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Have you ever wondered what your favorite historical figures would look like if they were alive today? Would William Shakespeare be trendy, preppy or boho chic? A team of digital artists teamed up with historian Dr. Suzannah Lipscomb to project what history#39;s most renowned figures might look like in 2013.你最喜欢的历史人物如果今天还活着,你想知道他们长啥样吗?威廉#8226;莎士比亚将会是新潮、学院风还是放荡不羁的呢?数字艺术家团队联手历史学家Suzannah Lipscomb士展现了历史上最著名的人物在2013年的样子。The talented team churned out four realistic portrayals that are as convincing as they are hilarious. According to the images below, Henry VII would likely be a businessman doing a four-hour work week, Shakespeare would probably own a Moleskine and Elizabeth I would clearly take fashion tips from Tilda Swinton.这个才华横溢的团队制作了四幅写真,滑稽的同时也令人信。根据下面的图片,亨利七世很可能成为一个商人,每周工作四小时,莎士比亚可能拿着一个笔记本,伊丽莎白一世显然会从蒂尔达#8226;斯温顿那获取时尚建议。The creative endeavor was recently commissioned by UKTV’s Yesterday channel in anticipation of the upcoming series ;Secret Life Of…;这种创造性的努力最近由UKTV的昨日频道委托,预热即将到来的系列“某某人物的神秘人生…”Would you have guessed that Shakespeare would rock a diamond stud and an asymmetrical#39; do? Let us know your thoughts.你已经猜到莎士比亚将会戴钻石耳钉、梳不对称发型了吗?让我们知道你的想法吧!Elizabeth I /201305/238331

The rise of drug-resistant superbugs will drag the health service back ‘to the early 19th century’, Britain’s most senior medical adviser has warned.英国最具权威的医药人士提出警告,日益增长的抗药病菌可能将现今的医疗务水平拖回至19世纪。Unless urgent action is taken, the ‘ticking timebomb’ of growing antibiotic resistance could leave millions vulnerable to untreatable bugs within a generation.除非及时采取措施,随着病菌的抗药能力逐渐提高,将有数以百万计,无法有效治疗的超级病毒肆虐世间。到时,即使一个普通的手术也可能致命。In an attempt to tackle the problem, GPs will be ordered to prescribe fewer antibiotics.目前,为了有效应对将来可能发生的危机,有关当局已下令限制医生开出的抗生素药品数量。While infections are becoming increasingly difficult to beat, no new class of antibiotic has been discovered since 1987. In contrast, a new infection emerges on an almost yearly basis.自1987年以来,医学人士并未研发出高于目前功能的抗生素药品,而感染症状则是一年变一个花样。医药人士提议政府将抗生素失效的风险列入国家危机事件范畴,仅次于流感事件。In the past five years, the number of cases of blood poisoning from antimicrobial resistant (AMR) forms of E. coli – which is twice as fatal as the normal bug – has gone up 60 per cent.这是全球政府都应重视的情况。最近五年来,仅因针对大肠杆菌使用抗生药物后导致的败血症案例数量就已上升了60%。在过去两年中,英国就有两人死于肺结核,此肺结核病菌几乎不受任何药物治疗的影响。除此之外,抗生素之王碳青霉烯的滥用也是另一件令人担忧的事。But with antibiotics liberally used in agriculture, and available over the counter in many countries, these efforts will be undermined without a united global effort.由于抗生素在农业生产中被广泛使用,以及国与国之间的成药交易情况,想要防患于未然,世界各国必须统一战线。抗生素药品的管理流程也需大力整治。 /201303/229119

A SURVEY by a matrimonial website has sparked online debate about who should control the finances at home, with a good majority of women insisting that men should ;hand in; their salaries after marriage.婚介网站的一项调查引发了网上大讨论:谁应该在家里掌控财政大权,很大一部分女性坚持认为男人结婚后应该“上交”薪水。Baihe.com interviewed over 50,000 youngsters, mainly those born after 1980.百合网访问了5万名年轻人,主要是那些1980年之后出生的。It found that about 53.2 percent of women want men to give them their salary cards to run the house with only 17.9 percent men agreeing with that.它发现大约53.2%的女性希望男人给他们工资卡去经营生活,只有17.9%的男人对此同意。On the other hand, nearly 30 percent of male respondents said they needed the economic freedom at home and would not hand over their monthly pay.另一方面,近30%的男性受访者表示他们在家里需要经济自由,不会交出他们的月薪。The survey also revealed that about 34.3 percent of women - as against 25.6 percent men - were willing to stash away some money for their personal use. Not surprisingly, nearly 80 percent women said they wanted their husbands to be earning double than them. About 18 percent wished that figure to be three times more.此外调查显示约34.3%的女性以及25.6%的男性————愿意藏些私房钱为他们自己使用。不令人惊讶的是,近80%的女性表示他们希望自己丈夫的薪水是比他们的两倍。大约18%的女性希望是其三倍。Also, many didn#39;t want their partners to work in the entertainment business. Freelancers, flight attendants and tour guides were other fields of work that had few supporters.同时,许多人不希望他们伴侣在行业工作。自由职业者、空乘人员和导游也是几乎没有多少持者的行业。Weibo.com was abuzz after the release of the survey.调查发布后微一阵沸腾。;I think husbands should volunteer to hand in their salary cards so they don#39;t spend it unwisely or support mistresses,; said a netizen named Nancy.“我认为丈夫应该自愿交出工资卡,这样他们就不会乱花钱或去养情妇,”一位网友南希说。Another said it was impossible for him to live with only 500 yuan as monthly expenses.另一个人说每月只有500元对他来说是不可能生活下去的。;So they want their husbands to earn three times more than them and give them all the money? No wonder many of them are still single,; wrote a netizen named Zhen Qiang.“所以她们希望丈夫比她们多赚三倍的钱,然后把所有的钱都给她们吗?难怪她们很多人都还是单身,”网友侦强写道。 /201301/222051

On the bus a man discovered a pickpocket#39;s hand thrust into his pocket.在公共汽车上一人发现一个小偷把手伸到了他的口袋里。;sorry,; he said to the pickpocket, ;you are too late. My wife did it before you.;“对不起,”他对小偷说,“你太晚了,我妻子在你之前就做过同样的事情了。”

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