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为了那张将在若干年后发行的处女专辑,音乐创作人汤玛斯道比选择了一个尤为独特,易迸发灵感的地方作曲--那是一艘修缮后的救生艇。现在,他将在TED首次演奏专辑中的一首能唤起往事回忆的创作--那是关于一个夜晚的传说。帮他伴奏的是现代管弦四重奏乐团埃塞尔。 Article/201212/217609The Top Five Places For Kissing In A Car驾车接吻的五个好地方When you’re driving around with that special someone, sometimes the urge to pull over and make out can get the best of you. Learn how to make the most of your make out opportunities by checking out the top five places to kiss when you’re out on the open road. Your car offers you the option to kiss anywhere the road may take you, whether it be a parking garage, a construction site, the desert, the mountains or a good old fashioned drive-in movie- knowing which places you are least likely to be interrupted is key! Sit back and enjoy the ride as VideoJug shows you the top five locations to kiss in your car!Step 1: The Parking Garage(车库)If you’re a beginner you may want to start somewhere private and easily accessible like the rooftop of a parking garage. Just be sure to watch out for security cams and guards…Step 2: The Construction Site(工地)Big and empty lots make for private open air makeout sessions. Make sure to go at times when there won't be workers there on the job, also keep your eyes peeled for any police or security cars that may potentially be patrolling the area.Step 3: The Desert(沙漠)Deserts are naturally deserted. This will ensure that you will have some privacy should you decide to pull off the road for a quick make out session. However if you're going to brave the wilderness, be sure that you're put enough thought into preparation.Step 4: The Mountain(高山)Pull over and park in a safe location and enjoy the view and the fresh air. When driving in the mountains and woods it's also good to remain aware of your surroundings so that you and your sweetie stay out of harms way.Step 5: The Drive-In(路边餐厅)If you are a more traditional kisser you can do what many have been doing for years prior, which is kissing at a good old-fashioned drive-in movie. Follow in the footsteps of your ancestors with this kissing location. Article/201106/142320

Green tea can serve your skin from the outside as well as the inside. Its full of antioxidants, these heal damaged cells that could lead to wrinkles, blemishes, spots. Try our 3 part green tea facial for great skin.绿茶可以由内而外帮助你的皮肤。绿茶中含有大量抗氧化剂,可以修护导致皱纹,瑕疵和斑点的受损细胞。尝试一下我们的绿茶面部护理,拥有美丽的肌肤。You will Need你需要#8226;green tea bags绿茶包#8226;cotton wool棉絮#8226;2 tbsp yoghurt2汤匙酸奶#8226;2 tsp honey2茶匙蜂蜜Step 1: Make The Toner1.调制Brew some strong green tea, set it aside and allow it to cool. Don#39;t let the tea sit out for too long because green-tea polyphenols start to loose their strength when they come in contact with air. The cooled green tea will be your toner.冲泡一些比较浓的绿茶,放置,冷却。不要放置太长时间,否则,绿茶与空气接触的时候,茶多酚会逐渐失去效力。冷却的绿茶将用作化妆水。Step 2: Apply The Toner2.涂抹When the toner is cool to the touch you can then apply. Dip some cotton wool in to the toner and sweep across your face.冷却到手可以触摸的时候,向绿茶中浸入几个棉球,擦拭面部。Step 3: Make The Green Tea Facial Mask3.制作绿茶面膜Brew some strong green tea. Mix 1 tbsp of green tea with 2 tbsp of yoghurt and 2 tsp of honey.冲泡一些较浓的绿茶。将1汤匙绿茶,2汤匙酸奶和2茶匙蜂蜜混合。Step 4: Apply The Face Mask4.敷面膜Gently apply the mask to the face and leave on for 10 minutes. The yoghurt and honey work together to soothe and moisurise and the antioxidants in green tea help to remove toxins and impurities. Rinse off with warm water and a wash cloth.轻轻地将调制好的面膜涂在脸上,等待十分钟。酸奶和蜂蜜可以让皮肤光滑湿润,绿茶中的抗氧化剂可以帮助清除毒素和污垢。用清水和毛巾清洗。Step 5: Make The Green Tea Eyelid Refresher5.清洗双眼Brew some green tea with 2 green tea bags. Remove the green tea bags, set the bags aside to allow them to cool.用两个绿茶包泡一些茶。取出绿茶包,冷却。Step 6: Apply The Green Tea Eyelid Refresher6.敷眼Place the green tea bags on to the eyelids. Leave them on for 10 minutes for brighter looking eyes.把绿茶包敷在眼睛上。十分钟后,你的眼睛看上去会更加明亮。Thanks for watching How To Do A Green Tea Facial.感谢收看“怎样使用绿茶进行面部护理”视频节目。 Article/201302/226327

How To Become A ModelWhether it's strutting down a catwalk or glamming it up for a photo shoot, the world of modelling has an undeniable appeal. But do you have the physical requirements, as well as the perseverance, to become a model in the hugely competitive fashion industry? We spoke to a number of experts to find out more.Step 1: Getting spotted(被星探发现)The larger agencies have teams of spotters who look out for new faces. Good places to hang out if you want to be spotted include fashion shows or any sort of fashion-related event.Step 2: Getting an agent(联系中介)If you want to approach an agency directly, send them two photos of you, ideally one of your face, and one of your body in a bikini. These do not need to be professional photos. They an just be normal snapshots, ideally taken without makeup on. If the agency decide to take you on, they will create a professional portfolio for you. Agencies like models to start your - they would consider fifteen a good age to get into an agency.Step 3: Physical requirements(身体要求)Be realistic. Mainstream fashion models need to be tall and slim, at least 5'8 or 5'9. A size 8 figure is considered a good size for a model. Ideally you should also have good, clear skin.Step 4: The right attitude(端正态度)Modelling is very hard work. It involves lots of long days, early starts, and long periods of just waiting around. You also need lots of perseverance, as you will probably have to deal with many rejections. Article/201105/138078【视频欣赏】(视频受网速和浏览器影响,如果暂时没看到,请亲们耐心等待或换个浏览器(最好换成IE)试试哦!)【听力文本】The process of moving is rarely cheap, but if you do it right, it doesn’t have to break the bank.You Will NeedA budget A yard sale A computer with internet access Packing materials Helpers Discounts Grocery stores (optional) Food for helpers (optional) Step 1: Make a budget(做好预算)Figure out what will be involved in your move and how much you can afford to spend. As you make plans and hire services, balance affordability with convenience to stay on budget.Step 2: Trim your stuff(精简自己的物品)Scale back your belongings by discarding, recycling, or donating items that you rarely or never use.Step 3: Hold a yard sale(不需要的物品拍卖掉)Hold a yard sale or post your unnecessary possessions on an online classified site. This lessens the amount of stuff you have to pack and ship, and earns you extra cash to help with the move.Step 4: Do it yourself(亲历亲为)Do as much as possible by yourself, including packing, loading, cleaning, and shipping. The more you do, the less you have to pay someone to do.Most grocery stores will save boxes for you if you ask. Don’t pay for packing supplies if you don’t have to.Step 5: Ask for help(寻求帮助)Ask friends for help with packing, loading, and cleaning. If you’re moving locally, you can load up friends’ cars instead of renting a moving van.Cook dinner for your helpers, or take them out. You can even or host a party in your new digs to thank them.Step 6: Shop for discounts(买打折的商品)Shop for discounts if you use a packing or shipping service. Ask about off-season or mid-week rates, which are usually cheaper than summer or weekend rates.Step 7: Consider the cost(想好预算)Consider the cost of shipping large or fragile items versus selling them and then replacing them when you arrive at your new home. It may be more cost effective to replace them after you’ve settled.Step 8: Deduct it(尽量减少搬家税)Check state and federal laws to learn how much of your moving costs may be deducted from your taxes at the end of the year. Take the cash you save and do something nice for yourself.Nineteenth-century pioneers moving their families westward spent four to seven months traveling the Oregon Trail on foot, a journey of 2,000 miles. Article/201003/100008

It#39;s been said that a packed shopping mall can resemble a zoo. Still, you wouldn#39;t expect to find wild animals there. But that#39;s just what happened in Beijing. A baby crocodile was found in a pond near one of the busiest shopping areas.据说一家人满为患的购物中心可以与动物园相提并论。尽管如此,人们也并不想在那里看到野生动物。但是,这的的确确就是北京一家购物中心所发生的事情。有人在人流最多的购物区附近的一个池子内发现了一只小鳄鱼。Property management staff of the Solana shopping center reported their discovery to the Beijing Aquatic Wild Animal Rescue Center. The half-meter reptile was later confirmed to be an aggressive Siamese crocodile. It#39;s believed to be an abandoned exotic pet. Specialists say it could pose a threat to children. The rescue center now has it well in hand.索拉纳购物中心的管理人员向北京水生野生动物营救中心通报了此事。这只半米长的动物被认定为是攻击性较强的暹罗鳄。这只小鳄鱼很可能是一只被弃的异国宠物。专家说它会对儿童构成威胁。目前,营救中心已将这只小鳄鱼安全带走。 Article/201208/196327Hold out your hands in front of you and hold a cigarette in your right hand. Count to three, raising the hand holding the cigarette on each count. On the count of three, the cigarette will have disappeared! Show the audience your empty hands and watch them marvel at your magnificence. 右手拿着一根香烟。数到三,每次数数的时候右手随喊出的数字摆动。在数到三的时候,香烟将会消失!呈现在观众面前的是空空如也的手,而你看的则是观众惊诧的眼神。 Sitting side on to your audience, raise the cigarette in your right hand but keep your left hand out to focus your spectator#39;s attention on that area. Raise the cigarette to head height each time you count. Just before you count three, slip the cigarette behind your ear. When you bring your hand back down on the count of three, the cigarette will have vanished and no one will know where it#39;s gone! Once you have mastered the trick, amaze your friends with your newfound magical powers. It might even work on the ladies. 用一边面向你的听众,右手在摆动,但要让左手去吸引你的观众的注意力,每一次数数的时候都让香烟到达自己头部的高度。数到三的时候,把香烟藏在耳朵后面。当香烟将从右手消失时,没有人会知道它去哪里了! 一旦你掌握了窍门,将它展示给家人和朋友吧。这个小魔术尤其对女士有奇效。 Article/201202/170137

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