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Ice takes a grip of the frozen planet.冰雪占据了这个冰冻星球The spectacular return of the emperor penguins帝企鹅回归的壮观景象was a key event for the Frozen Planet team.是《冰冻星球》摄制组的重要任务The crew will have to operate摄制组不得不穿行于in the most dangerous of all polar environments -所有两极环境中最危险的地方the edge of the sea ice.即海上浮冰的边缘They have to fly in everything they#39;ll need for a month飞至此处时 须带上在冰洋上生存一个月of living on the frozen ocean.所需要的一切物资On board are slow motion cameraman John Aitchison,飞机上有慢速摄影师约翰·艾奇逊underwater cameraman Didier Noirot,水下摄影师迪迪尔·怒瓦罗and director Chadden Hunter.导演查登·亨特尔With the plane gone, the team are on their own.飞机离开了 这个团队得靠他们自己了This is home for the next month.这就是我们下个月的家But it doesn#39;t look like much right now.但是现在看起来不怎么样Their tents should be secure on the permanent sea ice他们的帐篷要架在永久冰上才安全but they#39;re still miles from the ocean where they hope to film.但这距离预定要拍摄的海洋还有数公里The locals are keen to get acquainted当地企鹅渴望了解with anything of unfamiliar shape and size.所有形状大小很奇特的事物The emperors are welcome neighbours around camp,营地周围的帝企鹅其乐融融but the team need to film them returning from the water但摄制组得拍摄它们从水里回来的样子and to do that they face a daunting task.为此他们面临着一个艰巨的任务They must find a path to the open sea他们必须在崎岖的冰面上through a shifting landscape of jagged sea ice.找到一条通向远海的路 /201211/210250Dealing With Exes与EX约会应注意的几点What do I do if my ex wants to get back together?前人想和好怎么办?If your boyfriend or your girlfriend comes to you and says, "You know, I really want to get back together," first of all it's up to you. It's what you want, not what they want. So think about the reasons why your broke up in the first place. You may think "Hey, this time was good that we were apart. Now we can get back together and try to repair things." Or you may think "Hey, leopards don't change their spots. I'm not going back there again." And that's OK too, because it's your decision to make. So don't feel pressured and don't feel guilted into doing something that you don't want to do.What do I do if I want to get back together with my ex?我想和前任和好怎么办?If you want to get back together with your ex there are a lot of things you can do. First of all, you need to be honest and open with yourself and ask yourself “Do I really want to get back into this situation?” Secondly, if you do, you need to tell them openly what you feel that your contribution to this breakup was. Thirdly, you need to be open and honest with your feelings and say you know I really missed you, I know that you were the best person for me, I'm so sorry that I created this as well and I want us to get together. But really tell your emotions and express them. Don't hold anything back. Finally, know that the other person may not accept you back in the relationship. If they don't, have a support system y to help you deal with that as well.What do I do if my ex won't leave me alone?前任纠缠不休怎么办? What do you do if your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend won't leave you alone? What do you do if they're a fatal attraction? First of all, you tell them, in no uncertain terms, that the relationship is over; that you think it's in both of your best interests that you don't communicate, via e-mail, via telephone, or in person. If that doesn't work, you need to write them a letter, so you have documentation where you've told them not to contact you. If that doesn't work, go to the authorities and get a restraining order, because that's what some people need to get the message. Article/201107/146445The wheelie is the first trick that most people learn on a bike. It is a classic, and forms the basis of many more advanced moves, and is there for a trick that should be mastered by any BMX rider. Jason Forde of Team Extreme shows how to pull off the wheelie.滑轮是大多数人学习骑自行车的第一个技巧。这是一个典型的动作,也是许多更高级动作的基础,更是任何小轮车骑手都应该熟练掌握的技巧。来自极限竞速团队的杰森弗勒向我们展示了如何完成这一动作。Step 1: Pull up1.手把First off, pull up gently on the handlebars as you ride along. This needn#39;t be too forceful.起步时,向上提起手把。不需要太用力。Ensure you keep your weight even on either side of the bike to prevent the handle bars from twisting.保体重均匀地分布在车子两侧,以防车身扭转。Step 2: Shirting weight2.重心后移At the same time as pulling on the handle bars, transfer your weight over the back wheel so that you are standing on the peddles and your behind is over the rear wheel. This will pull the front wheel into the air.在拉起手把的同时,将身体重心后移,使身体在后轮的正上方,这就能使前轮翘起。Step 3: Peddling3.前行As the front wheel comes up move the bike forward by starting to peddle. Do this in a smooth and consistent motion, not too fast, and with the peddles starting in the upright position. You are aiming to keep your centre of gravity still with your head fixed in one spot, and your arms stiff.前轮翘起来时,蹬车前进。保持动作的平稳连续,不要太快,同时身体要直立,保持头部水平位置稳定,双手抓牢。To ride out, simply transfer your weight gently back to the front of the bike.结束时,将身体重心重新移到车子的前部。Thanks for watching How To Do A Wheelie.谢谢收看“小轮车杂耍”节目。 /201208/195889

Expert advice on how to properly apply sunscreen from choosing the right SPF (sun protection factor) to reapplying the sunscreen are discussed in this short . Learn How To Properly Apply Sunscreen.在这段视频中,专家给大家提供了一系列建议,从怎样选择恰当的防晒系数,到怎样涂抹防晒霜。跟随这段视频来学习。Step 1: Find the right SPF1.选择合适的SPFChoose a sunscreen that best suits your skin-type, activity, and intensity of the sun.选择最适合你的皮肤类型,活动方式以及阳光强度的防晒霜。Sunscreen is rated with an SPF number – or Sun Protection Factor. Though not a precise formula, a higher SPF generally provides more protection.防晒霜根据防晒系数分类。尽管没有精确的公式,通常情况下,较高的SPF能提供更好的保护。For example, if you would normally burn in 12 minutes without sunscreen, an SPF of 10 would let you stay out 120 minutes before burning but no matter what you wear the sun can still get through.例如,如果在没有涂防晒霜的情况下,你在12分钟内会晒伤,SPF 10的防晒霜可以让你在户外活动120分钟而不晒伤。但是,无论你涂抹什么防晒霜,阳光仍然能够穿透。Some sunscreen is “water-proof” or “sweat-proof,” making it a better choice if you#39;re swimming or physically active.一些防晒霜是防水或防汗的,这是游泳或其它体育活动更好的选择。Step 2: Apply Before Going Out2.外出前使用Don#39;t wait until you#39;re standing in the sun to slather yourself in sunscreen.不要等到阳光曝晒时再涂抹防晒霜。By then, you#39;ve probably started sweating, and your skin will have a harder time absorbing the sunscreen and making it effective.那时,你已经开始流汗,你的皮肤更不容易吸收防晒霜,效果没有那么好。Instead, apply sunscreen to dry skin when you#39;re indoors roughly 30 minutes before you plan to be in the sun.当皮肤干燥无汗,外出大约30分钟前前涂抹防晒霜。Be sure to pay extra attention to areas most exposed to direct sun such as your ears, nose, shoulders and forehead.特别留意更容易直接晒到阳光的部位,例如耳朵,鼻子,肩膀和额头。Step 3: Reapply3.重复使用According to the American Academy of Dermatology, The sun is at its harshest between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., so it#39;s crucial to protect yourself during those hours.根据美国皮肤医学会的说法,上午10点到下午4点的阳光是最强烈的,在这个时段保护自己非常关键。Like a good tan, sunscreen effectiveness can fade. Reapplying is critical in protecting yourself from sunburn so make sure you do it every two hours or after swimming, sweating or toweling off.防晒霜的效果随着时间的流逝也会减退。所以,重新涂抹非常关键。两小时后,或游泳,流汗,擦干之后要从新抹防晒霜。Thanks for watching How To Properly Apply Sunscreen感谢收看“怎样恰当涂抹防晒霜视频节目”。 /201210/206117

How To Change Your Personal Style on Howcast【视频文本】Some people are geniuses at reinventing themselves—Madonna comes to mind—but there’s no reason you can’t do it, too.You Will NeedSelf-appraisal Style icons Money to update your look Step 1: Evaluate your style(评估一下自己的穿衣风格)Evaluate your present style. Decide what’s working (your hair? your career clothes?) and what has room for improvement (your makeup? your casual wardrobe?).Work with what you’ve got. There’s an old song that says you’ve got to “accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative.” If you’ve got great hair, invest in a good cut. If your posture is horrible, take up yoga or pilates.Step 2: Emulate(向那些你喜欢的衣风格靠近)Pick someone whose looks you love and see what style lessons you can learn from them. For example, crisp white tees may be the foundation of a chic yet unfussy look.Choose someone whose body at least somewhat resembles your own. Clothes that look great on six-foot-tall Uma Thurman are not going to look the same on the average 5’4” woman.Step 3: Develop a trademark(弄一个特色商标)Develop a trademark. It could be anything from signature stilettos (think Carrie Bradshaw) to interesting pins to hair ornaments.Step 4: Update your hairstyle(做潮流的发型)Update your hairstyle. It’s an easy way to make a dramatic change—and to make sure your look isn’t stuck in a time warp.Step 5: Accessorize(佩戴合适的饰品)Accessorize. A scarf instantly makes an outfit look smart—especially if it’s tied correctly in a classic style, like an ascot.Step 6: Get new frames(换个眼睛镜框)If you wear glasses, update your look with new frames that flatter. If not, invest in a pair of good sunglasses that suit the shape of your face.Step 7: Get an eyebrow shaping(刷刷睫毛)Go for a professional eyebrow shaping. It’s an inexpensive way to instantly look more polished.Step 8: Consider a color change(将头发染个颜色)Consider changing your hair color. A good colorist can tell you what best complements your complexion.Step 9: Experiment(不停地试验,知道找到最适合自己的)Don’t be afraid to experiment with several styles until you find one that suits you.Known for his offbeat style, Andy Warhol bequeathed his signature wig to David Bowie, who later wore it when he portrayed Warhol in the 1996 movie Basquiat. Article/201005/104907

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