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安远县去胎记多少钱赣州俪人激光点痣多少钱Hillary Clinton’s sudden departure from a September 11 memorial ceremony on Sunday after becoming overheated came two days after she was diagnosed with pneumonia, according to a statement from her doctor that signalled the latest unexpected turn in the race for the White House.上周日,希拉#8226;克林Hillary Clinton)因感觉太热,突然从一#8226;11纪念活动中退场,而希拉里的医生在一份声明中表示,两天前希拉里被诊断出患有肺炎。这标志着角逐白宫宝座之争出现了最新的意外转折。The disclosure comes after campaign aides had insisted for weeks that Mrs Clinton’s chronic cough reflected nothing more serious than seasonal allergies and mocked Republicans who suggested that the former secretary of state was ill.在希拉里患有肺炎的消息披露之前,她的竞选助手们几周来一直坚称她的慢性咳嗽只不过是季节性过敏、没什么大不了的,并对部分认为希拉里患病的共和党人予以嘲讽。With only 35 per cent of voters calling Mrs Clinton trustworthy in a new A News/Washington Post poll, the episode threatens to erode her slim lead in the polls.美国广播公司新闻节目(A News)与《华盛顿邮报Washington Post)联合展开的最新民调显示,只有35%的选民认为希拉里值得信任。此次肺炎风波可能会使希拉里在民调中的微弱领先优势受到削弱。Matt Mackowiak, a veteran Republican political operative, tweeted that Clinton aides were guilty of campaign malpractice for allowing several hours to elapse before revealing that the Democratic presidential candidate had been diagnosed two days earlier.共和党资深政工马#8226;马科维亚Matt Mackowiak)在Twitter上发帖称,希拉里的助手们犯有竞选舞弊之罪,因为他们在风波发生数小时后才披露这位民主党总统候选人两天前被诊断出患病。She enjoys a 5-point lead over her Republican rival in a new A News/Washington Post poll released on Sunday. 上述最新联合民调显示,希拉里领先她的共和党对手5个百分点。By a 46-41 margin, Mrs Clinton leads Mr Trump among likely voters in a four-way ballot that includes Libertarian and Green party candidates.在一个包含自由党(Libertarian)和绿Green party)候选人的四候选人可能投票中,希拉里的得票率为46%,领先于特朗Trump)1%。While Mrs Clinton has consistently led the race, the unpredictable contest is far from over.虽然希拉里在此次选战中一直领先,但这场结果难以预料的较量还远未结束。来 /201609/466014赣州医院激光脱毛效果 China 中国;We strongly urge the DPRK to honor its commitment to denuclearization, and to cease any action that may deteriorate the situation,; Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said.“我们强烈敦促朝方信守无核化承诺,停止采取任何恶化局势的行为。中国外交部发言人华春莹如此声明。Republic of Korea 韩国President Park Geun-hye vowed a tough response to DPRKs bomb test. She said the government ;must get the DPRK to face corresponding measures based on close cooperation with the international community;.韩国总统朴槿惠对朝鲜氢弹试验态度坚决,称韩国政府“将与国际社会紧密合作,要让朝鲜受到相应的制裁”。ed States 美国The White House said it cant confirm the nuclear test, but said it would condemn such a test as a violation of UN Security Council resolutions.美国白宫表示,尚无法确认朝鲜试爆氢弹,但美国对任何违反联合国安理会决议的行为予以谴责。Russia 俄罗斯Foreign Ministry said it hasnt been confirmed that the DPRK has carried out an actual nuclear test. The ministry called on ;all interested sides to preserve maximum restraint and to not take actions that could rouse the uncontrolled growth of tensions in Northeast Asia;.俄罗斯外交部称,尚未确认朝鲜氢弹试验是否属实。外交部呼吁“所有有关方面保持最大程度的克制,不要采取可能引发东北亚地区紧张局势失控的行动”。Japan 日本Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said the DPRK announcement of a hydrogen bomb test is a threat to his nations safety. ;We absolutely cannot allow this, and condemn it strongly.;日本首相安倍晋三称,朝鲜此次实施氢弹试验对日本安全构成重大威胁。他称道:“我们坚决不能容忍此举,并提出强烈谴责。”EU 欧盟The EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said the DPRKs nuclear test, if confirmed, would represent ;a grave violation of the DPRKs international obligations not to produce or test nuclear weapons;.欧盟外交和安全政策高级代表莫盖里尼称,如果朝鲜进行核试验行为属实,此举是“朝鲜对联合国安理会相关决议所要求朝鲜承担的不生产、不试验核武器的义务的公然违背”。ed Kingdom 英国Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said that if a nuclear bomb has been detonated, it would be a grave breach of UN Security Council resolutions.英国外交大臣哈蒙德称,如果朝鲜引爆氢弹属实,此举是对联合国安理会的决议的严重违背。France 法国President Francois Hollande said ;France condemns this unacceptable violation of Security Council resolutions and called for a strong reaction from the international community;.法国总统弗朗索瓦·奥朗德称“法国谴责这一违背安理会有关决议和不被接受的行为,并号召国际社会应对此做出强烈回应”。来 /201601/420570It is time to pronounce the Trans-Pacific Partnership clinically dead. Hillary Clinton had aly put President Barack Obama’s signature deal the biggest US trade initiative in more than a decade on life support when she came out against it last year. Donald Trump has vowed to scrap it, which meant that whoever took the White House would have pledged its demise.是时候宣布《跨太平洋伙伴关系协议TPP)临床死亡的消息了。去年希拉里#8226;克林Hillary Clinton)站出来反对TPP之后,总统巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)的这份招牌协议——美国十多年来提出的最大型的贸易倡议——就不得不靠机器维持生命了。唐纳德#8226;特朗Donald Trump)更是誓言要废掉TPP。这意味着,无论这两个人谁入主白宫,他们都等于承诺了要终止TPP。Yet the suspicion lingered that Mrs Clinton was simply following her husband’s bait-and-switch tactics. Former president Bill Clinton ran strongly against the North American Free Trade Agreement in 1992 only to do whatever it took to ensure Nafta passed after he took office.不过,仍有人在怀疑,希拉里只是在仿效她丈夫的“偷梁换柱”伎俩。前总统比尔#8226;克林Bill Clinton)992年时强烈反对《北美自由贸易协定Nafta),结果上台后却竭尽所能确保Nafta通过。On Tuesday, Terry McAuliffe, the governor of Virginia and longtime friend of the Clintons, hinted that the Democratic nominee had exactly the same U-turn in mind for the 12-nation TPP. He was forced to disavow his words almost instantly. John Podesta, chairman of the Clinton campaign, tweeted that Mrs Clinton would be opposed to TPP before and after the election: “Period. Full Stop.”周二,克林顿夫妇的老朋友、弗吉尼亚州州长特里#8226;麦考利Terry McAuliffe)暗示,对2个成员国缔结的TPP,希拉里这位民主党候选人的想法也有同样的180度大转弯。他几乎立刻就被迫否认自己的话。克林顿竞选班子负责人约翰#8226;波德斯塔(John Podesta)在推特上发言称,无论选前还是选后,希拉里都会反对TPP。他还写下了两个“句号Period. Full Stop.)以示确定以及肯定。It will not be the last time Mrs Clinton will be cajoled to reassure voters that she really means what she says. When she was secretary of state she described the TPP as the “gold standardof trade deals she was for it before she was against it.这不会是希拉里最后一次被劝说向选民保她说话算数。她担任国务卿时曾形容TPP是“黄金标准”的贸易协议——她先是持TPP,后来又反对TPP。Mr Trump, the Republican nominee, will lose no opportunity to hammer her on that implicit contradiction. So too will Bernie Sanderssupporters, whose anti-TPP signs bedecked the Philadelphia convention hall on Monday. To them, and other doubters of Mrs Clinton, her actions on TPP will be the chief barometer of her integrity. Whatever wiggle room she still has will thus continue to shrink.共和党候选人特朗普肯定要抓住机会利用这种明显的前后矛盾来敲打希拉里。伯#8226;桑德Bernie Sanders)的持者们也会这么做。周一,他们在费城的民主党全国代表大会会场上张贴了很多反对TPP的标语。对于他们以及其他怀疑希拉里的人而言,她在TPP方面的举动将成为检验其个人诚信的主要标准。无论她还剩有多少回旋余地,这种余地都会继续缩小。But Mr Podesta left one key gap in his assurance that she would oppose TPP both as candidate and president the lame duck Congress that will take place in the interregnum between November and January. This will be Mr Obama’s last chance to ratify TPP.但波德斯塔关于希拉里无论作为候选人还是总统都会反对TPP的保留有一个关键破绽:从今1月到明年1月这段政权交替期,国会将变成一只坡脚鸭。那将是奥巴马推动TPP获得批准的最后机会。His prospects were aly looking shaky. Last year Congress passed the fast-track negotiating authority by just 10 votes. Most counts suggest that narrow margin has now vanished. Middle America’s antitrade backlash has only intensified.他的胜算看起来不大。去年,国会仅以赞成票多10票的结果通过了快车道谈判授权。当前大多数投票显示,这点儿微弱的优势也已丧失。美国中产阶层反贸易的抵制情绪愈发强烈了。How then could TPP rise from the dead? The only realistic scenario is that Mr Obama could somehow bludgeon the lame duck Congress to rush it on to the statute books after a landslide victory by Mrs Clinton.那么,TPP如何能起死回生呢?唯一有现实可能的情形是,在希拉里取得压倒性大选胜利之后,奥巴马设法胁迫坡脚鸭国会赶紧把TPP写入法典。It is virtually inconceivable Mrs Clinton could reprise her husband’s Nafta pivot on TPP after taking office. Attempting that would drain her political capital in the first few months and toxify whatever chances she had of building a reputation as a trustworthy leader.无法想象希拉里上台后会像其丈夫对待Nafta那样转向持TPP。如果她尝试那么做,上任没几个月她的政治资本就会丧失殆尽,并毁掉打造可信赖领导人形象的所有机会。Mr Sandersbackers have aly made it clear that the Democrats are ripe for a Tea Party-style takeover. A U-turn by Mrs Clinton would invite that fate by confirming every prejudice about Clintonite slipperiness. It would also kill her chances of enacting immigration reform, which she says will be her first priority in her first 100 days.桑德斯的持者已明确指出,民主党人即将面临一场茶党式的接管。如果希拉里的态度来个180度大转弯,就将坐实一切关于希拉里滑头的偏见,从而招致这种命运。这也将扼杀她启动移民改革的机会。她说了,移民改革将是她上任00天内的第一要务。In other words, the TPP in its current form is dead and it will be hard to bring it back to life in any other guise. The hit to America’s global leadership will be huge.换言之,当前形式的TPP已经死了,也很难改头换面复活过来。这将对美国的全球领导力造成巨大打击。Mr Obama and Mrs Clinton originally sold the deal as the economic plank of Washington’s “pivot to Asia It would set in stone the rules of engagement that China would have no choice but to follow.奥巴马和希拉里当初是把TPP作为美国“重返亚洲”战略的经济柱来兜售的。它将把打交道的规则变成白纸黑字,到那时中国除了遵守以外别无选择。Nature abhors a vacuum. If TPP dies at America’s hands, it will be the end of an era. Allies in Asia will look increasingly to China for economic leadership. Europe’s equivalent deal, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, will die with it.自然界里是没有真空的。如果TPP死于美国之手,那么一个时代将随之终结。美国的亚洲盟友将日益指望中国在经济领域挑起领导角色。欧洲的同类贸易协议——《跨大西洋贸易与投资伙伴关系协定TTIP)将随之消亡。The era of US-led globalism will begin to unravel. It may well be a price worth paying Mr Trump’s victory would sound the death knell for US globalism. But it is a high price nonetheless.美国主导的“全球主义globalism)的时代将开始落幕。这可能是值得付出的代价——特朗普获胜不啻于预告美国的全球主义将死。但这终究是高昂的代价。来 /201607/457186赣州俪人整形美容医院老年斑怎么样

赣州俪人整形美容医院膨体隆鼻怎么样赣州市中医医院美容中心 Lawyers for Melania Trump on Thursday filed suit for 0m damages against the Daily Mail in Maryland state court. 梅拉尼娅#8226;特朗普的律师团于周四现身马里兰州法院,要求《每日邮报》千万美元的赔偿金。The wife of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is also suing a blogger, Webster Tarpley, from the state in question.此外,身为共和党总统候选人唐纳#8226;特朗普妻子的她还同时起诉了马里兰州的主韦伯斯特#8226;塔普利。In a statement, Trump’s lawyer, Charles Harder, said: These defendants made several statements about Mrs Trump that are 100% false and tremendously damaging to her personal and professional reputation [and] broadcast their lies to millions of people throughout the US and the world without any justification.梅拉尼娅的律师查尔斯#8226;哈德尔在声明中称:被告针对原告的报导纯属子虚乌有,严重破坏了原告的个人及职业声誉,此外,被告还无故向全美及全球数百万民众散布了关于原告的谣言。Their many lies include, among others, that Mrs Trump supposedly was an ‘escortin the 1990s before she met her husband. 他们捏造的种种谎言包括0世纪90年代,在结识丈夫之前,特朗普夫人似乎做过‘陪游’。Defendantsactions are so egregious, malicious and harmful to Mrs Trump that her damages are estimated at 0m.被告极端恶劣的恶毒行为伤害了特朗普夫人,因此被告应向原告付千万美元的赔偿金。The suit was filed in Montgomery County, in suburban Washington DC, in response to articles published in August by the Daily Mail which reported rumors that Trump worked as an escort in the 1990s.《每日邮报》于8月份刊登了几篇造谣特朗普夫人曾0世纪90年代做过陪游的文章,对此特朗普夫人向华盛顿城郊区的蒙哥马利县法院提起了诉讼。Last month, announcing that Trump was considering a suit, her lawyer called those rumors 100% false.上个月,特朗普夫人的律师宣布特朗普夫人正在考虑起诉,律师称那些谣言百分百是假的。The Daily Mail article also contained allegations that Trump came to New York a year earlier than she has claimed, raising issues about her immigration status. 《每日邮报》刊登的文章还宣称特朗普夫人移居纽约的时间比她所说的时间早了一年,这意味着她的移民身份有假。Trump denied a story in Politico in which questions about her immigration status were first reported.《政治家》最先质疑了她的移民身份,她则否认了他们的报道。The lawsuit noted that while the article in question had been removed from the Daily Mail’s website, the newspaper had yet to apologize or formally retract. 诉讼方指出:虽然《每日邮报》已将争议文章撤下网站,但却尚未在报纸上致歉或正式撤回报纸上的文章。The Mail included a retraction of the story in its Friday UK print edition.《每日邮报》已在本周五的英国版报纸上刊登撤回声明。We did not intend to state or suggest that these allegations are true, the newspaper said, nor did we intend to state or suggest that Mrs Trump ever worked as an ‘escortor in the ‘sex business 《每日邮报》说:我们无意宣称或暗示那些针对移民身份的指控是真的,我们也无意宣称或暗示特朗普夫人曾做过‘陪游’或‘应召女’。It added that its article had included denials from a Trump spokesperson and the owner of the modelling agency in question, and said it regretted any such misinterpretation.《每日邮报》还说自己刊登的文章涵盖了特朗普夫人发言人和事件牵涉的模特经纪公司老板的否认之辞,它为任何导致他人误解的言辞而感到懊悔。The retraction was also posted online. 撤回声明还被发布在网站上。The Daily Mail newspaper and MailOnline/DailyMail.com have entirely separate editors and journalistic teams, it added. In so far as MailOnline/DailyMail.com published the same article it wholeheartedly also retracts the above and also regrets any such misinterpretation.《每日邮报》补充说:报纸版和网络版的编辑及记者团队是相互独立的,发表了相同文章的网站也诚心诚意地撤回了文章并为误导大众而感到懊悔。Asked if the retraction would affect the suit, Harder replied: It does not.被问及撤回文章是否会影响诉讼时,哈德尔回复说:不会。Tarpley’s blogpost, which has been retracted, claimed, per the suit, that it is widely known Melania was not a working model but rather a high-end escort and that she had a mental breakdown after a plagiarism controversy over her speech to the Republican national convention in Cleveland in July.塔普利在现已撤回的文中称:大家都知道梅拉尼娅不是职业模特而是高级陪游女,7月份时,梅拉尼娅曾在克利夫兰举行的共和党全国大会上发表演讲并深陷抄袭风波,之后她为此精神崩溃了。来 /201609/464865全南县做双眼皮多少钱

赣州整形美容医院祛胎记Young Americans are sodissatisfied with their choices in this presidential election that nearly onein four told an opinion poll they would rather have a giant meteor destroy theEarth than see Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton in the White House.美国年轻人对本次总统大选中的选择非常不满意,以至于民调中有近1/4的人表示他们宁愿让一颗巨大的流星毁灭地球,也不愿意看到唐纳德.特朗普或者希拉里.克林顿入主白宫。The tongue-in-cheek questionwas intended to gauge young Americans level of unhappiness about their choicesin the Nov. 8 election, said Joshua Dyck, co-director of UMass Lowells Centerfor Public Opinion, which conducted the poll alongside Odyssey Millennials.马萨诸塞州大学洛厄尔舆情中心与奥德赛千禧一代一同完成了该民调。中心负责人乔舒戴克表示,这个玩笑式的调查目的是衡量美国年轻人对11日的选择的不满程度。The choice alluded to theTwitter hashtag ;#GiantMeteor2016,; a reference to an imaginarypresidential candidate used to express frustration about this years electionchoices.选择中提到了推特话题“超大流016”,将它比作假想总统候选人来表达对今年大选候选人的失望。Some 53 percent of the 1,247people aged 18 to 35 said they would prefer to see a meteor destroy the worldthan have Republican New York real estate developer Trump in the Oval Office,with some 34 percent preferring planetary annihilation to seeing the Democraticformer Secretary of State win.247位年龄在185岁的人中,约53%的人表示他们宁愿看到一颗流星毁灭世界,也不愿看到共和党人纽约房地产开发商特朗普当上总统,有4%的人宁愿行星灭绝,也不想看到民主党前国务卿获胜。Some 39 percent said theywould prefer that US President Barack Obama declare himself president for lifethan hand over power to Clinton or Trump, with 26 percent saying the nationwould do better to select its next leader in a random lottery.9%的人表示,他们宁可美国总统贝拉奥巴马宣布终身担任总统,也不希望克林顿或特朗普接替他。有26%的人表示随机抽签都能选出一位更好的下任总统。Some 23 percent, nearly one infour, preferred the giant meteor outcome to either Trump or Clinton.3%(近1/4)的人宁愿选择巨大流星带来的后果,也不愿选择特朗普或克林顿;Obviously we dont thinkthat theyre serious,; Dyck said in a phone interview on Tuesday.;The fact that one in four of our young people pick Giant Meteor tellsyou something about the political disaffection that is being shown by Americanyouth.;戴克18日在接受电话采访时表示,“显然,我们不认为他们是认真的/4的年轻人选择‘巨型流这件事传达给人们的是美国年轻人表现出来的政治不满。”That contrasts with the surgeof participation by young voters that helped propel Obama into the White Housefor his first term in the 2008 election.相比之下,在2008年奥巴马的第一任期选举中,持他的年轻投票者的参与度激增,为他入主白宫助力。When asked to choose betweenthe actual candidates, Clinton easily led Trump with 54 percent of respondentsto 21 percent in a two-way race.当被问及在真正的候选人中选谁时,克林顿在二人竞赛中轻松取胜,54%的受访者持克林顿1%的受访者持特朗普。In a four-way race alsoincluding Libertarian Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein,Clinton led with 48 percent support, to Trumps 20 percent, Johnsons 10percent and Steins 4 percent.在还包括自由党人加里.约翰逊和绿党候选人吉尔.史坦的四人竞赛中,克林顿8%的持率领先,特朗普、约翰逊和史坦的持率分别0%0%%。In national polls surveyingthe whole population, Clinton is leading Trump, but not by nearly as much.在全国民调中,克林顿领先特朗普,但没有领先那么多。The poll, conducted Oct.10-13, intentionally included a large number of people seen as unlikely tovote, with just 680 described as likely voters. It had a margin of error of 3.2percent.这项民调是在100日至13日进行的,其中刻意包含了一大批被认为不可能投票的人,被认为可能投票的人仅有680位。其误差率在3.2%。来 /201610/473173 Japan has issued a daunting challenge to Theresa May, UK prime minister, to negotiate a very soft British exit from the EU or risk seeing Japanese banks and other companies leave for the continent.日本向英国首相特里萨#8226;Theresa May)发起一项强硬挑战,要求英国谈判达成软退欧,否则就会面临日资和其他公司移师欧洲大陆的风险。Mrs May, attending her first G20 summit in China, was also warned on Sunday by Barack Obama, US president, that strong business links between his country and the UK could unravel unless Brexit was handled carefully.梅正在中国出席她的首0国集G20)峰会。周日她还受到美国总统巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)的警告:除非英国小心处理英国退欧,否则美英之间的强大经贸纽带可能瓦解。The British prime minister had been left in no doubt that Japanese and US companies invested in the UK partly as a base to reach the 500m consumers of the European single market, and that continued access was seen as vital.英国首相被明确告知,日本和美国企业投资英国的部分原因是要以英国为基地,接触欧洲单一市场亿消费者,英国能够继续进入这一市场被视为至关重要。A memo on Japan’s Brexit demands, posted on the ministry of foreign affairs website, called on Mrs May and the EU to negotiate a post-Brexit deal that safeguarded almost all of Britain’s rights in the single market.日本外务省网站张贴了阐明日本对英国退欧要求的备忘录,其中呼吁梅和欧盟谈判达成一份保障英国在单一市场几乎所有权利的后退欧协议。The memo said the UK government lured some Japanese companies to Britain on the basis that it was seen to be a gateway to Europe and suggested it had a moral obligation to honour those promises.该备忘录称,英国政府以英国被视为欧洲的门户为基础,吸引了一些日本企业到英国,暗示英国有道义责任兑现这些承诺。We strongly request that the UK will consider this fact seriously and respond in a responsible manner to minimise any harmful effects on these businesses, said the memo, setting out Japan’s position to both British and EU negotiators.我们强烈要求英国认真考虑这一事实,并以负责任的态度作出回应,尽量减少对这些企业的任何有害影响,备忘录在阐述日本对英国和欧盟双方谈判者的立场时表示。Japanese businesses with their European headquarters in the UK may decide to transfer their head-office function to continental Europe if EU laws cease to be applicable in the UK after its withdrawal, the report says.目前把欧洲总部设在英国的日本企业,可能决定把他们的总部职能转移到欧洲大陆——如果英国退欧后不再适用欧盟法律的话,该报告称。It adds that Japanese financial institutions might have to relocate their operations from the UK to existing establishments in the EU if they were to lose their right to the single passport obtained in Britain to access the single market.备忘录接着称,日本金融机构如果失去他们的单一护照(在英国落地即可进入单一市场),就可能不得不把自己的业务迁至欧盟境内的现有经营地点。Mr Obama, who met Mrs May at the G20 in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou, said Britain’s exit should be negotiated so that there was minimised disruption of American investment in the UK and it did not unravel strong business ties between the two countries.奥巴马在出席于杭州举行的G20峰会期间与梅会晤。他表示,围绕英国的退出应审慎谈判,以便尽量减小美国在英投资所受的干扰,不让英国退欧瓦解美英两国间强大的经贸纽带。来 /201609/464904赣州俪人整形美容医院治疗朝天鼻整形手术怎么样龙南县妇幼保健人民医院激光祛太田痣多少钱



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