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Hu Die (1907 ~1989)胡蝶(1907 ~ 1989)Hu Die, whose birth name was Hu Ruihua, original hometown was Heshan, Guangdong Province, was born in Shanghai in 1907.胡蝶,原名胡瑞华,原籍广东鹤山,1907生于上海。Hu Die had moved to Tianjin, Yingkou and Beijing, etc. with her father during her infancy. When came back to Shanghai in 1924, she entered the first actor training class of Shanghai Zhonghua Film School. She played a role in Amid the Battle of Musketry (1925) affer graduation. Then successively, she starred in the films in ancient costume, like Complaints (1925) , The Lovers (1926) and Princess Iron Fan (1927), etc. In 1928, she joined Star Film Company and played the leads in Lonely Orchid (1925) , The White-Cloud Pagoda (1928) , The Burning of Red Lotus Temple (1928), etc.幼年随父亲迁居天津、营口、北京等地。1924年回上海,进人上海中华电影学校第一期演员训练班,结业后参加无声片《战功》(1925)的拍摄。而后相继在友联、天一等影片公 司主演《秋扇怨》(1925)、《梁祝痛史》(1926)、《铁扇公主》(1927)等二十多部古装片。1928年加人明星影片公司,曾主演《空谷兰》(1925)、《白云塔》(1928)、《火烧红莲寺》(1928)等影片。由她主演的中国第一部有声片《歌女红牡丹》相当成功。The first Chinese sound film Singing Girl Red Peony (1930) starred by her was fairly a success. In the first leftist movement film, Raging Waves (1933), the role of Xiu Juan starred by her was the figure of a new woman with the rebellious spirit and rich in her inner world, which received favorable comments. In 1933, Twin Sisters (1933) in which she starred the twin sisters having total different personalities brought her performance art to a summit. The film broke the highest record of box-office beyond the memory of China-made films in 1930s. Its showings in Southeast Asia, Japan and West-European countries won acclaim.在第一部左翼电影《狂流》(1933)中,她塑造的秀娟不但富有反抗精神,而且是个内心世界十分丰富的新女性,受到好评。1933年在由她主演的有声片《姊花》(1933)中兼饰一对性格迥异的孪生,使她的表演艺术达到了高峰。20世纪30年代,这部影片在国内打破了国产影片有史以来上座率的最髙纪录,后来到东南亚、日本、西欧诸国演出,大获好评。In 1935, she appeared at the First International Film Exhibition in Moscow and went to Germany, France, Britain and Italy, etc. to investigate their film circle with Chinese film delegation. Later she went to Hong Kong and starred Rouge Tears (1938) and The Perfect Beauty (1940), etc. After the Anti-Japanese War, she went back to Hong Kong again, once did business and starred Mrs. Who and Autumn Moon (Ming yue ji shi yuan), etc. She retired in 1967, later she moved to Canada and settled there, where she passed away on April 23, 1989.1935年与中国电影代表团一起出席莫斯科首届国际电影展览会,并随团赴德、法、英、意等国电影界考察。后来去了香 港,主演《胭脂泪》(1938)、《绝代佳人》(1940)等影片。抗战胜利后复去香港一度经商,并曾主演《某夫人》、《明月几时圆》等影片。1967年息影,定居加拿大。1989年4月23日,胡蝶在加拿大温哥华安然长逝。Hu Die had a career as a film actress from late 1920s to 1960s. She had her most brilliant period in the 1930s and 1940s. She played a full spectrum of characters, including maidservant, loving mother, woman school teacher, actress, prostitute, dancing girl, the daughter of a rich family, laboring woman, and factory worker. She had attractive, unconventional qualities, and her performances were gentle, honest, refined and sweet. The audiences called her a Film Queen. She was 25 that year. Hu Die lived both in the silent and sound film periods, and she was one of the best Chinese film actresses in the 1930s and the 1940s. She was the first Film Queen of China in a real sense.胡蝶的表演生涯从20世纪20年代末一直延续到60年代,而三四十年代是她最辉煌的时期。她一生曾饰演过娘姨、慈母、女教师、女演员、娼妓、舞女、阔、劳动妇女、工厂女工等多种角色,她的气质华贵脱俗,演技精湛,一度被观众评为 “电影皇后”,那年她才25岁。胡蝶横跨默片和有声片两个时代,成为20世纪三四十年代我国最优秀的演员之一,是中国第一位真正意义上的影后。 /201605/44351815. Vietnam 越南Buy yourself forty quail and start raising them if you wish.1美元可以给自己买40只鹌鹑,如果你愿意的话可以开始养鹌鹑了。16. Venezuela 委内瑞拉Believe it or not, you can get from #189; a tank of gas to a full one, depending on the size of the tank. Now I may relocate.信不信由你,在这里1美元可以买到半箱至一箱的汽油,取决于你的油箱有多大。这么看来没准我会搬到这里来住。17. ed Kingdom 英国Satisfy your pickle yen with a single pickled egg.1美元可以买到一颗酱蛋,给爱吃泡菜的你解解馋。18. Saudi Arabia 沙特阿拉伯Take a taxi a single mile for a dollar.1美元可以乘出租车走一英里。19. Czechoslovakia 捷克斯洛伐克This is the place to go! Three bottles of beer will only cost you a buck.这真是你该去的地方!三瓶啤酒只花1美元。20. Honduras 洪都拉斯Take a taxi anywhere in the city! Saudi has nothing on these guys.1美元可以乘出租车到这个城市的任何地方!与之相比沙特真是弱爆了。21. China 中国Here you can get one pint of beer.在这里1美元可以买到一品脱啤酒。 /201607/452840

Extraordinary photos have emerged showing a tribe chief holding the perfectly mummified remains of one of his ancestors in a remote Indonesian village.根据几张奇特的照片显示,在印尼的一个偏远山村,一个部落的首领竟然怀抱着一具保存完好的木乃伊祖先遗体。Dani tribe chief Eli Mabel is pictured holding the remains of Agat Mamete Mabel in the village of Wogi in Wamena in West Papua.这些照片拍摄于西巴布亚省瓦梅纳市渥基村,该村的达尼部落首领依莱·梅布尔怀抱着阿加·马梅特·梅布尔的遗体。The indigenous tribe, who live in a remote area of the Papuan central highlands, used to preserve their ancestors by smoking their bodies, which kept them in a near-perfect state for hundreds of years.这一土著部落居住在巴布亚中部的高原地区,他们过去常常通过烟熏身体来保存祖先的遗体,这一方法可使遗体几乎能完好地保存好几百年。The smoking mummification is no longer practiced, but the Dani tribes people still preserve a number of mummies as a symbol of their highest respect for their ancestors.烟熏木乃伊化如今已被摈弃,但是达尼部落的人们仍然保存了大量的木乃伊,以作为他们对祖先的最高敬意。In recent years the Dani tribe has attracted tourists from around the world, with some villages even showing their original customs and holding mock wars.近些年来,达尼部落吸引了全球各地的游客,一些村庄甚至还展示他们的原始习俗,并进行模拟战争。Every August the Dani hold mock battles with neighbouring tribes – the Lani and Yali peoples - to celebrate the fertility and welfare of the Papua province as well as upholding ancient traditions.每年八月,达尼部落都会和临近部落,比如拉尼部落和亚里部落,一起开展模拟战争,以庆祝巴布亚省土壤肥沃、人民生活幸福以及源远流长的古老传统。The people of Baliem Valley, the Dani, Lani and Yali tribes, were discovered accidentally by American zoologist and philanthropist Richard Archbold, while on a zoological expedition to New Guinea in 1938.达尼部落、拉尼部落和亚里部落这些居住在巴列姆山谷的居民,都是在1938年被前往新几内亚进行动物考察的美国动物学家及慈善家理查德·阿奇尔德在无意中发现的。In the Dani tribe, the men wear distinctive tribal attire, including face paint, feathers, animal bones and intricate penis sheaths named Koteka. The women wear skirts made from woven orchid fibres decorated with straw and woven bags.达尼部落的男性身着与众不同的部落饰,其中包括脸上的油、皮革、动物骨头和名为Koteka的复杂阴茎鞘。而女性穿的裙子主要是由编织的兰花纤维制成,同时饰以稻草和编织包。 /201608/462724

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