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A: Sir, are you alright? Just try to calm down,Sir. What happened?先生,您还好吧?请冷静一下,先生发生了什么事?B: Ive lost my Traveller Cheques, all of them.我刚丟了我的旅行票,全都丢了A: OK, just take a deep breath, Sir. Everything is going to be fine. Here a m to report missing Traveller Cheques, whatever the reason. Please fill it in and we can get moving on this.噢,请您深呼吸一下,先生一切都会没事的给您这份表格,这是报告丢失旅行票用的,无论什么原因都行请您填好,然后我们可以继续办理了B: I see. You need the reference numbers? each cheque?我明白了你需要编号吗?每一张的?A: Yes, Sir. Do you have that inmation with you? At this bank, we always recommend our customers write down the reference number of each Traveller Cheque and keep it in a safe place away from the Traveller Cheques.是的,先生您带着这些信息了吧?我们总是建议我们的客户写下旅行票的编号,并且要和旅行票分开,存放在安全的地方 5

Discounting a Bill of Exchange汇票贴现A bank clerk receives a telephone call from a businessman inquiring about discounting a bill of exchange.职员接到了一个商人打来的电话,询问有关汇票贴现的事情Clerk:First National Bank.May I help you ?职员:这里是第一国民,我可以为您做什么?Businessman:Yes,please,Id like to get some inmation about discounting a bill of exchange .商人:是的,我想了解一些有关汇票贴现方面的情况,Do you do that?你们有这项业务吗?C:Yes ,sir .We can handle the discounting of bills of exchange if they meet certain criteria.职员:是的,先生我们能够办理汇票贴现,只要这些汇票是合乎一定标准的Can you tell what kind of a bill you have?您能否告诉我,您持有的是哪一种汇票吗?B:Yes,it a ninety-day bill ,750.00.It matures about two months from now.商人:可以的我有一张90天的面值为6,750美元的汇票,从现在起还有两个月到期I didnt think wed have to discount it ,but I need the working capital right now.我本身并不是很情愿地想贴现这张汇票,但是我眼下急需流动资金How do I discount it ?您说,这怎样才能把这张汇票贴现呢?C:Well ,we can discount certain trade and commercial bills and certain trade acceptances in addition to most bankers acceptances .职员:噢,除了大多数可承兑的票据外,我们还贴现某些贸易,商业票据以及某些贸易可承兑票据The discount rate depends on the terms of the bill,the amount ,the reputation of the drawee and the reputation of the drawer.但是贴现率取决于票据的期限、金额、付款人和开票人的声誉B:Why does it depend on drawer reputation or financial status?商人:为什么贴现率要取决于开票人的声誉和财政状况呢?C:Well,we discount most bills on a full-recoures basis .Should the bill be dishonoured upon presentation ,职员:噢,我们是在一个完全有追索权的基础上对大多数的票据贴现的如果出示的票据被拒付,it would be returned on recourse to the drawer.那么票据就退回给开票人,以追索款项B:I see ...Is it difficult to handle the paperwork? Im not sure just what I should do .商人:我明白了办理票据手续难办吗?我不太清楚我应该做些什么C:Well,the best thing is to come in and talk with our discount officer .职员:最好的办法是到来,同我们这里负责贴现的高级职员谈谈,He can give you all the inmation you need.他会告诉你所需要知道的一切信息 3300

A Washington tour operator said the American Scandal tour has been his companys most successful service since it kicked off in early summer, UPI reported。据合众国际社报道,美国华盛顿一家旅行社表示,他们初夏推出的美国丑闻之旅已经成为公司最成功的旅游项目。Sean Williams, founder of DC Walkabout, said the scandal tour became a quick crowd favorite after he began taking tourists to sites associated with some of the capitals most famous scandals and those involved in them, such as Marion Barry, Richard Nixon, Monica Lewinsky and Eliot Spitzer.华盛顿徒步旅行社的创办者肖#8226;威廉姆斯表示,刚开始,他只是带游客去一些地点,这些地点与华盛顿最有名的丑闻事件以及被卷入事件的名人,包括马里#8226;巴里、理查德#8226;尼克松、莫妮卡#8226;莱温斯基和艾略特#8226;斯皮策等都有联系。这种丑闻之旅迅速得到了大批游客的喜爱。来 /201206/188615A suicide bombing near a NATO base in Afghanistans capital has killed two Afghan security guards and wounded five civilians.阿富汗首都的一个北约基地附近发生一起自杀爆炸,造成两名阿富汗安全警卫人员死亡,5名平民受伤。Officials said Wednesdays attack involved two men wearing suicide vests, and that at least one of them detonated their explosives after being shot at by Afghan security forces. 有关官员说,两名身穿自杀背心的男子参与了 星期三的袭击,其中至少一人引爆了炸弹,随后被阿富汗安全部队击毙。The blast hit an area near Camp Eggers in a section of Kabul that houses NATO coalition headquarters as well as foreign embassies. The attack, claimed by the Taliban, prompted alarms at the U.S. Embassy.这次爆炸发生在喀布尔的埃格尔军营附近,北约联军总部和外国使馆都在该城区。美国驻阿富汗使馆在这次袭击后加强了戒备。塔利班宣称对这次袭击负责。NATO said the blast damaged one of its vehicles, but that there were no reports of casualties among coalition troops.北约说,这次爆炸损坏了北约的一辆汽车,但没有关于北约军人伤亡的报道。来 /201211/210438

Part Conversations第二部分 对话1.Say ;Cheese.;1.笑一个!Jenny: Excuse me, could you take a picture?珍妮弗:不好意思可以帮我拍张照吗?Rex: No problem.雷克斯:没问题Jenny: Just press here. Give us the lake the background, please.珍妮弗:这里就可以了我么要以湖为背景Rex: Say ;Cheese.;雷克斯:笑一个Jenny and her friends: Cheese.珍妮弗和朋友:笑Rex: OK.雷克斯:好了Jenny: Thank you.珍妮弗:谢谢.Developing a film.洗照片Jenny: Can I have this roll of film developed here?珍妮:我可以在这里冲洗底片吗?Clerk: Sure. Let see it.店员:当然可以我看看Jenny: Here you are.珍妮:在这里Clerk: What size of prints would you like to have?店员:你要洗多大尺寸的?Jenny: Regular will be fine. How long will it take?珍妮:一般的就好了需要多久时间?Clerk: Only four hours.店员:只要个小时Jenny: Good. Ill come back in the evening.珍妮:好那我今天晚上来拿 131TIME magazines 2011 Person of the Year: The Protester. 美国《时代周刊》杂011年度人物:抗议 ;No one could have known that when a Tunisian fruit vendor set himself on fire in a public square, it would incite protests that would topple dictators and start a global wave of dissent. In 2011, protesters didnrsquo;t just voice their complaints; they changed the world. ; ;没人会料到,一位突尼斯水果商贩的广场自焚事件会激起阿拉伯世界推翻独裁统治的抗议活动,继而引发全球的抗议浪潮011年,抗议者们不仅表达了他们的不满诉求,他们还改变了全世界; TIMEs universal image of The Protester symbolizes the Middle Eastern protesters, African protesters, Mexican drug cartel protesters, Greek protesters, international Occupy movement protesters and Russian protesters that defined the revolutionary spirit of 2011. 时代周刊的抗议者形象代表着全球范围内的抗议者:中东阿拉伯世界的抗议者,非洲抗议者,墨西哥呼吁打击毒贩的抗议者,希腊债务危机抗议者,全球占领运动的抗议者以及俄罗斯反对总统选举舞弊的抗议者。这些席卷全球的抗议者充分体现了2011年的革命精神 The TIME Person of the Year has continued to be an annual hallmark since 1927, when Charles Lindbergh was the first person honored with the distinctive TIME magazine cover. 927年开始,;时代周刊年度人物;就成为每年的年度标志。史上的第一位也是最年轻的年度人物是1927年上榜的美国飞行员查尔斯;林德伯格(Charles Lindbergh),他也是荣登时代周刊杂志特别封面的第一人 TIME conducted its annual poll last month, which offered a list of 34 candidates. The magazines runners-up for 2011 Person of the Year are: 时代周刊自上月起启动年度投票,入选名单中共有34位候选人。其他获011年度人物提名的还有: Admiral William McRaven, who organized the raid that took down Osama bin Laden. 美国海军上将威廉;麦克瑞文,领导组织了追捕并成功击毙本拉登的行动 Congressman Paul Ryan, the Republican from Wisconsin who sounded the alarm on U.S. national debt. 美国国会众议员保;瑞恩,拉响了美国国债危机的警钟 Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, formerly Kate Middleton, currently the wife of Prince William. 英国皇室新娘凯特;米德尔顿,剑桥公爵夫人,威廉王子的妻子 Why exactly did TIME select the global body of protesters as its 2011 Person of the Year? Because the protesters are ;redefining people power.; 为什么《时代周刊》会选择全球的抗议者为2011年度人物?因为抗议者们;重新定义人民的力; /164675

De-fat your meat. 去除肉类脂肪Shop lean cuts. When you get home,trim off visible fat. Cut fat even more by broiling or roasting meat rather than frying. Drain away the last of the fat on paper towels.If you’re having ground beef,microwaving it on paper towels removes more fat than any other way of cooking.买肉时要挑瘦的.回家后,还要把看得到的肥肉切除.甚至可以将肉烤过以去除更多的脂肪但不要用油炸,然后在纸巾上把残余的脂肪沥干.如果你吃的是绞牛肉,就把它放在纸巾上然后放入微波炉里烤,.这样去除的脂肪会比用其他调理方式还多.健身短语1.trim off ...修剪掉... 7

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