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The story goes that some time ago, a man punished his 3-year-old daughter wasting a roll of gold wrapping paper.有这样一个故事,爸爸因为三岁的女儿浪费了一卷金色的包装纸而惩罚了她Money was tight and he became infuriated when the child tried to decorate a box to put under the Christmas tree.家里很缺钱,当孩子想要用包装纸装饰一个挂在圣诞树上的盒子时,爸爸生气了Nevertheless, the little girl brought the gift to her father the next morning and said, ;This is you, Daddy.”然而,第二天早上小女孩把盒子作为礼物送给了爸爸,“这是给你的,爸爸”The man was embarrassed by his earlier overreaction, but his anger flared again when he found out the box was empty.女儿的这个行为让爸爸感到尴尬但当他发现盒子是空的时候,他的怒火再一次燃烧了He yelled at her, stating, ;Dont you know, when you give someone a present, there is supposed to be something inside?他对女儿喊道,“难道你不知道给别人礼物的时候,里面应该放有东西吗?”The little girl looked up at him with tears in her eyes and cried, ;Oh, Daddy, it not empty at all. I blew kisses into the box. Theyre all you, Daddy.;小女孩抬头看着父亲,眼里含着泪水,“爸爸,盒子不是空的我把吻放在了盒子里,都是给你的,爸爸”The father was crushed. He put his arms around his little girl, and begged her giveness.爸爸感动极了,他搂住女儿,恳请她的原谅Only a short time later, an accident took the life of the child.之后不久,一场事故夺走了小女孩的生命It is also told that her father kept that gold box by his bed many years.据说,父亲便将那个小金盒子放在床头,一直陪伴着他的余生And whenever he was discouraged, he would take out an imaginary kiss and remember the love of the child who had put it there.无论何时他遇到困难,他就会打开礼盒,取出一个假想的吻,记起漂亮女儿给予了自己特殊的爱更多美文请关注-微信公众号良声英语 微:@里昂之声 5000。

The Olympics represents the noble ideal of sports overcoming the barriers of politics with champion athletes of all nations gathering in the spirit of sportsmanship. However, the stakes go beyond who wins the gold medal. Shortly after each competition, nations begin to vie afresh the bid to host the next game. Winning the vote to host is not merely an honor, it is a political conquest in global recognition. It also spins revenue from the influx of tourists, participants and Olympic related paraphernalia.However, all that glitters is not gold. some residents of Beijing, the site of Olympic , the impact of winning the bid cuts deep and far into their personal lives. The capital is expecting to pour billions of dollars into sports facilities and related upgrades such as roads, public transport, landscaping and sanitation. the bustling city of bicycles and traffic jams tucked among imperial relics, the Olympics is an opporty urban renewal.Yet those within the areas, something must give way to make room the model Olympic Village.Decades of family homes will be uprooted and dispersed among apartments on the outskirts of the city. Although modern plumbing and sanitation will replace chamber pots, the move is an upheaval of a commy and its way of life and social dynamics. It will be interesting to follow up on those and study the effects ofthe transplant.The Olympics upgrades are not disposable stage props that can be easily discarded after the show. Experts are afraid that without the heartbeat of ordinary people dwelling in the ancient city, the high tech Olympic City would become culturally dry. Careful urban planning and stringent regulations such as building restrictions can preserve the impression of an intact neighborhood. Nevertheless, without the residents, aesthetic is lost and only the facade remains, waiting to be filled by tourists and businesses.Nonetheless who can begrudge anyone a more comtable living environment? Even without the Olympics, can the drumbeat of modernization be stopped? And whether the changes are better or worse, who should presume to judge such things other than those whose lives bear the brunt of the impact? 368793。

Erik: Why are you wearing that getup?埃里克:你为什么穿那套衣?Juliana: Im trying to stay under the radar. I dont want to create a mob by going outside without a disguise. People are going to recognize me.朱莉安娜:我试着不被别人发现我可不想不伪装就出去,免得招来暴徒人们会认出我的Erik: So? Are you trying to tell me that you think youre famous after being in one play?埃里克:那又怎样?你是在暗示我,自从你演过一个舞台剧之后你就出名了吗?Juliana: Of course! Ive had my name in lights and I have to expect people to know who I am. Losing my privacy is the price of fame. Everybody knows that.朱莉安娜:那当然!我现在是名角儿,不得不预料到别人知道我是谁成名的代价就是失去私人空间Erik: I think you may be overestimating the size of your adoring public. How many people went to see your play?埃里克:我想你高估了自己的受欢迎程度有多少人前去看你的表演了?Juliana: Enough. By tomorrow, the newspapers will have my picture plastered across their pages and I will have to say good-bye to my anonymity.朱莉安娜:够多了明天,各大报纸的版面上都会出现我的照片,到时候我就要告别匿名的时代了Erik: If the papers dont come out until tomorrow, why are you going around incognito?埃里克:如果报纸明天才刊登的话,那么你为什么还要匿名出行?Juliana: Im just getting y to meet my fans.朱莉安娜:我只是准备去见我的粉丝Erik: Depending on whether the reviews are good or bad, you may be famous—or infamous.埃里克:这要取决于的好坏,你有可能出名,也有可能臭名远扬原文译文属! 03563。

Ive had a really busy day today. I rolled out of bed at around 7:00 AM, like every morning, and jumped in the shower. After brushing my teeth and shaving, I picked up my morning paper from the front sidewalk and started ing it. I like to eat breakfast when I the paper, so I poured myself a bowl of cereal. At around 7:30, I went into my office and sat down to go over my to-do list. First, it was off to the post office to check my P.O. box. Then I went to the public library down the street to check out some books Ive been meaning to .今天我非常忙我跟往常一样,早上七点左右起床,然后洗了个澡刷牙剃胡子之后我从门前的路边取来我的晨报开始读起来我喜欢在读报纸的时候吃早餐,所以我给自己倒了一碗麦片七点半的时候,我到达办公室,坐下来计划我一天的任务首先,要去邮局检查我的订单箱然后我去街道另一边的公共图书馆看一下我计划阅读的书Next stop: the supermarket. My wife had given me a grocery list as long as your arm of things to pick up. I grabbed a shopping cart and got down to business. After I checked off everything on my list, I headed to the check out stand to pay my items.下一站是超市我妻子给我一张购物清单,一大堆东西要买我拉了一个购物车开始买东西核对了单子上的物品之后,我走向收银台结账But I wasnt done yet. I zipped over to the bank, where I had to make a deposit and withdraw some money from the ATM. tunately, the line wasnt too long and I was able to get in and out quickly. My next stop was the pharmacy, where I needed to pick up my prescriptions. Finally, I headed home again. Now, I have to go to my real job!但是,还没完我去了,我要存点钱并且从ATM机上取点钱幸运的是,队伍不长,我能很快办完下一站是药店,我需要拾点处方药最后,我回家了现在,我要干正事儿了 93199。

Nick: I’m turning 0 this year and what do I have to show it?尼克:我今年都0岁了,可我还是一事无成Danielle: Actually, you’ve accomplished a lot. Do you know what your problem is? Your expectations are too high and your goals are unattainable most people.丹尼尔:其实,你已经取得不小的成就了你知道问题出在哪里吗?——你的期望太高了,你的目标是对大多数人来说都是无法企及的Nick: Not me. They shouldn’t have been. I had my life all planned out and nothing is turning out the way it should.尼克:对我而言,并非如此它们并非不可企及我的整个生活都是计划好了的,但事情却并没有如我所预想的那样Danielle: I would never have pegged you someone with regrets about how his life has turned out.丹尼尔:我本来认为你不会像有些人一样在回忆往事时充满了遗憾和懊悔Nick: But I was supposed to make my first million dollars by the time I was 30. By 35, I should have met someone and settled down, maybe had a child or two. None of that has panned out.尼克:但我本来预测我在30岁的时候可以挣到第一个百万美元 在35岁的时候,我应该可以遇到心爱的人,然后成家立业,也许还会有一个或两个孩子 但我没有做到这些Danielle: You have lots of friends and a full life. Maybe things didn’t turn out the way you had imagined, but wouldn’t you say you were generally content?丹尼尔:你有很多朋友,还有一个完整的人生也许事情并没有如你所想象的那样顺利,但你总不能说你的前半生碌碌无为吧?Nick: I was bee I started thinking about my upcoming birthday.尼克:我开始思考该如何度过我即将到来的生日了Danielle: Then stop thinking about it. Too much brooding could definitely lead to regrets – not to mention premature aging!丹尼尔:别想了想得太多必然让你觉得有更多的遗憾——更甭提会让你过早衰老了!注:本文译文属原创,, 1818。

It was the late 70s and we thought him almost a god, my school friends Helen and Anne and I. An actor-director undergraduate, impossibly tall, dark and drop dead gorgeous, he co-hosted a party every summer which all the guests had to dress in white. Everything he did was cool and desirable. Until, in the 80s, a killer disease from America swept through the beautiful people like a scythe, and left him a wasted skeleton in a hospital bed. Anne managed to visit him and I meant to, really I did. But I couldnt quite believe there wasnt plenty of time. You see he seemed incapable, but incapable, of doing anything disagreeable.We need to be ;more Christian to one another; over AIDS, Elton John said yesterday. An interesting phrase, given Mr John introduction to this once devastating scourge. 他那时是演员兼导演专业的学生,皮肤黝黑、英俊高大每年夏天他都会联合举办一次社交聚会,到场的来宾都必须身着白色衣他做的每一件事都十分出色、令人满意直到八十年代,一种致命的疾病如镰刀般击倒了这位完美的人,他躺在医院的病床上,被病痛折磨成了一个骨瘦如柴的废人安妮去看望了他,尽管我也十分想去,但我无法接受他将不久于人世你也许觉得他看上去什么事也做不了,但他不会去做令人生厌的事昨日,艾尔顿·约翰说在艾滋病的问题上,我们必须“像基督徒一样更加仁慈对待彼此”考虑到约翰初次接触这一度被视为是毁灭性的灾难时的情形,他这样的表述十分有意思In 1985 he first about and then met a brave young haemophiliac, Ryan White. When a journalist revealed that Ryan was dying of AIDS, not only was he banned from school and a judicial restraining order put on him to the cheers of neighbours, but his own church required him to sit in a separate pew, and on Easter Day no one in the congregation would shake his hand as a sign of peace. If this is the behaviour of the church, why should we want to be more ;Christian; towards one another? We hardly have an impeccable record, do we? Once when we had reached a very low ebb as a family, I asked my husband, in despair, ;Why should we go on believing, when God doesnt answer prayer and Christians can behave worse than anybody?; All he said in reply was this. ;Look at the character of Jesus. Who else do you think He could have been?; Not ;Christian; theology. Far less the behaviour of ;Christian; sinners like ourselves. But the character of Christ. 1985年,约翰读到关于血友病患者瑞安·怀特的报道,并和他见面当记者透露瑞安死于艾滋病时,约翰不仅被学校拒之门外,还收到了法律禁令,他的邻居都为此欣喜不已,就连他所在的教堂都要求他坐在单独的长椅上到了复活节,会众中没有一个人跟他握手言和如果这就是教堂的所作所为,为何我们要更“像基督徒”那样对待彼此呢?人无完人,不是吗?家庭遇到困境时,我曾绝望地问丈夫“既然上帝都不去回应人们的祷告,基督徒可以比任何人都要无情,为什么还要继续我们的信仰呢?”他的回答是:“看看耶稣的品格,你觉得除了他还有谁可以是上帝?”使他成为上帝的不是基督教所信仰的理论,更不是我们这有罪过的基督教徒的言行,而是基督的品格My godmother gave me a Bible, in red tooled leather, which I had throughout my childhood and have still. At that moment I thought of its garish, dated children pictures, a shepherd with long hair and a lamb across His shoulders. Who else could He have been? It true, He could be angry. He was capable of condemning. He even talked of Judgement. But it not this that we remember Him. We remember a Man who loved a sex worker indecently wiping His feet with her loose hair, who publicly befriended a fraudster worse than any recently discredited banker, who cured those whose illnesses made them even more untouchable than Ryan, ostracised by his society. Elton John book is provocatively entitled, Love is the Cure. Not medicine, or science, or technology, it is love which this God is known above all, extending an invitation into His kingdom to a terrorist hanging by His side. As Elton John said, Jesus, like Ryan who followed Him, ;loved and gave unconditionally and died the sake of others.; A death even more disagreeable than my friend all those years ago.我的教母曾给了我一本红色书皮的圣经,我从儿时一直保存到现在我想到书中艳丽、陈旧的儿童图画,上面画着长发的牧羊人,肩上坐着一只羊羔除了他谁还能是上帝?的确,他可以发怒他能做出审判他甚至提到过裁决但我们不是才纪念他我们纪念的是一个男人:当性工作者不雅地用蓬乱的头发擦试他双脚时,他给予她爱;遇到名声比任何名誉扫地的家都要恶劣的诈骗犯时,他公然和他成为朋友;有人因疾病受到比瑞安更甚的排斥,他为他们治疗艾尔顿·约翰为他的书起了一个有争议性的标题,《爱是良药并非药物,并非科学技术,而是爱让上帝为世人所知晓,让他邀请被绞死在他身侧的恐怖分子来到他的国度正如艾尔顿·约翰所说,瑞安所追随的耶稣“无条件的热爱并宽恕着人们,为他人献身”,这样的死亡比数年前朋友去世更令人难受 567。