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Back when you were plotting your online profile, the delete key and edit function bailed you out of blunders before posting to the cyber-nation. Even voicemail grants us the beloved # button to erase verbal mistakes and botched witticisms. But once in the real-time arena of dating in person, though, what’s to keep you from shoving a shoe in your mouth and blowing the whole affair? Like your fairy godmother, consider us on your shoulder for that first date, reminding you not to step into the usual bachelor potholes. Specifically, we’ll help you watch out for these 10 common dating pitfalls that spoil chances of an Act II and render your mojo limp:  话说,当你写网络介绍,在提交这前,都可以用“删除”键和“编辑”键来保其正确性。就算是语音邮件,你也可通过#(井字键)来删除那些说错了的话或是那些不成功的幽默话语。但是,一旦你是在和别人面对面地交流,有什么方法能让你不着急,也不会将约会弄糟呢?如果你是第一次约会,考虑一下我们吧,我们能像你的教母一样使你不致变成一个单身汉或老姑娘。尤其是我们会帮助你注意以下十种约会禁忌,让你成功进入第二垒,成功晋级。 1. Scale back your time of possession.In football, the team that holds the ball for long stretches on offense invariably wins the game. In dating, forget football Sunday. Instead of towering over the chitchat, shelve the Me, Me, Me and talk less. Unlike the star of a rowdy cable news roundtable, defer and listen to your guest. In the end, you’ll learn more and foul up less.1.不要老是一个人说啊说  在足球中,持球防守最久的那一方总是会赢,但在约会中,请忘记足球。与约会中与其谈一下这个又谈一下那个,不如不要再说有关你自己的事而且记住少说话。与那些在一大堆的人中,很受欢迎的人相比,你最好是等一等,听一听对方有什么话要说。最后,你会学到很多,也不会把事情弄慒。 /201007/110099

Any lingering stigmaabout finding true love online seems to be fading, particularly among older adults, researchers found.  一项研究发现,在网上寻找真爱似乎已经不再是一件令人羞愧的事,尤其是对于大龄成年人而言。  In a study of 175 newlywed couples scientists at Iowa State University said those who met through online dating agencies, or social networking sites, tended to be older than other couples who met through traditional ways offline.  艾奥瓦州立大学的一组研究人员对175对新婚夫妇开展的研究发现,通过在线交友网站或社交网站结识的夫妇通常比通过传统的“线下”方式结识的夫妇年龄大。 /201001/95683

Ex-girlfriends of President Barack Obama have spoken for the first time of his ;sexual warmth; and disclosed the contents of love letters that he sent during his 20s, in a new biography.奥巴马总统的前女友们首次谈及奥巴马的“性爱热度”,并在一本新传记中透露了奥巴马二十几岁时写的情书的内容。Genevieve Cook and Alex McNear, who had relationships with Mr Obama in New York in the early 1980s, gave previously unseen material on Mr Obama to David Maraniss, a Pulitzer prize-winning author.吉纳维芙#8226;库克和艾利克斯#8226;麦克尼尔曾于20世纪80年代早期在纽约与奥巴马有过恋情,她们将此前未公开的关于奥巴马的资料交给了普利策奖获得者戴维#8226;马兰尼斯。Letters Mr Obama sent to Ms McNear and journal entries by Ms Cook depict a serious and earnest young man struggling to come to terms with his racial identity and place in modern American society.奥巴马写给麦克尼尔的情书和库克写的日记描述了一个认真诚挚的年轻人,努力适应自己的种族身份和在现代美国社会中的位置。In one diary entry from February 1984, Ms Cook – a girlfriend for more than a year – noted that in their relationship ;the sexual warmth is definitely there – but the rest of it has sharp edges;.在一篇1984年2月的日记中,库克——她和奥巴马交往了一年多——写道,他们的交往中“确定无疑地有性爱热情,然而除此之外则处处是棱角”。She recalled ;feeling anger; at Mr Obama, whose ;warmth can be deceptive;.她回忆说,对奥巴马“感到愤怒”,觉得他的“热情可能是装出来的”。Foreshadowing a criticism often levelled at him today, she said: ;Though he speaks sweet words there is also that coolness;.她写道:“尽管他会讲甜言蜜语,但依然可以感觉到他的冷漠。”这段带有预兆性的也是奥巴马现在经常受到的批评之一。Ms Cook remembered meeting ;Barry; at a Christmas party in 1983. After drinking Bailey#39;s Irish Cream from the bottle, she chatted with him on an orange beanbag, before exchanging telephone numbers.库克回忆道,她是1983年在一个圣诞节聚会上遇到“巴里”(奥巴马昵称)的。在喝下瓶中的百利爱尔兰奶油酒后,她坐在一个桔红色的豆袋椅上和他聊天,之后就互相交换了电话号码。Her journal recalls a 22-year-old man in ;a comfy T-shirt depicting buxom women;, marked by the smells of ;running sweat, Brut spray deodorant, smoking, eating raisins, sleeping, breathing;.她的日志中写道,当时这位22岁的年轻人“穿着一件舒适的T恤,就像个体态丰满的妇女”,身上散发出“汗液、Brut牌除臭喷雾、抽烟、吃葡萄干、睡觉、呼吸”的味道。Ms Cook ;engaged [Mr Obama] in the deepest romantic relationship of his young life,; Maraniss writes, but they separated in 1985. Reflecting on the ;emotional scarring; that made him hard to get close to, she wrote at the time: ;I guess I hoped time would change things, and he#39;d let go and #39;fall in love#39; with me;.马兰尼斯写道,库克女士“曾让奥巴马陷入青年时期最深刻的恋情中”,但他俩于1985年分手。当时在反思让她难以亲近奥巴马的“感情致命伤”时,她写道:“我想我那时是希望时间会改变一些事情,他会放开心结,与我‘坠入爱河’。”Her journal entries described a long effort to understand Mr Obama that eventually failed when they broke up.她的日记描述自己花了很长时间努力去理解奥巴马,但最终两人还是分手了,她所做的努力也归于失败。;How is he so old aly, at the age of 22?; she wrote. ;I have to recognise (despite play of wry and mocking smile on lips) that I find his thereness very threatening.;她写道:“他才22岁,怎么就已然如此老成呢?我看见他的嘴角时不时会浮现出一丝嘲弄的苦笑,这让我发觉他的心总是在别处,这个问题很严重。”In another entry, she wrote: ;Barack — still intrigues me, but so much going on beneath the surface, out of reach. Guarded, controlled.; She said she thought he was ;balancing the tendency to be always the observer; with ;how to effect change.; The two broke up in 1985.在另一篇日记中,她写道:“贝拉克依然让我着迷,但他的表面下隐藏着太多无法触及的东西。极其谨慎和克制。”她在日记中说,她以为他是在平衡“观察者的倾向”和“如何做出改变” 之间的关系。两人于1985年分手。 /201205/180570

An owl sanctuary says it is still feeling the unwanted effect of the Harry Potter films, with high numbers of owls being abandoned.英国一家猫头鹰收容所称,“哈利波特”系列电影带来的负面影响仍在继续,大量猫头鹰遭到弃养。It is claimed owls#39; popularity as pets increased in the last decade with many keen to copy JK Rowling#39;s schoolboy hero with his companion Hedwig.在JK罗琳撰写的这部系列小说中,哈利-波特养的猫头鹰海德薇也是他的好伙伴。因此在过去十年中,英国出现了饲养宠物猫头鹰的热潮。Ian Toothill, of the North Wales Owl Sanctuary, says about 90% of the birds are abandoned ;captive-bred; pets.北威尔士猫头鹰收容所的伊恩-图特希尔说,收容所内90%的猫头鹰是遭弃养的“人工圈养”宠物。He says people often do not realise owls smell and are not good pets.他说,人们通常没有意识到猫头鹰身上有味道,也不好养。Mr Toothill and his wife Pam have more than 100 birds at the Corwen sanctuary.图特希尔和他的妻子帕姆在康威收容所里收养了100多只猫头鹰。Demand for their services increased after the release of the Harry Potter films, which featured actor Daniel Radcliffe with a pet snowy owl.《哈利波特》系列电影发布后,他们的业务量大增。在影片中,男星丹尼尔-雷德克里夫饰演的哈利-波特饲养了一只“雪鸮”。Mr Toothill said: ;We have had quite a big increase in owls coming in from the pet industry over the last 10 years.图特希尔说:“在过去十年间,我们收养的宠物猫头鹰数量大增。”There has always been a market for pets for owls for many years, but since Harry Potter came out the increase probably doubled or tripled overnight.”“这些年,宠物猫头鹰一直很有市场,但自从哈利-波特系列作品问世后,宠物猫头鹰的数量一夜间增长了两三倍。While the Potter films saw a surge in pet owls, Mr Toothill said the desire for status symbols meant the problem continued, and there were also parents who ;can#39;t say no to their children;.哈利-波特系列作品掀起了饲养宠物猫头鹰的热潮,但图特希尔称拥有这种“身份象征”的愿望也意味着问题会继续存在,还有一些家长“无法拒绝子女的要求”。He said many birds were ;captive-bred; abroad for the pet industry, often taken from their parents as eggs, and would not survive in the wild.他说很多猫头鹰都是从宠物店买回来“人工饲养”的,经常是母猫头鹰下了蛋就被拿走,这样长大的猫头鹰在野外无法存活。He said they did not ;make good pets at all,; have sharp talons and can ;nip quite badly;.他说猫头鹰“很难伺候”,爪子很锋利,而且“啄人也很疼”。It is known that some owls can live for 50 years.据知有些猫头鹰寿命长达50年。 /201205/184065

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