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American Authors – Philip K. Dick; on purpose versus deliberately versus intentionally; moderately versus sparingly; understatement of the centuryWords:alienscience fictionlotterysolarprolificalternate universeandroidwholesalemental illnessto be addictedrightson purposedeliberatelyintentionallymoderatelysparinglyunderstatement of the century 50Carlos要求Gabrielle给腹中的胎儿做亲子鉴定以确定是自己的孩子,Gabrielle耍了点手腕,做了份亲子鉴定来安慰丈夫,下面的对话是他们两人在监狱的探望室互相责怪,最后两个人都意识到自己都不是什么良善之辈,不过值得欣慰的是:他们至少还很有钱 1Camille Parmesan: well, the surprising thing is that we haven’t really had that much warming yet. We’ve only had about 1 degree Fahrenheit. But we’re aly seeing impacts in every single system that’s been studied around the world. So every continent, every ocean, every kind of, group of animal and plant. You are listneing to biologist Camille Parmesan of the University of Texas. Her early studies of butterflies were among the first to record shifts in a species’ habitat due to climate change. Now, she said, many species are on the move.Camille Parmesan: About 0% of species are aly changing where they live by moving themselves up towards the poles, and up mountains. And about 60% of spices are changing the timing of when they do things in spring. So when leaves emerge, when caterpillars emerge, when birds start to migrate. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has predicted the planet will warm up anywhere from to degrees Fahrenheit in this century.Camille Parmesan: Really, we don’t want to get anything above another degrees warming. And if it gets up to 6 degrees warming, basically we’ve just changed Earth’s climate so much we’re going back several million years when the biodiversity was just a completely different group of plants and animals. So if we really do go up to 6 degrees dentigrade warming, what we’re expecting to see is a complete new shift in what kind of life exists on Earth. 801

Voice 1: Today Spotlight is on suicide. Why do people decide to end their lives? Can we prevent suicide from happening?声音1:今天重点聚焦节目的主题就是自杀为什么有人决定结束自己的生命?我们能阻止自杀事件发生吗?Voice : The WHO reports that in the last ty–five years suicide rates have increased by sixty percent worldwide. Suicide is one of the three leading causes of death among people between fifteen and ty–five years old.声音:世界卫生组织的报告显示,过去5年,全球的自杀率飙升了60%自杀是岁至5岁人群的三大死亡原因之一Voice 1: People who decide to kill themselves usually suffer from depression or drug use. In fact, ninety percent of suicide victims suffer from one of these two problems. But not every person who carries out a suicide is depressed or is using harmful drugs. Suicide may result from other complex problems. example a family crisis or individual crisis can make a person to want to kill himself. The death or separation of a family member or friend, job loss, and losing family honour could cause someone to think about suicide.声音1:决定自杀的人通常饱受抑郁症或毒品的折磨实际上,有90%的自杀者饱受这两个问题的折磨但是并不是所有自杀的人都患有抑郁症或是用了有害药物自杀也可能是由其他复杂问题引发的比如,家庭危机或个人危机可以使一个产生自杀的念头家庭成员或朋友的死亡或分离、失业以及失去家庭荣誉都可能诱发一个人的自杀想法一起自杀 译文属 9335

Last winter, as rumors of a royal engagement swirled, Kate Middleton haunted by the paparazzi just wished they'd leave her alone. Now that the royal romance is over, they probably will. Prince William, , and his girlfriend Kate, who is 5, met at university in Scotland four years ago. There they shared a house and became lovers out of the media spotlight. But after their graduation they had to face real life and the glare of publicity. Prince Williams joined the army, and began officer training at Britain's elite military academy Sandhurst, while Kate became a fashion buyer in London. Wherever they went, whether it was the prince's out drinking with friends, or Kate's simply setting out work, photographers were never far away. Finally it may be that strain that ended the relationship, or the fact the prince has said he doesn't want to marry until he is or 30. On the other hand, it may be Kate deciding that a royal wedding is less fairytale ending than a life sentence. Whatever the reason, royal watchers say the parting was amicable, and the two will remain friends. 1770

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