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綦江大足区治疗鼻甲肥大哪家医院最好遂宁市妇幼保健院中耳炎要多少钱The amount of solar power added worldwide soared by some 50% last year because of a sun rush in the US and China new figures show.新的数据显示,去年全球太阳能发电增量提高了50%,主要原因是在于美、中两国的推动。New solar photovoltaic capacity installed in 2016 reached more than 76 gigawatts a dramatic increase on the 50GW installed the year before. China and the US led the surge with both countries almost doubling the amount of solar they added in 2015 according to data compiled by Europe’s solar power trade body.2016年,全球新增太阳能光伏发电装机量超过了76GW(十亿瓦特);同去年的50GW增量相比,有了大幅提高。欧洲太阳能贸易机构的统计数字表明,中国和美国在2016年的太阳能光伏发电增量是2015年光伏发电增量的2倍,远远领先其他国家。Globally there is now 305GW of solar power capacity up from around 50GW in 2010 and virtually nothing at the turn of the millennium.目前,全球的太阳能发电装机总量达到了305GW,2010年时则为50GW,而2000年时则几乎为零. /201703/498603合川永川区看扁桃体炎价格 Google co-founders and Silicon Valley billionaires try to live forever谷歌联合创始人们的长生不老之梦One hundred and fifty thousand people die every day, reports Tad Friend of The New Yorker in the article, ;The God Pill: Silicon Valley#39;s quest for eternal life.;纽约客作者泰德?弗兰德在《上帝之药:硅谷亿万富翁们的长生美梦》一文中提道:“每天大概有15万人死去。”The urge to combat aging, especially among the affluent, is an old one, but new technological breakthroughs can make the prospect seem tantalizingly close.人人都在与衰老对抗,尤其是那些富人,这已经不是新鲜的话题了,但最新的科技成果却让这种憧憬看起来触手可及。Friend joins Nobel Prize-winning scientists, icons of the entertainment industry such as Goldie Hawn and Moby, and tech billionaires like Google co-founder Sergey Brin, for the launch of the National Academy of Medicine#39;s Grand Challenge in Health Longevity, which will distribute million as part of its endeavors to, as one doctor puts it, ;end aging forever.;弗兰德结识了一些诺贝尔奖获奖者,界的名人比如歌蒂?韩和莫比,以及一些来自的硅谷的亿万富翁如谷歌的联合创始人谢尔盖?布林,他们一起持了由国家医学院的一项关于健康寿命的重大研究,他们将在此项目上投资2500万来“永葆青春”。Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal and Palantir, at the Republican National Convention on July 21, 2016 at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio.贝宝公司和帕兰特公司的联合创始人彼得·泰尔出席于2016年7月21日在俄亥俄州克利夫兰举办的全国共和党大会For the super rich in the ;life-extension community,; it#39;s a small world. Brin, whose company has invested over billion in a ;longevity lab; called Calico (short for the California Life Company), is dating Nicole Shanahan, the founder of a patent-management business that will work with some of the National Academy#39;s biotech patents.在超级富豪们的“长寿圈”中,上述举动只是冰山一角。布林的公司已经向一家名为Calico(加利福尼亚生命公司的简称)的“长寿实验室”投资超过10亿美元。他最近正在和专利管理业务的创始人尼克?沙哈娜进行会面,后者将和国家科学院合作处理一些生物技术专利。If all goes well, Brin won#39;t age, either, or not past a certain point. Slowing or stopping that process is the current focus of biochemist Ned David, co-founder of y Biotechnology, who is 49 but, according to Friend, looks 30. The scientist#39;s youthfulness is part of his appeal, writes Friend.如果一切进展顺利,布林将不会变老,或者,不会突破某个年龄界线。 生化学家奈德?大卫目前将其研究的重点放在延缓或停止衰老进程,身为统一生物技术机构的联合创始人,他虽然已经49岁了,但在弗兰德眼中,他看起来只有30岁而已。弗兰德写道,奈德的这种青春状态,也是他需求的一部分。Investing in bio-tech breakthroughs is one way the super rich are trying to stay young and healthy indefinitely. Others in the community are settling for cryogenic freezing, in the hopes that they can be thawed once regenerative science has sufficiently advanced.超级富豪们试图永葆青春和享受无尽的健康的途径之一便是在生物技术方面投资。“长寿圈”里其他人则倾向于于将他们的器官冷冻起来,等到再生技术充分发展之时再将其解冻。Alcor CEO Max More poses in front of the dewars安国公司的CEO马克思站在用于存放液氮的杜瓦瓶前CN reported in 2016 that ;thousands of people around the world have put their trust, lives and fortunes into the promise of cryonics.; At that point, at Alcor#39;s center in Scottsdale, Ariz., nearly 150 individuals had elected to preserve either their heads (,000) or their entire bodies (0,000) in liquid nitrogen.2016年,全美广播公司财经频道曾经报道“来自全世界的成千上万的人们都将他们的信任,他们的生命及财产交与了低温冷冻技术”。就在那时,安国公司位于亚利桑那州斯科茨代尔的中心选出了150人,将他们的头(80,000美元/人)或身体(200,000美元/人)用液氮冷冻。If there is a way to ;solve death,; as Friend puts it, whether through cryonics or gene therapies, a kind of vampirism in which Silicon Valley billionaires ;end up being sustained by young blood; or more wholesome methods such as good nutrition and medicine, some combination of the above or perhaps an actual sorcerer#39;s stone, the next generation of well-funded alchemists is determined to find it.正如弗兰德所说,若“阻止死亡”的方法真的存在,不论是通过低温冷冻还是基因疗法(即“吸血鬼症”,得了此病的富翁们最终只能靠吸收新鲜血液来维持生命),亦或是采用更加全面的手段,如摄入营养品或药物,资金充足的术士一定可以找到让人长生不老的诀窍,它可能是以上几种手段的组合,也可能是一块真正的魔法石。As a 30-year-old start-up founder confidently tells Friend, ;The proposition that we can live forever is obvious. It doesn#39;t violate the laws of physics, so we will achieve it.;一位30岁的企业创始人满怀信心地对弗兰德说:“我们想要长生不老的意愿显而易见,它并不违反物理学定律,因此是可以实现的。” /201704/503302To the list of things that should not be uttered in modern China, add these: Padded bras cause cancer. The earth is on the brink of falling into a period of darkness for six days. Robots will soon conquer entire industries and eliminate the need for human labor.在今天的中国,不可公开讨论之事的清单上又多了几样:带衬垫的文胸致癌。地球即将进入六日黑暗期。机器人很快就要在所有产业大行其道,取代所有人类劳动力。These were among the seemingly trivial posts on WeChat, a popular messaging app, that have been censored, according to a study by the University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab.多伦多大学(University of Toronto)“公民实验室”(Citizen Lab)的研究显示,包括上述内容在内,一些看起来颇为琐碎的微信帖子已经受到审查。微信是一款广受欢迎的聊天应用。Censorship in China is a well-known phenomenon, with bureaucrats working assiduously to augment the stature of leaders and restrict discussion of topics deemed controversial, such as Tibet and Taiwan. But the Toronto researchers found that these faithful guardians of the Communist Party line have turned their attention to more mundane matters, devoting time and server strength to preventing rumors, fabricated news reports and superstitious premonitions from going viral.审查在中国是人尽皆知的现象,官僚们兢兢业业地从事相关工作,以便提升领导人的形象,并压制对西藏、台湾问题等当局眼中敏感话题的讨论。但多伦多大学的研究人员发现,共产党的官方意见的这群忠诚卫士,已经把注意力转移到更为世俗的事情上,会花大量时间和务器的力量,来防范谣言、虚假新闻报道以及带有迷信色的预言的广泛传播。“Online rumors can be viewed as a kind of social protest by citizens skeptical of official news,” explained Jason Q. Ng, one of the Toronto researchers.“可以把网络谣言看作对官方新闻持怀疑态度的公民发起的一种社会抗议,”多伦多大学的研究人员之一杰森·Q·吴(Jason Q. Ng)解释道。WeChat is a mobile chat application with 762 million monthly users, that allows public postings, similar to Facebook. One recent study showed that Chinese people spend an average of 40 minutes per day using WeChat.微信这款月活跃用户数为7.62亿的移动聊天应用,像Facebook一样允许公开发帖。最近的一项研究显示,中国人平均每天花40分钟刷微信。The University of Toronto study examined 36,000 posts that had been shared publicly on third-party websites over nine months between 2014- and 2015. The posts were not selected at random; the researchers made a point of monitoring several dozen users who had a history of sharing what the Chinese deemed sensitive content.多伦多大学的研究对2014至2015年间的9个月里被公开分享到第三方网站上的3.6万个帖子进行了追踪。这些帖子不是随机挑选出来的;研究人员专门监控数十名分享过中国人眼中的敏感信息的微信用户。About four percent of those studied were censored, including musings on the safety of drinking water in China; speculation that several celebrities were on the verge of death; and supposition that Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader, was undergoing secret medical treatment in China.研究人员追踪的这些帖子,约有4%受到了审查,其中包括关于中国饮用水安全的讨论、对几个名人处于死亡边缘的揣测,以及对朝鲜领导人金正恩(Kim Jong-un)正在中国接受秘密治疗的猜想。Zhao Yulian, 36, a technology entrepreneur, was thwarted when she recently tried to share an article about tips to avoid getting cancer. “At some point,” she said, “you have to ask, why is this sensitive information?”不久前, 36岁的科技创业者赵玉莲(音)试图分享一篇关于如何避免患上癌症的文章,却没能成功。“在某个时刻,”她说,“你禁不住要问,这为什么是敏感信息?” /201606/451146成都妇幼保健医院耳鼻喉专家医生

四川成都416医院咽喉炎怎么样綦江大足区治疗中耳炎多少钱 重庆医科大学附属第二医院声带息肉看怎么样好不好

合江县人民医院小儿鼻窦炎要多少钱Huawei will mount its biggest challenge to rival high-end smartphone makers with a revamped flagship device and big budget advertising campaign designed to win over Western consumers. 通过全新旗舰产品和旨在争取西方消费者的大手笔广告宣传战,华为(Huawei)将向高端智能手机制造商对手发起最大挑战。 The Chinese telecoms group on Tuesday unveiled its latest handset, the P9, which features an advanced Leica camera and will pit the company against recently launched devices from Samsung and Apple. 周二,这家中国电信集团发布了最新款手机P9。这款配备先进的徕卡(Leicas)摄像头的手机,将让华为与三星(Samsung)和苹果(Apple)近期发布的手机一较高下。 Huawei is planning its largest global marketing campaign to support the launch of the phone. The effort will help push the Huawei brand in Europe, according to Colin Giles, executive vice-president of Huawei’s consumer business group. 华为正在筹备一场该公司史上最大规模的全球营销战,以持这款手机的推出。根据华为消费者业务部门执行副总裁赵科林(Colin Giles)的说法,此举将有助于在欧洲推广华为品牌。 The company has built the third-largest smartphone franchise in the world with successive ranges of reasonably priced but technologically advanced devices. The previous flagship phone, the P8, sold about 5m units. 该公司已建成了全球第三大智能手机经销系统,销售定价合理、技术先进的手机系列产品。其之前的旗舰手机P8销量约为500万部。 In most respects, the P9 is much like other high-end Android devices but that in itself is significant given Huawei’s traditional position at the low- or mid-end of the smartphone market. 从多方面来说,P9与其他高端Android手机十分类似。不过,考虑到华为在智能手机中低端市场的传统定位,该手机本身意义重大。 Mr Giles described the new phone as the “biggest launch we have had”, adding that the “aspiration is to create a premium device to compete with Apple and Samsung”. 赵科林称这款新手机是“我们史上的最大动作”,并补充说“我们渴望打造一款高端手机,与苹果和三星竞争”。 Huawei has struggled to gain the sort of brand recognition of rival groups, with much of the early coverage of the company focused on the damaging accusations from US politicians of links with the Chinese state. 早期,很多有关华为的报道集中于来自美国政界的有负面影响的指控,这些指控称华为与中国政府有关系。出于这个原因,华为很难赢得与对手类似的品牌认可程度。 But the company said its consumer business reported a 73 per cent growth in annual revenue in 2015 to .9bn, which it ascribed to improvements in its products and growing recognition as a consumer brand. 不过该公司表示,2015年其消费者业务部门录得年度营收199亿美元,增长幅度达73%。该公司将这一增长归功于产品改善和其作为消费品牌日益受到的认可。 Huawei has become the largest smartphone maker in China and is in the top three handset makers in 10 European countries. 华为已成为中国最大智能手机制造商,并且是10个欧洲国家的前三大手机制造商。 /201604/436316 The Tiny1 is a camera from TinyMOS billing itself as the ;world#39;s smallest astronomy camera;. It uses a proprietary noise-reduction algorithm the company says will allow for improved image quality in low-light environments, and an augmented reality star map that can be overlaid on the touchscreen viewfinder to help identify stars and planets while you#39;re shooting.由TinyMOS公司出品的Tiny1照相机堪称“世界上最小的天文照相机”,该公司声称,这款相机采用了可以在低光照的条件下改进照片质量的独特降噪算法。此外,在相机的触摸式取景器上,可以通过增强现实的方式将星图同时显示在屏幕上,以帮助识别恒星和行星。TinyMOS claims that these features will lead to better results than using your smartphone, but with a smaller form factor and more ease-of-use than a traditional full-size DSLR rig intended for astrophotography.TinyMOS还表示,这款相机拍摄出来的天文照片要比使用普通智能手机的拍摄效果好许多,而且它的体积非常小,与传统天文摄影使用的专业单反相机和三脚架组合相比,更加方便携带。The camera can capture still images, 2.5K HD , and time-lapses of the night sky with a 4 megapixel sensor.这款相机配备了400万像素的传感器,可以拍摄静态图像,也可录制2.5K高清视频,还可进行夜空延时摄影。It uses a standard CS-mount lens system to allow most camera lenses or telescopes to be connected, provided you have the right adaptor (if you don#39;t, TinyMOS has them available as add-ons).它采用了标准的CS接口镜头系统,只要你有转接器,就可以安装大多数符合接口标准的相机镜头以及望远镜,(当然,如果你没有,TinyMOS也提供了转接器附件。)It can also be used as a regular camera in daylight hours in a pinch, albeit one with lower specs than most modern-day smartphones.在日常生活中,这款相机也可以作为普通相机来应急使用,尽管同目前流行的智能手机相比,它的配置还是低了一些。The Tiny1 also has built-in Wi-Fi, allowing for photo sharing to social networks directly from the camera, and can connect to Android phones for remote control.Tiny1还内置了WiFi功能,允许直接将拍摄的照片分享到社交网站上,同时也可通过与安卓系统的智能手机连接实现远程操控。The Tiny1 is up now on Indiegogo, with pre-orders going for 9 for a kit of the Tiny1 camera and a 2.8mm F1.4 wide-angle lens.目前,Tiny1天文相机已经在Indiegogo网站接受预定,预售价格为399美元(约合人民币2668元),其中包含了一个2.8毫米的F1.4的广角镜头。If you#39;re hoping to take it out on a summer camping trip though, you#39;ll likely have to wait until next year. The Tiny1 hardware itself is still in the finalization stages in regard to design, and as it#39;s TinyMOS#39;s first hardware device, the company#39;s December 2016 shipping estimate is probably optimistic. A demo of the TinyMOS software is aly available on the Play Store, and shows off some of the augmented reality software features of the camera.不过,如果你想带上这款相机参加夏天的野外露营活动,那可能需要等到明年才行。因为Tiny1相机的硬件设计目前还处于最终定版阶段,考虑到该款相机是TinyMOS公司第一款硬件设备,乐观的估计,应该能在今年12月之前开始出货。目前,TinyMOS的一款测试版应用已经可以从应用商店下载,该应用可以展示Tiny1相机的增强现实功能。 /201607/454965广元市第九人民医院耳鼻喉专科眉山市第二人民医院美尼尔怎么样



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