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平昌县人民医院耳鼻喉专家医生重庆市妇保医院耳鼻喉专科The two arching figures echo each other-the outward curve of the boys body being answered by the inward curve of the bulls spine.男孩身体向外的弧线呼应着牛脊柱向内的弧线,两道弧线交相辉映。Its the most dynamic and beautiful piece of sculpture, and it carries us at once into the reality-but also the myth-of the history of Crete.这种力与美的结合,能立刻把我们带入克里特历史的现实与神话之中。Its thought to have come from Rethymnon, a town on the north coast of the island, and it was probably originally deposited as an offering in a mountain shrine or in a cave sanctuary.它的发现地被认定为雷西姆农,克里特岛东岸的一个小镇。最初可能用作山中神庙或洞窟圣地的供品。Objects like this are often found in these holy places of Crete, suggesting that cattle had an important role in religious ritual.在克里特的圣地常能发现类似物品,表明牛在当地宗教仪式中发挥了重要作用。Many scholars since Evans have tried to explain why these images were so important.自埃文斯以后,很多学者都在探讨这些形象的重要性。Theyve asked what bull-leaping was for, and even if it was ever possible.他们研究了塑造跳牛飞人的目的,以及这样的姿势能否真的实现。Evans thought it was part of a festival in honour of a mother goddess.埃文斯认为,这是供奉女神的仪式上的内容,有人不同意。Others disagree, but bull-leaping has often been seen as a religious performance, possibly involving the sacrifice of the animal, and even the accidental death of the leaper.但跳牛飞人的确是常见的宗教表演,最后的结果常常是把牛杀死献祭,有时候骑士也会牺牲。Certainly, in this sculpture, both bull and human are engaged in a highly dangerous exercise.显然,这项运动对雕像中的男性与公牛来说都很危险。Being able to vault the animals would have taken months of training.想在牛背上跳跃需要接受数月的训练。We can say this with some confidence, because the sport in fact still survives today in parts of France and Spain.我们因而得以了解,运动在法国和西班牙的部分地区保留至今,We talked to Sergio Delgado, a leading modern-day bull leaper-or to use the proper Spanish term recortador:跳牛飞人在西班牙语中称为recortador,当代极负盛名的飞人塞尔吉奥·德尔加多解释道:There always has been a kind of game between men and bulls, always. There is not a proper school for recortadores.一直以来这都是一种男性与公牛之间的游戏。没有一所学校能 教会你recortador所需的技能。You just learn how to understand the animal and how he will react to the arena.你需要了解这种动物,了解它在场上会做何反应。You only get this knowledge with experience.一切都只能从经验中获得。201407/311534达州市妇幼保健院咽喉疾病怎么样 Dense thick layers of fur help它们有浓密厚实的毛发to insulate these snow moneys in this testing environment.所以不畏风雪But they still feel the cold.但它们还是会 感受到刺骨的寒冷At this time of the year food is scarce.每年到了这个时节,食物都很少But macaques are adaptable and clever.但是聪明的猕猴能随遇而安The troop has learnt that this river stays ice-free the year round.这群猕猴发现这条河终年不结冰This female knows这只母猴子知道its a good place to gather insect larvae它可以用多用途的双手 和灵巧的手指from under the rocks, using her versatile hands and nimble fingers.在这里的石头下面 找到昆虫的幼虫In winter, this troop spends most of its time searching for food.这群猕猴大半个冬天 都花在觅食上面The same underground forces that prevent this river from freezing防止这条河结冰的自然力量bring great comfort to others.也给了别的动物慰藉201311/265250Black ants can be a pest in the garden. They build their nests here and there, and they come in an army of about 4000 to 7000 ants.花园中可能会有黑色的蚂蚁这种害虫。他们到处筑巢,一群大约有4,000只至7,000只。Today, Im going to show you how to get rid of ants in the garden. Ants are mainly a problem in gardens during the summer months when the soil is warm. Black ants are the most troublesome, their nest can contain between 4000 and 7000 ants.今天,我来为大家讲述一下怎样清除花园中的蚂蚁。蚂蚁大量在花园中出没主要是在夏季土壤温暖的时候。黑色的蚂蚁是最麻烦的,每个巢穴中大约有4,000至7,000只。Here, Ive got an ants nest in my garden. Ants excavated the soil to build their underground nest and leave little parts of soil or quite big, in this case, of soil on the lawn. At plantadvice dot co dot uk, we like to promote organic methods ahead of chemical treatments.现在,我的花园里有一个蚁巢。蚂蚁挖掘土壤,建造巢穴,而在草坪的地面上留下部分土壤。在植物种植建议网站上,我们通常推广有机方法,而不是化学方法。Ants can be dealt with organically; there is no need to kill them. Here, you see Ive used an upturn pot. What I did was I put the upturn pot over the ants nest.蚂蚁也可以通过有机方法来处理,没有必要杀死他们。你可以看到,我有一个翻转的水壶。只要把翻转的水壶扣在蚁巢上方就可以了。The pot then soaks up the sun, making the ants nest much warmer and the ants bring their cocoons and the nest right up to the above the soil surface. What I can then do is to shovel up the nest and take it away out of my garden somewhere else for the ants to live. Finally, if the problem with the ants is in the lawn, you could also let the grass grow a lot longer.水壶吸收阳光的热量,让蚁巢温度升高,蚂蚁就会带着它们的茧爬到巢穴上方的土壤表面上。然后,铲除这个巢穴,从花园里转移到其他地方,让蚂蚁能够生存下去。最后,如果造成蚂蚁横行的原因是草坪,你可以让草长的时间更长一点。What happens there is the temperature of the lawn will drop because the sun is not able to penetrate the surface of the lawn as much, and therefore, that makes that less desirable for the ants which are much happier building their nest on a shorter grass. And thats how you get rid of ants in the garden.由于阳光不能彻底穿透草坪表面,草坪的温度会下降。这样的话,对于喜欢在较矮的草坪中筑巢的蚂蚁来说,环境就不是那么理想了。这样就可以消灭花园中的蚂蚁。Thanks for watching How To Get Rid Of Ants In The Garden.感谢收看“如何消灭花园中的蚂蚁”视频节目。视频听力节目由。201308/251209什邡市中医院打呼噜治疗的价格

江北沙坪坝区治疗耳聋大概多少钱费用Cant get a word in? Deal with people who dominate conversations and join in on the talk.一句话都插不进去?以正确的方法与喜欢主导对话的人打交道,成功地加入对话。You Will Need你需要Questions问题Acknowledgment承认Communication skills沟通技巧Determination决心Steps步骤STEP 1 Ask questions1.问问题Ask specific and direct questions to make it hard for verbal people to take the conversation into another direction, and take control.问一些具体而直接的问题,让说个不停的人难以将对话的方向转移,掌控对话内容。STEP 2 Acknowledge2.承认Acknowledge the conversation stealer by restating what they said and then invite others to respond.认可对方,重复他们所说的内容,然后邀请其他人作出回应。STEP 3 Ask others3.问其他人问题Mention another persons name other than the dominator and ask that person a question.提及除了主导对话的人之外另外一个人的名字,问对方一个问题。STEP 4 Interrupt4.打断Interrupt the conversation dominator and encourage others to share their opinions.打断主导谈话的人,鼓励他人分享意见。Gently and politely interrupt the conversation dominator.温和有礼地打断主导对话的人。STEP 5 Move on5.继续State that you have heard their point but it is now time to move on.表明自己已经了解他们的观点了,但是现在是时候讨论其他问题了。STEP 6 Speak privately6.私下谈话If all else fails, speak to the dominant speaker privately and share your concerns.如果以上方法都无效,私下与主导对话的人聊一下,表达你的忧虑。Fifty-five percent of communication is expressed through body language and only 7 percent is verbal.55%的对话都是通过身体语言来表达的,只有7%是通过口头表达的。201411/339626重庆妇幼保健院鼻窦炎看怎么样好不好 龙泉驿区妇幼保健院流鼻血要多少钱

重庆大坪医院腺样体肥大看怎么样好不好Now don’t get nervous, but a present has the power to make or break a relationship. That’s why we’re going to help you choose wisely.不要紧张,但是一份礼物有能力升华或破坏一段关系。这就是我们要帮助大家明智地选择礼物的原因。You Will Need你需要Insight into their likes and dislikes洞察他们的喜好Caution谨慎Generosity慷慨Steps步骤STEP 1 Don’t scare them off!1.不要把他们吓走了If you’ve been dating less than two months, get something impersonal but thoughtful. Books by authors they like, DVDs of their favorite movies, or CDs are all safe choices.如果你们约会还不足两个月,送一些不那么个人化的,但是贴心的礼物。他们喜欢的作者的作品,他们喜欢的影片的DVD,或者CD都是安全的选择。STEP 2 Proceed cautiously2.谨慎地进行If the romance is between two and four months old, spend a bit more but keep it light – try moderately priced electronics or an accessory for one of their hobbies.如果你们的恋情介于两个月到四个月之间,花费稍微多一点,但仍然是小礼物就可以了——可以选择价格适中的电子产品或他们喜欢的某项活动的辅助用品。Ladies, make his gifts practical, not sentimental. And don’t be offended if he does the same: Research shows that men see gift-giving as a simple economic exchange of goods.女士们,送给他的礼物实用一些,而不是多愁善感。而如果他这样做的话不要生气:调查显示,男士们只将送礼物视为简单的货物的经济交换。STEP 3 Get personal3.个人化Approaching the six-month mark? Start making gifts slightly more personal. Ladies, show that you’re willing to indulge his preoccupations, even if you have to compete with them. Guys, make it a funky necklace or bracelet if you don’t want her to think it’s a prelude to a diamond ring.到达六个月的时刻?让礼物更加个人化一点。女士们,表现出你愿意纵容他的偏见,即使你必须和他们竞争。男士们,如果你不想让她认为是送钻戒结婚的前奏,可以送一条时髦的项链或手镯。Guys, never have earrings wrapped in a ring box!男士们,送礼物时千万不要用钻戒盒子包装耳环!STEP 4 Fulfill a desire4.满足渴望Made it past six months, but still well short of your year anniversary? Make this one thoughtful by splurging on something you know they’d love to have, but can’t or won’t spend the money on themselves.已经超过六个月,但是仍然不到一年的纪念日?可以挥霍一点,买点你知道他们喜欢,但是不想或者不能自己花钱买的东西。STEP 5 Invest in the relationship5.为恋情投资If you’re approaching the one-year mark, invest in gifts that keep the romance alive, like a weekend getaway, a course or lessons you can take together, or season tickets to something you both enjoy.如果已经到了一年的里程碑,送一些能让你们的恋情保持鲜活的礼物,比如周末放松,你们一起参加的课程,或者你们两人都喜欢的季票。STEP 6 Keep it creative6.有创意Celebrate your one-year anniversary with a one-of-a-kind or hard-to-find item; check out eBay for inspiration. Or how about giving them a once-in-a-lifetime experience.用独一无二或很难找到的物品来庆祝一周年纪念日。可以在购物网上寻找灵感。或者可以考虑给他们一次千载难逢的体验。STEP 7 Go back to practical7.回归实际Once you’re firmly established as a couple, feel free to suggest foregoing gifts one year so you can afford one big treat for the both of you – like a trip to the Caribbean or a 40-inch high-definition TV.如果你们已经是老夫老妻了,你完全可以一整年不送礼物,把钱省下来,供两人享受更快乐的时光——比如加勒比海旅行或购买一台40寸的高清电视机。Nineteen percent of survey respondents expect to receive holiday gifts that they will either re-gift or re-sell.19%的受调查者表示他们期望收到能够转送或者重新出售的节日礼物。201412/350850 Frida Kahlo: Self-portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird芙烈达·卡萝:卡萝戴荆棘和蜂鸟项链的自画像》Were so pleased to have Frida Kahlos self-portrait from 1940 back with us here in Austin. Over the last two decades, the self-portrait has traveled the world from New York to Australia, Paris to Barcelona, San Francisco, and right back here to Austin, Texas.我们很开心能让芙烈达·卡萝1940年的自画像回到我们身边在奥斯汀这。在过去二十年,这幅自画像游遍世界,从纽约到澳洲、巴黎到巴塞隆纳、旧金山、然后就回到德州奥斯汀这儿。Frida Kahlo, since Ive been here, has gone out, I think I had estimated, about 30 times. When we travel the Kahlo, she has a number of restrictions that are put on her. She always travels with a courier from the Ransom Center. If that entails airplane travel, which it generally does, she gets her own seat. She has her own traveling case. The security, of course, at the borrowing institution has to be very stringent. She is very important to the collection, she is a very high value item, and so she gets particular care.芙烈达·卡萝,自我到这以来,已经出去过,我想我估计,大约已有三十次。当我们运送卡萝时,她有加诸于她的几个限制规定。她总是让Ransom研究中心的运送员运送。如果那包含飞机旅行,通常都有包含,她有她自己的机位。她有她自己的行李箱。当然,在申借机构的保全必须要非常严谨。她对于收藏品来说是非常重要的、她是非常高价值的展品,所以她得到特别照顾。The role as a courier within the Frida Kahlo painting was to go to El Paso and pick up the painting. After loading the vehicle and preparing it for shipping and bringing home the masterpieces of the Ransom Center, we left El Paso at approximately 8:30 in the morning. The vehicle itself is also not advertising the fact that it is carrying a priceless cargo. Its a very unique truck. It also carries 300 gallons of diesel, so therefore we can drive more than 10 hours without ever stopping.身为芙烈达·卡萝画作运送员这角色是要前往艾尔帕索接那幅画。在将画放上车、并准备好运送并把这幅Ransom研究中心的杰作带回家后,我们在大约早上八点半时离开艾尔帕索。那车辆并没有宣扬它正载着一幅价值连城的货物这个事实。那是一台非常特殊的卡车。它同样也装有三百加仑的柴油,所以我们可以完全不用停下来驾驶超过十个小时。Once we arrived, the pieces were immediately brought to the fourth floor and locked. Once the Frida Kahlo painting is unwrapped, then Ken Grant comes in and assesses the work and makes a comparison with the condition report documents.当我们抵达时,那画作马上被带到四楼并锁住。当芙烈达·卡萝的画作拆封后, Ken Grant 进来并评估那作品,和画作状况报告文件做比对。The painting itself now is in extremely good condition. And there are only sort of residual condition issues with the painting itself that we make note of, but theyre stable. So theres some minor cracking in the paint. Of course, a painting of this age would probably have that sort of condition no matter what.画作本身现在处于极佳的状态。画作本身只有一点残留的状况问题,我们记下了,但它们是很稳定的。所以这幅画上有几个小小的裂痕。当然,这个岁数的画作不管怎样也许都会有这种状况。Frida Kahlos self-portrait is part of a series of works that she did in 1940. There were other self-portraits that she completed that year. What makes this particular work important is not only the subject matter in the work but also the context within which it was created.芙烈达·卡萝的自画像是她在1940年创作的一系列作品中其中一部分。有其他幅她在那一年完成的自画像。让这幅特殊作品这么重要的事情,不只是作品的题材,还有它被创作出来其中的背景。It is a wonderfully symbolically rich self-portrait, as well as a work that was created during an important crossroad in Frida Kahlos life. She had divorced with her husband, the muralist Diego Rivera in 1939, and she broke her love affair with the collector Nickolas Muray in 1940. Later on in 1940 Rivera and Kahlo remarried.那是完美富含象征性的自画像,也是一幅在芙烈达·卡萝人生中一个重要的转折点所创作出来的作品。她和丈夫壁画家Diego Rivera在1939年离婚,她还在1940年爆出了她和收藏家Nickolas Muray的绯闻。后来在1940年Rivera和Kahlo再婚。So there is quite a bit going on in her life as well as in the painting itself. And in that painting we see a variety of things: we see Frida Kahlo looking not necessarily at the viewer but out off in the distance as if she were in great or deep thought, the thorn necklace with its religious connotations, and certainly the animals and the flora and fauna of Mexico that surround her create this claustrophobic space.所以在她人生中以及在画作本身都有相当多的事件发生。在那幅画中我们看到各种东西:我们看到芙烈达·卡萝不一定只是看向观众,而是往远方看出去,好似她处于伟大、或是深沉的思考中、那带着宗教意涵的荆棘项链、以及当然环绕着她的动物与墨西哥动植物群产生这种幽闭恐惧的空间。The other works in the Kahlo collection include Diego y Yo, which is a wonderful drawing that was created within months after her marriage to Diego Rivera. It was created in California, where and when Rivera was working on his murals in San Francisco.卡萝藏品的其他作品包括《Diego和我》,那是她在嫁给Diego Rivera几个月中创作出的美妙画作。那是在加州所创作的,就在那时那地Rivera正在旧金山创作他的壁画。The other work in the collection, a still life from 1951, was essentially a work at the apex of her series of still lifes that she created, the last series of works that the artist created before she died in 1954.藏品中的另一个作品,一幅1951年的静物画,本质上是她创作的一系列静物画中的颠峰之作,那艺术家在她在1954年逝世前创作的最后一系列画作。I think were very fortunate to have three of her pieces here in the collection. So, you know, Im thrilled to be able to be around Kahlos and I think that the audience that comes to see her is going to be as well.我认为我们非常幸运在这儿能有她作品中的三幅画作。所以,你知道,我很兴奋能够围绕在Kahlos身旁,我认为前来观赏她的观众们也会很兴奋。While she only created less than 200 works over her lifetime, really had become at the time, and now is, a complete artist, someone who represents fully her country as well as established a place for herself in the traditions of modern art.虽然她在她一生中只有创作不超过两百幅的作品,但她确实在当时成为、现在也是,一位完完全全的艺术家,某个完整代表她的国家、并在现代艺术传统中建立她自己地位的艺术家。Its going to be wonderful. I mean, everybody loves to see this painting. So its gonna be great. I mean, Ill love to see her up. You know, I only get to see her laying on a table. So itll be good to see her installed the way shes supposed to be seen. So Frida would be happy.那会很棒的。我是说,每个人都喜欢看到这幅画。所以那会很棒的。我是说,我会很乐意去看她挂起来展出。你知道,我只能看到她放在桌上。所以去看用她应该被观赏的方式所装置的她会是很棒的。这样芙烈达会很开心的。201412/350662酉阳土家族苗族自治县看突发性耳鸣大概多少钱费用梁平城口丰都县看腺样体肥大价格



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