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南康区脂肪丰胸价格听力原文:Artistic judgment艺术判断力Everyone’s a critic大家都是家Better Living Through Criticism: How to Think about Art, Pleasure, Beauty, and Truth. By A. O. Scott. Jonathan Cape 批评让生活更美好:如何思考艺术,压力,美和真相THESE are tough times the gatekeepers, those who claim a certain expertise and get paid to pass judgment. The oracular voice of authority is being drowned out by the aggregated voice of the Everyman, the credentialled scholar dethroned by the anonymous Wikipedia contributor. As assessments of quality are increasingly crowd-sourced—through the Facebook “Like” button, the Yelp review, and algorithms predicting preferences based on previous purchases—the professional critic is marginalised as at best irrelevant and at worst the embodiment of an elitist and undemocratic patriarchy. 重点词汇:1 drown out (声音)淹没(另一声音) Everyman普通人;常人3 aggregate总计;合计 credential提供明书(或件)5 dethrone废黜(国王或女王);撵下台;免(某人)的职;罢(某人)的官6 assessment看法;评估7 crowd-sourced 众包8 yelp(因疼痛等)尖叫9 algorithm算法;计算程序 marginalize使显得微不足道;使处于边缘;使无实权; irrelevant无关紧要的;不相关的 embodiment(体现一种思想或品质的)典型,化身 elitism精英统治;精英主义 派生词:elitist 优秀人材; 杰出人物; 杰出人物统治论的鼓吹者; patriarchy男性统治的社会(或制度、国家);男权政治;父权制 pass judgment 明断 oracular神谕般的;天书般的;高深莫测的 Yelp是美国最大点评网站,年,Yelp在旧金山起步年3月日登陆纽交所,股票代码为“YELP”,共发行7万股普通股照美元的发行价计算,Yelp融资额为1.亿美元,目前市值为60亿美元Yelp创建于年,由前贝宝(Paypal)工程师杰里米·斯托普尔曼(Jeremy Stoppelman)和罗素·西蒙斯(Russel Simmons)共同创建听力原文:Few people are in a better position to respond to these slings and arrows than A. O. Scott, a film critic the New York Times. As he points out in “Better Living Through Criticism”, his newbook in defence of his own profession and of the critical faculty in each of us, “critic” has always been ranked somewhere between “undertaker” and “tax collector” in terms of popularity. Artists tend to regard critics as parasites on real creativity, while the general public asks what gives them the right to pronounce on matters that properly belong to everyone. “Criticism is not nice,” Mr Scott admits. “To criticise is to find fault, to accentuate the negative, to spoil the fun and refuse to spare delicate feelings.”重点词汇:1 sling投石器 slings and arrows 祸殃(指不利的因素、事态)3 critical faculty 批判能力 undertaker殡葬承办人;殡仪务员5 undertake承担;从事;负责6 tax collector 收税员;税务员7 parasite寄生虫;依赖他人过活者8 accentuate着重;强调;使突出9 spoil破坏;搞坏;糟蹋;毁掉 delicate柔和的;清淡可口的;清香的 delicate feelings 温情,细腻的感情 听力原文:But it is also essential. Without thoughtful and disinterested judges, everyone would be at the mercy of the marketers. “Culture now lives almost entirely under the rubric of consumption,” Mr Scott says, and it is the critic’s job to step in to protect the audience from the hucksters, the frauds and the sell-outs. Criticism, then, “is not an enemy from which art must be defended, but rather another name—the proper name— the defence of art itself”.重点词汇:1 disinterested客观的;无私的;公正的 at the mercy of 任…处置;对…无能为力;任由…摆布3 rubric标题,提示,说明 consumption消费5 huckster强行推销的人 沿街叫卖的小贩;上门推销员6 fraud欺诈罪;欺骗罪7 sell-outs 脱销货听力原文:Despite that, it is often the artists who are quickest to condemn. Among the more creative defences Mr Scott mounts is that artists are essentially critics, paying tribute to or improving upon the work of their predecessors. Quentin Tarantino (pictured) and the Coen Brothers, instance, are not only film-makers themselves but also students of film, their work inmed by countless hours spent analysing images on the flickering screen. “A work of art is itself a piece of criticism,” Mr Scott asserts. 重点词汇:1 condemn谴责,指责 mount组织;发起;开展3 tribute(尤指对死者的)致敬,颂词;悼念;致哀;吊唁礼物 pay tribute 致敬,朝贡 Coen Brothers 科恩兄弟5 flicker闪烁,摇曳6 assert明确肯定;断言 欢迎关注荔枝主播凤梨君 FM18550欢迎关注主播凤梨君 微信号fenglisama 399赣州正规医院嘴唇变薄手术 赣州妇女儿童医院激光祛痣多少钱

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