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2019年02月21日 21:41:34 | 作者:京东新闻 | 来源:新华社
Rising transport costs and pricey alcohol have earned Singapore the title of the world#39;s most expensive city, according to a new survey.一项新调查显示,交通成本高涨和昂贵的酒精饮料为新加坡赢得了全球最生活成本最高城市的头衔。The Economist Intelligence #39;s #39;The Worldwide Cost of Living#39; survey also found that Tokyo, Japan#39;s notoriously spendy capital, has fallen to sixth place from top spot in its ranking from last year.经济学人智库(Economist Intelligence ,简称EIU)进行的“全球生活成本”调查发现,东京的排名从去年的第一降至第六。Published every March to the public, the study tracks the prices of a basket of goods and services, such food, transport, utilities, alcohol, tobacco, private schools and domestic help as they were in September of the previous year. It then compares them across 131 cities around the world to form an index. The baseline of the index is New York, which has a score of 100. The survey doesn#39;t take into account the price of real estate or income taxes, but it does factor in consumption taxes such as sales tax and levies on alcohol and tobacco.这项调查的结果每年3月公布,追踪的是截至上年9月的一篮子商品和务的价格,其中包括食品、交通、公用事业、酒精饮料、烟草、私立学校和家政务等,然后对全球131个城市进行比较排名并制成指数。纽约被赋值100并被设置为基准指数。该调查未考虑房地产价格或收入所得税,但却将销售税和烟酒税纳入考量。While some question its utility, the EIU says its survey is intended for human resources managers, who use the findings to calculate how to compensate its managers and executives as they move from one city to another across the globe.有人质疑该调查的实用性。对此EIU表示,调查旨在为人事经理提供参考,他们可利用这一调查结果来计算如何为在全球城市间移居的经理和公司高管提供补偿。Singapore, which topped the rankings, earned a score of 130, meaning the cost of living there is 30% higher than in New York, which ranked 26th. The Southeast Asian city-state moved up five spots from last year#39;s survey.新加坡以130分的成绩荣登榜首,这意味着新加坡的生活成本比排在第26位的纽约高30%。和去年相比,新加坡的排名上升了五位。Persistent inflation, especially with regard to car ownership, was one major factor pushing Singapore to the top of the ranking, said Edward Bell, a Hong Kong-based economist at the EIU. Transport costs represent 20% of the overall basket of goods measured in the survey.EIU驻香港经济学家贝尔(Edward Bell)说,持续的通胀,尤其是购车带来的成本是新加坡荣升全球生活成本最高城市桂冠的主要因素。在调查涉及的一篮子商品中,新加坡的交通成本占到20%。Alcohol was another factor propelling Singapore to the top, with a bottle of table wine there costing roughly , almost twice as much as it would cost in Tokyo (around .40).酒精饮料是促使新加坡名列榜首的又一大因素,一瓶佐餐葡萄酒在新加坡的售价大约在25美元,几乎是东京售价(约为12.40美元)的两倍。Paris, with a score of 129, was ranked the world#39;s second most-expensive city, while Oslo (128), Zurich (125) and Sydney (120) ranked third through fifth.巴黎得分为129,是全球生活成本第二高的城市。奥斯陆(得分为128)、苏黎世(得分为125)和悉尼(得分为120)分别排在第三至第五位。Tokyo had a score of 118, as did Caracas, Geneva and Melbourne. Copenhagen, the last city in the top 10, scored 117.东京得分为118,与加拉加斯、日内瓦和墨尔本一样。前十名中垫底的哥本哈根得分为117。#39;You#39;re seeing the impact of the new policies in Japan and their effect on the yen,#39; said Mr. Bell. #39;Tokyo was so consistent in being in the top 3, but to see it fall quite a bit is changing perceptions.#39; He added that #39;it#39;s feeling much easier on the wallet to spend time there,#39; though the city is still #39;not exactly cheap.#39;贝尔表示,从排名中可以看到日本推出新政策后给日圆等带来的影响。他说东京以前总是排在前三,这次排名大幅下滑令外界有了新的认识。他又说现在到东京敢花钱了,虽然东京的生活成本仍然不低。According to the survey, other expensive cities in Asia-Pacific included Hong Kong (No. 13, with 113), Osaka (No. 14, with 112) and Seoul (No. 17, with 108).调查结果显示,亚太地区其他生活成本较高的城市包括香港(排名第13位,得分为113)、大阪(排名第14位,得分为112)和首尔(排名第17位,得分为108)。Chinese cities are moving up in the rankings, a reflection of higher wages, rising inflation and the appreciation of the yuan, Mr. Bell said. Shanghai rose nine spots to rank No. 21 overall. Its score of 101 means it#39;s now 1% more expensive than New York.贝尔说,受薪酬水平上涨、通货膨胀上升以及人民币升值的影响,中国内地城市在排行榜上名次有所上升。上海在此次调查中的排名上升九位,至第21位,得分为101,这意味着上海目前的生活成本比纽约贵1%。Shenzhen (No. 32, with a score of 96), Dalian (No. 42, with 92) and Beijing (No. 47, with 88) were the other top-ranking Chinese cities.深圳(排名第32位,得分为96)、大连(排名第42位,得分为92)和北京(排名第47位,得分为88)也是排名居前的中国内地城市。At the other end of the scale, the cheapest places to live continue to lie in South Asia. The survey concluded that the three least-expensive cities in the world are Mumbai (No. 131, with a score of 39), Karachi (No. 130, with 40) and New Delhi (No. 129, with 43).排名居后、生活成本最低的城市仍然在南亚。调查结果显示,全球生活成本最低的三大城市分别为孟买(排名第131位,得分为39)、卡拉奇(排名第130位,得分为40)和新德里(排名第129位,得分为43)。 /201403/278733It was a modest drop but Taiwan#39;s unemployment rate fell to a six-year low in July, highlighting the economy#39;s resilience despite a slowdown in mainland China.7月台湾失业率小幅下降,至6年最低点,显示台湾经济在大陆经济放缓时仍具弹性。Taiwan#39;s unemployment rate fell from 3.97 per cent in June to 3.95 per cent, just beating estimates and continuing a steady downward trend from an average 4.18 per cent in 2013. This is the lowest jobless rate since June 2008 (see chart).台湾失业率从6月的3.97%下降至3.95%,略胜过预期,为2008年6月以来最低的失业率,也延续了从2013年以来稳步下降的趋势。2013年时,台湾失业率平均为4.18%。The labour force grew by 42,000 last month, a third straight gain, with the number of employed people rising for a fifth month, by 29,000.上月劳动力人口增加4.2万,为连续第三个月上升;受雇人数增加2.9万,为连续第五个月上升。The export-driven economy has been picking up steam in recent months, with GDP in the second quarter expanding by 3.74 per cent from a year ago - the fastest pace since late 2012.近几个月来,出口驱动型的台湾经济一直在提速,第二季度国内生产总值(GDP)同比增长3.74%,为2012年下半年以来的最快增速。Data released last week showed export growth accelerated to a yearly pace of 5.8 per cent in July, from 1.2 per cent in June. Barclays commented on that report: The pick-up was led by continued strong growth to China, with exports to Europe also improving. Export growth to the US slowed surprisingly, but leading indicators suggest this is unlikely to last.上周公布的数据显示,7月台湾年化出口增速从6月的1.2%提高至5.8%。巴克莱(Barclays)对该数据称:“出口提速的首要原因是对大陆出口持续增加,对欧洲出口也在好转。对美出口增速放缓令人惊讶,但先行指标显示,这一趋势很可能逆转。The economy is expected to decelerate in the current quarter, but exports of tech gadgets, including Apple#39;s upcoming iPhone 6, are limiting the downside risks.预计第三季度台湾经济增长将会减速,但一些新科技产品——包括苹果(Apple)公司即将上市的iPhone 6——的出口,将减小下滑风险。 /201408/323593

Chinese industrial action cost Cooper Tire m in the three months to September 30, the Ohio-based company reported, shedding rare light on the economic impact of a labour dispute in China.总部位于美国俄亥俄州的固铂轮胎(Cooper Tire)报告称,中国的劳工行动导致其在截至去年9月30日的3个月期间损失2900万美元。这也让人罕见地一瞥中国劳资纠纷的经济影响。While strikes are common across China, they typically occur at little-known suppliers. On those rare occasions when labour unrest disrupts operations at a large multinational, the impact on a global company’s overall operations is usually not material enough to force disclosure about a specific strike’s financial cost.中国各地尽管经常发生罢工,但通常发生在不知名的供应商中。少数发生在大型跨国公司中的劳工骚乱,对跨国公司整体运营的影响通常又不足以迫使其披露某一次罢工的财务成本。The seven-month industrial action at Cooper’s joint venture Chengshan Tire factory in Shandong province derailed a .4bn bid by Apollo Tyres for Cooper, in what would have been the largest Indian takeover of a US company. It also occurred at a facility that generates as much as one quarter of Cooper’s revenue and profit.发生在位于山东的固铂成山轮胎公司(Cooper Chengshan Tire,固铂旗下的合资公司)的这场为时7个月的罢工,让阿波罗轮胎公司(Apollo Tyres)对固铂24亿美元的收购计划告吹。该笔收购原本会是印度对美国企业规模最大的一笔收购。固铂有高达四分之一的营收和利润来自发生罢工的固铂成山。In a delayed third-quarter earnings report, Cooper said the strike had cost it m in reduced production and a further m in “manufacturing inefficiencies”. The company incurred a further m in expenses related to the failed transaction during the quarter.在这份延迟发布的三季度盈利报告中,固铂表示,罢工导致其因减产损失2200万美元,因“生产效率低下”进一步损失700万美元。固铂在该季度还产生了500万美元与收购交易失败有关的费用。The losses in Shandong contributed to a 25 per cent year-on-year fall in third-quarter sales, to 2m. Operating profit contracted almost 80 per cent compared with 2012, to m. Cooper reported a net loss of 8,000 for the July-September period, compared with a net profit of m a year earlier.受罢工事件的影响,固铂三季度销售额同比下跌25%,至8.32亿美元。营运利润比2012年缩水近80%,至2800万美元。在7-9月期间,固铂报告净亏损16.8万美元,而上年同期该公司报告净盈利7400万美元。Management and the workforce at Chengshan had opposed the proposed takeover by Apollo, arguing that it would saddle Cooper with too much debt.固铂成山的管理层和工人反对阿波罗的收购计划,称收购会让固铂背上太多债务。 /201403/278023

Weeks after President Franois Hollande#39;s affair with an actress was revealed, a Europe-wide survey has shown the French are the continent’s worst philanderers, while British are the least likely to cheat.法国总统奥朗德与一名女演员的桃色事件被曝光数周后,一项泛欧的民意调查随之跟进,民调结果显示,在欧洲法国男人的风流指数名列第一,而英国人最不易于欺骗自己的伴侣。Italian men are in joint pole position with their French cousins, with 55 per cent of males from both countries saying that they have had sexual relations with a woman other than the person they were in a relationship with.意大利男人则与他们的法国老表惺惺相惜,两国受访男性承认曾有过婚外性行为的比例都达到了55%。British men scored far lower, but were shown to be no angels, with 42 per cent of them saying they had had an affair, according to the survey of nearly 5,000 people in six countries.与之相比,英国男人的风流指数则远远落后,但也不是说英国男子个个都是守身如玉,也有42%的男性承认曾偷吃过禁果。The survey, carried out by polling firm IFOP for Gleeden, which claims to be the “premiere international dating website for married people”, comes just a few weeks after President Hollande was snapped leaving the home of actress Julie Gayet on a scooter.法国总统奥朗德在骑托离开女演员朱莉·葛耶(Julie Gayet)家门时被拍,照片曝光后数周后,此次民调随即跟进,参与受访者来自欧洲六个国家达到了近5000人,由民调机构伊佛普研究所(IFOP)为格林登(Gleeden)婚外交友网站运作执行,格林登网站自诩是首个国际婚外情交友平台。“After all the noise about #39;L#39;Affaire Gayet#39;, and all the articles in the international press about the fickle nature of the French, this seems to confirm the clichs about Latin males,; said Ifop director Francois Kraus.伊佛普研究所所长佛朗索瓦·克劳斯说:“在所有关于朱莉的桃色事件和国际媒体对法国人轻佻天性的言论浮出水面后,看起来真的印了老生常谈的对拉丁男人的评价。”Mr Hollande and Italian leader Silvio Berlusconi, who was last year convicted of paying for sex with an underage prostitute at one of his infamous ;bunga bunga parties;, are ;ultimately quite representative of their respective nations,; noted Kraus.意大利前总理西尔维奥·贝卢斯科尼(Silvio Berlusconi)去年因在他声名狼藉的花香派对里向一未成年买春受到了法律的判决,如拿奥朗德与贝卢斯科尼比较,克劳斯提到,“他们二人完完全全代表了各自的民族。”The pollsters suggested a link between bed-hopping and religion, saying there was less evidence of cheating in ;majority Protestant; countries.民调机构还把对伴侣忠贞与宗教联系在一起分析,认为在新教为主要宗教的国家,出轨率明显减低。German men were slightly more promiscuous than their British counterparts, with 46 per cent of them admitting to infidelity, while the Belgians, at 51 per cent, beat the Spanish at 50 per cent.德国男人要比英国男人更花心些,有46%的承认不忠,而比利时是51%,西班牙为50%。Women in all six countries were far better behaved than their menfolk.受访的六个国家中,女性要比男性洁身自好得多。By far the naughtiest were the Germans, with 43 per cent of them admitting playing the field, far behind the Italians and the French at 34 per cent and 32 per cent respectively.目前看,欧洲女性中,要数德国女人最水性杨花了,有43%的人承认了曾有过滥交行为。与之相比,远远落后的是意大利和法国女性,比例分别为34%和32%。Cheating British women came in at 29 per cent, on a par with the Belgians and just above the Spanish.出轨的英国女性占受访者女性的29%,与比利时女性持平,略高于西班牙女性。The poll also showed that the British suffered more from remorse after hopping into bed with another man or woman.About half of British respondents who admitted infidelity said they regretted it, while only 28 per cent of French did.民调还显示,英国女性出轨后后悔程度更高,约有一半有过出轨经历的英国女性表示后悔当初的行为,而只有28%的法国女性表示后悔。 /201404/285963

As a state-run programming contest gets under way in a modernist glass building close to Seoul, a few dozen 20-somethings roam the venue, clad in black or white T-shirts and hoping their coding skills will win them a share of the Won27m (,000) prize money.在邻近首尔的一幢现代主义风格的玻璃幕墙大楼里,一场由政府组织的编程大赛正在进行,几十位20多岁的年轻人在会场上走动,身穿黑色或白色T恤,期待自己的编程技能赢得2700万韩元(合2.4万美元)奖金的一部分。The event is hosted by the creative economy centre at Bundang, south of South Korea’s capital. It is one of a network of 17 such institutions being rolled out across the country that offer workspace, funding and advice to start-ups and budding entrepreneurs.此次比赛由首尔以南的创新经济中心盆唐(Bundang)主办。盆唐是韩国在全国设立的17个创新中心中的一员,向初创企业和初露头角的企业家提供办公场所、资金和建议。Along with a new ministry of future planning, the centres are the most visible manifestation of the government’s “creative economy” agenda — President Park Geun-hye’s drive to foster start-ups and ease the country’s economic reliance on a small number of large business groups, known as chaebols, such as Samsung and Hyundai.这些创新中心与韩国新设的未来规划部,都是韩国政府“创意经济”议程的最明显体现。韩国总统朴槿惠(Park Geun-hye)计划借助这项议程,培育初创企业,减轻该国经济对少数大企业集团的依赖,这些大企业被称为财阀,例如三星(Samsung)和现代(Hyundai)。The push follows four consecutive years of growth below 4 per cent — unusually slow by South Korean standards — sparking concern that the country may struggle to close the gap with the world’s richest economies. Attention has focused on the weakness of the small and medium-sized business sector, which has fallen steadily behind the country’s manufacturing giants in terms of productivity.韩国经济增速已连续4年低于4%,按照韩国的标准低得异乎寻常,这令外界担心,韩国可能难以弥补与全球最富经济体之间的差距。韩国政府的注意力放在中小企业的劣势方面,这些企业的生产率与该国制造业巨擘之间的距离越来越大。Half a century ago, the president’s father, military ruler Park Chung-hee, put the chaebols at the heart of his transformative industrial policy. Now, in a twist that demonstrates the lingering influence of the state over the conglomerates, Ms Park has enlisted the country’s leading business groups in her own signature economic push: this time aimed at curbing their dominance by fostering a new generation of businesses.半个世纪以前,朴槿惠的父亲、军事统治者朴正熙(Park Chung-hee)把这些财阀列为其工业政策改革的核心。如今,朴槿惠动员韩国领先企业集团配合她的标志性经济计划:这一次的目标是通过培育新一代企业来削弱财阀的霸主地位,这突显出韩国政府对这些综合企业仍有影响力。The centre at Bundang, for example, is run by telecoms group KT, which is providing most of the operation’s Won6.2bn annual budget and has deployed experienced staff to run it. “That one costs ,000, that one costs ,000#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;that big one is 0,000,” says Ju Young-beom, one of those staff, pointing to 3D printers provided for the seven start-ups enjoying rent-free space in the building.举例来说,设在盆唐的创新中心由韩国电信(KT)管理,在该中心62亿韩元的年度预算中,韩国电信提供了其中的大部分资金,并派出有经验的员工管理。其中一名员工Ju Young-beom指着为7家在这座大楼享受零租金待遇的初创企业提供的3D打印机说:“这台价格为4万美元,那台5万美元……大的那台是10万美元。”Each of the other 16 centres has been put under one of the country’s leading chaebols. Samsung Electronicshas set up two centres in the southeastern cities of Daegu and Gumi, while Hyundai Motorhas done so in the southwestern city of Gwangju. Ms Park has attended the launch of each of the 12 opened so far.其他16家创新中心也都由韩国领先财阀之一运营。三星电子(Samsung Electronics)在东南部城市大邱和龟尾开设了两家创新中心,现代汽车(Hyundai Motor)也在西南部城市光州设立了创新中心。朴槿惠参加了目前已开设的全部12家创新中心的开业仪式。But critics of the scheme question whether the business culture of the chaebols — which emerged as state-fostered, largely heavy industrial concerns — makes them best placed to nurture the sort of creative, dynamic start-ups able to compete with those emerging from Silicon Valley.但批评该计划的人士质疑,这些财阀的企业文化(由政府培育,大部分为重工业企业)究竟是否适合培育那种富有活力和创造力、能够与来自硅谷的企业竞争的初创企业?“Hierarchy and habit are very important parts of Korean corporate life,” says Chung Yeon-woo, a professor at Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology who was previously a senior car designer at Hyundai.韩国蔚山科学技术大学(Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology)教授、曾经在现代担任高级汽车设计师的Chung Yeon-woo表示:“等级制度和习惯是韩国企业界非常重要的组成部分。”The network could end up undermining its stated goal by hardening the grip of the chaebols on the economy, he warns. “In the end, all the small companies with good ideas will be bought by the big companies,” Mr Chung says, “and those left will not be the really good ones.”他警告称,这个网络最终反而可能加大这些财阀对经济的掌控,从而破坏其宣告的目标。“到最后,那些拥有优秀创意的小企业都会被大企业收购,”他表示,“剩下的不会是真正优秀的企业。”Such acquisitions would “not necessarily be a bad thing”, says Lee Je-joon, the official tasked with overseeing the creative economy centres at the future planning ministry.韩国未来规划部负责监督创新经济中心的官员Lee Je-joon表示,此类并购“不一定是坏事”。In a recent report on South Korean start-ups, the consultancy McKinsey cited the chaebols’ lack of interest in acquiring small companies as a major factor deterring investment in the latter and slowing “the circulation of capital and human resources”. Among South Korean start-up owners who sold equity in their companies in 2013, only 0.4 per cent did so through takeovers, compared with 61 per cent in the US, it said.在最近一份有关韩国初创企业的报告中,咨询公司麦肯锡(McKinsey)把财阀缺乏收购小公司的兴趣列为阻碍对小公司投资以及减缓“资本和人力资源流通”的一个重要因素。报告称,在2013年出售公司股本的韩国初创企业所有者中,只有0.4%是通过收购完成的,而美国的这个比例高达61%。Rallying investor interest is a major plank of the creative economy agenda. Seoul has rolled out new funding schemes, including a state-backed fund with about bn in capital, with much of the cash dispensed through mechanisms that “match” venture capital injections up to seven times over.提振投资者兴趣是韩国创意经济议程的一个主要方面。韩国政府推出了新的融资计划,包括一只由政府持的基金,拥有大约40亿美元资本,其中相当大一部分资金是与风投配合发放的,最多达到风资规模的7倍。This appears to have helped spur significant growth in the sector. Venture capital funds in South Korea raised Won2.5tn last year, triple the amount in 2012, according to the Korea Venture Capital Association.此举似乎帮助推动了韩国风投行业的大幅增长。根据韩国风投协会(Korea Venture Capital Association)的数据,去年,韩国风投基金募资2.5万亿韩元,是2012年的3倍。Government financial support has also helped drive a proliferation of start-up incubators and accelerators in Seoul’s upmarket Gangnam area — some of which are competing with the state-backed centres to support budding companies.政府资金持还帮助推动了首尔高档地段江南区初创企业孵化器和加速器的增多,其中一些机构正与由政府持的创新中心竞相向初创企业提供持。The latest was launched by Google, which this year set up Campus Seoul, providing workspace for eight of the 150 local start-ups that applied. The companies — some of which have benefited from the government’s funding schemes — receive advice and support from Maru 180, a non-profit venture established by the shipbuilder Hyundai Heavy Industries before Ms Park came to power.最新项目是由谷歌(Google)发起的,今年谷歌创建了首尔创业校园(Campus Seoul),为提出申请的150家本地初创企业中的8家提供办公场所。这些公司(其中一些已受益于韩国政府的融资计划)获得了由非盈利风投机构Maru 180的建议和扶持,Maru 180是由造船企业现代重工(Hyundai Heavy Industries)在朴槿惠上台之前创建的。“We believe that investing in these economies is going to produce financial return for us down the road, when more companies are created, coming online, using the internet, using Google,” says Mary Grove, head of Google for Entrepreneurs, a unit of Google that supports start-ups in more than 100 countries.在100多个国家持初创企业的谷歌旗下部门Google for Entrepreneurs主管玛丽#8226;格罗夫(Mary Grove)表示:“我们认为,投资于这些经济体未来将为我们带来经济回报,届时会有更多的企业创建、上线、利用互联网、使用谷歌。”South Korea aly ranks among the top five producers of mobile apps for Google’s Android smartphone system, she says, with the number of IT start-ups increasing by an average of 10 per cent a year over the past four years.她表示,韩国已列在谷歌安卓(Android)智能手机操作系统的五大移动应用生产国之列,过去4年,IT初创企业数量平均每年增加10%。South Korea’s conglomerates, by contrast, showed little interest in supporting start-ups before the new policy push, says Ryu Jung-hee, chief executive of FuturePlay, an accelerator providing funding and technical support to start-ups in Seoul. “It’s not organic, not natural [for them],” he says.向首尔初创企业提供资金和技术持的加速器机构FuturePlay首席执行官Ryu Jung-hee表示,相比之下,在政府发起新的政策努力之前,韩国企业集团对于扶持初创企业没什么兴趣。他表示:“(对他们来说),这么做不自然,不正常。”But attitudes have changed. Ihm Jong-tae, who heads the creative economy centre run by SK, the country’s third-biggest chaebol, in the western city of Daejeon, says: “There aren’t many things that SK can do alone any more. The group needs to change its portfolio, and open innovation is one of the most feasible ways to do that.”但这些大企业的态度已发生变化。为韩国第三大财阀SK在韩国西部城市大田执掌创新经济中心的Ihm Jong-tae表示:“SK依靠一己之力能做的事情不是很多了。集团需要改变其业务组合,而开放式创新是最可行的方法之一。”Mr Ihm leads the way to a 3D printer room at the Daejeon centre and points out a prototype camera case printed by The S, an action camera maker that is one of 10 start-ups hosted there.Ihm Jong-tae把记者带到了大田创新中心的一个3D打印室,指着一个由运动型摄像机制造商The S打印的相机包原型。该公司是入住该中心的10家初创企业之一。“Traditional Korean culture is that the big companies are the kings and the small ones are their servants,” says Lee Min-gu, co-founder of The S, which is hoping to win a grant of Won200m from SK in exchange for 1.5 per cent of its revenue over the next five years. “But I think it’s changing, it’s getting better.”“在韩国传统文化中,大企业是国王,小企业是仆人,”The S联席创始人Lee Min-gu表示,“但我认为情况在发生变化,变得更好。”The S希望从SK获得2亿韩元的拨款,作为交换,SK将获得该公司未来5年收入的1.5%。 /201507/383708

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