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瑞金全身脱毛手术多少钱赣州俪人医院整形美容科洗纹身多少钱赣州那个医院脱腋毛 Zheng Zhengqiu (1888 ~ 1935)郑正秋(1888 ~1935)Zheng Zhengqiu, an early Chinese famous director and screenwriter, was bom in Shanghai on January 25, 1889. From the beginning of 20th century to the end of 1920s, China#39;s 1st generation of directors appeared with the birth of Chinese films under poor and unexperience conditions. The Chinese film pioneers produced the first group of Chinese feature films. Among them, Zheng Zhengqiu was the greatest successful director.郑正秋,中国早期著名的导演、剧作家和编剧家,1889年1月25出生于上 海。20世纪初到二十年代末,随着电影在中国的诞生,出现了中国“第一代导演”。这些中国电影的先驱,在简陋、艰苦,又缺乏经验的条件下,创作了中国电影第一批故事片。“第一代导演”中成就最大的是郑正秋。Zheng Zhengqiu was a versatile filmmaker. In 1913,he and Zhang Shichuan co-produced his The Couple in the Hard Times (Dong Fang Hua Zhu) . This was the first Chinese short feature film which made the first step to engage himself in film career. In the end of 1923, Orphan Rescues Grandfather, written by him and directed by Zhang Shichuan, was on the screen and of great success. In 1929, he wrote and directed Fellowmen.郑正秋是一位多才多艺的电影人。1913年,与张石川合作导演,把由他编写的《难夫难妻》(又名《洞房花烛》)搬上银幕。这是第一部中国短故事片。从此开始了他的电影事业的第一步。1923年底,由他编剧、张石川导演的《孤儿救祖记》上映,获得巨大成功。1929年,他创作并导演了《战地小同胞》。In 1930, he wrote and directed The Hall of Broken Zither in which he played the leading role. In 1934, Twin Sisters written and directed by him had its moments and was of huge social influence. He had written 50 films included Labourer#39;s Love (1922) , The Couple In Name (1927) and The Burning of Red Lotus Temple Part( 1 ~ 4) ( 1928) and directed The Tablet of Blood and Tears (1927),The White-Cloud Pagoda (1928), as well as starred Labour#39;s Love.1930年,创作、导演并主演了《碎琴楼》。1934年,他编导的《姊花》轰动一时,并产生巨大的社会影响。郑正秋曾编剧过《掷果缘》(又称《劳工之爱情》)(1922)、《挂名夫妻》 (1927 )、《火烧红莲寺》(1928)等50多部影片,导演过《血泪碑》(1927)、《白云塔》(1928)等,还主演过《掷果缘》等。As a Chinese film pioneer, he had his own definite artistic ideas and pursuits more than his contemporary directors. Except his main achievements in pioneering Chinese films, the most important one laid in his starting fine tradition of Chinese films and drawing rich creation sources from real social life as well as stage art of drama, which laid a foundation for pioneering the artistic road of Chinese films. Zheng Zhengqiu was rich in life and stage creation experience and he put forward that films should not only cater to audiences but also lead their enjoyment interest. Accordingly, his works could rather seize and move audiences, especially those citizens, and had profound influence.郑正秋作为中国电影的开拓者,与同时代的导演相比更有艺术主见与追求。他的主要功绩除了在开拓电影事业外,最重要的还在于他开创了中国电影从现实社会生活和戏剧舞台艺术方面汲取丰富创作源泉的优良传统,为中国电影艺术道路的开辟奠定了基础。郑正秋有丰富的生活和舞台创作经历,提出影片不仅要迎合观众,而且要引导观众的欣赏趣味。因此,他的作品比较能够抓住观众,打动观众的心灵,特别是受到市民观众的欢迎,影响深远。Zheng Zhengqiu had tried to find out a national culture road rooted in Chinese land and devoted a great deal of her efforts to Chinese films from silence to sound, which laid a foundation for the development of early Chinese films.郑正秋始终摸索一条扎根于中国大地上的民族文化道路,为中国电影从无声到有声片倾注了大量心血,为中国早期电影事业的发展奠下了基石。 /201605/443510赣州整形医院怎么样

赣州丽人整形美容去胎记多少钱This Gym is Going Mirrorless for a Really Important Reason一个很重要的原因使该健身房没有镜子When exercise seekers visited Blink Fitness#39;s Manhattan locations on Monday, they likely noticed something very different about the club-like the fact that its mirrors were missing.当健身员周一去位于曼哈顿的眨眼健身俱乐部时,他们可能会注意到俱乐部有些不一样了--那就是镜子不见了。No, they weren#39;t robbed, the mirrors were simply blanketed as part of the chain#39;s Monday Without Mirrors initiative in an effort to encourage guests to think about fitness differently.不,并没有人把镜子抢走,镜子只是被遮住了,以作为这个连锁健身俱乐部的;周一无镜倡议;的一部分,该倡议是为了鼓励俱乐部的健身员们从另一角度去考虑健身。;The goal of the Monday Without Mirrors campaign is to challenge our members to think about how exercise makes them feel, not just how it makes them look,; says Ellen Roggemann, Blink Fitness#39;s Vice President of Marketing. ;By covering the mirrors, we#39;re encouraging our members to take a stand with us and sign the mirror cover showing their support that exercise is about so much more than what we see in our reflection.;;#39;周一无镜活动#39;的目标就是去挑战我们俱乐部会员,让他们去思考:锻炼是改变他们感受而非外表的,;艾伦·罗哲门说道,他是眨眼健身俱乐部市场部的副主席。;通过把镜子挡起来,我们就鼓励会员与我们采取一致的立场,他们同意把镜子遮住表明他们持这样一个观点,那就是锻炼远比我们所看到的镜中反射出来的自己更为有意义。;Monday Without Mirrors was inspired by the club#39;s Every Body Happy campaign, which featured ads showing of a variety of confident gym-goers who are all shapes and sizes. Their philosophy is Mood Above Muscle, an idea I#39;m pretty sure I need to start incorporating into my everyday life.;周一无镜倡议;的灵感来源于俱乐部的;人人开心活动;,该活动的特写广告上是一群充满信心的健身员,他们的身材大小不一。他们的理念就是心情凌驾于肌肉之上,我相信我需要将这一观点融入到日常生活中去。;Mirrors in health clubs and gyms are great tools to check form to ensure you are doing exercises correctly. Yet, regardless of shape, size, or fitness level, the mirror can serve as a distraction when we focus too much on how we look, comparing ourselves to others around us. The majority of the fitness industry is blanketed by images of #39;perfect#39; bodies, putting pressure on people to achieve them,; says Roggemann. ;We want to change the rhetoric around fitness to focus on the emotional benefits of exercise. We work out for the mood, not just the mirror.;;健身俱乐部和健身房的镜子是检测体格的良好工具,以确保你做的锻炼是正确的。但是,不管体型,尺寸或是健身等级,当我们太过于专注我们的外貌,与周围的人相互比较时,镜子就分散了我们的注意力。大多数的健身俱乐部都贴有#39;完美身材#39;的图片,给人们施压去达到这样的身材。;罗哲门说道,;我们想要改变有关健身的说法,专注到健身给人们情感带来的好处上。我们锻炼是为了心情,不是为了镜子。;How cool is that? It goes without saying that mirrors are incredibly useful when you#39;re trying to ace that move in barre, but this initiative definitely has a point.多酷啊!毫无疑问,当你想要扶手杠上的动作取得A的成绩,那么镜子特别有用,但是这个倡议无疑也有自己的道理。译文属 /201606/449984赣州医院祛痘 Celebrating with Lanterns悬挂灯笼的喜庆气氛The Lantern Festival is a traditional festival in China. The way of making lanterns differs according to the natural environment. Lanterns are different in the north and the south. In Northern Shaanxi Province,women in the countryside use sorghum stalks to make lantern frames,then they paste red paper on the frames. In this way,they make all sorts of lanterns, such as pumpkin lanterns, persimmon lanterns and sheep lanterns. They also cut potatoes into a bowl shape. Then they put oil into the bowl-shaped potatoes and place lampwick in them and cover the potatoes with red paper lampshades. People hang red lanterns over the gates of their cave dwellings. Willow trees are also decorated with coloured paper. Red lanterns are hung here and there on willow trees. The trees are called lantern trees or spark trees.元宵节是中国的一个传统节日。制作灯笼的方式不同由于自然环境的不同。灯笼在北方和南方是不同的。在陕北,农村妇女用高粱秆做灯笼帧,然后在框架上贴上红纸。通过这种方式,他们制作各种各样的灯笼,如南瓜灯笼,柿子灯笼,羊灯笼。他们还把土豆切成碗状。然后把油倒入碗状的土豆,并把灯芯放在里面,盖上红纸灯罩。人们在他们的窑洞的门口挂红灯笼。杨柳树也用色纸装饰着。红灯笼挂满柳枝。这些树被称为灯笼树或火花树。 /201606/450293赣州治疗黄褐斑多少钱

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