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赣州市东门医院去痣多少钱赣州整形美容医院治疗胎记怎么样我们热爱体育(We love orts) -- ::9 来源: 我们热爱体育(We love orts)   everyone in our school likes sports. every morning, after we get up, we do morning exercises. and after the second class, we do exercises again. we only have pe classes twice a week, but we do sports at five every afternoo.  we have school basketball, football and volleyball teams, and our teams often have matches with teams from other schools. besides ball games, some of us like running, jumping and swimming. once a year we have a sports meeting.赣州哪家医院韩式双眼皮好 A Good Friend of Mine --3 :3: 来源: A Good Friend of Mine i have a good friend whose name is chen yingxi. she doesn't work very well at her study, but she is very willing to help others. one day, my lunch box disppeared from our class' lunch-basket, so i had to look it in other classes' lunch-basket. chen yingxi said, "let me go to look it with you." then we went to the third floor and the fourth floor to look my lunch box. at last, we found it, and sweat covered both of our eheads. i expressed my thanks to her, but she said, " don't mean it. this is what a friend is all about." i am very glad to make friends with chen yingxi.我喜欢听音乐 I Like Listening to Music -- :: 来源: I like listening to the music,because it makes me relaxed. Last summer holiday, my father bought me a MP3 as the birthday gift.I usually put it in my schoolbag. On the way to school or go home, I usually listen to music. Pop music is my favorite. Jay and Stephy are my favorite singers. I like their songs. The rhyme and lyrics are wonderful.我喜欢听音乐,因为它能够使我放松去年暑假,我爸爸给我买了一部MP3作为生日礼物我经常把它放在书包里在上学或者回家的路上,我经常听音乐流行音乐是我的最爱周杰伦和邓丽欣是我最喜欢的歌手我喜欢他们的歌,它们的旋律和歌词都很美赣州市第三人民医院整形美容科

赣州整形美容医院做抽脂手术多少钱用简单英语来搞定生意伙伴-参观篇-- ::59 谈“生意”才是目的,“说英语”只不过是一种手段;如果用简单英语就可以达到目的,就完全没有必要说得那么复杂,那么辛苦!!只要生意能谈成,手段似乎没有予以复杂化的必要—应该愈简单愈好《用简单英语谈生意EZ Business Talk 就是教您如何用简单美语(初中英语程度)来处理错综复杂的生意……  参观篇:     (1)  A: Would you like to go through our factory some time?  B: That‘s a good idea.  A: I can set up a tour next week.  B: Just let me know which day.  A:什么时候来看看我们的工厂吧?  B:好啊  A:我可以安排在下个礼拜参观  B:决定好哪一天就告诉我    ()  A: thank coming today.  B: I‘ll wanted to see your factory a long time.  A: we can start any time you‘re y.  B: I‘m all set.  A:谢谢您今天的莅临  B:好久就想来看看你们的工厂了  A:只要你准备好了,我们随时可以开始  B:我都准备好了    (3)  A: The tour should last about an hour and a half .  B: I‘m really looking ward to this.  A: We can start over here.  B: I‘ll just follow you.  A:这次参观大概需要一个半小时  B:我期待这次参观已久了  A:我们可以从这里开始  B:我跟着你就是    ()  A: Please stop me if you have any question.  B: I well.  A: Duck your head as you go through the door there.  B: Thank you.  A:有任何问题,请随时叫我停下来  B:好的  A:经过那儿的门时,请将头放低  B:谢谢    (5)  A: You‘ll have to wear this hard hat the tour.  B: This one seems a little small me.  A: Here, try this one.  B: That‘s better.  A:参观时必需戴上这安全帽  B:这顶我戴好像小了一点  A:喏,试试这一顶  B:好多了    (6)  A: That‘s the end of the tour.  B: It was a great help to me.  A: Just let me know if you want to bring anyone else.  B: I‘d like to have my boss go through the plant some day.  A:参观就此结束了  B:真是获益良多  A:如果你要带别人来,请随时通知我  B:我真想叫我老板哪天也过来看看    (7)  A: I‘d like to see your showroom.  B: Do you know where it is?  A: No, I don‘t.  B: I‘ll have the office send you a map.  A:我想参观你们的展示中心,  B:你知道地方吗?  A:不知道  B:我会叫公司里的人送张地图给你    ()  A: I‘m hoping to get to your showroom.  B: When might you go?  A: I was thinking about next Tuesday.  B: I‘ll meet you there, shall we say about eleven o‘clock.  A:我打算到你们的展示中心看看,  B:什么时候想去呢?  A:我想下个礼拜二  B:我会在那儿等你,你看十一点左右如何    (9)  a: Welcome to our showroom.  B: Thank you, I‘m glad to be here.  A: Is there anything I can show you.  B: I think I‘d like to just look around .  A:欢迎参观我们的展示室,  B:谢谢,我很高兴到这里来  A:有什么要我拿给你们看的吗?  B:哦,我只是看看而已    (30)  A: Where can we see your complete line?  B: We have a showroom in this city.  A: I‘d like to see it.  B: Drop by anytime.  A:什么地方可以看到你们全部产品的样品?  B:我们在本市设有一个展示中心  A:我想看看  B:随时欢迎参观者赣州整形美容医院地址 《毕业生经典台词 -- 3::37 来源:kekenet 在这一幕中,他经不起自己爸爸的好朋友的老婆的勾引来到了一个宾馆开房间,我们一起来体验一下他在极度尴尬的情况下说的英语说不定能帮你回忆起一些往事MRS. ROBINSON: Hello, Benjamin.BEN: Oh. Hello. MRS. ROBINSON: May I sit down?BEN: Of course.MRS. ROBINSON: Thank you.MRS. ROBINSON: How are you?BEN: Very well. Thank you.MRS. ROBINSON: May I have a drink?BEN: A drink? Of course.(Ben looks toward a passing WAITER and raises his hand.the waiter pays no attention. Ben looks back at Mrs. Robinson apologetically.)BEN: He didn''t see me.MRS. ROBINSON: Waiter!MRS. ROBINSON: I will have a martini.WAITER #1: Yes, madam.MRS. ROBINSON: You don''t have to be so nervous, you know.BEN: Nervous. Well, I am a bit nervous. I mean it''s 经典台词 毕业生赣州去痘疤要多少钱

赣州俪人男科医院纹眉毛多少钱我的朋友安娜 My Friend, Anna -- :5:50 来源: I have a good friend. She is Anna. She lives in Haining. She is very lovely. She is eleven years old and her birthday is in June. She's small, thin and active. She has short black hair. Her hobby is watching TV and sleeping! Her mom and dad are very good. We want to take a trip this Saturday. I like playing with her, we are very happy! There are five people in her family; they are her mom, dad, grandparents and her. Her father works in a factory. Her mother works in a company. They are very kind. This is my best friend.我有一个好朋友她叫安娜她住在海宁她很可爱她十一岁了,她的生日是在六月她很瘦小也很积极她有一头黑色的短发她的爱好是看电视和睡觉!她妈妈和爸爸都很好这个星期六我们打算去旅行我喜欢和她一起玩,我们都很开心!她家有五口人,分别是她妈妈,爸爸,爷爷奶奶和她她爸爸在一家工厂工作,妈妈在一家公司上班他们人都很好这就是我最好的朋友 一场乒乓球赛 A Table-tennis Match -- :3: 来源: This afternoon,there is a table-tennis match between my classmates. Many of my classmates likeplaying table-tennis. So our teacher encourages us to play a game. There arefour boy teams and three girl teams. Some other students are judges. The matchis very exciting and finally all players get awards. But I think the happinessis the best reward.兴国县做激光去毛多少钱信丰县人民医院切眼袋手术多少钱



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