding mayor, Steve Benjamin. (Applause.) The president of this great institution, Dr. David Swinton. (Applause.) Go, Tigers!It’s been a while since I was in South Carolina. In fact, I got – it’s been too long. It has. I’m not going to lie. I love you, and I’ve been loving you. It’s just I’ve had a lot of stuff to do since I last saw you. But it was wonderful to be backstage because I got a chance to see so many of the wonderful people that I worked with back in 2008. If it was not for this great state, the Palmetto State, if it was not for all the people who had, at a grassroots level, gone door-to-door and talked to folks, and got everybody fired up and y to go – (applause) – if it hadn’t been for all of you, I might not be President. And I’m truly grateful for that. (Applause.) I’m truly grateful for that.I hope that you don’t mind, I also brought another good friend – the Attorney General of the ed States, Eric Holder. (Applause.) We decided to take a Friday road trip together, because Eric has not only been a great friend, but an extraordinary Attorney General. As some of you know, he is going to go enjoy himself and is going to retire from public service. But I know he’s still going to be doing great things around the country. I’m really going to miss him.Now, I am not here to make a long speech. I’m here to make a short speech – because what I want to do is spend most of my time interacting, having a conversation. I want to get questions; I want to hear what you guys are thinking about. This is a good thing for me, to get out of Washington and talk to normal folk. (Laughter.)And I thought it was appropriate to come here because tomorrow I’ll be visiting Selma, Alabama, for the 50th anniversary of the march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge. And one of the things I might talk about – I’m still working on my speech, but it might come up – is the meaning of Selma for your generation. Because Selma is not just about commemorating the past. It’s about honoring the legends who helped change this country through your actions today, in the here and now. Selma is now. Selma is about the courage of ordinary people doing extraordinary things because they believe they can change the country, that they can shape our nation’s destiny. Selma is about each of us asking ourselves what we can do to make America better.And, historically, it’s been young people like you who helped lead that march. You think about somebody like John Lewis who was one of the key leaders and will be joining us tomorrow. He was 23 when he helped lead that march that transformed the country. You think about the Children’s Crusade in Birmingham, or the 12 year-old boy who was elected head of the NAACP youth chapter who grew up to be Jim Clyburn. (Applause.) It was young people. It was young people who stubbornly insisted on justice, stubbornly refused to accept the world as it is that transformed not just the country but transformed the world. You can see that spirit reflected in a poster put out by the Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee in the 1960s. It had a picture of a young John Lewis kneeling in protest against an all-white swimming pool. And it s: “Come let us build a new world together.”Come let us build a new world together. That’s the story of America. That’s why immigrants came here – the idea of building a new world together – not just settling on what is, but imagining what might be. Insisting we live up to our highest ideals, our deepest values.That’s why I wanted to come here to Columbia, and here to Benedict College, because we all know we still have work to do. We’ve got to ensure not just the absence of formal, legal, oppression, but the presence of an active, dynamic opportunity. Good jobs that pay good wages; a good start for every child; health care for every family; a higher education that prepares you for the world without crippling you with debt; a fairer and more just legal and criminal justice system. (Applause.)Now, the good news is we’re in much better shape now than we were six years ago. This morning, we learned that our economy created nearly 300,000 new jobs last month, the unemployment rate went down – (applause) – the unemployment rate ticked down to 5.5 percent, which is the lowest it’s been since the spring of 2008. (Applause.) Our businesses have now added more than 200,000 jobs a month for the past year. And we have not seen a streak like that in 37 years, since Jimmy Carter was President. (Applause.) All told, over the past five years, our businesses have created nearly 12 million new jobs.And what’s more, the unemployment rate for African Americans is actually falling faster than the overall unemployment rate – which makes sense because it went up faster, too, during the recession. (Applause.) But it’s still too high. The unemployment rate across the country and here in South Carolina is still higher than we want, which means we’ve got more work to do. And we’ve got to make sure those are good jobs that pay a living wage and have benefits with them.So we can’t let up now. We’ve got to do everything we can to keep this progress going. This community, I know, is doing its part to prepare students for this new economy. Programs like YouthBuild – (applause) – are giving young people who may have gotten off track a chance to earn a degree and get the skills they need for the for the 21st century. CityYear AmeriCorps – (applause) – in the house – I see their jackets – they’re working with the public schools in Columbia to increase graduation rates. The Benedict College community is doing outstanding work beyond your walls. (Applause.) We put you on the Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll. You earned that honor. (Applause.)So as long as I’m President, we’re going to keep doing everything we can to make sure that young people like you can achieve your dreams. We can’t do it for you; you’ve got to do it yourselves. But we can give you the tools you need. We can give you a little bit of a helping hand and a sense of possibility and direction. You got to do the work, but we can make it a little bit easier for you.That’s why, one year ago, we launched what we call My Brother’s Keeper. It’s an initiative that challenges communities to bring together nonprofits and foundations and businesses and government, all focused on creating more pathways for young people to succeed. And this week, we put out a report showing the progress that’s been made. That progress is thanks to the nearly 200 local leaders who’ve accepted what we call My Brother’s Keeper’s Challenge – including Mayor Benjamin and the mayors of Johnston and Holly Hill. They’re doing great work mentoring young people, giving them a new path for success. (Applause.) 201507/383438。

But even harder than the technological troubles are the political ones as preposterous as it might sound to many of us但在技术难题之外 更复杂的是政治难题也许看起来有点荒谬there are great many people claim that climate change is a hoax很多人都声称气候变化只是个骗局perpetrated by an international conspiracy of scientists and government officials是科学家和政府官员编造的国际阴谋Oh but it were that simple有这么简单吗If there were a conspiracy our path forward would be easy如果确实是阴谋我们前进的道路就简单了None of us would be responsible for climate change没人需要对气候变化负责It would be those bad guys. All wed have to do is expose them and everything would be fine but my friends, there is no such thing需要负责的是坏人 我们只需要曝光坏人就行了一切都会很好但是朋友们 根本不是这样的Have you ever tried to get along with a bunch of scientists?你们能同一堆科学家相处得好吗Theyre at each others throats and theyre happy about it他们吵得不可开交 而且乐此不疲Climate change is happening because we are all using the atmosphere for chemical energy and as ways to dump our airborne carbon气候变化正在发生因为我们都在使用大气提供化学能并往空气中排出碳Its a much more complicated problem than any that could be caused by a misguided conspirator这个问题太过复杂根本就不是一个阴谋者能够想出来的Conspiracy theories are for lazy people people that dont want to get down to business at hand阴谋论只适用于懒人只适用于不想严肃考虑问题的人So everybody, please dismiss those ideas at once我请所有人立刻摒弃阴谋论观点The US cannot wait for the others we have to overcome the notion that美国不能等别人我们不能总想着since other large carbon dioxide emitters like China, Russia and India其它二氧化碳排放大国 例如中国 俄罗斯 印度have not come around to the idea of reducing emissions都没有考虑减排 then the ed States and the class of 2014 shouldnt either那么美国和2014届毕业生也不应该考虑减排201510/404495。

The other thing is, before we get too arrogant about this 但别骄傲 另外一件事就是 We all spend 99.5% of our time to think about the 0.5% of us is different. 我们每个人都花费99.5%的时间 去想我们那0.5%的不同 Dont we? All of us 是吧 我们所有人 You walk down to the street, by a store window and you see your reflection 你在街上走 在商店窗户上看到了自己的映像 You think, oh I wish I was a little taller 你想着 唉 我要是再高点就好了 Thats also focus on that 0.5% Now that 0.5% matters, given Einstein the biggest brain ever measured, 那仍然是注意那0.5%的不同点 这0.5%很重要 爱因斯坦因此有了容量最大的大脑 He made pretty good use of it. Its a good thing 他把它使用得挺不错的 这是件好事 That 0.5% means LeBron James is hard to stop if hes driving for the basket 那0.5%意味着勒布朗?詹姆斯如果向着篮筐发起冲击 你很难阻挡他 The 0.5% matters But so does the 99.5% And thats why this service ethic counts 这0.5%确实重要 但那99.5%也同样重要 这就是公共务伦理重要的原因 And when you leave here I want you never to forget for the rest of your life, in good times and bad, that you live in an interdependent world 当你们离开之后 我希望你们 这辈子都不要忘记 无论境况好坏 你们生存在一个相互依存的世界中 and weve got to put it together, which means to be a good citizen 我们必须要齐心协力 即要做一位好公民 youve got to do something sometime for somebody else because they are just like you are 你就得在有些时候为他人做些事情 因为他们正像你一样 That is really, really important 这一点是非常非常重要的 The last point I wanna make is very good economics 我想说的最后一点跟经济学很是相关 A few years ago, an American journalist named James Surowiecki 几年前 一位名叫詹姆斯?索罗维基的美国记者 wrote a book called The Wisdom of Crowds, in which he chronicled all these experiments which all come down to this 写了一本书 名为群众的智慧 书中他记录了所有的实验结果 最终可归结为一点 If I pick twenty of you at random from this crowd, and I put you in a nice room in Howard 如果我在你们之中随便选出二十人 让他们待在霍华德大学一间舒适的房间内 201507/386429。