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His voice and his expressions and his.他的歌声 表情与他的...charisma start taking these songs over.魅力驾驭了这些歌曲like, if smokey felt like he did his song若史基觉得由他唱and more people like the way Michael did it than him,或是更多人认为迈克尔的诠释比他还好thats because he did that with all of his songs at that time.那也是因为他对每首歌都是这么投入No matter who it was, the OJays, the Dells,不管是谁的歌 欧杰斯 戴尔斯the Whispers or the Beatles,呢喃乐团或是披头士we wanted to be the best.我们都想唱到最好And thats what we were striving for.那是我们的目标Berry Gordy did not like the stuff that Bobby Taylor was recording on them.贝瑞·戈迪不喜欢当时鲍比·泰勒为他们录制的曲子l wanted to do the boys a certain way, but he wanted me to do em his way.我想要某种定位 但他对他们的想法不同And l says, l cant do em the way you want me to do em.我说 我没办法照你的想法去定位他们l must have my own head. 我必须要遵从自己的想法so he says, ;Okay, Were going back to Detroit.;他回我 好 那你回底特律吧Then he took over.然后他自己接手Berry Gordy, in turn, put his crew together.贝瑞·戈迪自己招集了人马The Corporation was established to bring fresh new material成立了企业 好寻找新鲜的题材to the Jackson 5.加诸在杰克逊五人组上Youthful material.有青春活力的东西l think he probably felt that Bobby Taylor would我想他应该是觉得鲍比·泰勒give them more adult material and forget that they were children.替他们收的歌都太老成了 忘了他们还是孩子He saw gazillions, right?他看到了金矿 对吗?Then he took over.然后自己接收Bobby Taylor did never get the recognition he should have gotten鲍比·泰勒一直没有得到 他培养他们for working with them,该得到的报偿from the group or the public.不论是从团体本身或是大众201509/396912Various sugars and sweeteners are found in the US food system.美国的食品体系中有各种各样的糖和甜味剂的成分,And everyday we consume many of these products.我们每天都消费众多这类产品,You will learn general facts about frequently used and consumed sugars and sweeteners在今天的课上,我们会学习常用的糖和甜味剂,as well as information about any risks associated with these products.以及与这些产品的副作用相关的信息Lastly consumption recommendations will be identified.最后,我们将会就糖和甜味剂产品的摄入提出一些建议,After this presentation通过本次讲座,you should be able to recall common products and uses of sweetening agents within the food system.你将会对食品体系中常见的甜味剂极其用法有所了解Its an important skill you can easily apply to your everyday life在日常生活中有一项技能十分重要,is the ability to identify the sugars and sweeteners in the food products you will consume.那就是在日常摄入的食品中辨别出糖和甜味剂Evaluating products can also allow you to discriminate这种鉴别产品的技能也能帮助你区别that are associated with risks and negative outcomes versus products that are not.那些有风险及副作用的产品以及无害的产品,Here are some basic definitions for you to know about the subject of sweeteners.要想了解甜味剂,我们需要知道一些基本概念Added sugars are sugars that are not found in the food naturally.首先,添加糖指的就是那些并非自然存在于食品中的糖It can be eaten separately or as an ingredient in food.它可以单独用也可以添加在食品中一同用An example would be granulated sugar added to chocolate chip cookie recipe or sugar in a regular soda.比如在巧克力棒饼干中加入的砂糖或者在苏打水中加入的糖Non nutritive sweeteners contain little to no energy and have a limited effect on blood sugar.非营养性甜味剂几乎不含能量,其对血糖的影响也十分有限These sweeteners have a high intensity sweetening power这些甜味剂有高强度的增甜功能,and usually are combined with a bulking agent.并且通常情况下Nutritive sweeteners provide a sweet taste while containing calories or energy.与催化剂一同使用,而营养性甜味剂则在提供甜味的同时还含有卡路里和能量ADI or acceptable daily intake level is the recommended standard used when referring to sweeteners.说到甜味剂我们还会提到一日摄取允许量这一概念,也就是每日的标准建议摄入量,This is considered a safe amount with no risk.也就是无风险的安全摄入量,Sugar free is any product that does not contain sugar as a sweetening agent.无糖产品指的是任何不含糖类甜味剂产品The sweetening agent usually provides less energy than sugar.甜味剂通常比糖的能量低Artificial means the product was developed by man and is not found naturally in the world.人工意味着该产品是人为制造的,而非源于自然Before we discuss the sugars and sweeteners and the research在我们探讨糖和甜味剂以及相关的研究之前,we will examine think about what products you frequently use that contain added sugar or sweeteners.我们先来看一下我们日常所用的产品中哪些含有添加糖或甜味剂,Now lets discuss sugars and sweeteners that you can find in your grocery store.下面我们来讨论在杂货店中能找到的糖和甜味剂Added sugars are added to the food we eat.添加糖是添加在我们的日常饮食中的They are considered non natural and are added during the production of food products,它们是非自然的,是在产品生产过程中添加到产品中的non natural sugars include the added sugar in soda and cookies.非自然糖类包括苏打水和饼干中添加的糖,In general these sugars contain 4 calories per gram which is equivalent to 16 calories per teaspoon.通常情况下,这些糖的能量为每克四卡路里,相当于一汤匙含16卡路里,Molasses is the least refined form of cane or beet sugar.糖蜜是加工成分最低的蔗糖和甜菜糖It is produced in the first steps of processing sugar.是在糖加工过程中的最初阶段生产出来的201512/418314TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201604/438629TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201512/413583

one in our particular case第一章,生物起源takes us back to 4.5 million years.要将我们带回450万年前to when the earth was really quite young.当时的地球,初生不久Exactly what triggered life here is still a mystery生命的起源至今仍是未解之谜but there are several theories.但也有不少理论The most common one is that life began purely by accident.最常见的理论认为生命的起源完全是巧合In pools of primodial soup,起源于原始汤的水池里full of chemicals called amino acids富含名为氨基酸的化学物质These molecules would have collided at random for millions of years数百万年来,这些分子不断地随机碰撞until the perfect combination just happened直到一次完美地化合反应发生the ultimate lucky break that started the chain of life.这次幸运之极的碰撞,开启了生物起源之门It is extremely unlikely that life could spontaneously create itself.生命的自发产生,乍看之下让人难以置信But I dont think thats a problem with this theory.但在这一理论中,这却并非不可能之事Its like winning a lottery.就像是中票with the odds are astro-nomical most weeks someone hits the jackpot.虽然概率微小,但几乎每周都有人中头But there is another intriguing idea called ;panspermia,;另一种有趣的理论,被称为;有生源说;which says that life could have originated somewhere else ..称生命可能起源于其它地方and its been sp from planet to planet被传播到各个行星by asteroids.载体就是小行星It seems possible that lumps of rock could carry frozen organisms inside them小行星内部似乎可以携带被冰冻的微生物organisms able to with stand extremes of temperature and the vacuum of space.能够忍受极端的温度和真空条件的微生物If so, asteroids could even now若真如此,小行星现在依然be transporting life to other worlds.能够作为行星间生物传播的载体Regardless of which theory is right,无论哪一种理论是对的once life begins, the next chapter starts.生命一旦出现,我们便进入了下一章Thats all about survival.物竞天择,适者生存survival links you me and ET它将你我还有外星人联系在一起and it generates rules all of its own.并且演变出了一套自己的法则Survival demands a source of energy what we call food,生存需要能量,即食物来维持 or else it would grind to a halt.否则生命便会慢慢消亡Once nourished, life can then copy itself to一旦有了养料,生物便开始了繁殖protect against the death of any one individual.来抵御种族的灭亡Ultimately, that leads to evolution最终,这导致了进化evolution that would happen even on alien worlds,这种进化即使在其它星球同样可能发生producing, in some instances,在某些情形下 animals that I think we would recognize as being alive,产生的动物我认为我们可以称之为生命even if they look a bit strange.即便它们看起来有些奇怪201505/376689


Amateur captured the moment a crane collapsed at the Grand Mosque in the Muslim holy city of Mecca. A loud bang can be heard followed by frantic movement among the crowds of worshippers at the site.在麦加穆斯林圣地大清真寺,业余视频拍摄到一起重机倒塌的瞬间。砰的一声巨响后,现场做礼拜的人群疯狂蹿动。At least 107 people have died and 238 people were wounded, according to Saudi authorities. It comes days before the annual hajj pilgrimage which sees millions of Muslims converge on Mecca.据沙特当局称,至少有107人死亡,238人受伤。事件发生在麦加一年一度的朝圣节前几天,有数以百万计的穆斯林聚集于此。The civil defence authority said strong winds and heavy rains had caused the crane to topple over. Last year, Saudi Arabia began a major expansion of the holy site in order to accomodate 2.2 million people at a time.民防局称,强风和暴雨是导致起重机倒塌的原因。去年,沙特阿拉伯开始对该圣地进行大规模扩展,以达到每次容纳二百二十万人。With such vast numbers visiting, Saudi authorities have invested heavily in improving safety and transport systems in order to prevent disasters.随着大量人口的到来,沙特当局已投入巨资改善安全和运输系统,以防止灾害的发生。A full investigation is now underway to assess the damage as well as the safety of the sites.目前正在进行全面的调查,评估造成的损害以及该地的安全性。译文属。 /201509/398360

Dogs 101: Golden Retriever入门班:黄金猎犬Could this be the perfect family pet? Well, considering that they are one of the lowest ranking barkers, and they dont have bad breath. Thats a pretty good start. And whats this about an egg?这是完美的家庭宠物吗?嗯,考虑到它们是最少叫的之一,而且没有口臭,那是很好的开始。那么这个蛋怎么了?Amy Shojai: They have whats called a soft mouth. Ive actually seen these dogs pick up two or three raw eggs in their mouth at a time without breaking them.Amy Shojai:它们有所谓的软嘴巴。我真的有看过这些用它们的嘴,一次捡起两到三个生蛋而没有打破它们。Often referred to simply as ;The Golden,; the golden retriever is one of the most beloved dogs, and is always ranked high among the most popular breeds.通常仅称之为“The Golden”,黄金猎犬是最被喜爱的之一,而且总是位居最受欢迎的品种之顶端。Amy Shojai: Golden retrievers are right at the top as far as pet goes. Very versatile, they are one of the top pets that are welcomed into homes today.Amy Shojai: 就宠物而言,黄金猎犬位居其冠。它们非常多才多艺,是最被家庭欢迎的宠物之一。And there happens to be a guy you can thank for this happy beautiful pooch, and hes got a funny name: Lord Tweedmouth, or if you prefer his given name, Sir. Dudley Marjoribanks. An avid hunter, Lord Tweedmouth lived near the banks of Loch Ness, and it was there, where he developed the dog in the 1860s with the love for the water and the desire to retrieve. Well, the Tweedsters knock this one out of the park.对于这只漂亮的混种,你刚好可以感谢一个人,而他有个好笑的名字(姓):Lord Tweedmouth,或是你喜欢他的本名(名),Sir Dudley Marjoribanks。身为一个热衷的猎人,Lord Tweedmouth住在Loch Ness湖的岸旁,就在那边,他在1860年代培育了这种爱水且喜爱衔回猎物的。嗯,这些黄金猎犬做得很好。The American Kennel Club registered The Golden in 1925 and the breed flourished to the 30s and 40s, and has never lost its popularity. And if forbidding is your thing, look no further. They are rocking the good behavior hardwire.美国舍俱乐部在1925年登记了黄金猎犬,这品种在30和40年代繁荣起来,并且从来没有失宠。而如果你所要的是顺从,不用再找了,它们在表现良好方面非常杰出。Dr. Karen Halligan: Unique about the golden retriever is that they were the first ever AKC obedience trial champion.Dr. Karen Halligan:黄金猎犬最特殊的地方是,它们是第一个美国舍俱乐部从测试冠军。And thats like Miss Manners for dogs, an organization recognizing an excellent working relationship with their owners.某组织意识到与主人间一种杰出的工作关系,而这就像是界的礼仪。Victoria Wells: They are so willing to work for the people they are bonded with. They are just so y to please their families.Victoria Wells:它们很愿意为饲主工作,人合为一体。它们就是准备好要取悦它们的家人。You dont have to bother saying ;fetch; to these guys. Bred as hunters to retrieve fowl from water and land, they will run tirelessly all day.你无需操心跟它们说“去捡”。被培育成从水里和陆上衔回禽鸟猎物的猎人,它们可以整天毫无疲态地奔跑。Goldens are a big dog, measuring around twenty-two inches in height and an average weight of sixty-five pounds. They sport a dense water-repellent coat with a good undercoat and a rich shades of golden coloring. A puppys coat is almost always lighter than what it will be when its an adult. Looking at a puppys ears is a good indication of what color it will be when it grows up.黄金猎犬是一种大型,身高二十二英寸(约五十六公分),平均体重六十五英磅(约三十公斤)。它们炫耀着浓密有下层绒毛的防水外套毛皮,以及浓密的金色。小的毛色几乎总是要比成犬来得淡一些。检视小的耳朵是它长大时将成为什么毛色,很好的指标。These dogs love to chew. Yup, its that soft mouth again, bred to carry water fowl during the hunt. But sometimes it goes a little too far. Some bad reviews are taking a bite out of their reputation.这些很爱咀嚼。是的,又谈到那软嘴巴,它生来就是为了在狩猎中衔回水禽的。但是有时候有点太超过了。一些不好的影响到它们的名声。Dr. Nicholas Dodman: Aggression is now a feature in some lines, not the whole breed, but you gotta watch out for it. And goldens actually number three on the National Bite Parade, and what is an epidemic of bites these days.Dr. Nicholas Dodman:现在某些品种的特色是其攻击性,不是全部的品种,但是你必须要小心。黄金猎犬实际上是在全国咬人排行榜上排名第三,这些日子咬人是一种流行时疫。Who is number one and number two? The German Shepherds at one, the Chow Chow at two. And like its retrieve along the Labrador, it has wet feet to aide in all that pedaling it loves to do. But with all that fetching and running, the golden retriever is prone to hip displeasure, a joint disorder common to many large breeds. Its caused by a loss of cartilage due to an abnormal formation in the hip. It can be quite painful and requires proper medical attention. Consult with your vet, if your golden shows signs of discomfort.谁是第一和第二名呢?德国牧羊犬位居第一,松狮犬排名第二。拾物本能像拉不拉多犬一样,它有潮湿的脚来帮助其所爱的划水动作。但是由于黄金猎犬的捡拾和跑步动作,它很容易罹患臀关节不适,一种大型间常见的关节疾病,此乃由臀部异常结构所致软骨流失而引起的。这会非常痛且需要适当的医疗照顾。如果你的黄金猎犬表现出不适的样子,咨询你的兽医吧。For environment, goldens are versatile. But its a bigger dog that requires activity.从环境上来说,黄金猎犬是多才多艺的,但是它是较大型,需要活动。Dr. Karen Halligan: I think the nice thing about golden retriever is they are gonna adapt to anywhere. They will be fine in the apartment as long as they get worked. You can put them on the farm. Theyd have a bless.Dr. Karen Halligan:我想关于黄金猎犬很棒的事,是它们在哪里都可以适应。只要适当运动,它们在公寓里也可以很好。你可以带它们去农场。它们会很快活。Hip displeasure is common. And if not properly exercised, these guys can pack on the pounds. There has also been a problem with cancer in the breed.臀部不适是很普遍的。如果没有适当运动,这些家伙可以胖上好几磅。这品种也有癌症的问题。Dr. Karen Halligan: Lymphoma is a very common cancer in golden retriever. So you wanna make sure that you get a good line.Dr. Karen Halligan:淋巴癌在黄金猎犬中是很常见的癌症。所以你要确定你有一只优良血统的。Grooming wise, youll have to pay attention to their coat.理毛方面,你将必须注意它们的毛皮。Victoria Wells: Golden should be groomed regularly. You know, they need to be brushed. They need to get all the knots taken out with the slicker brush.Victoria Wells:黄金猎犬应该定期理毛。你知道,他们必须被刷理。需要用针梳把所有毛结除掉。Golden retrievers are extremely easy to train.黄金猎犬非常好训练。Amy Shojai: They are more biddable than some other breeds, which means they are more eager to please.Amy Shojai:它们跟其他品种相比是更为顺从的,此意味着它们更渴望取悦人。Theres probably not a better pet for the entire family. But remember, it can be mouthy and a biter. So train them early to not bite. This is not a guard dog, unless the intruder hates getting licked. Every golden has its own unique personality and traits. But in general, goldens are born to run and are generally quite healthy. Keep that brush handy and dont slack with the training and youve got a great family dog.对全家人来说,可能没有更好的宠物了。但是记得,它可能会流口水,可能会咬人。所以及早训练它们不要咬人。除非侵入者讨厌被舔,这不是一只看门。每只黄金猎犬有他自己独特的个性和特徵。但是一般来说,黄金猎犬生来就是要奔跑的,而且通常非常健康。常常刷理,不要懒于训练,你已经有一只很棒的居家了。They just have a zest for life no matter what they do. They are just amazing dogs.不论做什么,它们在生活上就是有无限热情。它们是很棒很棒的。注一:knock…out of the park 表现很好。本意用在棒球赛,打出全垒打。201506/382079

平行转弯简介Introduction to Skiing ParallelUp until now, youve been using the snow plough at the start of the turn,到目前为止,你已经学会了在入弯时采用犁式,and once you go round corner, letting the skis come parallel.出弯时把雪板改为平行式。What are we gonna to look at today is keeping the skis parallel all the way through the turn, from the beginning to end.今天我们来学习一下如何在整个弯中保持平行式。These are few skills you need to learn. Lets take a look.首先有几个你需要学习的技巧,我们来看一下,Youve been start the turn with a snow plough getting around corner,使用犁式转弯过程中,and if the body position right, you probably find that ski sliding quite easily.如果身体的姿势是正确的,你会发现雪板转的很顺畅,We gonna make that happen earlier or earlier.我们要逐渐尽早的把板子并起,So a goal for today is getting on skis down the whole corner parallel.所以今天的目标就是在整个转弯的过程中让雪板保持平行。Here Im starting turn in the snow plought, and leding the ski come parallel at very end,入弯时我使用犁式,出弯时让雪板平行,as become more confident, I pick up speed and I can open up that keen,慢慢熟练后,我增加一些速度,打开膝盖,and let the ski rolling when it be able to commit, earlier and earlier to the outside ski.让雪板越来越早地依靠山下板自已转动。注:本文翻译由en88字幕组完成。201504/369104

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