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江西省第三人民医院双眼皮多少钱赣州九四医院打美白针多少钱Powerful typhoon Koppu has begun battering the northern Philippines – whipping up coastal surges, destroying homes and displacing some 10,000 people.超强台风巨爵开始袭击菲律宾北部地区,激起沿海风浪、毁坏房屋并迫使10,000人流离失所。There were no immediate reports of casualties but the category four typhoon, with torrential rain and gusts of more than 200 kilometres an hour, is slow moving and could be around for days.目前还没有人员伤亡的报道,但此次台风携带暴雨,并以超过200公里每小时的速度缓慢前行,预计持续四天。Aly there are reports of flooding, mudslides, damaged roads and bridges and trees and power lines toppling over. 已经有关于洪水、泥石流、道路损毁、桥梁、树木和电线倒塌的报道。On Friday, President Benigno Aquino appealed on television to people not to panic and to make preparations. 星期五,总统阿基诺在电视上呼吁不要恐慌,并做好准备工作。The last time he made a televised appeal was two years ago, the day before super typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines, killing more than 6,300 people.上一次阿基诺在电视上呼吁是两年前,在造成6300人死亡的超强台风海燕袭击菲律宾的前一天。译文属。 /201510/404070赣州妇幼保健医院祛痣多少钱 The moon was an ancient, fossilised world.月球是个古老的化石世界Its rocks hadnt changed for billions of years.它的岩石数十亿年来没有改变Scientists were thrilled.科学家喜出望外Basically the surface of the moon kind of froze基本上来说,月球表面about roughly 3 billion years ago and preserved在大约30亿年前结冰really the first one and a half billion years of its history.因此保存了月球历史的头15亿年The moon tells us very much about月球大大提升了the early history of the solar system.我们对太阳系早期历史的了解Its probably one of the best recorders可说是太阳系早期历史of the early history of our solar system.保存最好的纪录This ancient fossil was a scientific gold mine.这个古老化石是科学上的金矿Because the moon was so well preserved it meant scientists因为月球保存良好,因此表示科学家could finally answer the question that had come to obsess them.终于可以回答萦绕心头多年的问题:How was the moon formed?月球是如何形成的?At the time, there were 2 competing theories.当时有两派说法The first was that the moon and the earth一派主张月球和地球来自相同的星云were formed at the same time, from the same cloud of dust and gas.并在同时形成The other theory was that the moon另一派则主张was originally nothing do with the earth,月球原本与月球毫无瓜葛but was wandering alone in space until the earth而是兀自地在太空中漫游sucked it in with the power of its gravity.直到被地球的引力吸住为止But the rocks themselves didnt seem to support either theory.但月岩让这两派说法不攻自破They were different enough from rocks on earth它们和地球上的岩石的差异to make it unlikely they were all formed at the same time.让人觉得它们不太可能是同时形成的But they had enough similarities to make it equally unlikely但两者间的相似性又让人觉得that the moon was a completely foreign body.月球不可能和地球毫无瓜葛Eventually scientists came up with a new theory最后科学家终于提出了一个新的理论that explained these strange rocks.来解释这些奇特的岩石It was a brutal tale.但这是个残酷的故事It takes us back 4 billion years to这要从40亿年前说起when the solar system was a young and volatile place.当时的太阳系新近形成,动荡不安There were many planets and asteroids circling the sun.太阳周围有许多行星和小行星One of these was a young earth.其中之一就是年轻的地球But there was also another young planet, a bit smaller.但当时还有一个体积比较小的年轻行星The two were on a collision course.它眼见就要撞上地球Eventually they crashed together.小行星终于撞上了地球It was the biggest bang the solar system had ever seen.惊天动地的撞击力道为太阳系中所仅见The impact was so massive that it spewed out millions of tons撞击如此猛烈导致数百万顿的of molten rock and gases.熔岩和气体喷出As this debris circled the earth it came together,这些碎片环绕地球时forming a separate body our moon.逐渐凝聚形成一个独立星体,这就是我们的月球When it first formed the moon was 10 times月球刚形成时与地球的距离closer to the earth than it is today.是现今的十分之一So it appeared much bigger in the sky所以看起来不仅大得多and its gravitational pull was much stronger.引力也更强But over time it slowly drifted away from the earth但随着时间过去,月球和地球渐行渐远to its present position about a quarter of a million miles away.直到离地球约25万里远的地方And there its orbit seemed to have stabilised,月球的轨道似乎在此处稳定下来its distance from earth fixed for all time.月球和地球间的距离就此固定,再也没有任何改变201505/372983栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。201512/406380赣州去胎记医院

赣州玻尿酸隆鼻价格是多少DPRK requests meeting of UN Security Council朝鲜要求与联合国安理会举行会议The Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea has requested a UN Security Council meeting over the massive military drills being held by the US and South Korea.朝鲜常驻联合国代表团就此向联合国安理会发出信函,一再请求安理会就审议美韩联合军演一事举行紧急会议。The DPRKs UN ambassador Ja Song Nam said the exercises are aggressive, and are directed at his country. He urged the Security Council to address the issue to help maintain peace and security.朝鲜常驻联合国代表认为,此次史无前例的大型演习的目的在于更迭朝鲜最高领导人。信中称:“美韩联合军演对朝鲜,以及国际和平与安全构成严重威胁。其应该在联合国安理会得到紧急审议。”The joint drills are the biggest ever, involving three hundred thousand South Korea troops and at least 17,000 US forces.美韩联合军演本周开始,30万韩国军人和1.7万美军士兵参与军演。 译文属201603/432196赣州市无痛隆胸手术价格 Japan’s upper house is braced for a continuing battle of wills.日本上议院遭遇一场持续的意愿之战。Opposition lawmakers are trying to physically block a vote on laws to expand the role of the armed forces.反对派议员正试图阻止关于扩张武装力量法律的表决。The bills would allow the military to defend Japan’s allies even when the country isn’t under attack, work more closely with the US and other allies, and do more in international peacekeeping.法案将允许军方保护日本的盟国,即便国家没有受到攻击,以及加强与美国和其它盟国间的紧密合作,并在国际维和方面开展更多工作。The legislation has also sparked huge protests by the public.这项立法同样引发了公众巨大抗议。Thousands rallied outside the parliament building in Tokyo.东京议会大厦外数千人聚集。There were a number of arrests.许多人被逮捕。Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has a majority in the upper house.首相安倍晋三在上议院拥有多数选票。But the major opposition parties are vowing to prevent the vote from taking place before parliament disperses on September 27.但主要反对党誓言要在9月27日议会解散前阻止选举的发生。If that happens, the legislation will have to go back to the lower house.如果这种情况发生,立法将不得不回到下议院。译文属。 /201509/399713赣州市立医院祛除腋臭多少钱

打鼻子玻尿酸赣州多少钱Dont let the day-to-day pressures and hassles of life get to you. Unwind celebrity style.不要让日复一日的压力和生活的烦恼把你打垮。跟明星学习如何缓解压力。You Will Need你需要An outdoor retreat户外静思之处A spa水疗Exercise锻炼Meditation techniques冥想技巧Comfort food安慰食品A bubble bath泡泡浴Your family你的家人Steps步骤STEP 1 Get outdoors1.去户外Escape to the great outdoors. Whenever she feels stressed, Sandra Bullock heads to her ranch in Texas and enjoys the sights and sounds of nature.到伟大的户外大自然中。每当感到压力重重的时候,Sandra Bullock都会前往位于得克萨斯州的牧场,享受大自然的风光和声音。STEP 2 Hit the spa2.进行水疗Spend the day at a spa, a tried-and-true relaxation technique for stars from Martha Stewart to George Clooney.花一天的时间去水疗,这是从Martha Stewart到George Clooney等明星屡试不爽的放松技巧。STEP 3 Exercise3.锻炼Exercise. Jessica Biels works out her stress and builds self-confidence by exercising regularly. Go for walks or hit the gym.锻炼。Jessica Biel经常通过锻炼来排解压力,建立自信。去散步或去健身馆都可以。STEP 4 Meditate and practice yoga4.冥想,练瑜伽Meditate and practice yoga, like Madonna and Sting.像Madonna和Sting那样冥想和练瑜伽。Try a simple meditation technique where you focus on your breathing. Sit in a comfortable position with your back straight, and close your eyes.尝试一个简单的冥想技巧,集中精力注意呼吸。以舒适的姿势背部挺直坐好,闭上眼睛。STEP 5 Cook and eat comfort food5.烹煮和食用安慰食品Try cooking, like Ghost Whisperers Jennifer Love Hewitt does. Or eating comfort foods – hers are cupcakes.像《鬼语者》中的Jennifer Love Hewitt那样尝试烹煮。或者食用安慰食品——她的安慰食品是杯形蛋糕。STEP 6 Soak in the tub6.浴缸中泡澡Take a long hot bath – with lots of bubbles – or soak in a hot tub. Thats what Kristin Chenoweth does to recharge.洗一个长时间的热水浴——加很多泡泡——或者在浴缸中浸泡。Kristin Chenoweth就是用这种方法来给自己充电的。STEP 7 Enjoy family time7.享受家庭时间Spend time with your family, a favorite for Glenn Close, Kyra Sedgwick, and Angie Harmon.花点时间和家人在一起,这是Glenn Close, Kyra Sedgwick和Angie Harmon等明星最喜欢的。Many celebrities have suffered from anxiety, including Naomi Judd and Kim Basinger.许多明星患有焦虑症,包括Naomi Judd和Kim Basinger。视频听力译文由。201503/362897 If youve dreamed of canine companionship but a stubborn parent is standing in your way, use this guide to champion all the benefits of a family dog.如果你梦想有一只可爱的作伴,而你顽固的父母总是拒绝,尝试下面的指引,让你的父母了解家里养的益处。You Will Need你需要Responsibility责任感Perseverance毅力Steps步骤STEP 1 Research1.调查Research the right type of dog for your family and lifestyle as well as the cost of the license, shots, and other fees. Be as knowledgeable as possible.调查适合你家养的的品种和生活习性,以及登记,疫苗以及其他的费用。尽量多了解一些知识。Show off several possible options to get your mother interested and emotionally involved in picking a cute furry friend.向母亲展示几种可能的选择,让她感兴趣,并从情感上接受养一只毛茸茸的宠物朋友。STEP 2 Display responsibility2.表现出责任感Display enough responsibility to take care of a dog by keeping up with your chores, cleaning your room, and maintaining good grades in school.表现出良好的责任感,表明你能照顾好。收拾好自己乱七八糟的东西,打扫房间,在学校保持好的成绩。STEP 3 Talk about benefits3.讲述养的好处Talk about the benefits of getting a dog such as security at home, friendship, and more time outside playing instead of lounging in front of the TV.讲述一下养的益处,比如保障家中安全,友好,更多时间外出玩耍,而不是窝在沙发上看电视。STEP 4 Offer incentives4.提出奖励措施Offer incentives such as chipping in for the cost, or ask for a dog as a gift for a birthday or for a major personal accomplishment like straight As.提出养作为奖励措施,比如削减费用,或者要求一只作为生日礼物,或者自己取得优异成绩的奖励。A part-time job will help with the costs of the dog and speak volumes on your commitment level.兼职工作可以帮你负担养的费用,还能让你一直坚持下去。STEP 5 Counter negatives5.消除不利因素Think of possible reasons your mother doesnt want a dog and come up with counter arguments to keep her from saying no right away.想一下母亲不让你养可能的原因,想出辩驳的方法,避免她一票否决。STEP 6 Beg6.请求Beg as a last resort. If nothings working, drop the topic, but bring it up periodically until a compromise is reached and a new puppy or dog is adopted.死缠烂打作为最后一招。如果无效的话,不要再提这件事。但是可以过一段时间再说,直到达成妥协,领养到一只可爱的。The bloodhound, known for its keen sense of smell, is the only dog breed to have the evidence it collects allowed in a court of law.猎犬以敏锐的嗅觉著称,是唯一一个允许在法庭呈上它搜集的据的犬种。视频听力译文由。201503/366140赣州哪里丰胸效果好赣州隆鼻价格



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