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江西省龙南县人民医院抽脂多少钱赣州秀眉哪个地方好How do we break down stereotypes about each other?That question has driven a Michigan State University journalism class to create a series of guides to help disassemble the myths and stereotypes about different groups in our country.Bias Busters: Guides to Cultural Competence have been created by students. Theyre a series of questions and answers about African-Americans, East Asian cultures, Native Americans and more.Joe Grimm is the instructor of the Seminar in Journalism class and editor-in-residence in the School of Journalism at Michigan State.;The Bias Busters series is really intended for people who have a sincere interest in other people,; Grimm says. ;It might be somebody they work with, somebody who lives in their apartment building, somebody new to their family, and they have these questions, these very natural, human questions, but they are afraid to ask them because they dont want to sound dumb and they dont want to hurt someones feelings. So we step in and take care of that.;Grimm says one of the core principles the students adhere to when writing these guides is, ;respect for the people we write about and the people were writing for.;;Nobody who s the guide is going to get to a place where the guide says, Oh, well thats a dumb question, or, Thats a racist thing to ask about. We take people as being sincerely interested in the subject, even if maybe the way theyre phrasing the question isnt the best way.;201603/434507兴国光子脱毛多少钱 China亚洲中国Housing房产Why grumble?为何怨声载道?silver lining to the housing cloud房产疑云的一线希望JUST how bad is Chinas housing bubble? One important measure—the most important for those trying to get a foot on the property ladder—is affordability. Many believe that Chinese housing prices have soared well beyond the reach of ordinary people. There is some truth to that. But a closer look at the data reveals a more complex picture. The Economist Intelligence , our sister company, created a city-level index to track the relation between housing prices and incomes across China. Two points stand out.中国房地产泡沫有多严重?要衡量这个问题,经济可承受性是一重要指标,它是人们试图在购买住宅的重中之重。许多人相信,中国的房屋价格飙升到了一个常人难以企及的地步。这大约是正确的。不过对数据的进一步观察揭示了一个更为复杂的局面。我们的兄弟公司,经济学人智库开发了一个基于城市层面的指数,它可以追踪中国房价与收入的关系。有两点十分引人注目。First, the countrys biggest cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, with populations of more than 10m, are in a class of their own in terms of unaffordability (see chart; for full results go to our website). Homes are markedly cheaper in almost all slightly smaller cities, even though they have millions of residents. The price of a 100-square-metre house is on average 14-fold higher than annual household incomes in mega-cities. For cities with populations of less than 10m, the price to income ratio is eight. It thus makes sense for Chinas cities to tailor their housing policies to their own needs; some must focus on building more subsidised homes, while others need to attract new residents to occupy their many homes now standing empty.首先,中国诸如北京、上海此类的大城市拥有超过1千万的人口,他们处于无法负担房价的那个层次(如表所示;去我们的网站可以看到完整版)。几乎所有的较小城市中,即使拥有几百万人口,房价也要明显地便宜。在大城市里,一处100平方米的住宅价格平均超过了家庭年收入的14倍。那些人口少于1000万的城市,房价与收入的比率是8。因此,中国的城市为了迎合他们自身的需求而调整房屋政策是一件有意义的事情;一些城市必须注重经济适用房的建设,同时其他城市需要吸引新居民去消费大量空房。Second, regardless of city size, housing has become more affordable over the past four years throughout China. At the peak, in April 2010, house prices on average were nearly 12 times household incomes; that has dropped to less than nine times today. Prices are higher than in many developing countries, but they are not wildly divergent.第二,不考虑城市的规模的情况下,纵观全国,过去四年中人们更加能负担得起住宅费用。2010年4月达到最顶峰,此时住宅售价是家庭年收入近12倍;这个比率已经降到如今的不足9倍。发展中国家的房价比较高,但是中国的房价比之其他发展中国家也高不了多少。The apparent improvement in affordability does not tally with the perception of many Chinese. But the official price data used in constructing this index show that people are adjusting to high inner-city prices by buying homes that are ever farther from urban centres. That may not be especially painful: suburbs are increasingly well-connected by roads and railways.经济可承受性的明显改善与中国人的感知并不完全相符。但是,我们的指标用上了官方的数据,这些数据显示人们通过购买远离市中心的住房来适应高昂的中心城区房价。这也许不会特别痛苦,因为市郊正越来越多地与大路和铁路紧密相连。The bigger concern, especially in smaller cities, is that China suffers from an oversupply of housing. So many homes have been built that prices in such cities are now declining quickly relative to incomes. That is desirable. But a big, sudden rise in affordability could pose considerable risks to the financial system, which is heavily exposed to loans made to the property sector. So far, at least, China has yet to experience the pain of a property-market crash.另外有一个大问题,中国面临着住宅供大于求的糟糕局面,特别是在较小的城市中。这么多的住房竣工落成,而这些城市里的房价正相对于收入迅速下跌。这本让人高兴不已。但是经济可承受性短时间内大幅度的升高会对金融系统造成相当大的风险,特别是那些投放在房地产市场的贷款。到目前为止,至少还没有历经房地产崩溃的痛苦。译者:卢意 校对:伍豪 译文属译生译世 /201505/374029Environmental policy环保政策Reefer madness珊瑚礁化狂热Turning oil rigs into reefs saves money and marine life. Yet many greens oppose it石油钻塔变成群礁,既可以省钱,又可以拯救海洋生命。然而,许多绿色环保人士依旧反对这项举措WHEN an offshore well stops producing oil, what should be done with the rig? One option is to haul it ashore, break it up and recycle it. This is expensive. For a big, deep-water oil or gas platform, it can cost 0m. Just hiring a derrick barge massive enough to do the job can cost 0,000 a day. But there is an alternative: simply leave most of the structure where it is. That is what you would expect a greedy oil firm to do: despoil the ocean just to save a lousy few million dollars. The surprise is, the cheap option may actually be greener.当海上油井停止产油,那我们该怎样处置钻塔呢?其中一个做法就是将其拉上岸,分解再重新循环利用。但其费用昂贵。一个大型的深海石油或天然气平台大约花费2亿美金。租一艘井架驳船就足够搞定,其费用为每天70万美元。还有另外一个选择:放任其不管。而那样做的只会是贪婪的石油公司,他们打劫海洋,省下几百万。然而,让人吃惊的是,最便宜的选择也许是最环保的。For a start, it takes a lot of energy to move a rig. The ships that would be needed to shift Californias largest one would emit 29,400 tonnes of carbon dioxide, by one estimate. And moving a rig disturbs the organisms that have attached themselves to its underside, or jacket. Far better, some say, to turn old rigs into coral reefs.一开始,要移除钻塔需要费很大力气。若想要动加州最大的钻塔,那么运输船在这个过程中预估会释放出2.94万吨二氧化碳。而且,移动钻塔会影响附着在塔周围的有机体。若要全面考虑的话,有些人认为应该把老的钻塔转换成珊瑚礁。“Reefing” typically involves bringing a platforms above-water parts ashore and cropping the lower parts to leave at least 26m of clearance: deep enough for ships to pass over, yet shallow enough for photosynthesis to nourish organisms on its upper reaches (see picture). Oil-rig reefs may shelter and feed up to eight tonnes of fish. In Shell moved a jacket in the Gulf of Mexico ten kilometres (six miles) away. The fish followed.“珊瑚礁化”过程往往涵盖了把石油平台水上的部分拉上岸以及保水下部分26米的空隙,这样方便船只通过,但对滋润生物的光合作用空间却依然不够(详情见图)。石油钻塔珊瑚礁可以给高达8吨的鱼群提供庇护以及食物。年,谢尔把位于墨西哥湾的钻塔挪了大概6米,鱼群也跟着移动了。More than 490 platforms in American waters have become reefs in the past three decades. The federal Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement urges states to issue reefing permits. State coffers gain: oil firms typically hand over half the money they save by reefing.在过去的三十年间,美国海域里超过490个石油钻井平台已经转变成珊瑚礁了。美国联邦安全和环境执法局督促各州“珊瑚礁化”。国库增加,而且石油公司往往可以从“珊瑚礁化”中直接获得超过一半的钱。Those savings vary greatly. Small platforms in shallow waters can often be removed for m, but sometimes for as little as m, according to DecomWorld, a consultancy. But for states with lots of offshore oil rigs, the windfalls soon add up. Mississippi pocketed an average of 5,000 for each of the 12 permits it has issued, according to Melissa Scallan of the states Department of Marine Resources. Louisianas take has averaged 0,000 per reefing—and the state has seen 336 of them, says Mike McDonough of the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.从“珊瑚礁化”中省下的钱数目各不相同。在浅水海域,小钻井平台所需费用大概是1亿美元,有时候也可能只要100万美元。这些数据来源于DecomWorld顾问公司。但是,拥有的海上钻塔数量越多,就越能大发横财。国家海洋能源局梅丽莎提供信息,表明在12个钻塔中,密西西比州能从中平均每一个钻塔获得62.5万美元。来自路易斯安那野生动物与渔业局的麦克认为,该州平均从每个珊瑚礁获利27万美元,而且目前已经发现了336座珊瑚礁。Currently, less than a tenth of Americas old oil and gas platforms are reefed. Sometimes the reasons for this are practical. For example, platforms may be removed if waiting for a permit means weathering another hurricane season (in 2005 150 defunct platforms in the Gulf of Mexico were toppled by winds and waves). Operators typically favour reefing but it is not always economical or allowed, says David Welch of Stone Energy Corporation. The firm has only reefed 12 of the 60 Gulf of Mexico platforms it has decommissioned.在美国,不到十分之一的老天然气和石油平台珊瑚化。理由往往很现实。比如,平台只要能熬过飓风季节,那么才有可能移除(在2005年,位于墨西哥湾的150座废弃平台被海风海浪摧毁)。能源公司的大卫·威尔士认为,经营商特别持“珊瑚礁化”,但是,这样做往往不划算而且也不合法。该公司目前也才将墨西哥湾60座退役平台中的12座“珊瑚礁化”。That share is likely to grow. Within five years oil firms will be reefing one offshore rig in four, predicts Quenton Dokken of the Gulf of Mexico Foundation, a conservation group. Gulf states, particularly Louisiana and Texas, are making “a big push” to streamline the permitting process, he says.这中趋势有可能会增加,墨西哥湾基地的Quenton预测,在五年内,石油公司将能把四分之一的海上钻井平台“珊瑚礁化”。海湾各州,特别是路易斯安那州和德州,正在努力简化审批流程。Far bigger savings are possible in the deep waters off California. Four years ago the Golden State passed a law allowing reefing. Operators are loth to estimate costs publicly, but the Tulane University Energy Institute reckons that reefing the states 27 platforms could save billion. A platform or two could be retired as early as next year, though rising oil prices may mean they keep pumping longer.在远离加州海岸线的深水区里,省下的钱或许会更多。四年前,加州通过了一项允许“珊瑚化”的法律。经营商并不愿意公开费用,但是杜兰大学能源学院认为,将该州27个钻井平台“珊瑚礁化”能够省下20亿美元。尽管上升的油价会迫使钻井平台产生更多价值,但其中有1-2个平台最早在明年就会停止使用。The California Ocean Science Trust, a research group that has advised lawmakers, thinks that platforms increase marine life and should not all be removed. Skyli McAfee, the groups director, describes this conclusion as “a big fat duh”. Studies by Milton Love, a marine biologist at the University of California, Santa Barbara, support it. Oil platforms serve as “excellent nursery grounds” that boost fish populations, he says. The bocaccio, a rockfish whose numbers are worrying fishing authorities, is one big beneficiary.加州海洋科学信托研究机构,认为这些平台使得海洋生物繁殖,不应该全部被移除。该机构主任斯盖里·麦考非将这一结论描述为“一个大胖墩”。加州大学圣芭芭拉分校的生物学家弥尔顿发表一份研究,持该结论。石油钻井平台就像“优质育儿室”,促进鱼类繁殖。其中曾经一度让鱼类学家担心会走向灭绝的菖鲉目前是最大受益者。Yet the odds of preserving most oil-rig reefs look bleak. Public opposition is robust. Not one platform off California has been reefed. Activists e the findings of scientists such as James Cowan, an oceanographer at Louisiana State University, who studied isotopes, tissue caloric densities and the stomach contents of creatures from both natural and artificial reefs and concluded that the latter generate no extra biomass. The Environmental Defence Centre in Santa Barbara, a group that files anti-development lawsuits, advocates the complete removal of oil platforms. Linda Krop, its chief counsel, says that abandoned structures might damage anchors, rob natural reefs of fish and even leach poisons. She does, however, acknowledge the environmental damage associated with complete removal.然而,要尽可能多地保留石油钻机塔的几率看起来很渺茫。公众对此嗤之以鼻。加州海上钻井塔没有一个已经“珊瑚礁化”。激进分子引用一些科学家的研究结果,比如路易斯安娜州大学海洋学家詹姆斯·柯旺在研究同位素、组织热量密度及天然珊瑚礁与人工珊瑚礁上的生物胃内情况之后,得出结论,人工珊瑚礁不会为生物提供生活所需。圣芭芭拉环境保护中心主要任务就是给反运动的法律诉讼存档,他们提倡完全移除石油钻井平台。其首席律师琳达·科咯普认为废弃的建筑可能会破坏锚、珊瑚礁,甚至会释放有毒物质。然而,她也承认完全移除这些平台也会对环境造成破坏。When reefs cause grief当珊瑚礁引发灾难Greenpeace, a pressure group, makes a different argument. John Hocevar, its head of ocean campaigns, concedes that in some locations reefed platforms, if non-toxic, may increase marine life. But they should be banned anyway, he says, because they save the oil firms money and therefore encourage them to drill more.绿色和平组织给出了不同的意见。该组织海洋运动的领头人约翰承认在一些海域,如果“珊瑚礁化”的平台无毒,那么久有可能促进海洋生物的繁殖。但是,无论如何都要禁止这些钻井平台“珊瑚礁化”。因为“珊瑚礁化”可以帮助石油公司省下一大笔钱,这样一来,便会煽动他们去海上开采更多的石油。The debate is likely to intensify. In the Gulf of Mexico some 400 platforms are now being decommissioned each year. Divers and many fishermen want more to be reefed; shrimpers complain that reefs prevent them from dragging nets across parts of the ocean floor. In California operators must decide quickly if they wish to turn redundant rigs into reefs. Until 2017 firms can keep 45% of the savings. After that the figure falls to 35% until 2023; then it drops to just 20%.讨论越趋激烈。每年,墨西哥湾有400座钻井平台停止使用。潜水员和渔民希望钻井平台“珊瑚礁化”越多越好,而捕虾人却抱怨珊瑚礁会妨碍他们在洋底撒网。在加州,经营商如果想把多余的钻井平台变成珊瑚礁,他们必须尽快做出决定。到2017年,石油公司可以保省下45%的费用,2017年以后,降至35%,到2023年,降至20%。For now, the evidence suggests that reefing is a rare policy. It is both eco-friendly and pays for itself.至今为止,“珊瑚礁化”这一政策是很罕见的,这样做不仅环保而且很负责。译者:黄柳 译文属译生译世 /201601/421182南康无痛隆胸手术价格

赣州俪人整形美容医院耳垂整形手术怎么样赣州俪人整形美容医院祛红血丝怎么样 石城县人民医院祛眼袋手术多少钱

崇义县中医医院光子脱毛手术多少钱You just took a selfie with the real First Lady,你刚刚和真的第一夫人拍了张自拍how cool was that!Surreal, how crazy is the show, how great is the show today!那太酷了 太梦幻了 这个节目太疯狂了 今天真是太棒了Our next guest is not The First Lady of the ed States.我们下一位嘉宾并不是美国第一夫人She just plays one on TV.Take a look.她只是在电视上演了第一夫人而已 我们来看一看Why did you meet with the governor of New Mexico?为什么你要和新墨西哥州的州长见面Because governor Martinez has been outspoken on this Clarence Parker mess.因为马迪尼斯州长 对于克拉伦斯·帕克的事公开发表了看法I wanted to hear her thoughts.I know a vetting when I see one.我想知道她的想法 我知道副总统审查是什么样You and Cyrus were giving her the once-over for V.P.你和塞勒斯在评估她是否能当副总统Cyrus thought it would be a good idea.塞勒斯觉得这是个好主意That does not mean shes the right person for the job.但那不意味着她是最适合这个工作的人You told me you were gonna pick someone boring and unelectable.你告诉我 你要选不可能当选的无名小卒I prostituted myself so that you would get your mistress back,我出卖了我肉体 让你赢回了你的情妇and now youre gonna take someone young and charismatic,现在你却要任命一个年轻有魅力的And female and Latina,And make her the vice president of the ed States?拉丁裔的女人 让她当美国的副总统How dare you?What happened to my turn?We had a deal, Fitz.你怎么能这样 我的机会哪去了 我们有过约定 费兹From ;Scandal; Please welcome Bellamy Young.欢迎《丑闻》剧组的贝拉米·杨 /201602/427172 Organised crime有组织犯罪Farewell to the heist和抢劫说再见British gangsters are more professional and cosmopolitan than in the past英国黑帮比以往更专业化和国际化“YOU wont believe this, but theyve just stolen a train.” That was the astonished message of the police officer who reported the “Great Train Robbery”, a heist that took place 50 years ago, on August 8th 1963. A gang of 15 men from across Londons underworld stopped a train by turning the signal red, brutally coshed the driver and made off with £2.6m (then .3m) in cash from the mail cars. They decamped to a nearby farmhouse to play Monopoly with the stolen banknotes. Despite fleeing the country, almost all the culprits were eventually captured.报道“火车大劫案”的警官传递出令人震惊的消息:“你绝对不会相信,但他们刚刚抢劫了一辆火车!”这起劫案发生于50年前的1963年8月8日。十五名伦敦黑帮组成的犯罪团伙通过将信号灯变成红色让火车停下来,随后暴打司机并带着260万英镑(约合730万美元)逃离邮车。他们撤到一个附近的农舍用偷来的钞票玩大富翁。尽管逃离了英国,但几乎所有的罪犯最终都被捕获。For all its daring, in its cast of characters and casual violence the Great Train Robbery typified the organised crime that flourished in Britain in the 1960s and 1970s. The “faces”, as the most notorious criminals were then known, hung out in smoky pubs on their self-designated patches. Groups such as the Richardsons, who were based in south London, and the Krays, in east London, mostly made their money extorting from local businesses and petty criminals. Reputation was everything: to get involved in the racket, criminals would have to beat up a few prominent people, or spend some time in prison.“火车大劫案”中案犯们的性格以及随意暴力所表现出的胆大包天都具有二十世纪六七十年代在英国十分猖獗的有组织犯罪的典型特点。这些声名狼藉的罪犯随后被发现在他们自己标榜的领地泡吧。像伦敦南部的Richardsons以及东部的Krays一样,这种团伙大部分都靠敲诈本土企业以及小规模犯罪谋利。在这行,名声就是一切:为了入行,罪犯不得不殴打一些知名人士或者在监狱蹲上一段时间。That world ended in the 1970s and 1980s. Sentences got stiffer; Bertie Smalls, an armed robber turned “supergrass”, informed on dozens of Londons criminals. The spectacular Brinks-Mat robbery of 1983, when six robbers stole £26m (then m) in cash, diamonds and gold from a warehouse at Heathrow airport, led to much infighting. Most disruptive was the rise of the drugs trade. Drugs were more profitable than extortion and robbery—but they also rewarded different skills. Instead of relying exclusively on hard men, criminal outfits also needed foreign connections to import the drugs, distribution networks to sell them and a way of laundering the cash.上述情形于二十世纪七八十年代销声匿迹。判决更加严厉;全副武装的强盗伯蒂向警方告密,检举几十个伦敦的罪犯。1983年的的Brinks-Mat劫案导致了许多的混战,六名劫匪从希斯罗机场的仓库里偷走价值260万英镑(约合380万美元)的现金、钻石和黄金。最具破坏性的还属毒品交易的增长。毒品比敲诈和抢劫获利更多,但同时他们也需要不同的技能。犯罪团伙需要国外货源、分销渠道以及洗钱途径,而不仅仅是几个硬汉。Since then, Britains organised crime scene has diversified sharply. Whereas gangs were once extremely local—defined by their territory—crime is now much more globalised, says Charlie Edwards of the Royal ed Services Institute, a think-tank. One visible change is the arrival of criminals with foreign origins. Turkish gangsters import a lot of heroin. Eastern European smugglers import sex workers and export stolen cars; some Vietnamese immigrants run cannabis factories.从那时起,英国有组织犯罪的情况迅速变得多样化。一个智囊团——英国皇家联合务研究院的查理·爱德华说,曾经的帮派都是按照他们的领地划分,具有本土化特点,而现在的犯罪则更加全球化。一个可以察觉到的变化是大批具有外国血统的罪犯的到来。土耳其黑帮进口大量海洛因。东欧走私者进口性工作者并出口赃车;一些越南移民经营着大麻工厂。Yet when it comes to crime, Britains trade balance is probably positive. Most gangsters are still white, British and have working-class roots, according to Dick Hobbs, a criminologist at the University of Essex. They are just better connected than their forebears—and have roamed much farther. The large number of British expatriates in places such as Amsterdam and southern Spain gives cover to British criminals. Mark Lilley, a bodybuilder and drug dealer from Merseyside was arrested in Spain last month after 13 years on the run.然而,当涉及到犯罪时,英国的贸易平衡可能是积极的。埃塞克斯大学的犯罪学家迪克·霍布斯表示,大部分黑帮至今还是由白人、英国人和有工人阶级根源的人组成。他们比父辈联系更加紧密,也逃得更远。在阿姆斯特丹和西班牙南部地区的大批英国侨胞给英国罪犯提供了掩护。一名来自默西塞德爱好健美的毒贩子经历了13年的逃亡生涯后上个月在西班牙被捕。And today the fastest-growing scams are not connected to drugs. London has become a centre for global money-laundering, says Federico Varese, a specialist in mafias at Oxford University. Russian gangsters in particular route their cash through British banks. Home Office officials are concerned about electronic fraud and stockmarket manipulation by organised gangs, as well as corruption in government-procurement contracts.时至今日,增长最快的骗局和毒品没有关系。牛津大学黑手党问题专家费德里克·瓦雷泽说伦敦已经变成了国际洗钱中心。特别是俄罗斯的黑帮通过英国洗钱。内政部官员担心电子欺诈、股市被黑帮操纵以及政府采购合约的腐败等情况。All of which suggests that, 50 years after the Great Train Robbery, Britains traditional blue-collar, hands-on crime is a thing of the past. In its place is something less visible and harder to police. That is still damaging, but in some ways the change is an improvement. Britains murder rate is as low as it has been in decades—and murders connected to organised crime are few and far between. Gangsters have moved on. The Great Train Robbery, for all its grisly aplomb, now looks like little more than rather old-fashioned thuggery.所有的一切都表明,在“火车大劫案”发生50年之后,英国传统的具有“蓝领”、“动手”标签的犯罪已经成为历史。取而代之的是一些更难发现和侦破的案件。那仍然具有破坏性,但从某种意义上来说也是一种进步。英国的谋杀率近几十年来一直很低,与有组织犯罪相关的谋杀更是少之又少。黑帮已经向前迈出一大步。因可怕的暴力而出名的“火车大劫案”现在看起来只不过是过时的暴行而已。译者:周洋 校对:黄佳欣 译文属译生译世 /201512/418121赣州俪人医院全身美白兴国激光去痘印多少钱




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