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璧山潼南区看咽喉炎多少钱邛崃市妇幼保健院耳鼻喉电话咨询A with tips about how to look rich, namely by wearing the right clothes, being well groomed, eating and drinking in the right places and acting confident!这段视频给出了怎样看上去比较富有的建议,包括着装得体,行为有修养,在合适的地方进餐喝酒,以及行为要自信。Today, were going to have a think about how we can look rich. First of all, make sure you are wearing quality clothes; its very easy to spot things that are cheap and badly made so splash out on a couple of key pieces. Make sure your clothes actually fit.今天,我们来讨论一下怎样让自己看上去比较富有。首先,一定要穿质量比较好的衣。廉价的地摊货一眼就能看出来,所以一定要准备几套质量比较好的高档装,确保一定要合身。If they are too small or too big, this will immediately take away the look of quality they have and thats for men and women.Make sure you get properly sized and measured when you go out shopping. Be groomed at all times, make sure your hair is neat and tidy as well as your clothes.如果衣太大或太小,高档的品质马上就大打折扣,男女都是如此。外出购物前一定要量好自己的尺寸。任何时候都要优雅,头发和衣都要干净整洁。Try and introduce a skin care routine so that you look glowing and healthy. When you go out, go to some up market places,bars, restaurants, where you know that other rich looking people will be. Look confident, youll never see somebody thats rich whos shy and retiring.尝试皮肤护理,这样就会看上去容光焕发,神采奕奕。外出的时候,到一些比较高档的市场,酒吧,餐馆,其他有钱人经常到的地方。看上去自信一点,你永远不会看到害羞腼腆的有钱人。If you believe that youre rich, this will come across with people that meet. So make sure that you feel confident within yourself.如果你相信自己是有钱的,你遇到的人也会这么认为。所以,一定要相信自己。So to make sure you look rich, first of all make sure that you wear quality clothing and that it fits you properly, make sure youre well groomed and you have a skin care routine. Eat and drink in all the good places where the rich people are and make sure you look as confident as possible. And lastly, make sure you look confident.所以,为了让你自己看上去比较富有,首先要穿质量比较好,比较合身的装,一定要优雅,要进行皮肤护理。在富人经常光顾的地方进餐饮酒,同时尽可能让自己看上去比较自信。最后,一定要自信。Thanks for watching How To Look Rich.感谢收看“怎样让自己看上去比较富有”视频节目。201211/206898重庆爱德华鼻中隔偏曲要多少钱 After five years of analysing the blood samples,在对血样进行了五年的分析之后Nir finally had some results.尼尔终于有所发现He found a gene key to longevity他发现了一个与寿命有关的基因and has since found two more.并且已经开始寻找另外两个We have 2 million markers across the genome that we can follow在标记的200万个染色体组中 and we found three genes that looked to be,我们发现好像只有这三个基因that seemed to be over-represented出现在那些百岁老人身上的频率in our 100 year olds.远远大于其他人Two of those genes seems to be其中的两种基因似乎与relevant to cholesterol.胆固醇有关Basically, they increase the good cholesterol基本上 它们在对于增加有益胆固醇in a significant way.起到很重要的作用There is no drug currently that does it so effectively.目前为止 还没有药物能达到这效果And another gene seemed另一种基因好像to be very important is preventing diabetes.对抑制肥胖非常有效This makes the children of这让拥有长寿基因的小孩们centenarians 20 times more likely to live to 100.更有可能活到100岁The third gene may explain why the第三个基因可以解释centenarians seem to remain so engaged with life.百岁老人为什么仍在享受生活As long as youre healthy. As long as youre healthy!只要你身体健康 身体健康就是原因It seems that those that have this specific genotype有些特殊的遗传基因are protected from Alzheimer by about 80%.80%能让人免于老年痴呆症201304/234666南充市中心医院中耳炎怎么样

成华区妇幼保健院小儿鼾症怎么样乔布斯的辞职使各界大为震惊,人们认为这标志着一个时代的结束。现在,苹果公司未来的发展方向成为了人们关注的焦点。 After Steve Jobs' resignation as CEO of Apple, the company he co-founded decades ago, analysts and customers in Europe believe the move signals a change, but is not likely to have a huge impact on the innovation of the company. With a showman's flair, Steve Jobs always seemed to delight in maximizing the drama of his time in the spotlight. 'And one more thing' was the phrase the Apple faithful had come to expect from the company's co-founder and visionary boss. It was the signal that a rabbit would be pulled from a hat, or at least the technological equivalent. On a personal level, he'd fought and survived a rare form of pancreatic cancer which had aly forced him to step back from running day to day operations more than once. By announcing his resignation as CEO and backing Tim Cook as his replacement Jobs signaled it was time to move forward. Outside the Apple store in London's Covent Garden, consumers contemplate what the shift means for the brand he built into a global powerhouse. Shopper Ilya Ryndin said, "The company will miss him, because I know he was the face of Apple." Simon Leavesley said, "It is quite a shock, but I can't blame him with the health issues that he has." Holly Wilson said, "Shocked, but not devastated. I'd still be comfortable with buying anything from Apple, it's an established brand, I trust the quality of their products." Mark Mulligan is an independent digital strategist who's observed Jobs in action on several occasions. Independent Digital Media Strategist Mark Mulligan said, "He's clearly charismatic. He's clearly somebody who I would say is a force of personality, and somebody who manages to inspire leadership in people. There is no way that he would've been at the top of his game through so many challenges, personal as well as business. He's managed to hammer through things nobody else has achieved in negotiations." Carolina Milanesi is the chief Apple analyst at Gartner Research and says the question everyone's asking is: He said, "It's almost as if some people think of this as the end of Apple which is absolutely the wrong way to look at the company with iPhone 5, with the new version of the iPad, with iCloud. To some extent Apple is starting on a new journey if you like and maybe this is the right time for Steve Jobs to hand over the reins to Tim Cook to drive that next phase of the company. At the moment where the company is safe and doing very well." There is little about this news that comes as a genuine surprise, other than perhaps its precise timing. Still that doesn't diminish the impact of hearing that the man who engineered the most remarkable corporate turnaround of our times is planning to take a lesser role in the company he helped to found.重点词汇讲解:1. resignation n. 辞职, 辞呈, 顺从常用搭配: tender/hand in/offer/give/send in one's resignation 递交辞呈2. have a huge impact on “对……有重大影响”,类似表达有:have an influence on3. signal n. 信号;标志 v. 发信号;标志着4. contemplate vt. 思忖,思量,仔细考虑 vi. 冥思苦想,深思熟虑[(+on/upon)]5. hand over 移交201108/151108南川铜梁区看耳聋哪家好 成都市第五人民医院打鼾看怎么样好不好

成都市仁济医院突发性耳鸣要多少钱Beauty therapist Sarah Chapman shows VideoJug users how to exfoliate your face. Remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin to rejuvenate your face with VideoJugs guide to exfoliating your face.美容治疗师Sarah Chapman向VideoJug用户展示怎样为面部去角质。去除皮肤表面老死的细胞,让面部焕发出新的光。Step 1: Chemical exfoliators1.化学去角质Cleanse your skin before applying exfoliator. Chemical exfoliators are a gentle way to freshen the skin by removing the top layer of skin cells. It should be left on the skin for as long as is recommended on the packet, usually between 5 and 10 minutes. The exfoliator should then washed off.洁面,然后涂抹去角质产品。化学去角质产品通过去除表层皮肤细胞来更新皮肤。涂抹的时间应该按照包装上的建议,通常为5到10分钟。然后将去角质产品洗净。Step 2: Cream exfoliators2.乳霜去角质Cream exfoliators are suitable for sensitive, more delicate skin. Apply a thin layer over the face and leave to dry. The exfoliator may sink into the skin. Once dry, the paste can be peeled off which will lift the dead skin off the face. Pay attention to the area around the nose which often has a build up of dead skin.乳霜去角质产品更适用于敏感,更加娇弱的皮肤。在面部涂抹薄薄的一层,然后等待乳霜变干。去角质乳霜会渗入皮肤。干燥之后,膏体可以剥落,同时把面部死皮剥离。注意鼻子周围区域,这里很容易积聚死皮。Step 3: Granular exfoliators3.颗粒状去角质产品Granular exfoliators can have a gel or cream consistency, and are suitable for tougher skin, particularly men before shaving.They should be mixed with water between your fingers. Apply the exfoliator across the whole face, and work it into the skin with circular motions. Massage into the skin until it is flushed, and remove with warm water or a damp flannel.颗粒状去角质产品可以是凝胶或乳霜状,适用于较粗糙的皮肤,尤其是男士剃须之前。和水混合使用,整个面部涂抹去角质产品,打圈,让其渗入皮肤。至出水,然后用温水或湿毛巾洗净。Step 4: After exfoliating4.去角质后Your skin will absorb beauty products more effectively after exfoliating, so apply an anti-ageing serums and moisturisers for maximum effect.去角质后,你的皮肤将更有效地吸收美容产品,所以为了取得最佳效果,涂抹抗衰老浆液或保湿霜。Thanks for watching How To Exfoliate Your Face.感谢收看“面部去角质”视频节目。201302/227289 成都市妇幼保健院过敏性鼻炎怎么样四川省人民医院耳鼻喉好吗



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