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  • Asian, European Leaders Meet to Restore Confidence in Markets亚欧领导人北京集会讨论金融危机 Asian and European leaders are meeting in the Chinese capital to discuss ways to increase confidence in world markets. Chinese President Hu Jintao has said uncertainties and instability are increasing in China's economy as a result of the global financial crisis. 亚洲和欧洲国家领导人在北京召开会议,讨论如何增强全球市场的信心。中国国家主席胡锦涛说,由于全球金融危机的影响,中国市场的不确定性和不稳定日益增高。Leaders from over 40 European and Asian countries met in Beijing Friday to encourage solidarity in facing the crisis. 来自欧洲和亚洲四十多个国家的领导人星期五聚集在北京,互相鼓励在危机当前团结一致。Global financial problems were at the top of the agenda as they gathered for the first day of the two-day Asia-Europe Meeting, known as ASEM. 全球金融危机是这次为期两天的欧亚会议第一天会议的主要议程。China's President, Hu Jintao, addressed the opening ceremony carried live on national television. He said the crisis was increasing instability in China's economy and that concerted efforts were needed to shore-up their interdependent economies.  中国国家主席胡锦涛在全国直播的会议开幕式上发言。他说,危机增加了中国经济的不稳定。必须要采取一致行动,增强各国互相依赖的经济。He says China's economic growth faces various hardships and challenges. He says for China's economy to maintain a healthy state is itself an important contribution to global financial market stability and global economic development. 他说:“中国经济发展面临诸多困难和挑战。中国经济保持良好发展势头,本身就是对全球金融市场稳定和世界经济发展的重要贡献。”Earlier in the day Southeast Asian countries plus China, Japan, and South Korea, agreed to an billion regional emergency fund to battle the effects of the crisis. 星期五早些时候,东南亚国家联盟的成员国以及中国、日本和韩国同意设立一个800亿美元的地区性紧急基金,以应对全球金融危机的影响。Nonetheless, Asian stock prices continued to tumble. Hong Kong's Hang Seng index fell to a four-year low while China's benchmark stocks dropped to a two-year low. The Japanese and South Korean exchanges dropped to similar record lows. 但是,亚洲股票价格持续下跌。香港恒生指数下跌到四年来的最低点,中国股票下跌到两年来的最低点。日本和韩国股票交易价格下滑到类似的历史最低点。The European Commission President, Jose Manuel Barroso, said Asia and Europe needed to work with world partners to restore growth, stability, and confidence.  欧盟委员会主席巴罗佐说,亚洲和欧洲需要同世界夥伴们一起努力恢复经济的增长、稳定和信心。"We cannot meet these challenges by closing the door and simply looking after our own house. We have all benefited from trade and an open business environment," Barroso said. "So, we should firmly resist calls for protectionism, isolation and economic nationalism. This would only harm us and our prospects for recovery." 他说:“我们不能靠关起门自保,来迎接这些挑战。贸易以及开放的经济环境,对我们大家都有利。因此,我们应该坚决拒绝保护主义、孤立主义以及经济民族主义的呼声。这些只会伤害我们,损害复苏的前景。”Despite the financial crisis topping the meeting agenda, Barroso said equally important was working together on a range of critical world issues. 巴罗佐表示,尽管金融危机是这次峰会的首要议题,但是在一系列至关重要的世界性议题上合作同等重要。The meeting is also to address cooperation on climate change, sustainable development, and energy security, among other issues. 这次峰会还将讨论在环境变化、可持续发展以及能源安全等其它领域进行合作的问题。Europe wants further commitments from advanced developing nations like China and India to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 欧洲希望中国和印度这些比较先进的发展中国家能够在减少温室气体排放方面作出进一步承诺。However, the Asia-Europe Meeting is a summit for discussion and demonstrations of cooperation and is not expected to produce any binding agreements. 但是,亚欧峰会只是为讨论问题和展示合作提供一个机会,预计,它不会达成具有约束力的协议。China's official Xinhua news agency says during the meeting Chinese officials are expected to put forward a proposal to build an "eco-city network" in Asia. It did not elaborate. 中国官方《新华社》的报导说,会议期间,中国官员预计将提出在亚洲建立一个“生态城市网路”的建议。但是,报导没有详细说明这个建议。200810/53930
  • More than 100 villagers from rural Cambodia were detained briefly by the authorities in Phnom Penh after handing out leaflets detailing how government land concessions are affecting their lives.柬埔寨农村地区的100多位村民在散发有关政府出让土地对他们生活造成的影响的传单后,被金边当局短暂拘押。Early Thursday, about 120 villagers gathered to pray at a Buddhist shrine on the riverfront in Phnom Penh.星期四早上,大约120名村民聚集在首都金边河边的一个佛教寺庙里祈祷。Many were dressed in outfits designed to evoke a Cambodian version of the hit film "Avatar," which depicts the struggle of an alien race battling to save their forest from commercial exploitation. Protesters had green painted faces, green shirts and wore a green leaf as a hat.许多村民装扮成热门电影《阿凡达》中的形像。这部电影讲述的是潘多拉星球的纳美人为保护他们的森林免被商业开发而与地球人对抗的故事。柬埔寨的这些抗议者们用绿色涂料涂在脸上,身着绿色衣,头戴树叶做成的帽子。Raising awareness of deforestationThey said they had come to the capital to let the public know of the troubles they face in rural areas where huge tracts of forest have been leased to domestic and foreign businesses.他们说,他们来到首都是要让公众了解他们在农村地区面临的困境,那里的大片森林已经租给了国内和外国的企业。Villager Kao Chart, who traveled from the northeastern province Kratie, said the forests are being cleared and people like him are losing their livelihoods. He said 20 people came from his area, and are praying to the Buddha for help. He also said taking care of the environment is a priority.来自东北部桔井省的村民考·查特说,森林正在消失,像他这样的人正失去生计。他说,有20个人来自他那个地区,他们向佛祷告祈求帮助。他说,保护生态环境是首要任务。201108/150254
  • The head of the U.N. World Food Program (WFP) in Ethiopia says the country's emergency food stocks are almost completely exhausted, with drought conditions expected to worsen before they improve. There are also growing concerns about food shortages in Ethiopia's reclusive neighbor, Eritrea. 联合国世界粮食计划署埃塞俄比亚负责人说,该国的紧急粮食储备几乎完全耗尽,目前的干旱灾情预计会进一步恶化。人们对塞俄比亚的邻国厄立特里亚的粮食短缺问题也日渐担忧。WFP's Ethiopia Country Director Abdou Dieng says despite a good response to international appeals for food aid, Ethiopia faces a critical shortfall in emergency supplies. He says the reserve established by the government to prevent a recurrence of past food crises is almost empty. 联合国世界粮食计划署埃塞俄比亚办公室主任阿卜杜·迪昂说,尽管国际社会对粮食援助的请求作出很好的回应,但埃塞俄比亚的紧急粮食供应依然面临严重短缺。他表示,该国政府为防止再度发生粮食危机而建立的粮食储备几乎已经耗尽。"There is food reserve, but today it's almost at zero level. We cannot count on that. Now what we are trying to do is increase the level of the food which can be kept in the reserve. We can go up to one million tons [and] we're talking about 80 million people here who need food, so this is exactly where we are working together to try to increase the food reserve," noted Dieng. 迪昂说:“我们有粮食储备,但是现在已几乎处于零的水平。我们不能依靠储备。现在我们正设法提高能用作储备的粮食数量。最多能有100万吨,这里有8千万人需要食物,所以我们正在合作设法提高粮食储备。”Of Ethiopia's 80 million people, Dieng says between 13 million and 14 million are receiving some sort of food assistance. The government estimates 4.5 million need emergency food aid, but experts expect that number to keep rising until the rains come, allowing farmers to plant and harvest life saving crops. 迪昂说,在埃塞俄比亚的8千万人口中,1300万到1400万人正获得某种粮食援助。政府估计,450万人需要紧急粮食援助,但专家预计这一数字将持续上升,直到降雨来临,使农民得以种植和收割救命的粮食。The WFP official says 0 million in donations has been received since the onset of the current drought. Dieng estimates another 0 million will be necessary to meet Ethiopia's needs until the end of the year. 这名世粮署官员说,自从发生这次干旱以来,已经收到了2亿美元的捐助。他估计,从现在到今年年底,还需要1亿美元以满足埃塞俄比亚的需要。201108/147520
  • Recession Fears Keep Downward Pressure on European Markets欧洲主要股指跌 经济衰退忧心重  European stock indexes have been lower, following earlier falls in Asia. 在亚洲股市普遍下挫之后,欧洲主要股指也随之下跌。Fears of a sharp global economic slowdown gripped European markets, with all the major trading centers showing volatility. The primary concern was that a worldwide recession might just be inevitable, despite a coordinated bank rescue plan being discussed in places like Brussels, where European leaders are meeting. 由于欧洲市场充满了对全球经济急剧放缓的担忧,欧洲所有主要股票交易市场都出现波动。人们最主要的担心是一场世界性的经济衰退可能是不可避免的,尽管欧盟领导人正在布鲁塞尔等地开会,协调的救援计划。One of the leading voices there is British Prime Minister Gordon Brown whose so-called British model of bank recapitalization is being mirrored elsewhere around the world. 英国首相戈登.布朗的声音尤其引人注目。他的所谓重注资本的英国模式正在世界其他地区被仿效。Mr. Brown acknowledges that turbulent times still lie ahead as the international financial problems filter down into the real economy.  布朗承认,随着国际金融问题逐渐渗入到真正的经济领域,前景仍然充满了动荡。"People have suffered that hit on their standards of living as a result of the rise in global oil prices and food prices and at the same time, we have had this credit crunch," he said. "These are both what you might call the problems of an economy that is now global. So, We have seen the first resources crisis of the global economy when oil demand has been higher than supply and we have seen the first financial crisis of this new age of globalization and that is what we are trying to deal with at the moment."  布朗说:“随着全球石油价格和粮食价格同时提高,人民的生活水平受到了打击,再加上我们遇到信贷紧缩的局面,这些都可以称之为全球性的经济问题。所以,当石油供不应求的时候,我们看到了全球经济的第一个资源危机。现在我们看了全球化新时代的第一场金融危机。这就是我们此刻急待解决的问题。”The Swiss government is the latest to announce plans to support its banking system with billions of dollars. UBS is being offered up to billion so it can rid itself of some bad securities. 瑞士政府最近宣布计划,提供数十亿美元持其体系。瑞银得到540亿美元的承诺,使其能够摆脱一些有问题的金融资产。For leaders like Prime Minister Brown, actions like this represent yet another battle in what may well be a lengthy campaign.  对于象布朗这样的领导人来说,这样的行动意味着另一场旷日持久的斗争。"I think people know that these problems did not start in Britain," he said. "That they started in America as far as the banking system is concerned. I think they know that every government around the world is trying to deal with them. It is my aim to take the British people through these difficulties and do so in the fairest possible way."  布朗说:“我想人们知道,这些问题并没有在英国启动。就系统而言,这些问题是从美国开始的。我想他们知道,世界各地的每一个政府都正在试图解决这些问题。我的目标是以尽可能公正的方式带领英国人民走出这段困难的历程。”Despite coordinated interest rate drops and massive injections of cash into the system from central banks, turning around global markets is an inexact science. 尽管采取了协调一致的行动调低利率,并把大量现金从中央注入到系统,但是扭转全球市场仍然是一门不能确定的科学。Leaders like Gordon Brown remind consumers that remedies will take time. And until the tight global credit logjam really can be broken up, the currently tense economic climate will remain. 英国领导人布朗提醒消费者,挽救措施将需要时间。直到全球信贷紧缩的僵局被真正打破,目前紧张的经济气候将会持续。200810/53100
  • G-20 Agrees on Huge Stimulus, Tough Regulations to End Economic Crisis各国首脑赞峰会 并力一向战衰退 Leaders of the world's 20 major developed and emerging economies have agreed on huge spending measures to boost world economies and implement tougher financial regulations to try avoid such crises in future. 全世界20个主要发达和新兴经济体领导人同意采取大规模开措施,振兴全球经济,并且实施更严格的金融管理,以避免今后发生类似的危机。Coming out of their full day meeting in London, G-20 leaders spoke of success, unprecedented consensus and historic compromises. 20国集团各国领导人结束了在伦敦举行的一整天会议,他们谈到会议的成功、达成的前所未有的一致、以及具有历史意义的妥协。They pledged trillion for the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and other global institutions for individual countries to draw on to restore credit, economic growth and jobs.  与会各国领导人保向国际货币基金组织、世界等国际金融机构提供1万亿美元,以便这些机构向各国提供贷款,帮助这些国家恢复信贷、经济增长和就业。U.S. President Barack Obama described the summit as a turning point.  美国总统奥巴马认为这次首脑会议是一个转折点。"In an age when our economies are linked more closely than ever before, the whole world has been touched by this devastating downturn," said President Obama. "And today, the world's leaders have responded with an unprecedented set of comprehensive and coordinated actions." 奥巴马说:“各国经济比以往如何时候都更加密切相连,在这种时代,全世界都受到这种毁灭性衰退的影响。今天,世界领导人对这次衰退采取了一系列全面和协调一致的前所未有的行动。”President Obama said lessons of the past had been learned. 奥巴马说,我们吸取了过去的一些教训。"Faced with similar global economic challenges in the past, the world was slow to act, and people paid an enormous price," said Mr. Obama. "That was true in the Great Depression [of the 1930s], when nations prolonged and worsened the crisis by turning inward, waiting for more than a decade to meet the challenge together." 奥巴马说:“以往面对类似全球性经济难题时,世界反应迟缓,人们付出了巨大代价。上个世纪30年代大萧条时期的情况也是如此,当时各国采取关闭大门的措施,等了10多年各国才一致应对挑战,因此拖长了那场危机的时间,使它更加恶化。”Summit host, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said the world had come together with a united plan to combat the global recession. 这次20国集团首脑会议东道国英国的首相布朗表示,世界已经团结在一起,拿出了一项共同方案,以战胜这次全球性经济衰退。"We believe that in this new global age, our prosperity is indivisible," said Gordon Brown. "We believe that global problems require global solutions. We believe that growth to be sustained must be shared and that trade must once again become an engine of growth." 布朗说:“我们相信,在这个新的全球化时代,我们的繁荣是不可分割的。我们认为全球性问题要拿出全球性解决方案。我们认为,持续经济增长必须由各国分享,国际贸易必须再次成为带动增长的引擎。”The summit's emphasis clearly was on coordinated action. G-20 leaders said they will maintain their current stimulus plans and expansionary policies as long as needed. 这次首脑会议的重点显然是要采取协调一致的行动。20国集团领导人表示,它们将继续执行现有的刺激方案和扩大开的政策,需要多久就执行多久。Again, Prime Minister Gordon Brown  布朗首相还说:"Together, these actions give us confidence that the global economy can return to growth even faster than the International Monetary Fund is now predicting," he said. “这些行动集合在一起,让我们坚信,全球经济能够恢复增长,而且时间会比国际货币基金组织现在预期得要快。”There were vows against protectionism and for tougher measures to regulate banks, credit rating agencies and hedge funds, and a crackdown on tax havens.  这次20国集团首脑会议还保反对贸易保护主义,采取更严格措施约束、信贷评级机构和对冲基金,打击逃税港。"The banking secrecy of the past must come to an end," said Britain's prime minister. 布朗说:“以往实行的保密制度必须取缔。”The measures announced are wide ranging. But economic analysts say that what is just as crucial is that the leaders project a united front and a commitment to coordinate efforts to combat the crisis. 这次首脑会议宣布的措施涉及面很广。不过经济分析人士认为,最关键的是与会各国领导人让世界看到了一个统一阵线,并保进行协调一致的努力,战胜危机。One after the other, the G-20 leaders seemed intent on doing just that. French President Nicolas Sarkozy said the summit exceeded his expectations and German Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke of a very good, almost historic compromise. 20国集团每一位领导人看来都非常愿意那样做。法国总统萨科齐表示,这次首脑会议超过了他的预期;德国总理默克尔说这次首脑会议非常成功,与会者做出了几乎是具有历史意义的妥协。No one, it seemed, was going to bring up the differences within the G-20. The ed States and Britain had wanted more government stimulus spending while Germany, France and most other European nations wanted tougher regulation of the financial sector. Some of the poorer nations wanted to ensure they were not forgotten and the bigger emerging economies, such as China and India, were intent on having a bigger say at the summit. 似乎没有人想在20国集团内部提出意见分歧。美国和英国希望各国政府增加对经济起刺激作用的出,而德国、法国等欧洲国家希望对金融部门制定更严格的法规。一些比较贫穷的国家希望确保它们没有被遗忘,而中国和印度等比较大的经济体希望在这次首脑会议上有更大发言权。Throughout the meetings, a wide variety of protesters turned out to make their voices heard. On Wednesday, thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of central London - including anti-war, anti-poverty and anti-globalization groups as well as environmentalists and anarchists. While most of the marching resembled a giant street party, there were clashes with police and some arrests. On Thursday, the demonstrators who turned up around the ExCel Center, where the G-20 leaders met, were reported in the hundreds. 整个首脑会议期间,各类示威者走上街头表达自己的心声。星期三,数千名示威者在伦敦市中心举行抗议,包括反战、反贫困和反对全球化的团体以及环保人士和无政府主义者。大多数游行好像是大型街头聚会,也发生了示威者跟警察的冲突,一些示威者被逮捕。星期四,到20国集团首脑会议开会的艾格色中心周围示威的人数据说只有数百人。04/66332
  • Auto sales jumped sharply in the ed States last month as consumers came back to showrooms to check out the newest models. The world's top two automakers gained the most traction in February, bolstered in part by consumers migrating to more fuel-efficient vehicles. Toyota and General Motors posted the biggest year-over-year gains but other automakers are also reporting robust sales.2月份新推出的各种车款把大批美国人吸引到车行,导致美国当月汽车销量激增。全球最大的两家车商丰田和通用的销售业绩最为突出。当然,消费者对省油车的兴趣日增对于销量也起到一定作用。除了丰田和通用的年度销量增长创下历史新高外,其他车商也有不俗表现。Auto dealerships enjoyed their best month since August , when the government's cash for clunkers program gave the industry a much needed boost. Auto analyst George Magliano says U.S. sales surged 27 percent in February, easily beating aly high expectations.自从年2月美国政府推出“现金换旧车”计划之后,美国的汽车销售就再没有这么红火过。不过,汽车行业分析师乔治·马格里亚诺说,今年2月,美国车市又火了一把,销量同比上升了27%,大大超过业界的预期。"We are getting this with less incentives, better pricing, higher transaction prices," he said. "The mix of vehicles is better. The people are buying the top end of the line as opposed to the entry model."他说:“这次的特点是优惠手段少了一些,价格更具优势,成交价格更高。市场上的车型更加优化。人们热衷于购买高端车款,而不只是专注于底端产品。”General Motors, which emerged from bankruptcy last year, led the pack with a 46 percent increase in business. And number one Toyota, which was hurt by massive recalls last year, was up 42 percent.刚刚在去年走出破产保护的通用2月份销售业绩最为抢眼,上涨了46%。全球最大车商丰田去年一度陷于召回困境,2月份的销量也大幅上涨了42%。Ford Motor Company, the only U.S. automaker to refuse a bailout, gained 14 percent - while Chrysler posted a 13 percent increase ahead of its public offering expected later this year.福特是美国唯一一家拒绝接受政府就助的汽车公司。其销量上升14%,克莱斯勒预计今年晚些时候实施公开募股,其销量上升13%。Ford sales analyst George Pipas attributed the higher numbers to improved consumer confidence and pent-up demand.福特公司的销售分析师乔治·皮帕斯说,销售业绩主要来源于消费者信心的改善和需求在长期抑制后得以释放。201103/127325
  • 平时,贪吃的朋友们总是觉得多吃一点没有关系,满足自己的嘴馋最要紧。然而,你们知道吗?贪吃、吃得过多有可能会导致死亡。所以,大家还是要合理饮食。Yael: Hey Don, do you know why over-eating can be lethal for a squid? Don: Obese squid are prone to heart disease, Yael? Y: No. In fact, it would only take a single oversized meal to kill or cause brain injury to a squid. D: Brain injury? I'm stumped. Y: Squid are part of a diverse group of highly evolved invertebrates called cephalopod mollusks. Cephalopods, which also include octopus and cuttlefish, have the largest and most complex brains of all the invertebrates. Like all invertebrates, squid don't have a bony skeleton. And squid even lack a hard outer shell like many other mollusks have. But squids' brains are protected by a capsule of flexible cartilage. D: Yael, what does this have to do with over-eating? Y: Oh right. Well, the squid's digestive system passes right through its brain! D: Whaaaaat? Y: Yep. Although the cartilage surrounding the brain is flexible, it doesn't stretch. However, the esophagus running through the middle of the brain does stretch. If a squid tried to swallow too large a piece of food, the esophagus would expand, squashing its brain into the sides of its head. But squid are well adapted to avoid this problem. They have hard chitinous beaks, sort of like parrots' beaks, that break up even hard-shelled food into manageable pieces. The food is further broken down by strong enzymes in their saliva, and a hard, raspy tongue-like structure called a radula. The radula is covered with rows of small sharp teeth specially adapted to grinding and shredding. So the squid's dinners are reduced to tiny particles before swallowing. D: An esophagus through the brain! Who knew squid were so fascinating!?05/70710
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