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Team GB athletes who win gold at this year#39;s home Olympics will be immortalised in the national memory. But for competitors from some other nations, prestige isn#39;t the only thing driving them on.在本次主场奥运会中获得金牌的英国运动员无疑将在英国名垂青史,但对一些其他国家的运动员来说,催他们奋进的动力可不仅仅是参加奥运所能获得的荣誉和地位。Virtually all the world#39;s national Olympic committees will be offering cash rewards to athletes who take gold in theirdisciplines.实际上,世界上所有国家的奥委会都会给予那些在各自项目获得金牌的选手现金奖励。Except Britain, which maintains that victory is its own reward.除了依然认为胜利本身就是奖赏的英国。A gold medalist from Malaysia will walk away with about #163;400,000, for example. But if they emerge triumphant from badminton, the country#39;s strongest sport, they will receive an additional lump of gold - literally - worth some #163;380,000, The Sunday Times reports.据《星期日泰晤士报》报道,一位马来西亚金牌获得者可以领取40万英镑的奖金,而如果他们在本国最强的项目羽毛球上获得金牌,除了40万英镑奖金,他们还将获得一块价值38万英镑的金条。A gold medallist from Russia#39;s remote Chelyabinsk region, meanwhile, will walk away with a #163;600,000 reward.一位来自俄罗斯偏远地区车里雅宾斯克地区的选手如果获得金牌,将得到高达60万英镑的奖金。For Team GB stars the rewards are far less tangible. From the moment any take gold, the Royal Mail will begin designing a stamp bearing their image and deliver them to 500 post offices for sale the following day.然而英国队的明星们获得的奖励相比之下则抽象得多。一旦有英国运动员拿了金牌,英国皇家邮政就会即刻开始设计一款印有该运动员头像的邮票,并在第二天发送至全国500家邮局对外发售。The champions#39; stamps will be available in books of six for #163;3.60 or individually for 60p - to be immortalised forever among philatelists.印有冠军头像的邮票将会以每套6张,3.6英镑的价格或单张60便士的价格发售——在集邮者的世界中永垂不朽。UK athletes could be forgiven then for looking enviously at the incentives on offer to their international rivals.因此,英国运动员们如果对其国外竞争对手的奖金面露妒色是可以原谅的。The Indian government will be offering coaching jobs to its athletes who win medals, the country#39;s sports minister Ajay Maken has announced.印度体育部长阿贾#8226;梅肯已经宣布,印度政府将为获得奖牌的运动员提供教练工作。Of the nations that finished in the top 10 of total medal hauls at Beijing four years ago, Italy is the most generous to its stars. It offers #163;116,000 for a gold.在四年前北京奥运会奖牌榜前十名的国家中,意大利是最慷慨的国家,其获得金牌的运动员可以得到11.6万英镑的奖金。The basic payment on offer to Russian athletes is #163;85,000, but that can hiked up significantly by regional bonuses. The US will pay a not to be sniffed at #163;15,000 to a gold medallist, while Austria and Germany will pay just under #163;13,000.俄罗斯选手获得金牌的最低奖励是8.5万英镑,但加上地方奖金,数额也相当可观。美国付给金牌运动员的奖金是1.5万英镑,还能让人勉强接受,而奥地利和德国的奖金只有不到1.3万英镑。Still, with fat sponsorship deals on offer and the prospect of punditry work with broadcasters at future Games and related events, Team GB stars are unlikely to go hungry in years to come.Team GB athletes who win gold at this year#39;s home Olympics will be immortalised in the national memory. But for competitors from some other nations, prestige isn#39;t the only thing driving them on.不过,丰厚的赞助费用和与广播员一同在未来奥运会及相关赛事的权威解说工作使得英国的奖牌获得者们在未来数年里还不至于挨饿。 /201207/192911Women#39;s Wear Daily continued its ;Model Call; series this week with Vika Falileeva, a tall Russian blonde who walked all of Spring 2012#39;s top shows. 时尚杂志《女装日报》系列访谈栏目;对话名模;这周的嘉宾是俄罗斯金发超模Vika Falileeva,2012年春季的所有大秀她都走过了。Vika kindly divulged details on the unique stress that is New York Fashion Week, including this interesting tidbit. ;the fall 2012 shows are just a couple months away. Do you do anything to prepare for the chaos?;;Sleep all day and eat a lot actually, because I lost like five kilograms last week. I was superskinny.;; You don#39;t have time to eat.;; We have castings, shows, fittings, refits, more castings, more shows.; Vika在栏目中透露纽约时装周的巨大压力,同时,还分享了一些有趣的小秘密。;距离2012年秋季秀还有几个月。你要做些什么准备呢?;;猛吃猛睡,因为上周我又瘦了5公斤。我本来就骨瘦如柴了。;;你没有时间去吃东西。;;我们要不停地试镜,走秀,试衣,改衣大小,然后去参加更多的试镜,走更多的秀。;While we don#39;t think stress is entirely to blame for models#39; skinny runway appearances, it is worthwhile to think about what role it plays. 尽管我们不能把模特们在台上皮包骨头的体形完全归结于巨大的压力,但是我们也要考虑到压力在这其中起的作用。Then again, if stress is only part of the story. We aly all assumed: that too many models have a twisted, unhealthy attitude towards food ; and that that attitude results in many dropped kilos. 如果说压力大只是造成超模们身形消瘦的原因之一的话,那么我们都相信,很多模特对食物都存在着一种扭曲的、不健康的心态。而这种心态也会使她们的体重下降。小编物语:过于消瘦不仅不健康,还影响美观,反而是违反了当初;为美而瘦;的初衷,小编规劝大家还是安全第一,不胖不瘦的体态最健康! /201112/164538We all have difficult people in our lives. You know—the ones you d talking to; the ones you try to avoid at all costs. They may be your ex-spouse, a co-worker, or a family member; they may be a bully, a control freak, passive-aggressive or someone who loves to play the role of victim.人的一生中,难免会遇见一些很难打交道的人。你知道的,就是那种你竭尽所能想要避开的人。他们也许是你的前妻/夫、同事,亲戚,可能是专爱欺负别人的人、控制狂、消极对待者、或者受害妄想症资深患者。So, how do we deal with these people? How can we work together productively, whether in a parenting, a working, or a family relationship?那么,我们该如何跟这种人打交道呢?要怎样做,才能顺利地和他们共事、共同维护家庭、工作或保持良好的亲戚关系呢?Here are a few secrets to being able to keep your cool when dealing with that difficult person in your life:以下几个小秘密,能帮助你在面对这类人时保持淡定。1. Know Your Triggers1. 知道自己的底线Self-knowledge is powerful.自知之明是强大的武器。We all have subjects and idiosyncrasies that push our buttons, and I can almost guarantee that the difficult person in your life knows what those are—but do you? Spend some time exploring what really ticks you off. Is it when somebody talks about politics, money, or your family? Is it when your ex takes your kids to McDonald’s 3 days in a row?每个人都有自己的底线,它们会被特定的事物引爆。我可以确信地告诉你,那些你最讨厌的人,往往熟知你的底线在哪里。那么你呢?你知道吗?花点时间好好想想吧,找出那些容易让你暴躁的事物来。比如,是不是一旦有人谈论起政治、或金钱、或你的家庭,你就开始不爽?或者是不是一想起你的前任连着三天用麦当劳打发孩子,你就暴躁了?Once you have your list of those trigger buttons, you are y to arm yourself. Create a plan. What will you do when the conversation steers dangerously close to one of your buttons?一旦熟知自己的底线,那你就变得无坚不摧。列一个应对计划——比如,当谈话开始渐渐转移到你最讨厌的东西上时,该怎么应对?You can practice deep breathing, take a short time-out, walk away from the conversation, or any combination of the three. Whatever allows you to center yourself and regain your focus onthe purpose of the conversation will work.你可以试着深呼吸、或出门散散步、或直接起身,远离这个话题;或者你可以把这三件事一块儿做了。无论怎么应对,只要能让你把注意力转移回自己身上、并巩固你对该谈话的控制权的方法,就是好方法。2. The STOP Phrases2. 使用“停滞期”语句If you are having a conversation with a difficult person and you just want it to end, these phrases seem to do the trick (or at least take the wind out of the other person’s sails).假如你正在和一个难打交道的人聊天,而你非常想闭嘴走人。这个“停滞期”语句会很管用——至少它能把对方的气势灭到最低。“Sorry you feel that way.”“很抱歉让你有这样的感觉。”“That’s your opinion.”“好吧,这是你的看法。”“Oh.”“哦。”“Perhaps you’re right.”“或许你是对的。“If you just repeat these phrases over and over during the conversation, eventually the other person will give up trying to get you to join the argument.假如你不停重复这几句话,最终对方一定会放弃和你争吵的,哈哈。3. Resist the Temptation to get Sucked In3. 抑制住被卷入争执中的冲动Difficult people want to engage you: don’t fall for that trap. Listen to what you’re saying: are you trying to justify, argue, defend, or explain your position? If you are, stop. If you don’t, the conversation will just continue to go around in circles. You will never change the mind of a difficult person—otherwise you probably wouldn’t be seeing them as “difficult.”那些难打交道的人,最爱做的事就是让你卷入争执中。小心这个陷阱。听听此时自己的嘴巴在说些啥:是不是正在试图明某事、或争论、或辩解、或解释自己的处境?如果是,请立即停止。因为如果你不停下来的话,这个对话将永远在一个圆里绕啊绕,毫无结果。因为你是没有办法改变对方这类人的想法的。否则的话,你也不会给他们贴上 “难打交道”的标签了。4. The Big One4. 终极大杀器While the 3 secrets above can help you to avoid or get out of an uncomfortable conversation with a difficult person, there is one secret that can truly change your relationship with that person in your life: that secret is, that they are human, and are dealing with their own issues and their own crap that they’re bringing to the table.前三种方法能帮你避免、或逃离和这类人的谈话,而现在我们要说的,则是能彻底改变你和此类人关系的终极大杀器!这就是:无论如何,他们也是人,他们也有烦恼和弱点!Their difficult behaviors are benefiting them in some way that helps them deal with those issues, and most of the time their behavior has nothing to do with you.为了解决自己的问题,他们的言行从某种程度上来讲,与他们自身有益。而且,绝大多数时候,他们这样做,和你并没有多大关系。A person might feel more secure when they are bullying someone or controlling others, or they might feel a sense of importance when they’re getting a lot of attention—even negative attention. They might try to gain a sense of belonging by playing the victim and getting others to help them, or someone who’s inflicting hurt and provoking hostility might be trying to protect his own sense of identity.有的人在欺负、控制别人的时候,会因为获得关注(即使是负面关注)而觉得自己更重要、更有安全感。而有的人需要扮演被害者的角色,才能得到别人的帮助;有的人表面看上去既脆弱又带有敌意,不外乎是为了保全自己的存在感。If we take the time to figure out what unconscious beliefs may be behind someone’s difficult behavior, we may be able to change our interaction with them and improve our relationship. Once you figure out what may be driving their behavior, you can begin to try different ways to help them get their emotional needs met without resorting to that behavior any longer.假如我们能花点时间,去搞清楚那些难以理解的举止背后是由什么潜意识撑着的话,我们也许就能改变和这类人的关系。一旦搞定这一点,你就能巧妙地通过别的方式满足他们的情感需要,从而避免再度忍受他们不堪举止的折磨。The main idea here is to tap into your empathy pool and realize that the person you see as the bane of your existence is just another human being trying to get along as best they can.这一招的主要目的是:激发你的同情和理解,让你明白——这些存在于你生命中的“祸害”,其实也不过是个尽力想好好生活的人类罢了。A Final Thought最后的想法Yes, sometimes we have to disengage in order to save our sanity, but keep in mind that everybody is doing the best they can with the emotional tools they have at their disposal. It is possible to get past our reactions to their difficult behaviors so that we may be able to do our part in building a calmer, more productive relationship, and in the end, this is all we can truly control—our own reactions.的确,有时候为了拯救自己的理智,我们得学会放弃。但请记住,每个人其实都在尽己所能地生活着。抑制住对于那些讨厌举止的厌恶情感吧,这样的话,我们就能拥有更冷静、更有益的人际关系。总的来讲,其实最终我们真正能掌控的,是自己的情感。You never know—one day, you may actually look forward to seeing these people.谁知道呢,说不定某天你突然发现,自己还挺想念某个“特别难打交道”的人呢。 /201212/217109

Tenants living in east London are facing eviction from their homes with hardly any notice by landlords wanting to cash in on the Olympics.住在伦敦东部的租客们正面临被房东赶走的难题,而且并没有得到提前通知,因为房东们想在奥运会期间把房子租给短期游客,大捞一笔。Housing and homelessness charity Shelter has seen numerous cases of families being forced to seek last minute accommodation after being evicted by their landlords.住房慈善机构“庇护所”表示,已经有为数众多的租客家庭在被房东赶走后,被迫紧急寻找住处。In some cases, the tenants are even being evicted illegally by rogue landlords who instead want to use their properties for short-terms lets at inflated rental prices during the London games.在一些案例中,租客被粗暴的房东非法赶走,因为房东想借伦敦奥运之机把房子短期出租,租金飙涨。Many homes near the Olympic grounds are being let for 20 times the usual rental price during the games.伦敦奥运会期间,奥运场馆周围的住宅租金甚至达到了平时的20倍。Campbell Robb, Chief Executive at Shelter, said: #39;Londoners living in the Olympic boroughs are aly suffering from increasingly unaffordable rents, a lack of stability and a minority of rogue landlords who exploit the high demand for homes in the capital.“庇护所”的执行长坎贝尔-罗伯说:“居住在奥运场馆附近的伦敦人已经承受了飞涨的房租,生活缺乏稳定,还有少数粗暴的房东利用伦敦的住房高需求谋利。”;Increasingly we are seeing signs that the Olympics are exacerbating these problems, with some landlords looking to evict tenants and re-let their homes to Olympic visitors, without any guarantee that they will be filled.;“如今我们越来越多地看到,奥运会正在加剧这些问题。虽然无法保客源,但一些房东还是想赶走租客,把房子租给奥运游客。”;But the reality is that we are caught in the grip of a housing crisis that#39;s been decades in the making. Unless the Government starts to prioritise housing and invest in the decent, secure and affordable homes that London and the rest of the country desperately needs, these problems are not going to go away.;“但现实情况是我们正身处持续了几十年的住房危机中。除非政府开始重点解决住房问题,投资兴建体面、安全、人们负担得起的住房,这些住房也是伦敦民众和英国其它地区的民众急需的,否则这些问题无法解决。”One tenant Ninna Thorhuge told the B she had been given just two weeks notice by her landlord that she had to move out.租客尼娜-托尔哈格告诉英国广播公司(B)的记者,房东已经告诉她,在两个星期内搬离。She told the TV station: #39;Everything is done in the name of the Olympics. In my mind it#39;s overrated.她说:“任何事情都在拿奥运说事,我认为这有点过头了。”;I know it may be good for London but a lot of Londoners who live here get hurt by it.;“我知道承办奥运对伦敦可能有好处,但很多住在这里的伦敦人却受到了伤害。”Housing Minister Grant Shapps told the B: ;Landlords should be under no doubt that it is a criminal offence for them to evict a tenant without giving proper notice, and that anyone found guilty of doing this - or of harassing a tenant - could lead to a custodial sentence of up to two years.;英国住房事务大臣格兰特#8226;沙普斯告诉B:“房东们必须清楚,在没有提前通知租户的情况下就将其赶走,这是违法的,任何这样做的人,或者骚扰租客的人都将面临最长两年的监禁。”The National Landlords Association also condemned the practice - warning landlords it is often more beneficial to have good, long-term tenants in their property.英国国家房东协会也对此表示谴责,提醒房东有个长期的好租客其实更有利。 /201205/181604

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